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Monday, April 10, 2006


Well...I'm back from the mall. I'm tired!! >< It wasn't that fun. I at least got to buy manga!! Buy 3, get 4th free!! ^^ They didn't have the volumes/series that I really wanted/needed so it took me a while to decide. I finaly got the Descendants of Darkness manga. I've been holding off cause I've seen the anime...and my family's a bit, uh, you know, about yaoi. ^^; But I got it since no one else was around!! I got Sakura Taisen vol.3, Super Gals vol.5, and Marmalade Boy vol.4. I wish they had the others I wanted...like MeruPuri vol.4 and the Wallflower vol.7!! *sigh* Oh well, I'll have to wait till next time.

My one friend got her ears pierced for the second time...so that took a while. She was with her mom, who only speaks Chinese, so she had to keep translating stuff. After that, we sorta lost her...most of the time was spent going from one crappy clothes store to the next hoping to find her, but we couldn't. ^^; She just disappeared! Well, that's enough social-ness for a while...I'm too exhausted now...

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I'm going to the mall with my friends today! ^^ It's the first time in about a year...which was the first time in 2-3 years that I did something with friends. I usually don't like doing social things, but since it's been so long...I thought, why not? It might be fun! The thing is that my friends that invite me to do stuff aren't anime fans. ^^; They'll be dragging me around to clothes stores...and makeup places...ugh...

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Sunday, April 9, 2006


Thanks, you guys...*sob* I love you all!! You don't know how encouraging your comments mean to me...I really am almost crying right now. *smiles with tears* You guys are way better friends than my "friends" in real life...I swear, you are. Arigatou.

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No one really commented on my post about my brother...but whatever. He just was a real jerk yesterday. What he's doing is harassment! It's not just teasing...he's 25 and needs a job!!! God!! >< I swear I'd love to kill him sometimes!!!

Nothing important to say right now...I have a feeling this spring break is going to go by extrememly quick. *sob* It's gonna suck...but then again, I sorta like school cause at least I get way more time on the computers!!

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Saturday, April 8, 2006


Just to make things clear...^^; I only have a week off from school for spring break. It's my friend that's going away for 2 weeks. Just in case you guys got mixed up. ^^;

Often times I feel like dying...or at least killing the root of my problems-my older brother. He's so horrible...he's controlling, perverted, yells at me, and hardly lets me on the computer. He calls me "greedy" and "selfish" just cause I like to be on the computer to talk to you guys and stuff. *sob* He thinks that I'm on the computer all the time...and that it's greedy to have fun instead of "giving to the cause", which to him, means buying anime and video games...so because I take 15 minutes to do things that I like to do, I'm selfish. He has a skewed sense of reality. He's the one that's on the computer for about 4 hours when I'm at school looking at hentai!!!!! >< He's sooooo stupid...I swear, I'd love to stab him, choke him, shoot him...anything. He's the source of a lot of my depression. He should act his age and be mature...only one part of him acts 25, and that's not a good thing...his perversness.

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Hey, you guys! I'm so glad that you all commented yesterday and wished me a happy break! And also talked about my pic. ^^ Well, I slept late this morning, till almost 11. It's a great morning for sleep cause it's raining! I love the rain...it's so nice.

*sigh* I'm a bit sad at the moment...since my friend left for Asia. He's gonna be gone for 2 weeks!! *sob* Hopefully these 2 weeks go fast...and I hope that his trip goes well.

Um...nothing much else to say...except sorry I couldn't comment on anyone's sites yesterday!!! MO wasn't working at all for me!! It didn't let me do anything. ^^;

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Friday, April 7, 2006


YAY!! I have but 2 more classes in this wonderful half-day of school before spring break starts!!! >_< I can't wait! The only school-related thing I have to do is finish this stupid book. ^^; Luckily no other teachers gave stupidly huge projects to do!

My dear friend, dspR (aka Harvey), is leaving on his trip to Asia today!! He's so lucky...I hope he has a safe and fun trip. To Harvey (if you read this): I hope that our conversation yesterday/my email I sent you helped. Let's hope that you can have a good time on your trip!

I have art class next...I've been working on this one painting for the whole semester so far. ^^; That's been over 3 months...it's cause it's my first oil painting ever. I don't know what I'm doing so I need a lot of help. It's of a water lily sorta flower...nothing special. I can't draw anything but anime-style, flowers, and wolves. ^^;

Oh yeah, and about my Raine pic...I love tiny useless glasses! I think they're cool...not weird. ^^; I just imagined her wearing them, so yeah.

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Thursday, April 6, 2006


Well, yesterday's most recent post was really important! But since I posted it late...I guess no one bothered to check. ^^; So I'm just sayin' to read and comment today then! Or...I'll just say now that I'm happy cause that stupid English paper that I've been working on forever is finally over with!!! >_< And spring break is almost upon me! I have an early release today at school and tomorrow! I only have about an hour left in the school day right now! Hooray! And thanks you guys for lookin' at my pics that I put up before (those of you that did ^^; ) I'm glad that my wolfie scratchboard is liked!! I'm surprised that no one's commented on my new Raine pic though...*sob* I like it so much, too...

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006


9:06 pm - I'm finally done with that Godforsaken paper!!! ^^ I'm so happy to have that out of the way! It's 11 1/4 pages long! ^^; The limit was supposed to be 8-10 pages...well, I'm not good at being concise. I write too much...anyhoo, I'm proud of how it turned out. I think it's pretty good! After much revision and many conferences, I think it's finally a good paper. Now I can relax...

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Workin' on my paper now...can't wait for it to be done! Spring break is almost here for me!! I have a half-day tomorrow and friday, and then I have my week off! I wish it were longer though...*sob*

Yes, my school is a heinous prison of hellish restrictions!! They even blocked livejournal at one point...but it's back now. That never mattered to me though cause I never had one. ^^; It's like my school doesn't want us to have ANY fun at all while in the building. But of course kids find ways around the blocking...all sorts of ways that end up becoming useless once the school finds out. So then more ways need to be found! They won't stop us! Speaking of having our privacy taken away...tomorrow we're having extended homeroom (an extra 40 minutes!!! >< ) to take a survey on bullying...uh, yeah. It will even include stuff on internet bullying, like saying bad stuff about a person on myspace...so there's talk about suspending kids for even having a myspace!!

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