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Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Nothing interesting at the moment...my english rough draft huge paper is due tomorrow! I just have one more book to write about and to do the conclusion. It shouldn't be too bad...hopefully. Ugh, school's stupid! They invade our privacy sooo much! And block so many sites! Now youtube is blocked, too! So I can't see any videos that you guys have on your sites. ^^; If I check at school, that is. We can't access myspace, youtube, gaiaonline, and any other forum sites or game-related sites. Practically everything is blocked...luckily this isn't! ^^ At least not yet...

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006


I just put up 2 pics...so let's see how long it takes for them to show up! ^^; Check 'em out when you can!!

I'm working on that blasted English paper right now! It WILL be done soon! The rough draft is due wednesday or thrusday (we choose). I'm sorta almost done...but I'm at least feeling better about it. My thoughts are finally coming together well!

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Thanks, my friends!! *hugs* You guys are just soooooooo great! I swear you're way better than the "friends" I have at school. I feel that I can tell you most anything and get feedback that makes me feel better...and I'm actually listened to. At school, I'm just ignored or most of my friends are extremely ADD-prone and tend to wander from topic to topic. ^^; Anyoo, thanks for sayin' that I sound "wise", omg.ninja! That make me feel good, too! ^^ I'm not sure if my "friends" really take any of my advice to heart or not, but it doesn't really matter anymore...I've just been letting friends go as time has gone on. I just don't bother being friends with them if whenever I'm with them, I'm ignored. ^^;

Argh! I have a math test next...I think I should probably study. ^^; It's calculus for goodness' sake! Let's hope I do well!! I'm eating a Hershey's with caramel bar (ever had one?) right now...so hopefully it'll give me some good brain energy!! They're soooo darned good! Speaking of energy, I'm listening to the CD I burned a while back with some anime mp3s...I love Haruko Momoi's singing! She's so cute! She's a part of the band UNDER17 and plays such roles as Komugi (Nurse Witch Komugi and Soul Taker) and some other cute characters that I can't think of right now. ^^; that's really bad of me...I should know!! Well, now I must seriously study! Thanks again, my friends, for support with everything! ^^

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Monday, April 3, 2006

   unwanted continued

Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not alone with that feeling. ^^; Thanks for your advice an' all. It's not like I'm immature...in fact, I think that I'm more mature than most of my friends. It's just that I tend to be "too nice" and impose myself on them when I think that they need help. I don't know...but it seems that I've lost several friends because of it. ^^; I try to be as nice as possible...and make everyone happy, but it doesn't always help...especially if they don't need it, cause then I just lose friends. It hurts me more. My mom said that "as long as you're sending them your feelings, whether they thank you for them or not won't matter. It'll make you feel better!" Hah, it just makes me feel worse...

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Sunday, April 2, 2006


Ne...have any of you ever felt that you were the cause of someone's suffering and/or problems? Or felt that your kindness...or just your presence annoyed people, no matter how nice you were trying to be? I feel that way a lot...

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   daylight wasting time...

I think that daylight savings time is the biggest waste of time ever!!! You lose an hour of sleep, and it gets later quicker...it's more like "nighttime wasting time" cause you get less night...stupid USA!! Why do we still do it?? No other countries do this, right? And you know what? Congress passed a bill to make DST longer next year! It'll start in march and go to the end of november! Sorry...I just enjoy the night more than day...especially when I still have school! ><

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

   saturnine siblings

Ugh...my brother was absolutely horrible today. Like I said before, he acts like a 5 year old...except today, it was more like a selfish, ungrateful, jerk that he really is. It was just really bad...the whole trip out he was blaming me for things, being insolent to my mom, and just being plain old unbearable!! He says the stupidest crap that makes me so mad...things about me never doing anything...It's like WTF is he talking about?? He's the 25 year old that doesn't have a job!! >< He's a lazy bum ass that is rude all the time nowadays.

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Sorry you guys!!! I hardly got to comment on anyone's sites yesterday!! I hardly had anytime online...that's why. ^^; Hopefully I'll get to more today...but hardly anyone commented on mine...so, yeah. ^^;

Yay!! It's the weekend! I slept sooo well! THe weather's been so nice these past few days! It's been in the high 60s and 70s....as opposed to the usual 50s and less. ^^ It's like it's really spring now!

Yesterday's assembly...wow, it really disturbed me. It made me think men are even more perverted and gross than I already thought!! ^^; Now I'm afraid to ever go on a date...

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Friday, March 31, 2006


Well, the assembly actually was not boring at all...nor stupid. I take back all that I said before! The lady that spoke was a rape "survivor"...and she's actually pretty famous. I don't remember her whole name (Katie something...), but she's been in TIME magazine, has had a movie made about her story, and maybe even wrote a book about it...The assembly was so intense. I can't believe how quiet and focused everyone was. I'm used to having the kids in my school being really immature and loud...but they actually paid attention. The story of what happened to her was so sad...tragic, and just plain ol' horrible! She also gave many other examples of rape stories, too...all even worse than the last.

The worst one was this...these 6 guys all planned to drag off this one guy from his girlfriend, beat him up, and then proceed to beat and rape the guy's girlfriend. They beat up the guy and put a paper bag over the head of the girl...and did what they set out to do. Once the 6th guy got to her, the paper bag was coming off...and what he saw was horrific...the girl that his friends were beating and raping (and that he was in on) was his own sister. But he didn't even know it...it's just a horribly disgusting story, horrible.

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Nothing special yet today...I talked to that lady I think I mentioned before about my English paper. The rough draft is due next wednesday or thursday. I have a lot of changing to do...^^; She helped a lot though. I think I have a better understanding of how to organize my paper now. Plus, since I conferenced before the due date, I get 15 points towards my paper!! Isn't that great?? ^^ My teacher encouraged us to conference about our papers by bribing us with extra credit.

Later today, we have an assembly!! But it's not going to be a fun assembly...it's gonna be so stupid!! It's going to be an hour about "date rape" and being safe during prom...cause prom's tomorrow. But it's pointless for me cause I'm not even going!! >< I still have to go though...and miss my campus (free period)!! Stupid...

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