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Saturday, May 2, 2009

wow, what a waste of a post!! XD

Hello, my sweets! *hugs* Thanks for the few comments. *laugh* Not very many, but that's ok!! Nice to hear from you Deb, Britty (you're not a bad friend!!!), and anna-chan!! :D Arigatou for the congrats on being out of school, etc. And thanks for the great compliments on my dress and wallpaper. ^_^ Thank ya, thank ya!

Very short indeed, lol. I have a feeling this post will be pretty short and not very interesting! I highly suggest going to my previous post if you didn't read/comment before because it has interesting goodies in it! <3 It has photos of the dress I made, and it also has the link to my new wallpaper, if you didn't already see it. ^_^ Many thanks to those that commented/faved etc. etc.!! That wallpaper took A LOT of time and work...so I'm glad I got it done, and I'm happy with it, too. :) I was even happier about it because it went over well on AP! *laugh* That darn site scares the crap out of me, and I always worry about how well it will do there...or if people will like it, or give me mean comments....haha, you know, cause lots of people on AP are jerks!!! >E But! I was totally flabbergasted (hahaha) that after only an hour of it being submitted, it was already top rated! ^_^V Haha! And it has an S rating (higher than an A), so that's even more exciting~~ I didn't expect that at all, so yay. I'm very glad. <33 And now to be back on a walling break! I don't know when I'll start a new one...probably not for a while. ^^;

Umm...let's see...I doubt I have anything special to talk about today, lol. I'm just watching the baseball game. We were doing really well, but then the bad guys (aka Mets *cough* Booo*cough*) hit 2 homeruns in a row, tied it up...then got another, so they took the lead, but my new found favorite Raul Ibanez just hit a homerun, tying it up. >D So! Currently it's tied 5-5. I do wonder what will happen. My Phillies better win today! T__T Cause they've lost their last 2 games. :/ Umm, before the game started, I was just playing Persona 4. I wish it were a longer game because now I'm realizing how poorly I'm doing with completely things like quests. ^^;; I'm getting close to the end, darn it, and I've really done horribly. Bah. D: But still, it's such a great great game~

I don't have my grades for all my classes, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have straight A's again!! ^^;; *laugh* I don't know how I do it. But I checked, and I got an A in accounting! That was definitely the class I was worried about. I'm not sure about chemistry, it might be an A-...but maybe an A; I don't know...but my others I know I got A's! So yay!! <3 *tries to keep a low profile* ;) Umm...yes, summer break...it has already started, and I'm fearing I will have a very boring one!! And very annoying with my brother. ~__~' Ughhh. I relish the days that he works, indeed I do. But when he has off, I swear I feel like hitting him! Or I just feel like UGHHHH KILL MEEEEE, right when I wake up and see him home. I know it's a terrible feeling...or something to say about my brother, but that's just how it is! He's an annoying control freak that always has to have his way. And lately he's been wanting to buy old anime dvds or tapes that are supposedly "rare". You know he's a collector of games and things, so if it's RARE to him, then he wants it. I think it's a waste of money to buy something to just have it sit there...not ever be played or watched. *sigh* And he's just so obsessed! It's soooo stupid.

Yesterday...well, nothing really happened. Nothing nothing. Jeez, this is definitely how my summer posts are going to be! ^^; I might start posting less during the week. Even though 3 times a week sounds like barely any as it is, if I have nothing to say...since I do nothing...well, then maybe just twice a week! O__o I don't know. I wasn't even going to post today. Sorry! *laugh* I'm just totally wasting your time now. How about some questions?? You ask me some, ok?? And I'll ask you some, too! It'll give you something to talk about, I suppose. ^^;;

1. Aside from anime, what types of shows do you like to watch?
2. Do you enjoy video games? If so, what are your faves?
3. Do you like to watch any sports? If not, why don't you like them? Do you play any sports?
4. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend? [or are you like me, single my whole 20 years of life, lol]

So I have something to post about next time, if I don't come up with anything by then...I'll answer these questions, lol. And feel free to ask me things, too!! ^__^ I love you guys!!! I'm so sorry this was a horribly boring, waste of a post. XD Take care~~ Have a nice weekend, and good luck at school (if you're still in it)!!

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Natsu-yasumi! :D And wallpaper, dress...stuff like that.

Hey, my sweets! *hugs hugs hugs* How are all of you? LOVE YOU GUYS. <333 Arigatou for the comments. ^_^ Many wonderful welcome backs to those that commented! It's been a long time for a lot of you. XD Like Lute, Sinny, ulterego...and also Deb, Cassie, jamo, anna-chan, and doas! Welcome back and many thanks. *hugs* I love hearing from you guys. Thanks for all the luck on my finals~ Since they're done now, I'm supposing that it all helped me!

Sorry~ That was a short thanking paragraph, but there isn't much to reply to specifically. O__o If there was...ask me again. XD I'M ON SUMMER BREAK NOW WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. Does that explain things now? Yes! I'm free!! T__T I'm free from school for...uh...4 months?? 4?? O__o That sounds too long. Yes, I said too long. As much as I love summer...for the sake of not having school, and also because I can sleep late, well, I don't like being idle for that long! Then again, it isn't quite that...it's more that I'll have to spend A LOT MORE TIME with my brother Corey. *sigh* Except for the days he works, I'll be stuck with him. Ugh. Ughhhh. That's one reason why I didn't mind school on some days! I would have a good break from him while I'm at school, or when I have homework to do. :/ Bleh. It's almost something bad enough to make me get a part-time job! Lol. Ok, maybe I won't go THAT far, but yeah. ~__~' School = over for me. Yay. Some people still have finals to take, but I finished mine yesterday~

First thing's first. I finished my wallpaper today. ^_^v So please take a look if you haven't! *hugs* I was so freaking worried about it...I fixed so many things, and it took me over a month to do! And as usual, I was worried because of AP. ^^; Cause you never know how people will react to walls there...usually they're very negative and crap. You know?? Well, I rant about them a lot, so yeah. Uhh...but...I submitted it about 3 hours ago, lol, and it's already top rated! O__O It already has a B+. Dude, I'm freaking out about that~ Haha!! It's a record for me. :) The only thing that would make it better is if it were highlighted (like a permanent feature), but I doubt that will happen. :/ Oh well. But yes, I got lots of help about what to do with my bg and whatnot from a friend on AP. She's great! One of the few people I've met there that are NICE. Ok, so here it is:

(it's widescreen, so that's why I had to do the black bars on standard size!)

Yup yup! Ok, so school is done with! It's very hard to believe. Won't feel like summer for a while yet. XD I need it to set in. Ahem, so...hey, we got more new fish. *laugh* Yes, my dad doesn't stop, does he?? We got 3 more discus. :) Figured it was ok since we've had a few deaths in the fish family recently. :( So we have a yellow one I named Raul, one with red leopard-like spots (no name yet), and a red/white one named Ricky. Um, hopefully they'll be ok...Raul hasn't eaten yet. ;__; But they should be fine! Anyhoo, yesterday...yesterday I had my little "fashion show" for Dolly! Yup, in fashion class we presented the dresses we made! ^_^ That we all slaved over!!! XD Totally didn't think I'd finish it in time, but I did~ I got to class early, and I was worried that maybe I had the wrong day or something...I had to wait 20 minutes before anyone else showed up. But then they came, and we all took turns putting our dresses on Dolly (the mannequin) and talking about our designs, how we made them, what gave us trouble, etc. Everyone loved mine! <3 "I can't wait to see Kelsey's! Aww, it's so cute! I want it. Wow! i love it!" *laugh* That made me feel good, but despite it being an easy little presentation, I still sorta blacked out from being up there talking. After I talked, I totally forgot anything I said, and realized I forgot to say a lot of other things. Oh well. XD

Here is my dress! I only had my camera phone with me, so you gotta bare with it. Doesn't look too bad. <3 I really love it~ Took lots of work, but it turned out pretty. I don't know when I'll get to take it home though...I might have to wait all the way until next semester to pick it up if I don't want to come back to school during the summer, lol. Btw, in case you can't tell, this is a half-scale dress/mannequin. The pic makes it look full-scale, but it isn't wearable for a person! Darn! XD
Photobucket Photobucket

Hmm...so my finals, as in final exams...went fine, I think. Philosophy was really easy so I'm in no way worried about that. Chemistry was...not TOO bad, but I had trouble with some, so I'm hoping that I did fine. Not sure on my grade yet though. Accounting, I thought, was pretty easy...but I did guess on some, and apparently I got those wrong. ^^;; I got a 92%. What pisses me off though is my teacher's...personality? Uh, everything. I never liked her; sure, after a while, I got used to her, but she still had things about her I did not like. She would always act really high and mighty, and she also enjoyed pointing out and making it totally obvious who did better than who in class. So after she graded our finals, she sent out an email to everyone, listing the people that got the highest grades. :/ WTF? Isn't that wrong??? It's like "Hey, I'm here to rub in how poorly most of you did! These people did better than you!! Congrats!" ~__~' And no, I wasn't one of them. Of course, I might think differently if I did get the highest grade, but I still don't think it's right for a teacher to make it blatant who did the best. Adds fuel to the fire! She would also constantly point out how accountants are different and much better than "bookkeepers"! She even had a question on the test about that. It's like "AGREE WITH ME OR ELSE."

But! Luckily I don't think I'll ever have to see her again. *laugh* Yay. Oh! But I'm pissed off for another reason! Yesterday, and the day before, I went to the school bookstore to sell back my text books! Well, both times, this stupid jerk of a guy that always works there and acts like he owns the world, was there to "help" me. And both times, he didn't let me sell back my books! So out of the...4 books I had, he only gave me money for 1. The others he said, "Oh...we're using a new edition for that. So SORRY, we're not going to take it. And, that one...the prof hasn't come by to say whether he's using that same edition, so until then, I can't take it." WTF???? UGH!! I hate that guy so much. There's so many text books there that are of old editions, and it's just no fair!! I paid $180 for one of them, and he won't give me any money for it?? Bah! So out of the whatever it was...$400+ spent on books this year, I only got $59 back. Schools are all about ripping students off. I think that's their only intention. *stabs that jerk* Bleh, he's so creepy, too. >E EWwwwww. But luckily (again) i won't have to see him for a while! I'm sure he'll still be there next year though. -____- Poo on him. Well, I'm going to try to sell them on ebay for money anyway. :/

*huggles* Well, that's all from me! Sorry if it's kinda long...or short...lol, I don't even know what it is! XD But it has art and stuff. ^_^ No amv this time cause the one I wanted to show was taken off. STUPID YOUTUBE. And imeem still persists in making all playlists 30 seconds long. It makes me mad. WTF? Why would they do that? *sigh* Oh well. So yeah, thanks everyone. Sorry if I don't comment a lot today, but I'll try harder from now on! I don't have school or a wallpaper to get in my way now, lol. Take care~

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thanks/stupid imeem, finals, memory/sleep, sewing, & amv

Hello my sweeties! <3 How are all of you doing? *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments!! ^^ So nice to see you guys~~~ Shi-chan, it's been FOREVER!! Arigatou!! >__< And same to Angelbest. Welcome back~ And also thanks to Zeit, Oli-chan, Anna-chan, and Steph! It has definitely been a while for some of you, so thanks for returning to me. <3 Haha, some of you did decide to skip my sports talk. Lol, sorry. I know a lot of you really don't care, but meh. It's my post, and it interests me! Sorry for being selfish! XD Thanks though to those that did wish them luck. Zeit, I'm not sure what's up with my face and the allergic reactions, but thanks for worrying. :) And yes, son of a biatch, Imeem has cut all the songs on my playlist to 30 seconds! WTF???? I swear. ~__~ It doesn't make sense to me. What's the point of getting a playlist there if they cut everything down? And I don't know if I can change it to something else cause I have soooo many songs on there that I've uploaded. ^^; But yeah. *stabs imeem* Thankies again for the comments!

Ah yes. I have my priorities straight...don't I? Go online, check emails, post, eat...and then study more for my accounting final? *laugh* Well, I have plenty of time so I'm not rushing. It's currently 11:15am, and my accounting final is at 1:15...so yes, I do have some time. Might as well post when I can! ^^; I just had my chemistry final, and I think it went...ok. I don't know. I was a bit worried about a few of the problems and true/false questions [I HATE THEM], but overall, I should be fine. We were allowed to create a notecard with whatever notes we want and can fit on it and bring it in. So last night I wrote mostly formulas and some examples of problems. I didn't even need a lot of what I wrote down!! -__-; I mean, I guess that's good...better to be safe than sorry. Also, I remembered how to do a lot of the things without needing my notecard. >D So yes, hopefully I did fine. As for my accounting next...uh...I don't know. I studied last night, but I didn't really concentrate very well! *laugh* As you know, I find that watching baseball takes precedence...hahaa...and last night's game was AMAZING. <3433234343333 Yup...I guess after I post, I should study some more though!

I honestly don't know how I get good grades so often...what with my study habits. :/ I think taking breaks and not over-studying really helps me. In the Newsweek magazine from last week they had some articles regarding memory, like if there's a way to rid bad memories, and links between sleep and memory! So apparently our brains keep working while we're asleep to remember things. So if you study and then go to sleep, you'll remember a lot more than if you studied all night without sleep. Your brain figures things out and tries to solve problems when your body rests...so yes. Very interesting! So maybe my taking breaks and watching tv or doing other things in between studying works in the same way? ^_^; I don't know, but well...works for me. Lol. But speaking of sleep, I'm SO TIRED. D: I had to take a part of a sleeping pill last night at 2 am...and this morning I had to get up an hour earlier for my final. >.< My mom really startled me awake when she came in! Yes, my mommy is still my alarm. :D Ahah...but yes, I'm tired. The good thing is that my fashion presentation (of my garment/dress) is tomorrow at 1! So I can sleep in~~ And then it's summer break!

Jeez, it seems way too early for summer break. ^^; If I were still in high school, I would have over a month left of school. Even when I was a senior, we got out late May...like May 27 or something. :/ Graduation was on...no wait, we might've gotten out even later, lol. XD My high school sucked! We'd get out in early-mid june, and go back in late august! Not even september. >E Ahahaha, well, that's all over now! It's been over for a couple of years. I'm liking college. :) Anyhoo, yesterday...I basically sewed ALL DAY. Sew, sew, sew, stitch, sew, serge...gawd. I felt like I was working in a sweatshop (it was that hot, too). Sure, I had about an hour 1/2 break to go to philosophy and take that final (lol, it was so easy), but then I went right back. I didn't think it'd take me so long...

And I'm still not even done. I had to bring my dress home to hem it. I had so much trouble with the facing and the stupid f-ing flounce!!! [if you don't know what those are, then that's fine...look 'em up, lol] Oh, and I had to do the button hole. Sister was nice enough to sew the button on for me. >_> Yeah, thanks Sister; something I could've done easily! I had to do so many hard things. T__T But it looks really cute! Yes, I'll definitely take pics of it tomorrow and then show you. I'm happy with how it turned out, but I just wish it didn't take so much time. Katie was so close to being done, or so I thought, last week, and yet she was one of the last to finish yesterday! She was way ahead of me before, but she came about some problems. :/ Well, we all had lots of problems...sewing isn't our forte! And Sister Denise kept getting mad at us, and as usual, threatening to beat us. *laugh* She intertwines death threats with praising God. She's such a sweetheart. XD And I always poke fun of the things she says, haha, so I make her laugh, too...then she calls me a "smart face." Lol, I shall miss this class! Although sewing was/is hard, I actually had fun with it, and the class overall was enjoyable! Though I certainly feared it at first.

Ok, thanks for reading this much!! Here's an amv. :) With my current new favorite song. >D I love Becca! Her songs are amazing~ So here's a new one; it's the ending song for something called Ultraviolet 044! Haven't heard of it. But here's an amv with all sorts of anime to it. "Falling Down." <33

Thanks so much for sticking with me!! *hugs* I love you guys. ^__^ I'm so sorry that I haven't gotten to comment much. A lot of you updated yesterday, but I had NO time to visit. I had all that studying and sewing to do. ^^; Gomen. Hopefully things will be better after this week. Arigatou. Take care!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

a somewhat shorter post?? lots of it is sports-related...and boring. Sorry!

Hi, my sweets! <3 *hugs* Thanks for the comments! ^__^ So nice to hear from you. I'm glad you like my new theme~ Many welcome backs to jamo, Cynthia, Lys, Sparkle (omg girl!!), anna-chan, aisha (yes, I do post long posts...one-liners aren't great, thanks), doas (OMG, it's been forever!!!), and Elves! <33 Thanks so much for the comments. OMG, and Deb!! WELCOME BACK!! <3333 You commented right when I was posting. *hugs* I'm so glad you're back! They were great to read, of course. Cause I LOVE YOU GUYS. <33 Yeah, it was funny that the kid brought his dog to class. He apparently had to take her to the vet afterwards, so that's why. Umm...and thanks for the comments on my painting! ^__^ I'm glad you liked it. You guys are awesome~

Ugh, WTF is up with imeem? It's being retarded. :/ Unless it's just being stupid right now, and it will be fixed later...but uh, every single song on my playlist is 30 seconds. Do tell me if that's still the case when you comment. If so, then WTF, I don't get it. I wish imeem wouldn't do that! Making songs only 30 seconds is just ridiculous. Pooopy face. Anyhoo, it's really hot today. It's like summer!! Even thought it most definitely IS NOT. It's almost 90 degrees. *dies* And it's supposed to be like this until tuesday! T__T I don't like hot weather. I like coolish. Not cold, not hot, not even slightly warm...but cool. So this kinda sucks. :/ We were having some nice spring weather for a bit, but now it's summer, lol. Jeez! I wish the weather would make up its mind. It was below freezing just last week, too. XD

Hmm...well, today hasn't been that great of a day! I mean, it was nice when I was playing P4, and then it was time for the hockey game to be on. We were doing great! had the win. 3 to 0...but then...nope. It ain't over until it's over. *sigh* My Flyers lost. So that means it's season over. ;____; No more playoffs. We made a great comeback in the last game, and they really carried that energy into today's...but it didn't last. See, in the playoffs, it's a best of 7 game series, so in other words, you need to win 4 games to move on to the next round. The Penguins (who we were against) led the series 3 games to 2...so they just needed one more to win. *sigh* And so they got that win today, and so it's all over for my Flyers. :( I'm very sad about that. Ugh. And it was on home ice, too. The poor crowd...boo. Well, at least I still have a long baseball season to watch! ^_^ And our basketball team (Sixers) is also in the playoffs right now~~ And by some miracle, they're leading the series!! XD So it would be awesome if they could win. And my Phillies have started off the season pretty weak, but hopefully they'll get their butts going.

I could tell you about the baseball game last night...lol...about how amazing it was. ^^;; I could. Would you want me to??? Most of you don't care. ~__~ But I'll mention a bit anyway. So we were losing the WHOLE game 3 to 0. All the way until the 9th (last) inning. Yup yup. I thought it was a loss for sure. I was playing persona when I decided to check the games (both baseball and basketball were on). I was watching baseball...just to see if we'd lose for sure or not. :/ Yeah, a total pessimist, lol. But...hahaaa...we won!!! >D We had such an awesome inning~~ Hits, walks, and then a grand slam homer by Victorino!!! To take the lead!! Haha! And then right after, Utley also hit a homerun. *laugh* I was screaming I was so happy and excited. XDDD Cause I totally thought we'd lose! ^__^V And then we also won the basketball game~~~ In a likewise very exciting manner. <33 And once again, to those that think these are school teams, NO. Professional sports are what I watch! Lol, I could care less about my school's sports. XD

Ok. So I'll stop mentioning sports now. *thinks* Yesterday...that was really just the highlight of my day. :/ Oh, speaking of highlight...I'm thinking of getting highlights in my hair. XD I definitely need to get my hair cut again because, wow, it does grow fast! It's getting too long, so I need my layers back. So I guess I'll get that done soon...next week or something. Haha, this is my last week of school!!! :D Finals and then I'm done for the summer~ I have my philosophy final on monday, and then accounting and chemistry on tuesday...and then we present our garments we made on wednesday for fashion. I'll probably have to stay after on monday to work more on it cause I doubt I'll finish it in class! ^^; But again, I'm proud of what I've done. It looks so pretty~ I can't wait to finish it. Lol, then I want to get a half-scale mannequin so I can display it at home. Haha.

My wallpaper...is coming along! Kind of. I braved the stormy weather and forced myself to start the bg last night. It looks terrible right now, but I'm having a friend from AP help me work on that. :) She's writing me a tutorial as I type on how to do stuff with the trees and make things look good, lol. I can't wait for this wretched thing to be done! Hopefully this week I'll get it over with, and then I won't stress over it any more. Also, after that, I'll work on easier wallpapers. ^^;; And force myself to realize that I'm not on some sort of strict walling schedule...I always feel pressured like I need to keep producing or else I'll be forgotten, or people will be mad. It's ridiculous; I know. But it's my stupid mind...and anxiety, and paranoia. My paranoia has been worse lately, lol. I sometimes think that I should take meds, but my parents are soooo anti-drugs for mental stuff. I keep telling mom that Corey NEEEDS depression drugs, but of course it's up to him to do something about it...but she never brings it up. She's afraid things will get worse. :/ But I totally think it would help him. ~__~; Anyhoo...I have nothing else to speak of!

So I'll bid you all adieu. Sorry for this crappppy post. Sorry if I missed a lot of you with commenting. I suck lately. ~__~ My face is still bothering me with the stupid itching from whatever the heck it is, so that prevents me from being downstairs still. It sucks. I hate it. Die. Anyhoo, oh, Meg (innocent heart) has been feeling really crappy lately! So just pray or keep her in your thoughts or whatever so that she'll feel better. :) Thankies. Take care~~

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

This post felt satisfying! Read at your own pace cause it's pretty long. :)

Hi-hi! ^_^ *huggles* How are all of you? How are a few of you? How are...you? Good? I HOPE SO. If not, then I pray that you get to good! Thanks for the comments. Lol, the fewest ever. XD Thank you to 2 people!!!! <3333333 Anna-chan and Cynthia! Wow, Cyn, it's been such a long time. Thanks for the comment. :) And yes, Persona 4 is amazing~ Just like #3. Anna-chan, thanks also for the comment on my previous one! XD Yup, you sure did get a double dosage of my posts that day, lol. So arigatou~ To those that didn't comment...well, good luck with what's keeping you busy, and I miss you!

OMG NEW THEME. Yeah, just changed it. It's all...spacey/galactic. Pretty. :D I hope you like it. Tell me if there's something that bothers you, lol!

Bah, another late post! ^^; I guess I'll just make this my normal posting time until I...I'm forced to post earlier? I don't know. Next tuesday I'll probably post earlier cause I'll have time in between my 2 finals. Anyhoo, I'm posting later today because I played P4 right when I came home from classes today. But the thing is...I got home much later than usual since I did go to fashion to stay and work on my garment. :) I was only going to stay an hour, but I ended up staying over 2. Lol. When you're working on sewing and stuff...the time really does fly, and you feel like "WTF? I haven't even done anything!" It just takes so much work. But I'm really enjoying it! Haha! I'm proud of myself. >3 It's turning out really cute. Of course, I'll take a photo when I'm done. Today I did a lot of work on it. I finished the other side of my princess line seam, did the collar (the hardest part...sorta), sewed the front to the back, etc. I had to Take in the side seams more than I had to make it fit Dolly [the half-scale mannequin we've designed the outfits for]. But yes! I think it looks great so far. I still have several things left to do, and we only have one class left, but I'll make sure to come in after classes on monday as well. The other girls were complimenting me and saying, "Wow! It looks just like your drawing!" Lol, I was like, "Uh...yes? Isn't it supposed to? isn't that the goal of this?" XD You know, to design an outfit and then make it accordingly! Haha.

Sister Denise is so fun to work with. It was much easier today since it was just me and a few other girls, not our whole class, so we could get individual help. I enjoy making jokes or poking fun at things that Sister says, and so today I was doing that and she kept giving me looks of, "Oh ho ho, smarty pants" with a smirk on her face. I really do love making people laugh! ^^; Not all people appreciate my humor (it's usually sarcasm), but hey, many do. Helping people and making people laugh = love to me. Sister keeps calling me "Casey" as opposed to my NAME KELSEY. She's known me this whole year, and yet only just recently she's been calling me that. *laugh* So I also tease when she says that. Then I told her how my Japanese conversation teacher in high school would always call me Casey since she couldn't pronounce the l in Kelsey...Ah, good ol' days. <3

So today was a pretty good day! In accounting and chem we just reviewed some since the finals are tuesday. T__T Both on the same day. I'm not looking forward to it, but I'm not too worried either. Yesterday, however, was a terrible day. I posted about it slightly on my World, so to those that read it already, thanks! But I'll still reiterate it a bit here, too. A "bit" will probably be more. XD But uh, yesterday morning I had to wake up early to register for next semester's classes. Registration (online) opened up at 6 am, and that's when most people get up and do it...to secure their classes. :/ Usually I don't, but I did yesterday. ~__~ I shouldn't have. The time on the site was off by an hour, so it only said 5 am when I got up! T__T I HATE GETTING UP EARLY MORE THAN ANYTHING. So anyhoo, I had to freaking wait an hour before I should start registering. I just laid down...trying not to fall back to sleep, AHAH, as if that's possible. I'm too nervous and crap to go back to sleep when I have to get up and do something.

So when I finally could register, I put in all my course numbers...and 2 of them were unavailable! I was greatly pissed off. ;__; I had a feeling that would be the case, too, but I was just HOPING that it would let me in. I wanted to get that economics class as online instead of in-class, so I could have fridays off, but no. It was only for CLL students (the older people that decide to take courses). It's just NOT FAIR. >E Us students of normal college age want to take online ones, too! Ugh! So I had to sign up for a class on wednesdays/fridays...in the morning...which is the exact opposite of anything I wanted. *sigh* The other class I couldn't get was a psychology one that's mandatory for my major, wtf, and I had to get this sheet signed to take it. I tried finding the lady to sign it sooooo many times, and every time i went, she wasn't in her f-ing office. So that made me really mad!!! Bah! So I was worrying so much that I wouldn't make it into the class. V_V So when I went to school, I talked to my adviser to see if she could do anything about it. She said she'd try, but nooooo. I had to still go on my own and get it signed. I was late to art, but whatever. ~__~ All in all, it worked out...I just wish I could've had the online class.

Uh, but that really ruined my day! Getting up so early, not sleeping much, being stressed worrying about classes, about other things...bah, yesterday just sucked! Just like the day before. *stabs depressed feelings* The highlights of my day came in philosophy class, lol...cause a kid in my class brought his dog!! She was a big golden retriever. Really pretty~ We were all like WTF?? He didn't even explain why she was there...but yeah. Our teacher didn't mind. He was like, "Who's a pretty girl! Oh, you're such a good dog!" Hahaa. He would stop teaching to pet her. X3 But what I didn't like was the kid's total disregard for the other students. Several had allergies to dogs so they were complaining a lot...and he didn't even keep her on her leash, so she was wandering around the classroom, lol. I kept petting her and wanting her to stay by me, but the girl behind me said she's majorly allergic. :/ So I had to send Quinn (the dog) away. T__T But yeah, that was pretty fun...a nice distraction. But once more, he shouldn't have done that without considering the whole class! Allergies are demons!! I would KNOW. ~__~;

In art class, well, we had a "party," but not really. Justin (teacher) brought in crappy pizza. :/ And went around describing our final projects. I find it hilarious that most kids didn't even follow the few guidelines there were...and most only did it in the last class and stuff. Only Joann (my older lady friend in class) put A LOT of effort into hers. She made...well, a lot of stuff. All out of bronze and other metal doo-dads, making a birdbath and metal contraption birds and stuff. It was AWESOME. <333 And I presented my painting, which I submitted a photo of here on theO. :) So take a look if you haven't. Thanks~

Hmm...I haven't worked on my wallpaper at all. What you saw last time is still all I have! ^^; I keep putting off that wretched bg. Lol, I don't know why I'm so afraid of it. XD But I feel bad and lazy that I haven't done anything with it! It might be 2 months before I submit it...that is, I mean, 2 months since my last one. ^^;; I've been taking a lot of breaks. Unlike the past, walling is more stressful than relaxing these days. *shrugs* I just need to realize that I'm not on some sort of deadline...I should make them when I feel like it...for fun. But I keep feeling pressured to wall, otherwise I'll be forgotten or people will be mad! Ok, maybe not people here, but on AP...I blame it all on that site! >E Rawrrrr!!

Sports. Uh, my teams have been sucking, lol. End of story. Dinner is almost ready, so I should go now. *huggles* Thanks so much for visiting me~ I appreciate it whenever you guys can come!! ^_^V I LOVE YOUUUUU. Take care~

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

omg this post sucks

Hi, my dears! How are all of you doing? Thanks for the great comments. They always make my day. Twist, it was so great seeing you again! XD You're not bad. Don't worry about it~ I appreciate whenever people can manage to comment me, lol. I know it isn't an easy task. ^^;; So thanks again! Welcome back to you Twist, Oli-chan, jamo, Capri-chan, Lala [of course I would mention you!!!!], Sesshy, and Meg!! ^__^ What a wonderful group of friends. <33 It's been a while for some of you. Anyhoo, thanks for all that was said about whatever it was I talked about. XD It feels like forever ago that I posted. O__o;

Once again, it's a later post! I don't think I'm ever going to post in the early afternoon anymore. XD It's only convenient if I'm at school waiting for a class. But when I'm at home, I prefer doing other things instead of rushing to the internet. Which mostly includes playing P4. ^^; I'm actually sorta almost done the game. T__T It's felt too short, even though I've played it for almost 60 hours, lol. It's just I haven't done a lot of things I should've. :/ But oh well. Persona games are so fun~~~ But seeing that I'm almost done and pretty incomplete as far as quests and things go, well, that gets me down! D: I'm a perfectionist, even in gaming. XD Though not quite. I wouldn't spend as much time as some people getting EVERYTHING complete. Ah, so yes, after school today, I came home and played that for a while. Then I did homework. I wasn't planning on posting really. Not in the mood...but I decided to do so anyway.

I haven't been in the mood to post a lot lately! ^^; I know, that sounds odd for me. But whatever. At least I'm not like I used to be...posting every single day, almost forcing myself, being obsessed. Gawd, it was...jeez. XD I stopped that! Lol, though I'm still on something of a schedule. Anyhoo, today...I had accounting and chemistry. In accounting, uh, we got into groups (guys vs girls) and answered some questions. I helped Katie with the chem homework we had...which was a TAKE-HOME TEST. Hahaaa. ^^;; I was asked by several people for help on that...as if it's a group test. XD I'm always being asked for help with homework in classes...mostly chemistry. Jess asked me yesterday, "So do you really love chem or something?" I was like NO WAY. D: I'm just good at it and math stuff. Because I'm good at it doesn't mean I like it. ~__~ I don't like most of my classes, but I'm good in most of them...uhh...yeah. I don't know why I'm good at it! >> But I don't mind it since I like helping people. :) Ok, so after that I had chemistry, where we just...took notes and stuff! Nothing special!

Yesterday...fashion, philosophy. Oh jeez. I have no clue how I'm going to finish my fashion project!! None of us do. D: We're all totally panicking!! T__T We're nowhere near finished sewing our garment (I haven't even cut out my pieces), and we only have 2 classes left. :( This seems near impossible. Gawd!! I'm very worried, lol. At least some people have started sewing. I'm quickly regretting some aesthetic choices in my design because they might be really hard to create!;__; Ugh. But anyhoo, first when I got there, I had to have my meeting with my (all of us fashion girls') adviser to decide on classes for next semester. :/ I thought it was just going to be a meeting with me, lol, but like 5 others were there...so I didn't get any 1 on 1 time to really get things straight. ~__~ So I'm being forced to take certain classes that I wish I didn't have to. And now I'm really worried about the business class I mentioned before...I thought it was this economics one, but I might be mistaken! O__O Cause I'm taking economics, but I was like WOOHOO!! Cause I'm taking it online [first online course at college for me], but then I was told that it was a different course that had all those hard presentation projects...and it's a mandatory one. :/ Now I'm just confused. Stupid classes. Ugh! So I have to register tomorrow, and it opens at 6am. Lots of kids really get up that early to get on and register...well, I don't want to, so just whenever I happen to get up, I'll do it. I hope that none of my classes will be filled, otherwise I'll be pissed.

One of the classes I have to take is Textiles, and right now, it's only offered on thursdays at 4:30-7pm. Noooo. I never wanted to take a night class...especially at such a stupid time as that! Ugh! >< But Dr.McKinney said that she would try to make it available at afternoons, too...the thing is that we won't know until the beginning of next semester! *laugh* How stupid! So I'll be going through all summer until the first days of classes to know whether I'll be taking a night course or not. So stupid. I swear, some teachers [ok, a lot] at my school are extremely inconsiderate and unorganized. :/

Ummm...after classes...went home, didn't do much. I was really depressed yesterday. I just got upset about a lot of stuff. V__V I blame it on that time of month, lol...but now I've made some bad mistakes with people whom I'm hoping will forgive me! I just can be really stupid sometimes...mostly when I'm down. The things that come to my mind are of the utmost negativity, whether about myself, other people, etc. It's horrible. So yeah, that's how I was last night. I wanted to cry, but I didn't. ~__~ Today is better though. I think. I hope. You know what makes me the happiest lately? SPORTS. XD Watching my sports teams WIN, that is. When they lose, I get depressed! ^^; Baseball and hockey on tonight, so I'm hoping they win. <3 I haven't really worked more on my wallpaper. I just have the background to do, and for some reason, I really don't want to do it. I'm like afraid to work on it. I know I'm going to have a forest in the bg and stuff...and that's what's going to kill me. Me + trees = bad. Even if they're just going to be...uh, surreal? No, hmm...>< Well, just painted in a way that it suggests trees but don't really look like them. I just suck at bg's in general. They make me angry. But I do love my crow. *hugs crow*
I wonder when I'll ever finish this thing...

Finals are next week! Then it's summer break, woot! I can't wait...I think. I'm just stressed about all the stuff I have to do before it's summer. T__T And I'm stressed socially. I just want things to be good and set right...equalized. Some equilibrium would be nice. Anyhoo, I need to go eat dinner. Sorry this was such a craptacular post. Like seriously. It was boring, and I don't think it made much sense...and it was...ah, whatever. Thanks to anyone that read it~ I LOVE YOU GUYS. I'm sorry if I ever hurt any of you in any ways. T__T PERFUME!!!!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Umm...lots of complaints! RIP Blaise, sports, and other stuff.

Hi there, guys! ^_^ How are all of you doing? Thanks sooooo much for visiting me last time. :) I really appreciate it, as usual. I wasn't expecting many visitors because it was such a late post, so thanks to those that did comment: Steph [welcome back!! Don't worry about it, ok??], Oli-chan, anna-chan, jamo, lala, and Samantha! Thanks so much. ^^ Hehe, Lala, that one vid was so hilarious!! XD The Shige & Keii-chan one, lol. And yeah, I'm not sure if I like their new song, but whatever. Hehe, thanks again. Steph, don't worry about commenting or posting much. That feeling just sucks so I hope it goes away soon. *hugs* Thanks to everyone that viewed the photos I took on our walk! And arigatou for the birthday wishes to my dad. ^__^ <3 Very sweet of all of you~

My internet is being poopy today. Slow, freezing up. :/ It wouldn't connect for a while either. >< But here I am! Finally getting to post. I was going to post earlier in the afternoon, but then I just felt like...bleh...no. ~__~; I've been getting into these slumps of things lately! Not wanting to wall, comment, post, etc. Argh. I don't know what to blame it on either, lol. I need a scapegoat!! D: Uhh...I blame...global warming! Yeah, just like all the other problems in the world. v__v No, I don't know. I just blame my mind. *punches it* Ow. I shouldn't do that...haha..but yeah, anyhoo~ If you didn't see those photos I took, go to my last post. :) You'll see cherry blossoms, a random Adam tag, and muddy water! :D I took more, but I didn't upload them. Perhaps I shall make one of the cherry blossom ones my theme...whenever I decided to change it. ^^; I've been too lazy to do that yet. So until then *hugs dark flower theme*

We have another death in our fish family. We knew it was coming. Poor Blaise. He was never quite right...I would call him a tard, and say he'd look like he had mental problems cause he always had this stupid look on his face. ^^; And he was just a bit odd...well, these past couple of weeks he was even weirder. He wasn't eating much...it was almost as if he couldn't eat. So I was worried about him..dad and I figured he wouldn't live much longer. I didn't think he'd make it through this weekend, and nope, he didn't. I found him sucked to the filter...body wrapped around it...you could see everything in him cause he was so skinny. Yes, fish can be deathly skinny. Like you could see his bones. :( It was very sad. He was still breathing while stuck on the filter, but it wasn't enough. .___. So dad and I decided we should just let him die. It was sad seeing him suffer...so yes, another dear fishy of ours has passed on to fish heaven. *sigh* Here's the best photo I took of him. It's a bit blurry, but you can see him. ^_^
RIP Blaise. Well, he was technically Blaise II...we had another one that died a while back. T__T

Umm...anyhoo...*thinks* Sad things sportswise...as in my teams have been losing. Bah. I'm not too worried about my Phillies (baseball) because the season is incredibly long, and I blame most of it on the passing of Harry Kalas since they were all so close to him. But my Flyers (hockey) have lost the first 2 games of the playoffs! Not good!! In the playoffs, it's a best of 7 to move onto the next round...and we've already lost 2. ~__~ We could've won last night, I swear it!! But they got some really stupid penalties (in overtime). :/ As for my Phillies, they honestly should've won last night...like really. We were up 7 to 1, and yet somehow our pitching totally blew it. We lost 8 to 7. What a bunch of bull!! >.< That upset me a lot last night! I take it very dearly when my sports teams lose. I know most of you don't care, so I'll stop there!

I have lots of homework to do this weekend. Ugh. My stupid teachers didn't manage time well during the year. "Oops, you haven't had as many hw assignments that you were supposed to this year! :D I think I'll assign you lots in the last couple weeks!" -__-; Stupid teachers. I have a 2-page thing to do for accounting, a take-home chemistry TEST, and a take-home art quiz. I also have to somehow finish all that fashion project in 3 classes--sewing, etc. etc. etc. Monday I have my meeting with my adviser to discuss what classes I'll be taking next semester. I really don't want to go. I don't want to. I'm afraid of all the courses I need to somehow make up. I'm behind in credits...and I just don't know how I'll do it. I'm deathly afraid of taking certain classes, too, but mostly this economics course. And I dont' think there's any way out of it. I've heard all about it from the girls that already took it...and the final project is a big business thing. You have to come up with your own business and do a HUGE presentation for it. A 10 page paper, logo, business plan, poster, etc. and present with a 15 minute or something speech. T____T Kill me now. I'd much rather die than do that. I swear. I always freak out with presentations...and something that huge will make me faint. Ugh. So I'll see if there is ANY way that I can take something else to replace it, but I doubt it...school sucks...

I've been working a very tiny bit on my wallpaper. I'll see if I can do some tonight as well as work a little on my homework. :/ I went on AP for like 5 minutes today and yesterday, and that was enough to make me feel depressed again. I don't know why. I just hate it now. I'm not going to go on there until I finish this wallpaper. Looking at walls and stuff there makes me feel like a bad person since I haven't made one in over a month. Makes me feel guilty and pressured. I almost never want to wall again. I know that won't happen, but sometimes I just feel like that. Like it's a hassle. *sigh* And I showed this preview to one of my "friends" on there, and all she had to say was, "Did you draw that crow? Lol. It looks too high or something...I don't know..." and she kept questioning my decision to have a crow in there. :/ Instead of complimenting or anything, that's what I get! Bah!! And there's a crow in there cause it's a major theme of Haibane Renmei, darn it!

My face is still bothering me. Stupid itching and burning. It's retarded. ~__~ I'm stuck putting anti-itch cream all over it, lol. Anyhoo...let's see if there's anything POSITIVE to talk about! ^^; Corey has been going out a lot lately. It's weird for him to be social at all, yet friends he's made at work have been wanting to do things! I don't know if it's always GOOD things they're doing, but at least it gets him out of my way sometimes. *thinks* Sorry, I can't think of anything else! Cause today all I've done is play Persona 4, take Totoro for a little walk...and enjoy the wonderfully warm weather! It's so beautiful!! <333 Though I don't like it TOO warm. Haha, whenever it gets above 73 degrees, I start complaining, lol. Like today. "It's hottt..." My mom said, "I was wondering when you'd start complaining!" *laugh* Sorry! XD I'm very sensitive to the heat! I have terribly sensitive skin, so anything that isn't just perfect will annoy me.

*huggles* I'll try to comment some, but sorry again if I don't get to you all. I need this mood to pass...and I need school out of my hair first and foremost. Ugh, and this wallpaper. Sometimes I Just want to hate life, but I know I shouldn't because I'm even more afraid of death. >_> Anyhoo, gomen, I love you guys!! Take care~

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

birthdays and things! lots o' art!

Hey guys! My sweet friends! ^__^ Arigatou for the comments last time. :) I appreciate all the condolences for the loss of our baseball announcer...along with the compliments on my WIP. You're all so wonderful! So welcome back to xaos, Oli-chan, zeit, angelbest, and Cassie! <3333 Very much appreciated. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Seriously, this time though...a short reply paragraph for a short post! I promise.

Yes, I promise today's will be short! Though I'm sorry for that. I know lots of you adore my long posts. So I'll make up for it on saturday's. :) Today is my dad's birthday, and so I haven't had the time! I need to go soon so we can open presents. ^^ For a part of his b-day gift today, he wanted mom and I to go for a walk with him at that park that we went to before. Also because it was a very nice and warm day~ It was great! We took Totoro again, and he had fun. XD He was panting the whole car-ride, but when he got out, he did have a good time. He even went in the river again, lol. <3333 So cute!! I took lots of pictures of the sights. So please take a look if you can!! ^__^ [I'm linking to them on dA, if you don't mind]

The mysterious ADAM sign. [no relation to the "bossman" of theO, lol]
Sun through the Cherry Blossoms
Shiroi sakura.
Muddy water reflections <3

Thank you~~~ I love them. XD The cherry trees were beautiful! White/wild ones. I took more photos, but I didn't upload them all.

Here is an e-card I made last night. VERY late. XD It was around midnight, lol. ^^; Please take a look if you haven't. :) Now that I think about it...I should've made a b-day one for my dad. But I did make one for him...just not anything to submit here, haha.

Yesterday...fashion, philosophy, and art. Fashion was annoying. I don't know how I'll finish that final project. *sigh* Too much to do. My directions are so messed up, and Sister didn't even get around to helping me with them. :/ I thought I'd be able to cut out my fabric and start sewing yesterday, but no. I had to fix my pattern pieces too much...and I was also helping my friends/classmates a lot since Sister can only help so many at a time. ^^; I feel like the assistant teacher, lol! "Kelsey, how do you do this? What do you think I should do here?" Haha, it's kinda annoying but fun. Uh, nothing happened in philosophy...and in art, I just worked on my final project. ^^ You know, my "partial angel" Lynd painting. I brought in the large canvas I needed, and I thought I could just mount the smaller canvas on top (what I already painted on) and have it be sorta 3D, but no. Justin (prof) didn't want that. He said I should rip my painting (the canvas) off the wood framing. and then paste it on the bigger one!! D:

So I did that. It took a lot of time...and hurt my hands, lol. I was afraid of getting splinters. I hate splinters...I have the worst luck with them. And whenever I get one...I freak out and cry! ^^;;; So I was very grateful that I didn't get any while ripping canvas off of the wood...uh, so then I pasted it on with matte medium, which was really stupid. I got it ALL over my hands!! ~__~' But after that, I painted around the edges/border~ I had lots of fun! I love how it turned out! SO yes, I finished it. :) I made each edge a different type of weather or time of day. So the top is nighttime with stars, the right is a blue sky with clouds, the bottom is yellow (representing the sun), and the left is a darker cloudy windy day. And then in the center is Lynd with a sunset. I think it turned out pretty!! :D So when I can take it home, I'll take a photo and show you all. ^^ And throughout class, lol, Vincent (that kinda quiet guy in my class that likes video games and plays basketball) was complimenting me. O__o I wasn't used to that. I mean, he's been nice to me before, but he complimented my clothes and my art a lot. [he kinda likes anime, too] Haha, but I don't like him that way. XD Oh, and he likes to make art with the drill (put a pencil or brush in the drill bit and go!), so he did that a lot...and Justin wanted to try it with a painted sponge, and he went TOO FAST!! And it splattered everywhere. XD On all of our clothes! It was hilarious though...lol...now my pants are speckled green. ^^;;

Ok, I need to go now~ Sorry! *hugs* I LOVE YOU GUYS. <333 Take care~~~ Stay cheery! I pray you all get well soon if you're down or sick!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I said it'd be a shorter post, but it really isn't! But it's much later! ^^;

Hi, fellerz! ^_^ Thanks so much for the comments last time! Elves, Darke, Steph, Capri-chan, xaos, zeit, and Mizu-chan! *hugs* Welcome back and arigatou for the great comments. <3 I love you guys! Um, this is going to be a shorter post, so sorry for no specific replies. ;3 But you know all of your words mean a lot to me!

Wow, this is a really late post for me. O__o For some, it's normal, but not for me! It's 8pm! I just...kinda forgot to post today. ^^; Somehow...I know, right?? Well, I could never "forget" before because I would have a huge block of time in between my chem and lab classes on tuesdays, but last week was our last lab! So from now on, I get to go home after chem class. :) So like today! Because of that, I tend to...push off posting and computer stuff until later, and then like now, I forget about it until late! ^^; If I'm not on my usual schedule, then I'm totally thrown off. But I decided to post in case some [SOME] people freaked out that I didn't get to today, lol. Most of you probably don't care. XD But have no fear! I'll try to make it short.

Today I had accounting and chem class. Jeez, it felt like I haven't been in accounting forever! I wanted it to stay that way. -__-' But oh well. That's cause we didn't have class at all last week (teacher had a meeting, and then easter break). Uhh...it was nice to see Erica and the others again, though we didn't talk all that much. No Edward fangirling, lol. XD Our prof gave us this homework assignment...it was supposed to be a one-page thing answering some questions on ratios, but now she changed it to be worth double the amount, and therefore making it be 2 pages. I couldn't think of how to answer the questions on ONE page, and now I somehow need to stretch it to 2??? D: Jeez! This lady is crazy. :/ Ugh. In chemistry, we just took notes etc. Nothing special.

After class, mom and I went to the mall~ I haven't been in a while, so I wanted to go to Borders and get me some manga! >D I knew they had a lot of ones that I wanted before, but I didn't get to get them...so this time I was looking forward to buying more! But...no...~___~ It was a WTF moment. I went in, straight to the manga, and most of the shelves were very spare!! T__T I was like "Where is all the manga???" The only full series they had were of Naruto and other crap I don't read. :/ They didn't have the majority of the things I saw last time and wanted (Godchild, the next Twelve Kingdoms novel, Fairy Cube, and many many more that I can't think of; I had a list with me), and so we asked if there was a sale. :/ Nope. They had to take inventory, and so they got rid of most of the things so that there weren't as many to count or something??? I didn't quite get it, but it was retarded to me. So uh, "Are you going to be reordering them then" The lady said she didn't know...wasn't sure...um, great. Hello? I come here for MANGA so if I don't see ANY, then I'm not coming anymore!! T__T They asked if I wanted to place orders for any specifically, uh, NO. I'm just going to get them online. Much easier. I said, "No thanks...there's way too many I'd want..." Lol. So I ended up getting La Corda d'Oro vol. 10 and Tactics 6, and a new fantasy novel called Innocent Mage. Lucky for me the ONLY Tactics volume they had was 6, and that was the next one I needed. ^^;

After that, I had lunch...and mom and I didn't really do anything else. Just came home, and I played P4 for a while...then I worked on homework. I still have more to do. *sigh* Though it's just typing up the directions I handwrote for fashion. Gawd, that project is so hard!! I mean, come on!! Writing sewing directions for the dress I designed??? I can DESIGN it, but that doesn't mean I know how to put it together! ;__; I'm totally clueless, lol. I just made up stuff...and I hope Sister can read them and seriously fix them so they're right. I had to cut out my pattern pieces the other day, and I found that my back and front don't really match...somehow...they did when I had the prototype pieces, but when I made the final ones, somehow the back got longer! V__V I'm so confused. Notches, darts, I HATE YOU!!!! Bah, so I have that class tomorrow...and I also have to bring my very large canvas for art class. How annoying to have to lug that thing around with me for 2 classes first!! NOOOO!!! >>

I've been working on my wallpaper more. I haven't done the bg yet...didn't work on it today or much yesterday. I did finish painting Rakka though. I want to paint a crow in there cause crows are a major part of the theme of Haibane. I'm just afraid...it'll be really hard. *sigh* I hope that no one walls this same scan before I finish it! If they do (and paint it), I'll be very upset.

Yesterday, I posted on theO...about a very sad thing. You can read it here if you haven't. It's about the passing of our great Phillies hall of fame broadcaster Harry Kalas. He died yesterday in the press booth before the game against the Nationals. RIGHT before the game...he was preparing for it up there when he collapsed. They didn't say if it was a stroke or something else, but I would figure as much. He was 73 and has been a broadcaster for the Phils since 1971. He really was our baseball team's voice. When I heard it on the news (Corey called me yesterday to tell me to listen), I was very upset. I even cried some! I didn't think I would since it's not like I ever met him, but when you're used to listening to someone's voice hundreds of games and seeing him, you get to know him...and get attached. Anyway, it's a sad thing...but our guys still had to play the game yesterday. The wonderful thing is that we won...and several homeruns were hit. And all the players said they did it for Harry. Of course. ^_^ They won it for him! So that, along with the tributes, did make me feel happier. He will always be remembered. :) As well as broadcasting, he did voice-overs for commercials and NFL films, etc. So anyway, this past week has been pretty sad! Lots of baseball-related people have died. ^^;

I said this post would be shorter...but apparently it isn't. Oh well. Easter! How was all of yours (if you celebrated it)? Mine was pretty good. I had depressing moments later on, but the earlier part was fine. We went to church (first time Derek and Corey have been in a long time lol), and then we went to Einstein Bagels for some food. We all went home and played Pictionary!!! *laugh* It was so fun. XDDD Corey and I were a team, and D and dad were. What made it most hilarious, aside from our crappy drawings and horrible guessing, lol, was Totoro. Whenever there's a party or we're at the kitchen table together...having fun, he wants to join in. ^^;; Uh, well, his joining in...involves humping legs. *laugh* I know! Gross! He's even neutered!! Hahaha!!! But it's just SOOO HILARIOUS. So he wouldn't stop mounting Derek's leg. XD He'd be like, "Totes! Stop that! Argh! i can't play when he's all over me like this!" Haha. At one point I was cracking up so much that I was tearing up and short of breath, lol. It was great. I haven't laughed like THAT in a long time. Too bad I got in a down mood later that night! But it was fun while it lasted~ Corey and I won the game, but it was mostly because of my superb guessing and drawings. ;3

Okies. Sorry~ I'll stop this now! I noticed not many people updated today...and I'm kinda glad! I don't have time to comment. ^^; Too much homework left, and my face it STILL bothering me. *sigh* Gomen, you guys. I love you though! <333 Take care everyone~

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A pretty unimportant post! :D

Hi there, my dears!!! *huggles* Thanks for the comments! ^_^ I'm so glad to hear from you guys. I didn't think ANYONE would comment...but lo' and behold a few did! If you didn't read my post though, I suggest that you do because it's interesting whereas today's definitely won't be! XD So yes, thanks again. Welcome back Oli-chan, capture, Lala, Steph, and jamo! <333 Yes, it's so very sad that that young pitcher died...ugh! It makes me so mad! Stupid drunk drivers! I swear!! T__T *sigh* Umm...and I see lots of you also like Avirl's stuff, like her early and new songs! I love them all, too. ^^ But it's true that her style is really different now. Hmm...thanks for the wishes of good luck with my projects, too. I need it!

So yeah, if you didn't read my last post, it'd probably be awesome if you did. :) Cause today's will be short! I have nothing of interest to really talk about...and I should be working on some of that homework I have. -__-' Uh, HAPPY EARLY EASTER!! If you celebrate it, are you doing anything special? Brunch or anything? We used to do Easter brunch every year, but we've stopped that. It got to a point where it was just too expensive for crappy food. :/ So there's no point. We might color eggs today...but I don't know...this year it doesn't even feel like it's Easter time. Like wtf? It's tomorrow? And we haven't even gotten out easter baskets! I suppose it's because we're all older now...not little kids anymore. It's just not as fun. And my college only gave me a few days off for it. >E Come on, it's a Catholic college, you'd think I'd get all of holy week off or something, lol. Oh well.

Easter is probably more fun if you have younger siblings or relatives that you do things with, huh? Or maybe it's more annoying that way? ^^; I wouldn't know. I'm the youngest, and all my relatives live far away. ~__~ Speaking of such, my grandparents and most on my mom's side of the family live in San Diego (CA), and we're here in PA. Uh, well, grandma isn't doing well at all. You might remember me telling you guys about her Alzheimer's. It's getting worse and worse. We wanted to maybe meet them at Las Vegas [i've never been], and we didn't want them to travel here again (way too far away, and it was tough having them live with us), so it turns out we'll just have to fly ALL the way out to CA (as if las vegas was closer, lol). *sigh* So maybe in August. I don't want to travel. I've been rather paranoid of flying...there's always such bad news about crashes and whatnot that I SO don't want to risk it. v_v But I'm going to have to go along. Corey will stay home to work and take care of the pets, but I DO NOT want that!! T__T I don't trust him at all to do that. I'm quite sure the fish will all be dead, and Totoro will be fatter than ever. It's sad that I don't trust my brother anymore, but it's just because of how he acts to me. *sigh* But...if we gotta go there, we gotta...since grandma is doing so horribly, we need to see them in case, well, you know.

Today (saturday) is my only day of freedom of my little break. All the other days corey doesn't work, so I'm stuck with his annoyance. >.< I hate it! I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT. I wish he worked more. But NO. Ugh. So of course he gets off on easter, and he never works on mondays or fridays. Darn it! Stupid break! I almost WANT to have school on monday. ~__~ This sucks. Ugh, and I have so much homework to do. I forgot that I also have accounting...*sigh* So I need to work on all that crap for my fashion project, and then I have lots of stuff to do for accounting. I need to work on it some today.

Yesterday we went out shopping for my supplies. I got my fabric for the dress I have to make, and I got my canvas for art. At the art supply place, uh, my dad had a total ADD forgetfulness moment...my dad refuses to think that he has ADD or some sort of disconnect in his mind. -__-; The cashier asked for our zip code, and jeez, HOW many times has he had to put it on letters or tell it? He definitely knows what it is!! *laugh* Yet when she asked, he was like "What? Wait...oh, zip code? Oh, 19..." *long pause* And then he listed some other numbers that were nowhere near what ours is. XD He looked at me like "Oops." ^_^; I couldn't believe him...lol, apparently we live in a totally different area now! *looks up the zip code he gave* Oh, it's in Sweden. Stockholm. So we apparently went all the way here to go to a Michael's art supply store...from Sweden. Ah, gotta love absent-minded dads. Sometimes.

*thinks* That's really all we did yesterday. I had to come home and watch a horrible baseball game loss AGAIN. So, yeah, we've only won 1 game so far this season, lol. Way to go guys! XD But the Flyers won their hockey game today, so that's good. Last game of the regular season tomorrow~ Then it's off to the playoffs! Baseball again tonight, so my Phillies better win. -__-; Um, last night I worked a tiny tiny bit on my wallpaper. I'm still working on painting Rakka. I'm deathly afraid of doing the bg. I always have a tough time with it.

Ok, surprisingly, that's all for me! A much shorter post than usual. Though some might still complain that it's TOO LONG. SORRY. >> Oh, I changed my theme a bit...lol, by adding green to it! XD And I changed my avi again. I needed to indulge a bit with some BL sweetness. <3 A different pairing from Oofuri...and the doujin artist didn't make it look like them at all, so I'm taking them as a totally different couple. *laugh* Supposed to be HamaIzu (Hamada x Izumi), but Izumi has freckles and a different colored brown hair...but oh well. XD Anyhoo!! That's all! *hugs* Thanks so much for putting up with me. Sorry again if I don't comment much. I've got lots of hw to do. T__T If you have time and didn't read my last post, go ahead...it's way more interesting! Take care~

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