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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cherish your life! You've only got one. - gomen, a longish post!

Hey there, sweeties! <3 How're all of you doing this fine (?) day? *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments. :) Anita, cassie, capri-chan, steph, jamo, and anna-chan!! Welcome back and thanks for commenting. I appreciated all of your feedback on how my wall is coming along, and stuff about my baseball team, lol, and other things. Anna-chan, INDEED!! I was saying that it was good those things were edited out. XD I AM NOT one for such things!! O__o Well, ok, I like me some violence...but not crap like rape. Eww. Just disgusting. :/ So yeah, I'm glad they edited that out of Violence Jack...but my brother was like, "They cut out too much!" ~__~ Pervert. *sigh* Anyhoo, thanks again for everything~~~

Ah, so today was my first day of my little Easter break! Today, tomorrow (though I always have it off this semester), and then monday off. A nice little break! And then there's just a couple of weeks until SUMMER!! O__O Can you believe it? Well, I can't. XD But before summer break comes...I have finals and all sorts of projects to get through. *sigh* I have a lot to do for my fashion class during this little time off! -__-' Darn you, Sister!! Bah! Remember, this is my flat pattern making class where we have to create garment designs and patterns, etc. For our final project we're making a design, the pattern pieces, directions, envelope, and then sew the garment itself, too! T__T And by next class I need to cut out my pieces [hoping they're RIGHT...], write the directions [oh gawd, I have no clue!!!], and make the envelope [thank you, photoshop]...ugh, oh and i need to go to the fabric store to pick out what I want. :/ Sheesh! A bit too much! This will be such a pain. *sigh* I'm most worried about the directions...and the possibility what my pieces won't work out right. ^^; Bah. And then for art class I need to go supplies shopping for my canvas. *nods* Lots of school-related errands this weekend!

I'm listening to Avril Lavigne's "Let Go" (album)...it's one of her older ones if not her first one released! *laugh* I love the songs on here...I love her songs in general. XD But I haven't listened to these in a while. It's amazing how much her singing style and just style overall have changed! I'm sure some of you don't like her songs...so ok! I'm just making a statement here. XD "Things I'll Never Say" is one of my faves!! Mostly because of this Oofuri amv. I haven't shown it in a while, but some of you might remember it. It was taken off of youtube quite some time ago, but I found the creator's site where I could download it, and then I uploaded it on imeem instead.

Battery Love Oofuri amv - Yanny Fuuichi

Mom just came back from doing some errands. >_< And...ugh! T__T She told me she heard on the news that a pitcher from the baseball team LA Angels...a very young guy died in a hit and run accident! That's so sad!! He was only 22! And he pitched 6 scoreless innings in a game just yesterday...that's so incredibly sad. He was alive and well one day and then BAM, just like that...dead. His probably very wonderful career was cut so short. Here's the article if you're curious. Gawd, that's just so horrible. And at the same game he pitched, some fans got into a fight, and one man was killed because he was punched causing him to fall onto the concrete steps...*sigh* This is so f-ing depressing!!!!!! I hate that! I hate how people can die at any time from accidents like that. WHY???

*sigh* Anyhoo...on to other things. ~__~ Uh, today I've just been playing Persona 4. I love playing it! Can't get enough of it. >3 And I always take forever with video games. Some can somehow finish them in like a week or less, lol, I wouldn't be able to at all! I take my time and savor them. So I've already played it for 42 hours! ^_^; But then again, I think I played #3 (which I finished) for 70 hours or something, lol. I don't even know if I'm near the end of this one...I'm pretty sure I'm not, and I'm glad for that!

Yesterday...oh wait, first! Tuesday. ^^;; RIGHT after I finished posting, I was having my lunch, which as usual included yogurt. I was about to go to the bathroom, so I sat up, and right when I did...I knocked over my yogurt into my lap!! Ahhhh!!! ;___; Epic fail! And to make things worse, I was wearing white pants. I hardly ever wear white pants, and the day I did...I spilled my f-ing yogurt on me!! *laugh* Now I laugh, but I felt so ridiculous then. And this was in the library, too...so uh, I quickly went to the bathroom, PRAYING that no one would see me and the crap on me. I tried to cover it up as I went. >> I hope no one noticed...so in the b-room I wiped it off, with water, too, so then I had that problem to deal with! I had to wait for the water to somewhat dry because, you know, white pants...wet...uh, yeah. V__V It was horrible. I went to chem lab after, and I asked Erica-tachi ("and the others") if they noticed...cause I told them what happened. They said they didn't, thank goodness, but it was so embarrassing!!

Ugh! So yeah. Anyhoo yesterday fashion, logic, and art. We worked on our patterns in fashion, and then in logic we just did some more problems. I think deductive reasoning is fun!!! :D Haha! I think those problems are fun. XD *is a bit weird* I like solving problems that are kinda like puzzles...like what we're doing. Proofs of statements with deductive reasoning. :) Anyhoo, then I had art, and we painted again. So I kept on working with my final project idea. I was just supposed to be practicing for it, but I ended up really loving what I did!! So I asked Justin if I could use it as my final project along with additions because the canvas I used wasn't the appointed size. So I'm going to get the right size and mount this smaller one on top, and then paint etc. the big canvas to create some sort of border/frame-look. ^^ I'm not sure if he likes the idea [cause he never really talks! argh!!!! >E So frustrating!], but oh well. That's what I'm doing. Hmph. So there. Joann and Mary (the two mom's of the class cause they're older women taking the course) gave me those ideas, and I really liked them! It's great to be friends with moms, lol. <3 And Joann said, "Do you like what you did? If so, then that's all that matters. You shouldn't care if Justin likes the idea or not, even if he's the teacher. It's YOUR work." Ah, true words of wisdom right there. I need to take them into consideration a lot more.

Well. *thinks* on the sports front! Aside from that sad news...happy news about my teams! <3 My hockey team won their last game, which guarantees them a spot in the playoffs~~~ They play tonight, and they need to keep winning to stay in 4th place [which will give them home ice advantage, if you know what that is XD]. There's just 3 games left of the regular season! And onto my Phillies! They finally won a game yesterday! But boy was it scary. T__T Like totally. It was a day game, and I was at school when it started, but mom sent me texts to tell me what was up...and it wasn't good. We were losing 10 to 3 [like omg holy crap that's horrible] up until the 7th inning. I thought it was over. I thought it was game over...another loss, and being swept in the first series of the season! I thought wrong!!! XDDD A miracle happened in the 7th inning! Tons of walks, great hits, and many many runs being scored, lol. We took the lead 11 to 10 in that ONE inning!! *___* It was so f-ing amazing! I thought we were gonna loses again, but no, they came through~~ We ended up winning 12 to 11. My goodness! Hehe! :)

Okies, sorry! Long post as usual. I shall leave you be now. ^_^ I'll comment some if I can. My face isn't doing as bad as before. My mommy got me some of that oatmeal lotion stuff (like what you use when you have chicken pox), and it's kinda working. But still...we'll see. Thanks so much for being with me! *hugs* Love you!! <333 Take care~

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm tired of coming up with titles.

Hi my dears!! <3333 How are all of you today? Doing well? I hope so! Thanks so much for the comments. You guys are the best. :) Arigatou Anita, Hiko, Capri-chan, Steph, angelbest (welcome back!!), and Sparkle (thanks for all the spam, lol, I'm sorry again about what I said! Good luck to you again; I'll miss you~~). So yeah, thanks to everyone that commented. If you saw my photos I took on dA and complimented, then thanks. XD Lots of you didn't, but that's ok! If you want to see some photos of the rainbows I saw the other day, just go to the links in my last post. Capri-chan, is there a sport I don't like to watch?? XD Uh, yes actually! I don't care the most for football, soccer (*hides from avid fans*), tennis...golf (though I DO NOT even count that as a sport. It's a passtime!! >E)...I couldn't watch those, lol. Though I enjoyed playing tennis! But yeah, I do like watching LOTS of sports. :) Thanks again to everyone~

Ah, I'm using my new mp3 player now! It's awesome! <33 The sound is so clear~ And like I said, it can hold way more than my last one. :3 And I didn't even fill it up, lol. I'll need to add more songs. >D I just miss being able to wear it around my neck like my last one (samsung pendant); this one is a Sansa Clip, and so you can clip it on...but it's not as convenient. >< So I just put it in my backpack until I'm ready to use it. ^_^ Hahaa, I left on the trial songs that they started the player with...and one's on now...it's good, but not, lol. They don't put "real" songs on there, just ones I guess they made up. O__o All the lyrics are "I want you to holla'. Let me holla at you." Uh, WTF? XD The bgm is good, but the lyrics...wow...creative. *puts on my own songs* So yeah, I'm in the library now! Today is my last day of chem lab, so on the following tuesdays, I'll just be able to go home after my chem class. :3 And today I didn't have accounting! So I got to sleep in a bit later~ Twas very nice. <3 I just have tomorrow, and then I'll have my short Easter break [thursday-monday].

I kinda missed having accounting today. Yeah, sounds weird, right?? I guess it's just cause I didn't get to be amused by Erica's Edward fangirling. Um, so in chem...it was boring as usual. Took notes and did example problems of Molariy and crap. :/ Tempestt didn't come to class though she said she would...she says she has the flu, which isn't good at all! But today is the last chem lab day, and she really should be there. >> She's missed 2 already and her grade isn't too good. ^_^; I kinda check up on her like a mom or something..."Are you coming to class? Did you do your homework? Did you know you missed this?" Jeez, I must be annoying. I care so much about schoolwork and stuff that I even enforce that on my friends! No wonder my conversations hardly stray from such subjects.


Umm...let's see here...yesterday I had, well, you know. Fashion and philosophy. In fashion we worked more on creating our pattern pieces for our final dress design. Sister said that she would come help those that she helped LAST last class, well, she didn't really. -__- I ended up waiting the whole class! Again! I mean, it's not like I just waited the whole time. I did do stuff on my own and try to figure things out, along with Christine (one of the twins in my class) cause our designs are somewhat similar. But still...ugh! It's very frustrating when you just sit there and sit there, and she says she'll get to you, but then she ends up helping others first! But overall, I did things right...so I'm almost finished with working on the pattern draft, then I'll have to trace them for the final pattern pieces, and THEN we have to write the DIRECTIONS! T__T Yeah, sewing directions...oh dear...and then...we have to make the garments. This will be far too hard. ;__; *scared* Uh, I got more compliments on my drawing skills! "Wow, Kelsey! You're a great drawer. Do you want to be a designer?" ^^; Uh...kinda? I don't know. XD But yeah, I have the most fun just DRAWING the designs, not making them.

In philosophy, we just...learned more stuff. It's logic. I think logic is fun cause I'm a very logical person. XD I'm always analyzing things and thinking things through--trying to find contradictions! That's why I loved those Ace Attorney games, lol. But yeah, nothing special there! It rained yesterday, which was nice though. :) At home it was just the usual. No work for Corey so I just did stuff with him. :/ Watched anime and played games. We got a bunch of old anime tapes and dvd's...ordered them that is, lol. Trying to find hidden good stuff that most haven't seen! Uh, so we watched Violence Jack yesterday--the first volume. There's 3 volumes...but they're VERY hard to find because they stopped production. XD And because they were, well, very violent! The tapes that Manga released were edited, and even those were bad. But yeah, it was pretty good...though I really didn't think it was quite THAT violent. Fist of the North Star is worse. *laugh* But what it did have was very odd sexual scenes...which I was VERY GLAD that they edited out. ~__~' Sorry, I'm not one for rape, necrophilia, or cannabilism. So I totally agree with those parts being cut out! Thank you!! T__T

Sorry~ *laugh* That paragraph was rated PG13! haha, or something. XD But it's crazy what kind of anime has been released or not. -__-; Anyhoo, after I did my homework last night, I've actually started a new wallpaper! I didn't want to make one for quite some time, but I felt inspired. :) And I had some time...so I'm just working on it a very little bit at a time since I still can't be downstairs for long periods of time. My face has been bad almost anywhere (my forehead feels like sand paper), so whatever. :/ But yeah, it's a Haibane Renmei wall. ^_^ I LOVE that anime~ It's of Rakka. <33 And it's another painted one, so I'm using my tablet. I just had a lot of fun with it...now I don't know how I'm going to go back to other means of walling! *laugh* So HERE'S the original scan, and here's a little preview of what I have. [it's close-up so you can't see it all; the eyes are all I've colored in so far]

Oh, you might want to know about the baseball opener on sunday? maybe, Maybe you don't! *laugh* You probably don't care. XD Well, I could care less, too! T__T No, not really. It's just my Phillies LOST. Very sad. A sad and pathetic showing from the defending champions. *sigh* It sucked! Ugh!! But they play tonight and tomorrow, so they better make up for it. :/ But hey...hahahaa...that was just the first game!! Lol, there's still 161 games left in the season~ Haha, plenty of time to make up! As for my Flyers (hockey) they lost their last game, too. -__-' Only 4 games left of the regular season, and they really need to keep winning to get in the playoffs...come on guys!! Argh! I'm ready to slap 'em silly!

Okies. I think I wrote enough! Far too much probably. Sorry! *hugs* I'll see how much commenting I can do today. I love you guys~ Thanks for sticking with me. *hugs* ^_^ You're the best!!! Take care~

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

thankies, sporadic sports talk, stupid itchy face still, rainbows

Hey guys~ How are all of you? Thanks so much for the comments! Wow, I wasn't expecting any! Lol because at the end of the day I really posted, there was only Jamo's comment! XD So some of you just decided to come later. :) AND THANK YOU for that~ Arigatou. Some of you even just commented today, so with this post...you might be commenting me twice. XD Sorry! *hugs* So yes, welcome back to Elves, Steph, Lala, Oli-chan, jamo, ANITA (omg, it's been forever~~~), and Meg!! ^_^ Thank you so much for the comments on my post and on my e-card if you went and looked. But if you didn't see it, I'm tempted to put it in this post as well. XD Lala,you silly goose! By now you don't know my avi is of Mihashi from Oofuri?? D: *shock* But the artist of this one is p-dash! >3 I love her art! Arigatou my sweet friends! I LOVE YOU ALLLLL.

So yeah, no, I haven't changed my theme yet...but I did change my avi to the new Mihashi one I made before. XD Too bad I'm using it NOW. It would really match my theme from before this one. Maybe I'll go back to it? I don't know. Hmm...but I probably should switch my dark one to a brighter spring one some time soon. :) Heck, maybe I'll use one of my Oofuri wallpapers I made before! ^^; Since...baseball season is here!! Woot! Ok, well, ALMOST here. Sunday April 5th is the true official baseball season opener. >D My Phils against the Braves at 8pm. Lol, I can't wait~ And here I am right now watching baseball. It's the last exhibition game of spring training...and we're losing, but I blame it on the wind. Stupid wind. I HATE THE WIND. Gawd, we're having such huge gusts today! It was hard to sleep with them going on this morning. It always sounds and feels like our house is going to collapse...so I woke up like every 15 minutes this morning. -___-' Ugh. But yeah, the wind is making any hit ball be a homerun almost...lol...

I have the window open. Jeez, and the wind...yeah, maybe I should close it. XD

Before posting I was playing Persona 4. :/ And what a waste of time!!!! T__T Don't you hate it when you're fighting a boss in some game, and it's a really long fight...and you're doing pretty good and think you're just about to win...when you die. *sigh* I'll have to level up some more, but jeez, I was so close. :/ The guy was almost dead, but then he attacked uh 4 times in a row or something. If you have P4, I'm on Mitsuo's shadow--very tough. [Oh *watches baseball* game over. We lost. 9-7. Oh well. It isn't the official season yet, so it's ok. *laugh*] So yeah, I love playing Persona though~ They're such great games! I'll need to have very late lunch soon...but then I'll go back to playing some more. XD My face has been bothering me today, as usual, but I Haven't even been downstairs. *sigh* I don't get it...my face is being irritated anywhere. Itchy, burny--it's just horrible. Even in my room. I'm upstairs on my laptop typing this...so yeah. Oh, and some of you said, "Why don't you just move the computer upstairs?" Well, quite obviously, it seems that no matter where I am now...my face flares up. I have no clue why. V__V But aside from that, the comp I use downstairs isn't just mine, it's a large old desktop, and I would have no room for it anywhere else. ^^; So I just have to make due...rinsing my face, putting lotions on.

I wasn't even going to post today because you'd probably all be sick of hearing me complain about the same things..and I haven't gotten to comment quite that much lately. I'm sorry...

Uh, yesterday. *thinks* Didn't do much as usual. Stayed home, did stuff with Corey since he didn't work. It's just the USUAL when he's home. ~__~ Can't do anything I want to do. In the mail I got my new mp3 player though!!! ^__^ From Amazon~ And it works! Wooohooo!! It's so cute and little. It's a Sansa clip. :3 I put my songs on it, and it was so cool since it holds twice as many as my old one. And again, it works, hahaha, which is great. It's my Easter gift. Oh, also yesterday we had lots of rain! Thunderstorms in the morning, and then just rain, and then it all cleared up to be the most beautiful pleasant day outside! <3 I also got to see rainbows out back. They were so pretty, and I took photos of them. I put them on my dA (that no one looks at lol), so here's links to them:
Rainbow Close-up w/clouds
Faint double rainbows & huge cloud
No rainbow, just a pretty scene
And while I'm at it, here's my e-card again, in case you haven't seen it yet. *shameless advertising*

And umm...last night...hockey!! My Flyers got their revenge on the guys that beat us the other night! *laugh* And what revenge! We kicked butt. >3 It made me very very happy~~ They play again tonight, so I'm hoping they'll win that, too. Okies, I'll stop my sports talk again. I could talk about that a lot, but very few of you care. XD Umm...I'm starting to feel sick now, so I should probably go eat something. ^^;; It's 4pm, so yes...lol...I need foooood. I'll see if I can do some commenting later, but if not, I'll try to tomorrow. Sorrrryyy. T__T I LOVE YOU GUYS THOUGH! I hope you know that. Take care~

Oh, and you should listen to this song! I LOVE IT. <33 It's the ending song to Viper's Creed, which I just started watching the other day. :) It's so pretty. And speaking of anime, I finished Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou the other day, too...it's sooooooo good. <3333 I hope there's another season!

Ai no Oto ~English ver.~ - Moumoon

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

a birthday shoutout, school stuffies, you know...the usual!

Hello, my dears!!! *hugs* THANKS so much for the comments!! <333 You know I love you guys~ Arigatou for everything. Welcome back to everyone! I'll just thank you all. Capri-chan, Twist, Stixx, anna-chan, jamo, zeit, and Steph!! ^_^ Thanks a lot for dropping by and putting up with my long post, as usual. Haha. Some of you give short comments, but that's ok. I understand if you don't want to muddle through EVERYTHING. But *hands out cookies to those that read it all and commented hugely* you get extra rewards for that. ;3 Hehe! But nah, thanks just the same. Indeed, Totoro is a cutie...lol, but he is pretty evil. XD I'm surprised some of you thought he'd be like big or ugly! O_o Well, he obviously isn't. Yuppers, so yes, arigatou again~

Hmm...I wonder when I changed my avi last. >_< I made a new Mihashi one, so I'm wondering if it's time to change it yet. *laugh* I'll change it whenever I change my theme here. Since it's spring time, I'll try to find a warmer, lighter one again...although I do love this dark theme!! >D

Ugh, my face itches. >< Yes, I'm downstairs despite it. Stupid allergy or whatever it is. It's almost 6pm. :/ Pretty late. I put off coming downstairs because of the irritation...but oh well. I gots to post! And I had to make a gift for Kaisap cause it's her birthday!! ^_^ So please all go and wish her a happy one if you can!! I would love that, and I'm sure she would appreciate it, too. I remember advertising her on her b-day last year, but despite that, few people visited her. ~__~' Tis sad. Uh, but here's the gift. I made an e-card; yes, it's Oofuri again...no, she doesn't like it or have seen it, but I wanted to make a friendship one, and it matched. ^^;; It's not that great. My photoshopping skills are diminishing! D:

Ok, soooo yeah. Had school today...accounting and chemistry. In accounting, yet AGAIN, lol, Erica was fangirling about Edward and Twilight. I just don't get it! Oh gawd, but really, if she liked anime and were on this site, she would've LOVED the April Fool's prank on theO!! Ugh!! I seriously couldn't comment much cause of it. XD I couldn't stand seeing his face everywhere...it was messing with my mind. *laugh* But yeah, she's still uber obsessed with that Rob Pattinson guy. Hello? She's not the only girl that likes him!! You know what? She's SO into him...that she and Jess are going to London (they've got their tickets) this summer so they can try to find him. Uh, yeah. Uh-huh, sure. That will work out well. >> She's rather confident that somehow she'll come across him and be able to talk to him normally. "Oh hey, haven't I seen you somewhere before? Didn't you work at CVS?" *laugh* That's what she said. XD She said she would try talking to him like he's just some guy, hahaha, as if she didn't know who he was. Well, that would leave an impression on him alright...but, uh, the chances of her meeting him are, as I'm sure you all know, VERY VERY SLIM. Lol, it's just greatly amusing.

But yeah, she and the other girls talked to me more today. ^^; Amazing. Got some compliments, too. Wow, am I turning into some sort of "friend"??? D: Anyhoo, aside from that stuff, we got our grades for our tests! Yes, the one I was soooo worried about the other day. I got a 94%! :D Hahaa. Pretty darn good~~ It's a shame that I didn't go to the review the week before *laugh* because if you did, you'd get 10 points extra credit. Yeah. I would've gotten a 104. XD So cause I didn't, I didn't get the highest grade in the class. OH WELL. Meg did with a 101, and she went to the review. So she really got a 91...hmm...yes, anyhoo, I'm proud of what I got. ^_^v After accounting, I had chem. More mundane stuff, except that our prof showed us the Element Song, lol. And that would be this...

Teheee!!! It's catchy. XD And it was apparently made before the 60's...my teacher said he had it on vinyl record, lol. WOW. Uh, after that, we talked about molarity, and he had these cute little stuffed animal moles to demonstrate it...haha. He's so monotone, but like I said, his humor just comes off as hilarious sometimes when he tries. Our lab prof (she's not the same as class prof) says he's got some mental problems [jokingly]. XD She's like, "That's weird...he must be stoned all the time or something." Hahahaa. Yes. Possibly so.

Hmm...yesterday...fashion, philosophy, and art. I didn't talk about these yet?? For some reason, I feel like I already posted about yesterday, but I didn't. ^^; Uh, in fashion, we started working on designing the pattern pieces for our dress design. Sister...we need clones of her. She can only help so many at a time, and usually it isn't my table!! So the girls at my table mostly just sat and waited the entire time...meaning 2 hours!! D: Sister only got to them in like the last 5 minutes!! So they didn't get anything done. I tried helping them figure out what to do, but they didn't bother. ^^; In philosophy, we got back our tests and went over them. I hate it when a whole class period is spent going over answers to a test. I hate it more when I don't have any problems that need answering. ~__~ I got a 100. I really got a 97, but with extra credit, uh yeah. <3 *laugh* So I was very bored. Then art class...we painted. I tried painting my partial angel to see if I liked that. I'm not sure what media I want to use for the final project. I liked the paint for her skin tones and outfit, but I hated it for her wings. It was a fun class though. My teacher was more amicable, lol, and I don't know...I just liked it. Time flies when you paint.

At home...I was tired...and didn't do much. Hockey was on, and it was supposed to be an easy win (my Flyers against the Toronto Maple Leaves)...but we lost. ~__~' It was really horrible. My dears are losing when they SHOULDN'T BE!! The regular season is almost over, and right now we're in a playoff spot, but it's a very close race...and the other teams are either tied with us or not far behind. T__T Oh gawd. It'll suck!! We gotta stop losing, darn it!! WIN. This isn't the time for that crap!! >E Argh!! *laugh* Sorry!! I'll stop hockey ranting now. XD Official baseball season starts THIS SUNDAY! Wooot! Home opener for my Phillies!! <3333333333

Okies. I'm done now. I better get outta this death-trap before my face totally burns up, lol. Stupid crap. Stupid sensitive skin. Anyhoo, I hope you all are doing ok! *hugs* I don't know how much commenting I'll get done. -__-; Sorry. *hugs* But I'll try when I can. Take care~ Thanks for visiting!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I painted my nails, and they're pretty! :D

Hey guys! Wow, many comments~~ Thank you, sweet people!! :D I got to hear from lots that I haven't in quite some time. Capri-chan!!! Meg, Foxerz, Britty, and anyone else! Lute, it's ok. I just didn't remember an ending punctuation (picky grammar person me lol) so I thought it was cut off. ^^; Welcome back to those sweeties that have been missing...for like ever. It's great to see you again, and I loved hearing from you others, too!! You're all such great friends. ^_^ Thanks for all that you said. Britty, yes I go to a Catholic university, but I'm not catholic. And to those wondering, yes metal detecting is a hobby of my dad's! He sometimes takes Corey, too. So they go to spots (fields, etc) and metal detect to see if they can dig up anything interesting. You know, historical stuff. Not my cup of tea. XD So yeah, thanks to everyone!! <3333

I took a picture of Totoro after his haircut the other day, lol. I just used my phone though, so the quality isn't that great...oh, and he's wrapped up in a cover so you can only see his face!! XD But I'll say that he looks like a totally different dog now! *laugh* He looks like a cute little puppy instead of a vicious bear! :D He's been a bit nicer lately...but hah, that won't last long.
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Lots of you said that you don't like poodles! Aww. Well, I don't like the bigger ones or the ones that have the stupid show cut. It's ugly. >.< So that's why we don't do that! I can't imagine Totey with a poodle cut...lol...it would probably be hilarious!

Anyhoo, I'm in the library right now. I'm really tired, as usual, but it's cause I had to take a part of a sleeping pill last night and the night before. ;__; I was doing soooo well...but ugh, my mind wouldn't stop thinking and worrying cause of my accounting exam today! I had that first (so it's done now), and jeez, I was sooooo nervous...for no good reason! It wasn't that hard. :) I thought I didn't study enough last night, even though I studied for like 2 hours. I just never think I study well enough because I get side-tracked easily. I can't focus for long periods of time...I start drawing or I go on the computer, watch sports, or just do something else to refresh my mind! I know when I reach my saturation point so that's when I give up. XD My brain says "NO MORE" even if later I think I didn't study enough. >< Anyhoo, I hope I did ok. I only guessed on a couple, but I'm pretty sure I got the rest! Oh yeah, lol, some of you were like "How can you have time to go on the comp, post, comment, make walls, do homework, study, and still get great grades???" ^_^' Uh, I honestly don't know. I'm just blessed with a good memory...I suppose. Although I have a bad memory when it comes to doing certain things that I deem unnecessary, but for school stuff and info...yeah, I'm good. So I somehow manage to balance fun and studies without overdoing either and then getting good grades. :/ I suppose I should thank God for that one...though some people make me feel bad and are jealous that I'm "good at everything." T__T I can't help it! I'm not good at everything! What I excel in studies, I totally lack in socializing...lol.

Uh, after accounting I had chemistry. We got back the take-home quiz that we turned in last time, and I got a 100. ^^; Lol, one of the problems had to do with a helium balloon with a smiley face on it...haha, so on my paper I drew a ballooh with a smiley face. XD And then I got it back, and my prof drew fangs and eyebrows on it, making it a vampire balloon!!! *laugh* That totally made my day. He's so funny cause he's the most monotone boring teacher ever, so all his jokes and things are really deadpan, so if he does something silly like that...it's just...really funny. Hahaha, he did that on another girl's, too, so it turns out just 2 of us had the same idea to draw balloons with the problem...that was cause I was so bored and getting sidetracked with that one, too. XD

Ok...so yesterday I had fashion and logic. We're finally done making those stupid pattern pieces in fashion, so we're starting to work on our pattern envelopes for our final project which is designing and creating a garment for a half-scale mannequin (dolly). We have to make the envelope, write all the directions, create the pattern pieces, and then we actually have to make the garment itself. ~___~ So it will be QUITE the challenge. I have fun with the designing the most of course. Yesterday we discussed our designs and how we might go about things or what fabric to use. I edited mine some and started adding more stuff, lol, like a keyhole (opening) in the front top part of the dress, like near the neck/bust area. And Sister was like, "Girl!! I better not be seeing something I don't wanna see there! It better not be too revealing!!!" So I had to shrink the opening some, lol. I kept telling her, "It's not like I'm wearing this! I would never wear anything I design because they aren't my style. I would design for other people and what I think looks good, but not necessarily what would look good on me..." so she laughed and thought it was funny. Cause I dress really conservatively all the time; I have nothing to show off!! Haha, so if I designed for me, it would be...uhhh...pajamas???

Oh, and we got back our tests so I saw what I got wrong. It turns out I got all the T/F questions right (they really WERE all true!), but I got points off on the pattern pieces for accuracy. :/ Oh well. >< I don't think Erica could cheat on the practical part, but the others...maybe...oh well. It doesn't matter. It's on HER conscience!! After fashion was logic. I thought we'd get back our tests, but he didn't finish grading them. So we just started a new chapter. Nothing special. That was it for my day so I went home...started homework right away since I had chem to do and that studying for accounting. I had a little bit of relaxing time, but then I started studying. -_-' I really didn't go on the computer much at all last night. I think I was on for a half hour tops, and in that time...I probably only visited 3 people. SORRY. Sucked cause I saw lots of people updated that I wanted to get to. Maybe I'll get to you today...hopefully.

Oh, thanks to those that commented on my World post the other day! ^_^ it was just a random, pretty useless one, lol. Um, the other day we ordered some stuff on Amazon--mostly older anime that Corey wanted to get, but mom got me a new mp3 player. I HOPE IT WORKS. It isn't the same kind as I have and have been trying to get...it's a Sansa clip or something. I just want something tiny that I can wear all the time, and I don't want an ipod, so my oldest bro D said that's a good one. It only has 1 GB of space, but sadly enough, lol, that's MORE than what I have now with my Pendant!! XDD So yeah, I'll get that as my Easter gift. :) Then hopefully I'll finally have an mp3 player that doesn't freaking die. [I'm still using the dying one. I have to have it in just the right position for me to hear anything. And no, it isn't just the earphones.]

Okkkkk....I think I wrote enough!! I have to go to chem lab soon. *hugs* Thanks soooo very much for being wonderful friends to me. :) Take care!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Warning: thankies, today (grooming!), wallpaper, yesterday, cheating, & romantic rambling

Hey, dears! <3 How are all of you?? Wow, thanks so much for all the comments! ^_^ I got to hear from people that I haven't seen in a while~~ Or at least I'm pretty sure I haven't seen. :) So thanks!! Welcome back sparkle, Lute (was your comment cut off?), Sinny, Angelbest, and everyone else that commented!! Like Zeit, Steph, jamo, Stixx, and Twist-chan! :D So great to see all of you again. *laugh* I'm glad to see most of your opinions on that Rob Pattinson guy!! XD Hahahaaa; I agree with those of you that said he isn't that good looking. I don't know what Erica (and many other fangirls) see in him. Haha, and thanks for your opinions on friendship and everything else I talked about. Yeah, I can somehow manage to write a lot...even when I think I don't have much. ^^;; I'm good at bull-shi-ing, lol. Twist, I totally agree about the T/F and multiple choice tests!! I'd much rather write an essay. :/ THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!! <3333rtq34089

Hmm...I'm posting later and later! I used to go on the computer right away on the weekends, at like 1pm or something, but now I don't! [It's currently 5:40pm] XD I've been too busy watching sports that happen to be on at the time or playing Persona 4 instead. Plus, getting the wretched reactions down here kind of deters me from going on the computer a lot! ^^; I want to make a new anime wallpaper, one that would take more time, but I can't be on the comp long. >< It just sucks! Anyhoo, yes! Tis the weekend. A nice feeling indeed. Today Totoro (our doggy, if you don't know) finally got groomed! *laugh* It's been many months since his last cut, so his hair was really building up! ^^; He looked like a bear...a fat hairy bear, lol. So Sarah came over (she's his groomer) and trimmed him, cut his nails, etc! Now he finally looks like a cute dog again. ^_^ Though he's a miniature poodle, remember, we don't give him those ugly poodle cuts. *laugh* Just a puppy cut (short all around), so he's really adorable now. :) And hopefully it will make him nicer to me!! >.< So far he is today. He slept by me when I was watching TV and playing P4, so that was cute...he usually stays far away from me. D;

Yup, so that was basically today. I woke up, had breakfast, Totoro got groomed, I watched DogTown, some of the baseball game (another exhibition game...Phillies lost ;_;), and played P4. Mom and dad went out to do some errands, and one of them involved going to the pet store to get some more filters for the fish tank and a new flea/tick collar for Totoro. Well, my mom ended up getting another Betta--a pretty white/pink one. ^_^ He's really lovely~~ Yes, she still has her blue one, but now she has another little tank with the new one in it [male bettas can't be in the same tank or else they fight]. Her blue one never got better from the fin rot. :/ So his fins keep getting holes in them...which sucks. But now she has a new one, too. I'm content with Seyonne, so I don't need another betta. Plus, we have all the other guys in the big tanks, lol. Which, if you're wondering, have been doing great! ^^ Todd still eats like a horse (he's such a strange angelfish), Knuble is doing fine in the smaller tank with the guppies and platys, etc. Yup yup. Gotta love my fish.

Speaking of fish...hahahaha...I made a new wallpaper last night for sparkle. It's of Ohno (from Arashi), and he's fishing. Yes, she loves that man sooooooooo much. Hahahahaa. I had fun with it. Thanks to those that already commented~ I LOVE YOU. <33 And feel free to check it out if you haven't yet! Thanks~

Ok, so. *thinks* Yesterday...uhh...Dad took Corey out metal detecting so I was able to have time free from my brother. I'm being able to tolerate him less and less lately. ^^; I think I'm at the point where I just want him to MOVE OUT ALREADY. Sure, we have fun together watching anime and playing video games, but really, he's controlling, selfish, and just an overall jerk most of the time! So whenever he's home, I seriously feel like I'm suffocating. Ugh. Even when he comes home from work...I'm like, "WHY CAN'T HE GO AWAY." *sigh* Anyhoo, so while they were out I was able to play more games and have the house to myself.

Sister Denise (my fashion teacher) posted our test grades online. I got a 99%. Lol, not bad, right?? Normally, I think I would be very happy with that grade. Heck, it's ALMOST perfect!! XD But I got a 101% on the first two tests, lol, so I've gotten a bit greedy. It's fine though since I really wasn't sure about the T/F section and multiple choice...and I also think I made some mistakes on the pattern pieces. :/ So the points could've been taken off anywhere [she always gives extra credit though]. But...what makes me not happy about this grade is that Erica got a 101. No, I'm not jealous. *shakes head* Certainly not jealous...it's just that I know she and 2 other friends in class cheated. ~__~' I was sitting between Erica and Maria in the back of the room (where Sister can't see us), but I finished first and was leaving. When I was getting ready to leave, Maria stood up and said to Erica that they should split the back section and each of them do some and compare and share answers. :/ And Maria asked Sister for help on some problems and apparently got some hints for the answers. *rolls eyes* After that, she sat where I sat, next to Erica, and they basically discussed the test answers for the rest of the time. *sigh* Sister can't see back there or hear when they're whispering, so it went totally unnoticed. I know on previous tests Erica and Jess used this teamwork as well. V__V So yeah...I just...don't feel good about that. They're my friends so of course I wouldn't want to tattle on them, but it just doesn't seem fair.

That and the wallpaper-making really were the highlights of yesterday. Didn't do anything else special. I've been reading this book called Another Chance to Dream by Lynn Kurland (??), and it's really good, lol. It's a romance fiction...not fantasy, but "historical fiction," though I see no history despite it taking place in 1200's England & France. Anyway, it's just really good. I didn't think I'd like it since it's supposed to be mostly for the romance, and it's written a bit differently from what I'm used to, but I'm loving it. XD There's actually a good storyline, and NO, it isn't one of those romance novels with the half-naked guys on the cover. O__o It's the tale of a knight and a Lady that fall in love but can't have each other because of the difference in their standings. *starry eyes* And the fact that the Lady Gwen has been married off to this bumbling oaf of a Lord...for strictly political purposes. T__T Noooo...anyway, it's good, and it makes me yearn for a knight in shining armor of my own! *laugh* Rhys sounds so sexy and nice. XDDD Ah, gotta love books. Erica needs to read more. *shakes head* That ugly Edward guy's got nothing on imagination.

Hahaa. Anyhoo, I seriously have nothing else to mention! Sorry to waste your time. ^^;; I'll try to do some commenting today, ok? Thank you for dealing with me as always. Putting up with my long posts and ranting and just whatever. Arigatou. *hugs* Take care~

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

irritated face (argh), classes, conversation, friendhips(?), art!! Long post...no surprise, right?

Hiya, peoples! *hugs* How are all of you doing?? Meh? Ok? Not good? Bad? Great?? Well, anyhoo, thanks for the comments. :) Not many, lol, but that's ok. I bet everyone was really busy or something~ So I don't mind...cause I KNOW that feeling! And I haven't been commenting as much either. Sorry. ;__; Anyhoo, thanks Twist, zeit (your first comment here, wooot), Steph, and Anna-chan. Arigatou for putting up with my sports fandom in that one; I know lots of you could care less!! But I had to mention it. And yes, as for Erica, she has a major Edward obsession now. T_T But we've been talking a lot more lately, and it makes me feel more like a real "friend" than just "walking textbook," sort of...lol. Anyhoo, thanks again!!

Yeah, it's later. Oh well. [most of you can't tell!] I've been avoiding my computer...because yet AGAIN my dad got out crap from the storage room that yet AGAINNNNN stirred up the disease-ful dust or whatever the heck it is that makes my face itch and burn. Yes. Again. He just did it the other day, and like...my face was starting to get better, but then yesterday he got those darn old suitcases out again! After I told him to not mess with anything like that. *sigh* So now I'm back to...irritation face. D; So...I can't be on the comp much. *sigh* Little commenting, and no time to make anything on photoshop. I've had some inspiration to start a new vector for a wallpaper (Cain from Count Cain/Godchild), but I haven't been able to be on the computer for like more than a half-hour because of my irritation. -__- It SUCKSSSS. Gawd. Anyway, yeah...but I'm on right now just to post! Sorry again if I can't comment a lot.

It's cold and rainy. I like the rain, but I'm tired of the cold. It's supposed to warm up starting tomorrow though...so that'll be nice. I want it to be nice out so I can open up the windows and air out this place! I currently have the window open now, despite it being freezing out...just to get some fresh air in here. :/ Meeeh. Anyhoo, today I had accounting and chemistry. TODAY was the accounting quiz as it turned out, not tuesday. And I'm kinda glad that it wasn't tuesday because she told me what the quiz was going to be like...I was studying all the wrong stuff before, so yeah. It went well today, I think. ^_^ Erica and I both got the same answers, and I THINK that's right...lol...it's odd if she's getting them right. ^^; Maybe I really taught her something??? D: I don't know! But nah, she said her boyfriend came over (who apparently is an accounting genius) and helped her last night. And she said that for once, she wasn't distracted by him...and was able to study...why? *laugh* She said, "I'm SO over Blase. Like, I don't care. He didn't even distract me...cause I LOVE Robert Pattinson (you know, the guy that plays Edward in Twilight) now. Like, he's all I can think of..." *continues to fangirl* Hahahaa. She's hilarious! Like now she's totally obsessed with him! And yeah, twist, she shouldn't even think about it...she hasn't even read the books! XD Hah, but right when I came into class, she was fangirling about him with her friends...I definitely knew who she was talking about. XD It's just really funny...cause I never would've thought she'd be like that!

After that conversation, we somehow got onto the topic of foods [she eats super healthfully], and then onto sleep. So I told her about my sleep problems! And she actually LISTENED, gave her own input, and even some sympathy. D: You know, like a normal conversation, lol...again, something that had nothing to do with class. It was amazing. Yeah, I'm pretty pathetic I guess! I get excited if I'm able to talk with someone about something that isn't just mundane schoolwork. XD But you know, I help her so often, with telling her what to study, how to do things, etc....that I wonder, what does she really think of me? Am I a friend? Am I just a walking textbook/tutor? Am I her second mom? Does she ever think that she would want to repay me somehow for helping her all the time? [though she doesn't need to...I like helping] I wonder if she would ever help me if I really needed it. *thinks* Hmm...how about you guys...do you ever think about a person that has helped you a lot and thought that maybe you should repay them somehow [if it doesn't seem to be a mutual thing already]? And like, when a holiday comes up, or when there's a friend/family member's birthday...do you get them a gift? Do they give you things? Do you feel bad if they don't? [mostly with friends] Cause...I know that none of my "friends" ever give me presents on my birthday, but at the same time, I suppose I don't deserve them since I don't get them things either. ^^;;

Yeah...so anyway...uhhh, chemistry...we had a take-home quiz to do, which I did last night, and in class (well, before class) I had people asking me questions about it, lol. So I had to be like, "Oh, see, that's where you went wrong..." etc. That is, going off of MY work. Uhh, hopefully I got them right, or else they got them wrong, too~ *laugh* But people seem to assume that I always get everything right so, why not, just ask Kelsey. ^_^; I guess...that's a good thing. Hmm...before chem I had time so I went to the bookstore, got a drink, and bought bargain books! Well, dictionaries. XD One normal english one and one Japanese/English dictionary~~ They were so cheap, I couldn't pass them up! >3 I love sales on books...no matter what they are, hehe! Oh, um, one more thing about accounting. We have an exam this tuesday. ;__; Jeez!! Quiz after quiz and then another full TEST on 4 chapters! *sigh* She had a "review session" today, and you got extra credit if you went, but I didn't want to go. Once I go home, I'm home; I'm not going back to school...even for extra credit. Hopefully I'll be able to study well on my own (heck, I've been doing fine so far...hahah).

Yesterday...fashion, philosophy (logic), and art. It was a long and tough day! Very exhausting/taxing. Exams in both fashion and logic. I barely studied for my logic test because he gives us this cheat sheet to use anyway, lol, so it was easy, but it took longer than I though. Fashion...was ok...I guess. I knew what I was doing on the practical part (had to make 4 of the garment patterns), but the T/F and multiple choice...I had to guess on. Uhhh, I was VERY worried about the true and false section! *laugh* Because, except for the first one, I had Trues...all the way down. It somehow seemed so wrong. But I remembered Sister saying, "remember, all the information I tell you is true!" Hmm...so I thought, "Eh, I guess that's right??" But I did have one false...hmm...I do wonder! XD I guess we'll see when she grades them!! Art class was...interesting. For one thing, Justin is becoming easier to talk to (my prof). He's more open and fun [or at least he's trying to be], and he talked to me more about my final project idea. He really likes my partial angel deal. :) But, you know, I asked him if he could buy the special paper he was talking about for me, and then I would pay him back, well...he didn't say. :/ He said I could get it on my own. ~__~ So yeah, no. Darn.

Uh, anyhoo, for the whole class, he wanted us to draw on these HUGE pieces of paper! To have us practice drawing on a larger scale, since our project will need to be larger than normal. I never draw on a large scale...so I thought it would be quite the challenge, but I had fun! I got really messy, lol, since we used charcoal. XD And we had to work on the floors, so there really wasn't any way around getting my skirt messy. And one girl, Sam, got SOOOOO MESSY. Haha!! She wanted to walk on her paper with her feet covered in charcoal...which she did alright! But she left tracks elsewhere, too. Gawd, she was such a mess! The whole floor was black. *laugh* It was really hilarious and fun. She is amusing to have in class. Aside from my neck and back killing me, I had a good time, too, and so what I did was I practiced drawing my partial angel (now named Lynd, thanks to Icchan) on the large paper. Here's the (bad quality) result:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

^^; I totally screwed up her face though...cause I tried coloring with the pastels, but ugh, didn't work cause of the charcoal. Ewwww. But yeah, I had fun...i tried making her wing look more realistic (with feathers), but eh. :/ Justin hung up all of our works in the hallway~ So now people will get to see it! WOohooo! I guess?

Sorry!! This post seems really long...as usual...but more so. I'll shut up now. Nothing else to really talk about anyway. ^^; Thanks so much for taking the time to read this (if you didn't read it all...ok, that's fine too) and putting up with me in general. I love you guys. <3 Take care~

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I don't do sports, but I sure love watching them.

Hi, my dears! *hugs* Nice to see you all again. How are you faring this day??Good, I hope! Some of you are sick...which isn't good, so I hope you get better!! *hugs* Thanks so much for all the comments. :) Welcome back to several people!! Lute, kita, mizu, and Stixx!! Wow~~ So great to see you guys again. ^^ Thanks to everyone that commented last time...even though it was a shorter, pretty uninteresting post!! lol, but you still gave me nice comments. So thanks again~

Ah, this weekend seemed...pretty good. I think it felt long at times and short at times, but then again, that's just how time is!! XD Ah, but I still wish weekends were longer (even though mine is already 3-days lol). I'm tired. ~__~ Very tired! I slept well, but I could've slept a lot longer! *laugh* The problem was all the sports on late last night. XD Ok, well the hockey game wasn't on late, but I did watch it all~ It started at 7pm and ended a little before 10. <333 We (the Flyers) won!! And it was such an exciting game. Like holy crap. I've been sparing you guys my hockey fangirling; you usually just see my baseball fangirling! *laugh* But if I wanted to, I could go on and on about the hockey game. XD Let's just say it was a tough one, and our team won. >D And then after that, the final of the World Baseball Classic started!! Japan vs Korean. The US went against Japan last night, but we lost. ;__; But...I didn't mind so much, since come on, it was Japan! So yeah, that game went a looooong time...into the wee hours of the morn! *laugh* I didn't watch the bulk of it though, just most of the end. I had to turn it off when Korea tied it up and went into extra innings cause that was past 1 am. ^^;; So I found out today that JAPAN WON! Wooooot!! :D Yay! And my sexy Yu Darvish pitched the last innings. >3 Hehe. Anyhoo, then basketball was on in between there, and I watched the end, which went into overtime, and then we won! That game ended a little before 1...lol.

So yeah, I was just in excited mode watching all these sports...with all of the teams I rooted for winning! *laugh* ^_^ I had to read some, and then I went to bed...and I slept...with very odd and kinda scary dreams. :/ Just eww, I don't want to talk about them. XD But yeah. Uhhh...now I'm at the library, like usual, after having accounting & chemistry. My face IS itching now...so that must mean I'm reacting to something in one of the classrooms. *sigh* it sucks! And no lotions seem to be helping. T__T Bah. Anyhoo, in accounting, I thought we had a quiz...i studied last night for it. Our teacher said it would be THURSDAY...BUT!! She sent an email saying that it would probably be on tuesday (today) instead! D: So I studied for it today; turns out we didn't have it...which is good, I guess, but I was studying for it! >< She's such a biatch. Ugh, then I had chemistry...which was just plain boring, of course.

During accounting, Erica couldn't concentrate. Why? *laugh* She had Edward (from Twilight) on her mind!!! XD I NEVER knew she liked that series. She asked me if I did, and I unfortunately had to answer NO and give her my reasons, lol, but she kept going on about it. It was very hilarious...but no, she didn't read ANY of the books! She's only obsessed with him because she saw the movie. But jeez, I never would've taken Erica for a Twilight fangirl!! She kept going on and on about how she'd want to marry that actor and all. *laugh* "Do you know what I would do if he came into this room right now?? I would TAKE him to my place and rape him. No kidding. I would do it, too. I told Jess that, and she said she'd want him after me." XD Lol, goodness, girl! So yeah, she didn't pay attention to class much cause she kept fantasizing about Edward so much. ^^;; And NOW she says she wants to read the books...though she hates reading and just a few minutes before was saying how she doesn't want to read them. ^_^' Well, ok Erica! Haha, but it was fun. I learned something new about her! Something non-class related. Amazing.

Umm...on to yesterday and this weekend. *thinks* I guess nothing special happened this weekend; I don't really remember. Yesterday I had fashion and philosophy. Yes, yes. More torture in fashion, and we have our last written test in it TOMORROW. ;__; It'll be hard, gawd. But then after that, we'll actually start our design process of our garments...and then the sewing. In philosophy/logic, we just reviewed stuff because we also have a test in that class tomorrow. UGH!! So I have 2 tests tomorrow. *sigh* I don't wanna!!! D; So I'll have to study tonight. Don't count on too much commenting; sorry! :( I'm not worried about logic because he's giving us a cheat sheet, lol, but fashion is always to be reckoned with...lots of memorization for the practical part.

*thinks* Nothing...else...to really report. I need to finish eating and then go to chem lab, so yeah. *hugs* Thanks sooooo much for visiting me, dears!! I love you guys. <3333 Take care~~

Congrats, Japan!! :D

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

dogs are freaking awesome. I wish I could have moooore.

Hey, dear friends of mine! How are all of you doing? Thanks so much for the comments last time. ^^; You guys had to put up with a long post! Then again, all of my posts are long. XD When I looked at it, I didn't think it was THAT much longer, but oh well. I'm glad to see that some of you were like "Oh great, a long post..." but still amused me with full comments! *hugs* Arigatou. Nice to see you again, capture, and also emeraldsky! It's been a while. :3 And thanks to my other friends that commented--anna-chan, sparkle, jamo, twist-chan, and kiyo!! <33 many many thanks for all the support for everything. And also thanks for all the great comments on my DRAWING! I actually edited it a bit, if you want to look again. :)

This is a later post. ^^; Oh well. I played Persona 4 for a good while earlier today [for almost 3 hours, lol], when I might've been on the computer instead. XD But it's such a good game! It's really fun. Though it's still technically "Corey's game," just like all other video games in his collection that just sits there, *rolls eyes* I play it and enjoy it. And then I went downstairs to go on the computer, and the internet wasn't working. :/ Wouldn't matter anyway because, as I mentioned before [maybe on my World post?] I've been getting those stupid reactions going downstairs again. :( Cause my dad stirred up the old dust and whatnot by getting out these old suitcases. *sigh* So the other night, I was down there drawing, and ugh, My face got so red! Red, burny, itchy...it's horrible. And it still does that when I go down there. V__V So until that dissipates, I can't be on the computer for long periods of time! Sorry. :(

I'm currently watching Dogtown while typing this. It's a good show. I love watching doggies get saved and become rehabilitated, etc...it's really sweet. ;__; I LOVE DOGS. I wish I had one of my own! Totoro doesn't count. He only likes Corey...the only way I'd get my own is when Corey moves out. Which HAHAHAHAHA probably won't be for a while. >> Despite being 28...

Ugh...that time of month...I feel like crap...

*laugh* I just saw this commercial. XD I think it's so cute and funny! It's for Pup-Peroni dog treats...just...all the signs and all, are adorable. I love the first dog (welsh corgi) that stands up to greet the lady! Hehe!

Ok, anyhoo. *thinks* What to talk about...yesterday nothing really happened. :/ Corey doesn't work fridays...*looks out the window* OMG, a limo. >_> Going to our neighbors' house. Duh. You don't see limos around here very often, so I was like "WTF is a limo doing here?" And of course it went to our neighbor's. They're rich. We both may have the same kind of house, but that guy is RICH somehow. He owns this sports collectibles place...is it really that lucrative? D: So yeah, apparently he was going out with his girlfriend, all fancied up, in a LIMO. That family has...odd...well, whatever. We don't know much about that, but from what we've seen, he lives there in that big house all by himself, but his girlfriend comes to live with him sometimes. Every VERY so often, his ex-wife comes with the kids so he can see them, but they haven't come in a long time. The last time I remember the daughter was there, you could hear their screaming through the walls. ~__~ So...yeah...a very dysfunctional family, I suppose. And since the divorce [apparently] the girlfriend has wanted all sorts of things changed, so they've done a lot of renovations to the house, landscaping, and even had a pool built!! Ah well, it's not our business, lol...but it's kinda fun to spy. ^^;

Yum. Mommy just made chocolate chip cookies...sooooo good. *eats* Anyhoo, I didn't do anything interesting yesterday. I'm always stuck with doing stuff with Corey when he doesn't work. Watched anime, played video games, etc. Watched sports--hockey team won amazingly, basketball lost crappily. Umm...I posted on my World, just a bit more about my art project and drawing. My art teacher said it looked great, and he loved my outlines [line quality, he said], and then he talked about how he likes Japanese art, whether it be anime, zen artists, or classic ukiyo-e paintings. He suggested some types of paper for me to use to...redraw or whatever my angel on; he didn't explain really what he wants me to do, but oh well. I hope he explains more again! I asked him if HE could buy me the paper he was talking about, and then of course I'd pay him back. ^^;; Cause I don't know what paper he means...and where those stores are, lol. Hopefully he'll be nice and do that. If not, then poo on him. *thinks* Ehhh...I don't think I have anything else to talk about! D: See, you get a really long post one day, and then the next it's kinda short and boring!! XD

Yup, so that's all from me. I'll try to do some commenting, but again, I don't know how much I'll get to. :( *hugs* Thanks for putting up with me though! I love you guys. I hope you all have a good weekend and whatnot!! <3333333

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

looks like a pretty long post...filled with ranting about school!

Hi, my dears! *hugs* Arigatou for all the great comments. ^_^ You guys are awesome. I hope you're doing well today. <3 Whatever day it may be for you when you're reading this [currently it's thursday, lol]. Thanks Twist-chan, sparkle-chan (I love your spam), Lala, Steph, Anna-chan, jamo, darke, Britty, and OMG welcome back to ulterego!!! *hugs* It's been SO LONG. <33 It's great to hear from you again! :) Thanks to everyone for your advice on Erica!! I mean, sometimes it does feel like she's "using" me, but at the same time...I don't know. I want to help her [i'm just too helpful, darn it], and I don't think she's really being mean. >< I just...don't know. ^^; I'm like incapable of telling people how I really feel since I'm afraid of hurting their feelings. D: I'm horrible. ^^; As for my mom, I love her, and no, she isn't scary...she just acts odd if her "space" is invaded like that. Oh, and our kitchen isn't huge. Yes, we have 2 ovens, but they're stacked...so they're like 2 smaller ones on top of each other. Apparently the bottom one was what I was supposed to use!! ~__~ But anyhoo, thank you all very much!!! *hugs*

Ah, thursday, so that means I'm on my weekend now! XD Finally. Although, I think this week kind of went quick. >< I'm not sure, lol. I just don't remember the first days of the week that well! So I'm guessing it went quickly!! It's a rainy day, which is nice, although it's slowed up now. We haven't had rain in a while, and I've wanted some...so yay. Cause I've been playing Persona 4 a lot, and events really hinge upon the weather--if it's raining or not. So when it's raining in the game, I'm like "I wish it were raining IRL!" Yes, so I enjoy the rain. Anyhoo *yawns* I'm tired...rainy days make me want to sleep all day, but getting up for school is a must. I had accounting and chemistry today...I'll start with accounting.

So the other day (tuesday) I did meet up with Erica to work on the accounting homework. Of course, it was mostly me doing it...it's not like she doesn't help though--she TRIES to help, she's just...not good at it. ^_^; Every time she would try to give and answer or say what to do next, "Don't you...multiply by that now?" etc...I always end up replying with, "No, not that...you do this." Lol. So I mean, it's not like I'm just doing it all and she copies, I'm trying to help her understand it as we go along, and she does try to do it, but she's just always wrong. Chemistry, accounting, math...those things just aren't her fortes. Anyhoo, so we finished it right before our chem lab, and we ended up running to class [she's a very fast walker! I couldn't keep up!! I was so out of breath, lol; that's cause she works out everyday] and being just about late. XD Haha...but because we cut the time so close, I couldn't save and send the accounting hw to myself. ~__~ Which WOULD help...uh, but we printed them out, having finished.

Now then, on to today. This hw is due next tuesday, so I thought "Oh good, we can show our prof today and see if it's right." So I did, and just...I don't know. My prof is a horrible teacher, and she's always bragging about herself and her certifications as an accountant, and she always seems so condescending when talking to us. She doesn't help. So when I showed it to her, she just looked at it and said, "Well...those numbers...they look right, but all of this is wrong. You didn't do that right. You don't need all of this. Change it." ~__~ It's on an excel spreadsheet that she sent the template of to us, and in it she had headers of certain columns to use, and I filled them in, but APPARENTLY you don't need to fill in some of them for one part. It's just WTF. And she's also nitpicky about the decimal places and crap. Ugh, so I gotta type it all over since I didn't get to save it. *sigh* In class, we got back our quizzes from last time; yay, I got 20/20. :) So did Erica. [No, she didn't copy my quiz, lol]. We also did another worksheet thing, and again, our condescending prof came around and looked at what we had, and she just pointed out how wrong we were...she doesn't help or encourage, she just, uh, it's like she's treating us as failing coworkers or something. Or like we're wasting her time and money. She expected us to know all of this stuff that we just learned last class...it's NOT that easy. Ugh, and she's giving us a quiz every week! >_<

Sorry, that's enough ranting about that class!! I'm understanding the material ok, now it's just that I have to deal with my prof's personality. She's a biatch. *cough* Anyhoo, then I had chemistry...nothing special there. But, uh, back to the topic of my "friends" like Erica and the other girls in my classes. I don't know if they really like me or not. Cause yeah they don't really talk to me outside of class...unless it's about class-related items. They don't wait for me after class, and it just seems like they treat me...like everything I say is stupid [unless it's correct information regarding class]. ~__~ But I don't want to NOT be "friends" with them because then I would have no one. *sigh* Since coming to college, wow, I haven't really made any friends. I have several classmates that I do talk to, but none are real friends, except maybe Julie [though we don't have classes together this semester] and Tempestt. The girls in my fashion class, I just can't relate to them. Even though I major in fashion marketing, I like know nothing about it. I honestly don't care about brands, designers, names of styles or colors of nail polish--nothing. They talk about perfumes, and I'm like WTF; they talk about tanning salons, and I'm REALLY lost. v__v I like what I like, and they like what they like...

So I'm just not included, but whatever. :/ I envy a lot of you guys that have friends at school that like anime and stuff like that...that you can talk about all the time together. Must be nice. *watches fish tanks* LOL, Todd is hilarious. I swear he's the strangest angelfish in the world...he's always look up for food. XD Hahahaaaaaaa. Todd. Anyhoo, yesterday, yes, I had fashion AND philosophy [which is really a logic class] AND art. Nothing to talk about in the first two, but art proved to be somewhat annoying. We painted the entire time (with acrylics). Just still-lives. I'm able to joke around with my art teacher, and he's becoming more open and talkative, which is good, but he's still...not that helpful when explaining things, lol, and still he just makes ya uncomfortable!! O__o But yeah, we have our final project to do...and he just says, "It can be whatever you want. The only restriction...is that you have to use more than one medium, and it has to be at least _____inches [I don't remember, but it's big]. So bring in things next class that you want to use, or to use as inspiration. Use things about yourself. What you like. You can do whatever you want." V___V UGH! Just TELL ME!! So I have nothing to go off of, and when I asked him for help with deciding what to do, he just trailed off and didn't suggest anything, except that since I like anime, I should do something with that. ~__~

Oh, and we had to watch him paint for a half hour at the beginning of class. BORING. Like omg...watching him paint pears was torture. And he doesn't talk when he paints because when he does, he makes NO SENSE (less than usual). Anyway, that class was just annoying, and I have no clue what to do for that f-ing project. >> Bahhhh. I think all I do is rant in my posts, don't I??? SORRY. Uh. *thinks of something else* Oh, I have some stuff I want to wall...but I don't know if I can do it [more vectoring??], or if I feel like it really. I've been staying away from AP ever since that girl gave me such a problem [she even took me off her dA; what a biatch]...I kinda don't want to see anyone from there or any wallpapers from there for a while!! ^^; It's already been over a week since I spent time on there...longest "hiatus" for me from a site [that I usually frequent]. XD Ah, but yes, whatever. [edit: I took out the vid since it really wasn't that good, and it made my post look even longer!! But lookie! Something else! :D I DREW. OMG. I'm thinking of doing something like this...for my final art project?? Please take a look if you can~]

Ok SORRRRRRRRRY!!! This post is really long. Too long. ;__; Forgive me. *hugs* I really appreciate your visiting me...I'll try to comment some tonight. Sorry again for all the ranting~ I appreciate you guys putting up with me. Take care!

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