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Monday, May 22, 2006

*hugs* Thankies for all the nice comments so far. I'll keep trying my best...and thanks for the encouragments, prayers, sympathy, and everything else you guys offered me!! *hugs* I have a request! Visit my friend Skomie's site, ok? SHe's a really great person...but for some reason, no one ever comments on her site! >< So please, check out her place, ok? She commented on my previous post, so you can just click on her name there! It's Skomie! ^^

Thanks again. I guess I'll keep buying my friend food though...can't have her starve. ^^; I'll also keep on being the responsible one in the house. It's just extra hard cause I'm the youngest and I have homework and crap to do as well. My older brothers have nothing...

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Thanks for your attempts at helping me with that stupid assignment. It wasn't that bad...I just went to this song lyrics site and typed in the name of a band that tends to be somewhat emo that might have a song relating to the book. I actually ended up with quite the perfect match! ^^ Very lucky, I'd say. Guess what?? I finished my painting!! ^^ Yay! I went during my free period today, thinking it'd be done by the end of then...but it wasn't. So I ended up staying through 3rd period, too! I missed Japanese class for it. I just called up my teacher and told her I was working on my painting. It didn't really matter cause we're taking out finals in there, and I only have one part left to do. I'm just so happy I got my painting done!

Ok, enough of that happy stuff...other than those things, I'm pretty bleh right now. I realize that to some of my friends, I'm just there to be used. "Hey, Kelsey! Can you come buy me lunch?" Yeah...well, I do of course...and I have been for over a week! She still hasn't paid me back. She never talks to me now either. *sigh* Our conversations only exist as I'm walking to the cafeteria with her to buy her food. After that, she just leaves me. *sigh* Gao...I'm always just left alone. What's the point? I don't get it.

My house situation isn't getting any better. My mom still can't do anything downstairs...and I swear the kitchen is affecting me, too. I have to do all the work now...sure my dad has been making most of the dinners, but I have to help out with that, do the dishes, take out the trash, put things away, trim dog (yeah, I now even have to be his groomer), and lots of other things...*sigh* It's getting exhausting. I'm always the one asked to do things, too, cause my brothers are lazy asses. They would give some lame excuse as to why they can't help out. Ok, sorry for my complaining...I'm done now...I doubt I'll visit everyone's sites today either as my bro doesn't have work today. Sorry again.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006


*sigh* For some reason my bro doesn't have to work today...it sucks!! >< I was so looking forward to my time away from him (aka my time on the computer to have fun and check your sites and such!!). Stupid! And I don't think he works tomorrow either. So I apologize immensely for not being able to check most of your sites today or just plain old going online to chat. *sob* I'm sorry!! It's all his fault...

Thanks for your comments though. If I can, maybe I'll be able to take a pic of my painting and submit it or at least show it to you guys!! ^^ My one wallpaper went through...but not the other, so I tried submitting it again today. Yes, the others in "misc anime" I did were from Comic Party. They just didn't have a hub for it. ^^;

Well, it turns out that I have one thing for hw to do...it's really stupid. I have to find a song (it's lyrics) that represent/relate to Holden Caulfield's feelings/actions in chapters 6-10 of Catcher in the Rye. It's a good book, but this seems like a really stupid assignment. Anyone here read it? Have any suggestions?

Again, I apologize for not being able to go on here today...*sob* I hope you guys have a nice day anyway though! ^^

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'd like to apologize again...for saying such stupid selfish things. ^^; I won't care about the amount of comments anymore. After all, you're my friends and whatever comments I get I should be happy with! *hugs* Also, yeah...I do get pretty many actually. I'm so sorry! Just ignore my whole stupid post there. Thank you so much for your comments. They do mean everything to me! I shouldn't complain, I really shouldn't since I hardly ever comment on everyone's.

Anyhoo, my painting should be finished by monday! I hope! Thanks for your encouragements and such! Hopefully it'll turn out pretty...it's of a lilypad's flower...water lily? Well, whatever it is it's pink/blue/purple and really pretty! ^^

I made a wallpaper today...and I found a wallpaper that I had forgotten about! I didn't even know I made it...it was from a while ago--a Steel Angel Kurumi one. The one I did today is of Puchiko (Digi Charat). I'll submit them after I post here! Hey, what does it take to be a "senior artist" here? Does anyone know? Just wondering...

Hmm...what was I gonna say...*thinks* Umm...well, I can't really think of it...^^; Oh well. If I think of what I was gonna say I'll post later. I guess it wasn't too important. *sigh* I hope everyone has a nice weekend! I luckily don't have much homework this time! ^^

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Friday, May 19, 2006

*sob* I'm sorry...gao...I guess I'm a bit selfish. I shouldn't pay too much attention to the amount of comments. Here I'm always apologizing for being busy and hoping you don't mind...yet I get upset when I don't get any. I'm sorry. Everyone can be busy and the world certainly does not revolve around me. I'm sorry! Thanks for your comments...thank you everyone who takes the time to bother with me!

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Gao...less and less comments. ^^; Oh well. *sigh* That's ok cause I posted a bit later than usual (around 6pm), and it's probably cause I didn't visit too many people's sites due to my project...most people only comment if you comment so yeah. *sigh* I'm sorry!! Today I won't be on much either...cause my bro doesn't work so I won't have any time on the computer. *sob* I'm sorry ahead of time!

I'm so happy that I got that math project done!!!! ^^ I brought it in to my math teacher this morning, and she patted me on the back saying, "You did a great job! It looks really nice...this one is beautiful!" and lots of other compliments! XD I feel so happy! Even my partner liked it...well, of course she should have since I did most of the work! But that's ok cause she's my friend...and I know her personality so that's why I wasn't mad at her forgetting and stuff. I actually offered to do the poster and most of it cause I didn't want her to...^^;

I've been doing this painting for the whole semester...and I'm still not done. It's been months since I've started! >< It's my first oil painting ever so I'm not familiar with the techniques and such of painting with it so I need my teacher's help for almost every step of the way. ^^; THe problem is that she gets easily side-tracked and doesn't get to help me much...*sigh* The art show's monday and it's not done yet. I gotta come in during my free period on monday so hopefully I'll finish it then. I actually went in today during my other art class to work on it. ^^; Since the art teachers are all peachy with one another, my art/comp teach let me go.

Ok, well, I must work on biology stuff now...since I AM in bio class...^^; So again, I'm sorry for not visiting sites much again...I hope I get a few more comments today, but if not, that's ok. ^^; I guess my friends list really is just for show...only like 5-7 of them comment all the time, and I thank you guys!! *hugs*

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thankies for the nice comments as usual! *hugs* Yeah, I never post quiz results...but I actually got one that I thought was right. ^^; Well...I think so at least...and some people agree...but if not, well, whatever! Anyhoo, I'm working on my stupid math project now! Of course, my partner/friend did not exactly come through for me. *sigh* She was supposed to bring me the posterboard (luckily I had some at home, too), but she didn't, and she was supposed to print out her graph and info, but she didn't...at least she got it done though. So she emailed them to me...but still! I have to do all the hard work! *sigh* At the moment I was listening to some songs by Garnet Crow. Has anyone else heard any of her songs? Most of them were openings/endings for Detective Conan. I haven't seen it though...I just like the music. ^^;

Before this, I was talking to my dear friend Harvey (dspR), and I also talked to Ayumi-chan a bit online as well. ^^ Quite the fun conversations...I found out that I suck at typing, yet he's the super master at it, and that I have a secret love for yaoi...^^; Well, I guess it's not secret anymore. *laugh* My thoughts can get quite naughty/kinky sometimes...*laugh* Wooh, ok...now that you all know that, you will probably stay clear of me! *sob* Hopefully not though. ^^; I'm probably the biggest person against hentai ever though. So I'm ok with yaoi, but NOT hentai. Does that make me a hypocrite? I hope not...cause I don't like, or rather I haven't seen, any hardcore yaoi so yeah...^^;

Alright then, very off-topic! I must work for real now though! *laugh* You have all just entered the depths of my mind...and now you're scared. *sob* I'm sorry!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Hehe. ^^ I did it! I kept my promise! As of now (7:58pm) I checked every one of my friends' sites that updated today! I feel so accomplished! Thanks for all your kind words like usual. *hugs* I'm working on my math project now. Unfortunately, it's a partner project...it's due friday, and I don't know how we'll do this. ^^; My partner isn't exactly the best with remembering things...or really doing much. I just hope she gets her part done!!! *sigh*

Ok, well, I never post results...but this one was just so true, I had to put it up! ^^;

What Is Your Power? (girls only, great anime pics and fairly detailed results)

Your Power Is: Understanding you are very sad because you have been hurt so many times in the past. Since you have been through os mutch, you understand when other people go through similar situations. this makes you a great friend to have when someone needs support. Desires: you wish you had been more brave in the past so things wouldn't have turned out so bad. you'd fall in love with a guy: who is sweet and will be your shoulder to cry on. your ideal job is: a personal adviser.
Take this quiz!

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Eheeheheh...*Misuzu's awkard laugh* Gao...^^; Well, I'm sorry again...*sigh* It seems like not many people wanted to comment yesterday anyway, but then again, I did post late. Thanks Shizuka for commenting on my late post! At least I can count on you guys for being understanding...see, it seems that very few people on my friends list are actually my true friends. I've deleted quite a few people...people that like never visit my site even though I comment on theirs. ^^; I understand that of course those of you who commented yesterday wouldnt be mad at me...cause, well, I make sure to definitely visit your sites no matter what! It's the other people that might forget about me...but whatever, I like a small amount of friends anyway. Gao...

I'm at least happy that that stupid english paper is finally over! It has been my prison this whole year...and now it's done! ^^ I still have a math project to do, and there's still finals and stuff to think about...*sigh* There's only 15 days left of school! Yay! I can't wait. Well, I'd better go since I'm posting in class right now...I'll make sure to check almost everyone's sites today!! I promise!! (but I'm not good a keeping promises...gao...) ^^; Have a nice day everyone! *hugs*

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

   english paper = done


P.S. Thanks again, you guys...I'm sorry you have to put up with me! Friends forever. *nods*

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