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Monday, June 22, 2009

i totally have noooo life, yay.

Hey peoples! *hugs* Arigatou for all the comments from before! ^^ Sorry I didn't post when I usually like to~~ Yeah, so it's been a few more days. >D But yeah, thanks so much for the comments! *hugs* I feel like I read them so long ago, lol. Cause I was ready to post on saturday...but then I didn't feel like it. Welcome back kitsune! <3 And thanks for the comments, sparkle (oh, you wanted a hard copy...I see. XD You're welcome anyway!), Cassie, Deb, Ichigo, Reki, Sinny, Wall-ie...yup, I believe that's all of you! :) Sinny, it was great hearing from you! Lol, and I loved how long and detailed and almost hyper your comment was. X3 Awesome! And arigatou again to all the rest of you~

Yeah, so I didn't feel like posting saturday...I didn't have anything to talk about. AT ALL. XD I probably don't even now, but oh well. I decided to update! ^_^ And it's monday, which is odd for me!! O__o But Corey is working today...while having tomorrow and wednesday off instead. >> *sigh* So...yeah, I'm going to post today since I have the time. Also, tomorrow I'm going to do some things with friends! :) Karen, who I went to the mall with before, along with her twin sister Laura, wanted to do some stuff with her again...but this time with Phil. ~__~ He's the only guy I've ever "hung out" with in my life, and NO, I don't like him AT ALL. There was a point when we all believed he had a crush on me, but I think I've avoided that. He used to date Karen, but now they're just friends still. Bleh. I find him annoying...not my taste at all, and I really wish Karen wouldn't invite him along so often. :/ Psshh. Oh well. He's the ride, so I can't complain...uh, so he's picking Karen up first, and then he'll pick me up, and we'll go shopping and get lunch, and I don't really know what else we will do. Actually, I don't know what SHOPPING we'd do where we're going. There's Barnes & Noble...but that's all I know, lol.

Today...I haven't done much. Corey left later, so I was idling my time away. After watching the new episode of Next Food Network Star (I love those types of shows, lol), I dipped my head in our jacuzzi (to get my hair chlorinated) and then sprayed on that Sun In stuff I mentioned before. It works better if you've been in the pool (cause of the chlorine), so yeah...um, my hair is lighter now! Yes, you do need to sit in the sun for it to work...so I spent most of the day sitting outside reading manga. Unfortunately, it wasn't THAT sunny today. :/ Partly cloudy...so it was annoying waiting for the sun to go in and out! *laugh* It'd be dark and cool, and then the sun would come out so I'd run back outside...it was amusing. XD But now I have some blond streaks in my hair--not as light as I'd like it, but it's cool for now. [although then I look at it and I think I want dark hair instead! *fickle*]

Let's see...oh yes, yesterday was father's day! Happy belated father's day to all. XD Did any of you do anything particularly special? We didn't. I watched the baseball game (ANOTHER LOSS, make it 6, or is it 7 now, in a row), and for most of the day I felt like crap. Sick to my stomach like really bad...and then I started feeling depressed. Gah, it was a pretty crappy day, but I had fun later when Derek came over and after dinner we all played Pictionary. XD We have fun with that! So he and I were a team, and dad and Corey were a team. D and I won. >D Haha, we're better artists anyway! *laugh* But I realize that I fail at drawing a thumbs up in a minute...haha. I got "hitchhiking" to draw, and so I thought of drawing a stick figure dude on the side of the road with a car driving by, sticking his hand out with his thumb up...you know, like how you see hitchhikers hailing a car to come! ^^; I thought it looked pretty darn good, but no one guessed it. *fail* They were making fun of me. XD "What is that??? That's not a thumb! He's got some strange stump attached to him!" Hahaha, but it was really fun. Dad liked his gifts, although they were mostly bought by mom. >> We kids really suck at buying gifts...seriously. Derek is a horrible cheapskate, too. Ugh.

Um, I don't think I've done much else really. *thinks* I haven't been out of the house...lol. I don't think. I don't remember. I realize my memory has been failing me a lot lately. XD But yeah...aside from playing games (Tales of Vesperia), watching my Phillies lose game after game, and being totally annoyed by Corey...I haven't done much. :/ I'm feeling better today than yesterday at least! ^^; Probably because he's working. *laugh* And so since he has off tomorrow and wednesday, that is why I definitely agreed to doing something with Karen! Anything to get me outta here!

I want to work on a new wallpaper, but again, I don't have any inspiration or ideas...or anything. I look at walls on AP and stuff, and I'm blown away, and then my self-esteem takes a dive...and then I just don't want to do anything. ^^; Usually it should be the other way, right? You look at works of art for inspiration, but it has the opposite effect on me! Hahaa. When I see something good, it makes me feel even worse. Like, "Wow, I could never do that." ~__~' Oh well. I'll get my courage up someday soon. *thinks* Yeah, I have nothing else to talk about...so here's another Utada music video. This one is of "Be My Last." It's a really sweet and sad song, and the music video is just wow...it's amusing to read the comments on youtube for it and see everyone's different reactions and ideas on the meaning of it. :) Enjoy.

*hugs* Thanks so much for the comments! ^_^ Thanks for visiting me still. I try my best to visit you guys, too. >< Take care!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

a bunch of stuff! I wrote more than I thought I would.

Hey=hey, dear friends! ^_^ How are you doing today? Arigatou for the comments. Lol, I appreciate your putting up with me and my rants. XD I know you're tired of hearing me complain about my brother, but I'll keep on doing it until he moves out! ^^; Welcome back after a VERY long time SSR and Shi-chan [yes, Vesperia is the one for 360]!! And Cassie and Icchan, too. XD It's been quite some time! O__O So thanks! And of course arigatou to the rest of you that visited me: Elves, sparkle, Deb, teapot, angelbest, Ichigo...yup, that's it! Thanks to all of you. ^^ Haha, I wish it were that easy to tell off my brother, but it is not...have a friend help, Deb? D: Well, I never have friends over, lol, but thanks for the suggestion! :) Many many thanks!

I promise I won't rant about my brother today. XD Since I actually have been getting more time away from him...he had more work hours this week, so yeah. >D Still, he has sundays off, but oh well. I'll just learn to deal with it. Anyhoo...ugh, it's another damp, rainy, pretty miserable day. It has been like this for maybe 3 days now? Yesterday and the day before it was really cold, too. O__o But today it's warmer...still crappy out though. The other day my mom got this stuff called "Sun-In" to put in my hair that's supposed to naturally highlight/lighten the color, lol...but you DO need the SUN for it to work. XD So I've only gotten to try it once! ^^; I was hoping to sit out in the sun today or yesterday, but no! Darn. But yeah, I wanna get my hair a lighter brown...closer to blond or something. At least some areas of it. :/ I used to be a really blonde little girl, but then I grew up, and now I'm a light brunette.

It is tough being a Phillies fan these days. DX Yeah, my boys [I tend to call both my fish and my baseball team, "my boys" lol] have been losing lately. T__T A very big shame. Even against struggling teams...today the Blue Jays (Toronto) swept us...yup, so we lost all 3 games in a row. ~__~ We should've won, AT LEAST TODAY...but errors and just a bunch of crap made us lose. Argh. And lots of our good players are hurt, too. ;__; Darn it. Well, there's always next game, right? Hahaha, and we're still in first place, so that's cool. KEEP LOSING, METS (Phillies' rivals). >E Ok, that's all I'll say about baseball in this post though you know I could say more! XD

I've got emails to reply to...I'm so bad with replying. Horrible, in fact. If I were to change one part of me...I'd say it would be that! Lol. For some reason I am just terrible at replying to emails quickly. Well, I have some reasons, but still. Sorry to anyone that sends me emails or PM's!! T__T

Speaking of PM's...lol...take away the apostrophe. XD Yeah, that time of month. ^^; I'm feeling rather crappy! Oh, the pains of being a woman (darn you, cramps! DIE)!!! >< And so I've also been extra sensitive lately, so if I've taken offense to something you said to me, I greatly apologize! But I have been cranky, and for some reason, I feel like lots of other people have been cranky, too. Lots of people on AP especially...then again, you know most of them are jerks anyway, lol. I find it amazing how I can find such great friends here on theO...but it's much harder on that site. :/ I've befriended several people, but I can't say many are keepers...I get annoyed or jealous about a lot of them. ~__~' Speaking of AP and walls and stuff, I don't know when I'll start another one. I need INSPIRATION.

How on earth I went from PM's (messages) all the way to walling after talking about...girl things, well, yeah. Anyway. >> Yesterday mom and I decided to get out of the house again, but this time cause we had the AC maintenance man out here. So...we went to the mall! Went to the Levi's store to look at jeans and stuff. ^^ Hehe, now I LOVE jeans!! Lol, and to think I never even wore girls' jeans until just a month ago or whatever. XD Uh...while there, I think I knew a girl that came in (from high school)...I tried to avoid her. I wasn't ever good friends with her, but she was friends of my other friends...eh, I just didn't like her. So yeah, I avoided her, and luckily she left and probably didn't notice me with my haircut. I absolutely can't stand seeing people I know from school OUTSIDE of school, you know? Even good friends. ^^; I don't know why, but I just don't like it...haha...so I try to hide as best as possible!! *hermit* Anyhoo, I ended up buying a pair of black jeans (woot) and jeans shorts! O__O Another wow first for me. I never wear shorts...so maybe I'll be brave. >>

After that, we went to Borders, and I gots me some manga. <33 Godchild volume 4, My Heavenly Hockey Club vol. 8 (or 7? I don't remember, but ah!! It's my favorite manga...so hilarious), and the second Gakuen Heaven volume (Yaoi ftw). Yup...so that was fun!! Then we went home, and the maintenance guy was STILL there. >< Ugh. But then he left...uhh...and I mostly played video games the rest of the night aside from watching the losers play baseball. And now here I am! Doing nothing but feeling crappy. I'll try to comment when I can. :) Gah, I keep trying to find a good video of Utada's "Exodus 04" cause I'm currently in love with that song, but most are taken down...low quality...or just bleh. Here's an ok one from Kingdom Hearts, but the person cut the song short. >> Darn. Well, you can get the gist of it!

Wow, sorry! I think I made this really long...did I? Well, and here I didn't think I'd have a lot to talk about. I just RAMBLE. Hopefully some of you had fun reading it!! ^^;; *hugs* Thank you soooo much for sticking with me. Take care~

edit: made an e-card! A birthday one for Meg (innocent heart)! ^_^ Yay, twin! <33 Almost your b-day~

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gomennasai! more brother ranting. ^^;; and some other stuff.

Hey, peoples. <3 Thanks so much for the comments! *hugs* You're all awesome. Thanks for the comments on here and to those that also commented on my 2 posts on my World. The first one you don't need to read if you visit me here, and the other one I wrote yesterday...was just a rant I had to get out at the time. Anyhoo, arigatou Sinny, Ichigo, walle, Reki, Meg, Deb, and Angelbest! So nice to read all of your comments...especially, yes, about my visit over my friend's house. XD Sinny, yeah, my dog bit me horribly last week. I wish I could be more of an "alpha" type, but I'm not. v__v So he just bites me whenever, and I try to discipline him, but he doesn't care since Corey is retarded and encourages him to bite me. *sigh* ANYHOOOOO, thanks again for everything!!

Hmm...this will probably be a very boring post. I wasn't even going to post today, but oh well, I am. My brother's new schedule makes me mad...I have to deal with him more than before, even though he's working more days. Yeah, I know, that doesn't make sense. Before he worked sunday, tuesday, thursday, and saturday (I had nice days off from him about every other day!), and on most of those days, he worked afternoon-late night, which I really liked...now he works tuesday-saturday, but now he either works early morning to afternoon, or late afternoon to night...so I'm stuck with seeing him more often during my WAKING HOURS. ~__~ AND!! He has sundays off, and that PISSES me off. I loved my sundays with him gone...I could watch the things I recorded from the night before and play any games I wanted all day! Freedom! And watch the baseball game (since they're usually afternoon on sunday) without interruption...and just...it's so nice when he's gone. And in case you didn't know, when he's home, I have to do everything with him [watch anime, play video games, watch other tv shows, eat]. I get but an hour or 2 to myself to go on the computer...aside from that, I'm practically his slave.

And no, it isn't that easy to tell him off or tell him I want to do my own thing. People always tell me, "Why don't you just curse him out? Why don't you just do whatever the heck you want, or tell him you want to?" It's just not that easy. He's a control freak, and he gets really mad and makes things into arguments if you go against him. *sigh* It's been like this all my life. Even my mom tries to get me to just tell him outright I want to do something aside from what he wants to do...but it's simply not that easy. I wish it was. I wish he were more of a NORMAL brother. A NORMAL 28 year old brother. *cough* He should be moved out by now!!!! >E

Sorry, I didn't mean to rant about him. >> Honestly. Honestly. I know you're tired of it! And just think! If you're tired of reading my rants about him, then imagine how I feel spending my freaking life around him.

Anyhoo, sorry again about that. What have I done today? Well, I waited for him to leave for work, and then I played Shining Force EXA. I'm at the last boss, but jeez he's hard. :/ Seems pretty impossible to me, lol. This game doesn't seem to have any real...skill involved, and unlike most games, you have no clue what level the monsters you're fighting are or anything else about them. It's just mayhem! O__O I mean, most levels/areas or bosses is just about how many enemies they can pack into the screen at one time...and then it's just about you mashing that same button over and over and hope you don't die. *laugh* I don't know why I like this game. XD But I've decided to play it through! So hopefully I can beat that last boss somehow. Aside from that, I've been playing Tales of Vesperia. <3

Yesterday...I had to get out of the house. I didn't want to spend another full day around my brother, so I made my mom take me out to do errands or whatever. XD We went to Sports Authority to buy my dad a father's day gift and also to look for some new sandals or shoes for me. I ended up getting some black flip-flops, and these cute and comfy Mary Jane style shoes (not really sneakers, and they're not fancy) by Nike. They're so comfortable! ^__^ Black and white. Then we looked at the sports jerseys and things...um, we also went into Toys R Us, and I looked if they had any good games, but no. Then mom and I decided to go home since we were getting some bad allergic reactions to the stores. ^^; Sports Authority is really bad for us now cause of all the rubber and plastic smells from the sports equipment and whatnot there. .__. We're basically allergic to anything now. So our faces were burning, and mine was really read and prickly...bleh. It's horrible. And this is how I get inside my own home, too. -___- For years, only my mom had these odd reactions, but now I've gotten it...it's so retarded.

*thinks* At least it was nice to get out yesterday. But it wasn't enough. Ehhh...*dies* I can't think of anything else to talk about...oh, if you read my rants and things in my world yesterday, thanks, and you all helped me a lot. I'll keep doing what I'm doing, and I'll keep trying to be a good friend and give advice when I can. ^^;; I'm feeling much better today. I was just in an ultra-sensitive and down mood yesterday. Anyhoo, here's some vids my friend Dagger had on her world~ I was like O____O The first is the actual video, and the second is the making of. All made with post-it notes and stop-motion...it's so freaking cool~ And the song is by Royksopp. <33

And so that's all from me! *hugs* Sorry if it was an annoying or boring post. ^^; I'll try not to rant so much next time...haha...although that's what I think blogs are for! XD I'll try to comment some today, so bear with me. *hugs* Take care~

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

some good things, some ranting, and a bunch of stuff from my day at my friend's yesterday!

Hello, dears!! *hugs* Thanks soooo much for the comments. :) It's great to hear from you guys again!! I LOVE YOUUU. So thanks to Deb, Krys, Ichigo, Angelbest, Britty, and sparkle!! <33 Arigatou for the comments! I don't know why (ok, maybe I DO know why), but a lot of you kept calling Totoro "Toto"...lol, like from the Wizard of Oz? Cause no. XD He's Totoro as in My Neighbor Totoro. <3 Sometimes that's what we tell other people his name is (Toto) to save confusion about what the F a "totoro" is, lol. XD Anyhoo, thanks for the comments! I appreciate them all very much!

Argh. My thumb is healing up fine, but it still kinda hurts when I type...but most of all, I've changed how I hold my fingers on the keyboard to adjust to my paining thumb! And now I'm like "how on earth did I have my thumb normally????" cause now I'm like constantly holding it up...and it's weird-feeling. >< Uh, but yeah, anyhoo! Thanks very much for all the caring words. :) My thumb is not infected; it's healing perfectly fine, and should be all better soon~~ Stupid dog for biting me. *sigh* So now I pretty much just avoid him. It's stupid to have to avoid my own dog and not touch him at all, but I don't want to be bitten again (and again and again and again). ~__~ If only my brother were...nicer...errr, more understanding, and if only he would actually discipline the freaking dog!!

My brother has a new and different work schedule, and right now, I don't like it. ~__~' It's cause he moved to the photo department instead of grocery (at Sam's Club) where he's been...it's stupid. So now he's home for dinner on saturdays as well as several other days. :/ AND he has sunday off!!! T___T I loved my sundays with him GONE. It's NOT FAIR. Argh. That's the reason I ranted the last time...when he called off on sunday. *sigh* And now he officially has it off. Hopefully this schedule won't last long...I know it's stupid of me to be all rawwrrr about his work schedule, but I'm a very schedule-based person, and when MINE is messed up, it gets me upset...especially when it involves him being home more often.

So anyhoo, yesterday I went over my friend Christine's house. As usual I was really nervous before going! Or well, while I waited for her to pick me up. I didn't sleep well cause I had my anxiety feeling (no, britty, I don't take any meds for it, and I don't think my mom would want me), and just bleh...but I tried to think positively! And just "when I get there, I'll have fun!!" Oh, and I was worrying about what I'd do about food, lol. I wanted to bring some of my own...but I felt like that would be an insult. ^^; It's just...she barely has any food there, and what she has is ultra super "healthy" no sugar, no salt, no nothing foods that, sorry, I don't care for. >> I prefer my foods packed with sugar, fat, salt, etc. etc. *laugh* I just brought along a granola bar in case...and I hoped my stamina would carry me through the day! O__O When she came to get me, I was surprised cause she had a new car (A...Pontiac something or other)! She's been driving this rundown junky old Taurus for years, and it didn't have any AC...so it was torture in the heat (OMG, graduation was DEATH)...but wow, they finally got a new car. Lol, she said that the old one almost blew up on the highway...so yeah, good call there. Good call to finally get a new one. Safer, too.

I brought along one of my new swimming suits since she said we'd go swimming in her "pool", but turns out that time of month came for her, so she wouldn't go in. :/ Poo. Well, when we arrived...her creepy mom greeted me as usual. *shivers* She insists on hugging me, and she always remarks about my mom. "She's the one with the long hair, right?" YES. YES for the last time, YES. You've known that for 10+ years!! XD Ah, whatever. She's a bit crazy in the head anyway. ^^;;; Uh, so the first thing we did...and what we did for most of the time was play Rock Band (1 and 2)!! We'd switch off between guitar and singing. That was lots of fun! ^_^ Took me a while to get used to the guitar, lol...I suck at it. Uh, but yeah. Then after that, we ate. >> She made "pita pizzas"...which were pita bread with tons of spaghetti sauce and some cheese...bleh. I don't like pizza/spaghetti sauce...well, not a lot, and yeah, it was A LOT. v__v It was gross, and so I really didn't eat a lot of it. Yet again, my visit there involved very little sustenance.

At least she has water.

After that, we played some cards...and then went outside to go in her pool. Well, I went in her pool. It was freezing, and there were lots of bugs in it...so I played it safe by staying on the ladder/steps most of the time. ^^;; Lol, then we talked about girl things. Uh, like bras and how we don't like them. XDDD Then we played anagrams...which I've never done before, and I sucked. It's kinda like Scrabble, but not. My mind doesn't quite make sense of a bunch of letters...that form words and then having to come up with another word with those same letters. Uh, anyhoo, after that, she took me home! Socialization COMPLETE!! *laugh* I ate a lot when I got home. Yum. And then...watched the baseball game. It was such a long long game. 13 innings...and we lost. *sigh* [against the Red Sox], although we definitely could have and SHOULD have won. Bah. Oh well.

I slept without a sleeping pill last night! >D Though it wasn't a very restful sleep! I had tons of weird and realistic dreams...kinda scary, and i woke up A LOT...but still, I didn't take a pill. But I was soooo tempted...[to have a restful sleep! Drugged sleep ftw! :D lol]

Okies. I guess that's all from me!! Jeez, these posts take a long time to write. D: Sorry!! ^^; Hmm...I doubt I'll visit much tomorrow cause of Corey being off...and we're going to church. -_-; Anyhoo, love you guys. *hugs* Take care~~

edit: I made a cute e-card! Enjoy. ^_^

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

coming up with a title is a waste of time! Make up your own! XD

Hey there, sweetie friends of mine! *hugs* Thanks sooooooooooo much for the comments. :) Angelbest, anna-chan, sparkle, Meg, Teapot, Ichigo, Reki, and Deb! <3333 I appreciate all of the sweet words regarding my thumb! And how mean my dog and brother are. >> Yes, indeed...the dog turns out like their owner, and so my brother and him are very similar. Angelbest, I wish I could get Cesar Millan here! It'd be very helpful...but since I watch his shows, I know what he'd do, but unfortunately, most of it deals with how Corey would have to act as well, not just me. It's a shame that my brother has no capacity for changing his behavior. *sigh* Anyhoo...thanks again for all the comments!

Well, my thumb is healing up! ^_^ So it doesn't hurt as much as it did before. Goodness, it was so horrible!! It still hurts some when typing or playing games, but it's nothing compared to the first couple of days...bleh. It doesn't look all gross and infected anymore either. :) I won't be surprised if I'm left with some scars though...lol...physical and emotional!! >< Well, I'm always emotionally scarred when my dog bites me. I can't wait for Corey to move out and take Totoro with him. Gawd, I wish he would do so soon...but I'm afraid it will be more and more years, despite his being 28. ;__; I want him out of the house before I really do snap and start stabbing him. v__v Seriously. I'm sorry I give him such a bad rap on here...you guys must think he's the worst person in the world. I mean, he's not ALL bad; he does do some nice things, and a lot of the time he's tolerable, but of course, it's the negative things that stand out to me the most.

I changed my avi. Keeping my P4 theme though, but now my avi is back to Mihashi! *laugh* Tooooo cute. Thanks, Meg, for showing me that site~~

So tomorrow I'm going over my friend Christine's house. >.< I really don't want to though. I know it's bad, but eh...I'm not a really social person, and even though we've been "friends" since elementary school (kindergarten!), we weren't really GOOD friends. I was actually pretty mean to her a lot. O__o; And I guess those things have stuck with me...her mom creeps me out, and as I've said, her house is disgusting...and she has no edible food there, and so I usually starve when I go over. T__T But...she wants me to come over, and I don't like disappointing people like that. I usually end up having fun when I'm there, but it takes a lot of courage in me to GET there. She'll be picking me up, and I hate waiting...so hopefully she's on time. When I'm waiting for something social, or plans don't go quite the same, I get horribly nervous...major anxiety attacks. I'm sure tomorrow will be no different! ^^; I can't think of any of my friends that I don't freak out ahead of time if we're going to do things together...

Ok...so yesterday, we finally saw the Star Trek movie! Yeah, wow, only a week or more since we were going to initially. XD Umm...my review on it...well, it's probably not worth anything. I'm not a Star Trek fan, and so I wasn't as interested in it as some people. Also unlike a lot of people, I didn't think the actors that played Kirk or Spock were cute, lol. I mean, it was a good movie overall; it had action, comedy, a good storyline...but I have a feeling it'd be much better if I were a Trekkie, hahaha. I thought it seemed too long, I got bored during a lot of parts, and I was confused with some things. My brother Derek saw it and LOVED it, but then again, he LOVES Star Trek...and he was raving about how wonderfully it stuck to the original storyline. I wouldn't know, so I can't say! XD But yeah, it was pretty good. Not worth $8.50 per ticket to see it though. I liked the Wolverine movie way more~~ [I think that stems from my fangirling of Wolverine/Hugh Jackman though, haha]

Aside from that, I didn't really do anything. My days are spent dealing with my brother and his annoyances. Yes, I have another thing I could rant about him from yesterday, but I'll refrain! Lol. My Phillies (baseball part of the post now!) lost tuesday's game, which reallllyyyyy pissed me off cause this series is against our division RIVALS, the NY Mets. >E I hate them with a passion!! Rawwrrrrrr. So yeah, I thought last night's game would end the same way...cause we were losing for most of it. >> I got fed up, and then I went in the jacuzzi with dad (tried on one of my new swimming suits!), and when we came back in, we were tied! haha!! And we stayed tied until the end...so that meant extra innings~~ And we ended up winning in the 11th! ^__^ So that made me happy!! :D My Phillies usually end up losing to the Mets, lol...but overall, we're better and win the championship, hehe. But we won last night! I hope tonight's game will go just as well~ [no wait, I want it to go BETTER]

Argh, my face is bothering me. *sigh* Still irritated and allergic to who knows what. I have NO solutions. ~__~ So I better end this post here! I'm trying to find a good amv with Avril Lavigne's Anything But Ordinary, but it's really hard! >< This one's ok...but eh. Tokyo mew mew! <3 I just wish I could've found another one. Lol, but yeah, I'm listening to Avril's songs right now, which is why...yeah.

*hugs* Thanks soooo much for visiting me! :) I love you guys! ^_^ I'll try to comment when I can. Take care~

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it's hard to type when you're thumb hurts, and swimming suits~!

Hi there, my sweetie-poos!! :D Lol. Thanks so much for the comments!! ^__^ Lala, sparkle, xaos, Ichigo (welcome back!), Reki, Krys, Elves, Anita, and Effie! So great to hear from you all. I'm glad that you like the new theme! Yup, P4. I haven't had an anime/game related theme in a while...for the past several months I've been using just plain textures/patterns for my bg! ^_^ So it's nice for a change. Thanks for everything that was said!! <333

I'm going to try and make this a shorter post. :/ Not like I want to...but it hurts to type. ~__~; So please don't expect many comments, ok? Sorry! So what's wrong? Well, yesterday my dog bit me...yet again...but this time was far worse than usual. He latched on to my thumb [I was only just petting him, like normal...he doesn't like me] and left a few puncture wounds. Well, 2 were punctures, and one is a gash. All on my thumb...and so it's pretty painful to do anything with it. It may be my left hand (I'm right handed), but it's still amazing how much you need your other hand for. So anyway, it was so horrible...of course I cried a lot, and Corey was there, and he did nothing to help. *sigh* He never does. He never helps, even though the dog looks up to him for everything...so he should help discipline, but he doesn't. Instead, Corey just blames me for what happened. "You shouldn't have pet him. You shouldn't have touched him then. You should learn." Like WTF? Apparently it's my fault if I get bitten while just trying to pet my own dog. *sigh* And then when I was all bleeding and crying, I went upstairs to get medicine and bandaids, etc., and he just stayed downstairs...playing video games. He didn't come up to see how I was. Just stayed there with the dog. I hate it!!! I HATE IT!!! He makes me so mad!

And this bite was so bad that when he did it...gawd, I actually cursed. :/ Yeah, I said the F word. v__v For the first time evarrr. Seriously. For those that know me...you know I don't curse. I don't. I come up with other words as alternatives, lol...so me really saying it, jeez, obviously it was that bad. Corey must've heard, but he didn't say anything about it. I was going to say "frickin'" or "freaking" like I normally would, but it was just...too bad. I couldn't help it. :/ Oh well. I know for most of you it's no big deal!! XD But it is for me!! ^^;;

And so now my thumb is pretty bad...kinda infected.. >< I woke up with it hurting a lot this morning...also woke up with a huge thunderstorm! Ugh. It was very loud.

Today though, mom and I went to the mall to go swimming suit shopping!! I haven't gotten new suits in like 5 years or something, ,lol. And I've only ever worn one-pieces. ^^; Speedo brands or whatever. But...today I got 3 different sets of 2 pieces!! :D They're the kind that have the long halter-top type tops, and then I got the bikini shorts to go along! ^^ I didn't want the normal bikini kind...the ones that just look like underwear, lol. I'm very self-conscious about my butt. >> So I'd much rather it be covered. *sigh* My mom keeps telling me how I don't have a big butt, but I must negate that statement. I have short, stubby, legs attached to a larger butt that doesn't match with my small frame. ~__~; Then again, it might just all be in my mind...but whatever. Anyhoo!!!! I do LIKE the suits I got! They're very cute!! ^__^ One set is black and pink (black shorts, pink/black top), then brown shorts with a white and turquoise top that has hearts on it, and then a cute set that looks sort of sailor-ish: black, turquoise and white striped top, with black shorts that have a white and turquoise belt with a blue lifesaver type buckle. :)

We were going to do a lot more shopping, but that took way long. ^^;;; So we just came home. Uhh...tomorrow we should be finally seeing the Star Trek movie. *hopes* And friday I'm set to go over my friend Christine's house. -__-' I don't really want to, but she insists...she's the one that's pretty darn poor, that's a health freak, with a really dirty/dusty home. Yeah. >> So anyhoo...oh, last night I made an e-card!! Lots of you already commented, but if you didn't see it yet, here it is. :3 Lol, yes many have remarked upon the yaoi-ness. XD

Wow, ok, so I still type a lot...even with my thumb hurting. ^^; Sorry!!!! *huggles* But yeah, it does hurt, and so I'm gonna have to hold back on commenting. :( Gomen. *hugs* Thanks so much for visiting me though! You're all wonderful! Take care~

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

new theme, new wallpaper, and new rants. 2 music vids.

Hello there, dear friends of mine! *hugs* Krystal, Yaya-chan, Steph, Reki, Sinny, and Sparkle! Thanks so much for the comments~ Lol, wow, Krys! I can't believe you just commented today! O__O I wasn't expecting anyone else to comment...since what...that post was from TUESDAY?? Jeez. Well, that's because I didn't have anything to talk about on thursday, when I'd normally post. :/ I did post on my World, but nothing really exciting was in those. ^^; Thanks to anyone that commented them though! *hugs* So yeah, arigatou very much for all the comments!

I'm glad that the font is easier to read now. ;3 Well, being larger and all...but now I changed my THEME. >> I hope it isn't too bright, lol. But I came across this Persona 4 wallpaper, and I fell in LOVE. <3333 So I was compelled to use it...I think it's been a month or more since I last changed it, so yeah. I needed something brighter for the summer time! And since I recently finished the game, and I've been using P4 avvies, too, I needed to pay tribute with the bg~

Ok, so I'm not exactly a happy camper today! ^^; And yes, I'm posting much later right now. It's almost 9pm...so yeah. I figured I could do it now since Corey is working, and he also said he's going to stay out "partying" aka getting drunk and then being an idiot by driving home as such. *sigh* Umm...but yeah, why am I not so happy? Errr, a couple of things. I finished my new wallpaper today, and I'm rather pissed off about it. I'm not content with how it turned out, although now it's a little better since I edited it more. I blame any and all of my irks with walling on AP. It's all their fault...them and their stupid rating system!! Argh. >> Cause I get caught up with the ratings of my wallpapers..."Will it be popular?? Will I get a good 'grade'??" I've been spoiled with my last few wallpapers being top rated, and my last one (Haibane) being top rated in less than an hour...then giving me an SS rating [SSSS, or is it SSS is the highest]. ^^; So yeah. It's just stupid anyway. I shouldn't care so much, but I do! Lol. So like right now it isn't very "popular", and I'm just worried no one will like it, blah blah blah. *hits self* I didn't used to care so much about the perfection of my wallpapers, but now I do...which is why I don't find it as fun anymore. :/

Anyhoo, here it is. Thanks to those that commented/hugged etc. already!! Please take a look if you'd like. ^_^ Ugh, I had so much fun with it at first, vectoring and painting the hot guy...but then the bg got me mad. *sigh* And it just makes me mad when people on AP are all nitpicky about things like the texture, certain colors, or just crap in general...I thank you guys for sugarcoating those things!! Lol.

And now for the other reason why I'm not so happy! *drumroll* Baseball. Yeah. Ok, I know most of you don't care, but I'm going to rant anyway! Feel free to follow along or not, whatever. Most of you skip my paragraphs on baseball anyway. >_> *kinda wishes I had fellow fans here* So anyhoo, my Phillies have now lost 2 games in a row. T__T Last night and today's (against the LA Dodgers)...and I'm not sure which game made me madder. I'll have to think REAL hard on that. Let's see...last night, we were winning--only by one run, but winning nonetheless. Oh, and by the way, it was LATE...since they've been playing on the West coast. Game started at 10pm, and when did it end?? 1:30am!! And I watched it ALL. FOR WHAT??? A LOSS IN THE LAST INNING. If we were losing for most of the game, fine, I wouldn't have bothered to watch it all, but we were winning up until the very bottom of the very last inning...when we put out our closer (the pitcher that comes in to close the game out, aka gets the last 3 outs), who was the BEST last year. He was perfect. And now? Now he sucks. Like WTF. He has blown 6 saves now. He only needed one more out...and yet he loaded the bases and gave up a double. *sigh* So we lost. I was very tired and pissed off at 1:30am. Yeah. Today, similar situation...narrow lead into the 9th (last) inning, and what does he do? Comes in and gives up the tying homerun. HOMERUN. F you, Lidge!! >E So we went into extra innings, and ended up losing in the...12th? Today's game was over 4 hours. 4 freaking hours.

I sure know how to waste my time, don't I?

Yes, yes I do. Making wallpapers I don't like, and watching 4 hours of baseball only to have our team lose...oh, I do play video games, too. Is that also wasting time? Hmm...I wonder when I'll do something productive with my life. ~__~ Seriously. This summer is going nowhere so far. I mean, it's already a week into June? And what do I have to show for myself? NOTHING. It doesn't even feel like summer break yet. What made the other years different? I have no clue...

Sorry. ^^; I feel like being an ultra pessimist lately. "I hate life. I want to stab something/someone." Yessss. *thinks* So anyway...wow, really? My last post was tuesday? I still can't believe that, lol. What have I done since then? Hahahaha, nothing. Yesterday we WERE going to see the Star Trek movie, but we didn't cause Corey had to work for once, and he wanted to see it...so we didn't go. Stayed home, did the usual nothing. The day before *thinks for a long while*...did nothing. Ok? Yeah. Today I did some cleaning though. I cleaned all the crap around my computer downstairs...in hopes that it would help with my allergic reactions. They've been worse lately...my face feels like it's burning up, so I haven't felt like being on the comp much. Well, it hasn't done anything (the cleaning), so I don't know what to do. I've tried all possible creams/lotions, etc...it's stupid. :*(

*looks through youtube vids on playlists* Wow, they really took a lot off!! >( Stupid youtube. "video not available" on a lot of the vids I LOVE! Not fair. Oh well, lol. I haven't shown this one in a while, but it's one of my faves! Hehe!! A Loveless amv with the song "The Warrior" by Patty Smyth. <3333 80's = love.

And another vid, if you're so incredibly bored. XD It's more the song than the vid. I don't think it's very good...but I love the song. :) It's the ending song to Basquash! <3

Ok! I guess that's all from me~ Sorry for wasting your time! ^^; I think most of this was ranting and me being a jerkface, lol. jerkface = my new favorite insult. Sorry for not commenting a lot lately. I wanted to finish that wretched wallpaper...but now that I have, I'll get back to it. [not tonight though] *hugs* Thanks so much for putting up with me! Love you guys. <3 Take care!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the font is larger now! the post isn't longer, so don't worry. it's all an illusion.

Hi there, sweeties! *hugs* How are all of you doing? Thanks soooo much for the comment. :) Haha, I know that was a long post, so thanks to those that read through it! XD Not as many comments, but that's understandable. Krys, jamo, Deb, zeit, teapot, and Bou! *huggles* Arigatou gozaimasu for visiting and commenting me! You're all amazing. Haha, yup, we had a good time at the mall! Oh, and zeit, ugh, I agree with you about Twilight. ^^; Bleh. Ugly Edward...but she's uber obsessed, so I'm glad she got to find SOME things that entertained her, lol. Um, so yeah! Thanks again to all that commented. ^_^

OMG. You've probably noticed...my font is normal sized again! O__o Well, normal and Arial instead of small and Trebuchet (sp??)...I've gotten some complaints, or at least just mentions, about how it's hard to read the small font, so after all this time (years?) of having it that size, I've returned it to its regular form...bad? Good? Do tell me! I can always change it back. ;3 Lol, one thing about this is though...that my posts will look even longer. >> *points to the scrollbar* I could at least try to pull the wool over your eyes with the small text, making it look shorter, haha, but now it looks even bigger. XD So sorry about! Don't freak out on me! T__T Don't run away! I'm totally harmless. These posts are harmless.

I love this song. <33 It's so pretty~ Just piano. :) Feel free to listen if you'd like. It's probably 30 seconds, stupid imeem, so if you want to hear it full, you'd have to click on the "listen to it full here" thing. ><

Summer Rain - Karen FitzGerald

Umm...so...what have I been up to? Nothing. Pretty much. Today I have really done nothing, seriously. I waited around for my brother to leave for work, and then I watched TV, played some DS games...ate...yeah, basically nothing, and it's 5:30pm, lol. I slept until noon because I was just so tired. I usually try to wake up at 11:30, but I couldn't even do that!! XD *blames sleeping pill* Yeah, I've been having to take parts of sleeping pills (I don't take whole ones) lately...that's how it always is during the summer. :/ Probably because I'm not waking up early for classes or wracking my brain during the day! So my body's like, "Why do I need to sleep for??" -__-; It's so stupid. Uh, but yeah, oh well. Last night I stayed up a bit later because of the baseball game~ My Phillies are playing on the west coast this week (San Diego and then Los Angeles) so that means a 3 hour difference! Instead of the games starting at 7pm, they start at 10pm here. :*( Soooo late. I hate having to wait that long! And then I end up watching it until it's over, and THEN I have to read to try to calm down, lol. Last night I went to bed at 1:30am...since the game ended just before 1. We won, by the way~ ;3

Lots of you (ok, maybe not LOTS, but still) read my post on my World from...saturday? Yeah, saturday. Well, saturday NIGHT. I was ranting and raving about my brother calling off work sunday. *sigh* And remember why he called off? Yes, his bug bites. He got a lot of mosquito bites from when he went fishing with dad on friday. So...because of being itchy, and because the people at work were gawking at all of his red marks, he decided to take off from work on sunday. v__v That made me VERY upset!! Cause as you know, I like my time away from him, and I was horribly worried about his ruining my day. Well, he did indeed take off, and so I did indeed have to put up with him on sunday...but mom talked to him and told him to just leave me alone for the day. :/ Well, he kinda did. I was able to just watch the baseball game for most of the day like I wanted, but I still wasn't as comfortable as I would've been with him gone.

I knew at any moment he could've made an argument from something or make me do something with him instead. Plus, I didn't get to play games like I usually would with the baseball game on...so I wasn't totally content, but at least I did have more time away from him than I usually would when he's off. ~__~ Ugh. It just pisses me off how lazy he is! He'll take anything as an excuse to get out of work. *sigh* Oh well, whatever. That day is over, so hopefully he won't do that again for a while. Yesterday...he was off like usual, and we (family) were going to see the Star Trek movie since we didn't get to before! Well, yet again we didn't! XD This time because dad had a conference call, and so he couldn't make it, but he wants to see it...so we'll go friday. Instead, we went for a walk with Totoro at that park we've been to several times before now. :)

I took more pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet. There were lots of geese there again with their babies! ^^ But now the babies were much bigger. O__O It's amazing...in a month they got just about as big as the parents, but they're still fluffy with their soft down feathers. <33 So cute! Um, so yeah, we just walked around...it was a really nice day. Totoro enjoyed it, although he's not that great walking on a leash still. >> Always tugging and whatnot. Corey even came along, and he was pleasant until we were going home...*sigh* He just makes things personal and is always so, just argh!! I won't bother talking (ranting, more like it) about it just cause it's stupid and a little thing, and you already know how much of a jerk he is...I just wish he were more like a normal big brother. At least...nicer.

*thinks* I guess that's all I have to talk about! I know, this must SEEM like a longer post because of the larger font, but I assure you, it is not! In fact, it might be shorter. O__o At the very least, it's more boring, lol. I'm going to go work on my wallpaper now. It's coming along...I'm hoping to finish it this week. ^_^ Take care, everyone! <333

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

This post is long to make up for my short one the last time! My fun mall trip yesterday. :)

Hello there, my friends! Arigatou for all the comments~ Great hearing from you, as usual. :) Welcome back, Mizu! It's been a while...so thanks for returning. *hugs* And Oli-chan *cough*lazy*cough* haha...and welcome back to everyone else: Sinny [indeed! Wolverine wasn't slow AT ALL...I really did love it, lol, except for being cold. XD], Deb, Cassie, Britty, and Anna-chan! <33 Thankies very much! Hah, yeah, SORRY!! Last post WAS SHORTER. ^^; *laugh* I knew it was going to be...but sorry if some of you felt gypped~ I guess that shows that you guys actually do love my long posts. O__o Or at least a lot of you do! So thanks! ^_^ *hugs* And yes, movie tickets cost far too much...Oli-chan, here, that seems to be the case. :/ And oh, I think you should see Wolverine. Definitely. *nods* Arigatou again!

It's amazing how fast time flies when you're online...somehow over an hour went by, and I haven't done anything! ^^; Like seriously. I commented on 2 sites [sorry I don't know if I'll get to a lot today], went on ebay to check on my auctions (selling)...argh...well, I guess it's because I also had to clean the toilet and vacuum the carpet. ~__~; So I haven't just been online. >> Corey should've vacuumed, but of course he didn't (HE NEVER CLEANS ANYTHING. HE'S SO LAZY AND MAKES ME DO EVERYTHING.), and dad is in charge of the bathroom, but duh, he didn't clean it either! *sigh* Us girls gotta do everything, huh?? XD At least, it sure seems like women are more prone to cleaning...eh, though it isn't exactly fun. :/ Anyhoo!

Yeah, I mentioned I've gots auctions on ebay selling. Well, my brother made me put them up last week--some anime dvds (DearS, Fafner, Kyo Kara Maoh, Gate Keepers) cause we're not gonna watch them again. ^^; He feigns ignorance when it comes to anything that may require SOME responsibility..or anything that takes a little bit of time, so I'm always the one to take the pictures and set up the auctions. :/ I mean, I like it...it's fun, but if I ever do something wrong, then he gets on my case, yells, is really mean, blah blah blah. It's all MY FAULT. V__V Luckily, that didn't happen this time...but still, it's not like I get the money from these sales, even though I did all the work. It's really just all going to mom to pay for things Corey bought. ~__~ But uh, yeah. They're selling! >D The Fafner + Kyo Kara lot doesn't have any bids YET, but there's still a couple hours left, while the other lots do have bids, and Corey didn't even think anyone would bid on the Gate Keepers one since I put a little higher price than he wanted. Ha HA. (If you're curious, this is my family's ebay account)

Umm...I haven't gotten to work all that much on my wallpaper, but I've done more than I had before! ^_^ Except for his hand (which I just colored a little bit), this preview is pretty accurate to what I have now:
Pretty, right? I think so. XD And my little notes on there say what I'm gonna do still. But I think I am going to paint all the butterflies..maybe add a couple more, too. And I still need to finish his hand, and vector/paint the flowers around him (I don't have any there yet). But I like how it's coming along! ^_^V Although I still think his hair needs work, lol. Um, this will probably be the last WIP I show you of him! I don't want to spoil it completely, haha. I wonder when I'll finish...

Ok, so yesterday!! I did indeed go to the mall with my friend Karen and her twin sister Laura. :D That plan was totally different from what it was going to be initially, but since her mom didn't want to pick me up and drive us to the other place (Color Me Mine, that place where you pick out presculpted statues/figures to paint)...we had to rearrange things. So I suggested that we just go to the mall, and my mom would drop me off...and to just have her mom drop her off. -__-' Well, her mom is very...inconsiderate of other people's plans, agendas, schedules, time frames, etc. etc. Which is why Karen would always be late to school, late to be picked up in high school and middle school. ^^; Uh, so it was difficult enough to convince her mom to just drop them off, but she agreed...but then! I got ready to go, and mom and I were in the car when I texted Karen to tell her that. She said her mom wasn't even HOME. >_> Yeah. Inconsiderate!!! She went out shopping for something, and she didn't know when she'd be back. Ugh. So I was like, "Well, did you talk to her? See where she is?? How far away do you live?" Lol. Well, anyway...long story short, mom and I had to do some shopping before they arrived. XD

They came and snuck up on me while I was in Borders!! Karen had her hair dyed dark brown (her natural is more blonde), and Laura still looked the same. Poor Laura. I say that...cause...she's just a poor thing. ^^; In many ways, but mostly because Karen outshines her in a lot of ways. Laura is the quiet one, while Karen is super talkative, and I'm better friends with Karen, but Laura ALWAYS comes with us no matter where we go! *laugh* I don't mind cause I'm friends with both of them, but it's just amusing sometimes how these twins almost seem inseparable, and yet so different. XD Um but anyhoo, we went to go eat after saying hi and having my mom talk to them a bit. We all got Chick-fil-A, although I wanted McDonald's at first...lol, but they converted me! Hahaha. So during lunch, it was mostly just a time to catch up. I haven't seen them since winter break [remember, we don't go to the same college], and that meant a LOT to talk about. *laugh* Even though I'm rather shy and reserved with a lot of people, I'm the total opposite with them. <333 I'm the LIFE of the PARTY. Seriously. I'm always cracking jokes, being sarcastic about stuff, telling stories, etc. It's great fun, really. I'm generally anti-social, but once I'm with a group of people (or one person) I'm comfortable with, then I'm way more open.

So we had fun talking~ Just about school stuff, new interests, new friends, any romance...of which there is none for any of us. ^^;; *fail* Uhh...we talked a long time, and then we decided to actually go shopping, lol. I dragged them to Hot Topic first. [By the way, if you read this sparkle, I saw a guy applying for a job at the Starbucks there that looked like TODD. OMG YES.] Karen actually bought some earrings there, and I got an L t-shirt (death note) that was on clearance~~ They only had one, and I had to get it, despite being XXL!! *laugh* I'm a medium...but hah, I couldn't pass it up for $10 instead of $20. Plus, L = ♥ After that, we went...well, we just walked around, talked more (duh)...oh, Karen got some black nail polish at a jewelry store, and we were teasing her that soon she'll go goth (she's the total opposite, lol). XD The next store...was Forever 21. ~__~ I can't stand that prissy place, but they love it, so I put up with it. I got some cute bows for my hair though. <33 And then finally I dragged them to these sports collectibles booths!! Hehe!! So I was fangirling over the autographed baseball things, and hockey things...while they thought I was crazy.

They did find SOME stuff they liked at those booths though--Edward Cullen and other Twilight stuff. >> So they kept busy with that while I ooh-ed and aah-ed at the high-priced sports things. XD I bought some cute Beanie Babies since they were uber cheap ($2.00 and a large one for $5.00). Then...my mom called to come pick me up, and it was raining a lot...too bad the rain didn't last, but at the same time, I was glad it didn't since I didn't want the baseball game rained out! >D Which my Phillies did indeed win~~ Hooray! So yesterday was a GOOD day! ^_^

Gomen. This is a long post now! *laugh* Sorry~ Or...uh, you're welcome? Since the last one was so short, here's a long one for you guys that felt ripped off. Haha, if you didn't feel ripped off, and you wanted this shorter...oh well. *hugs* Thanks soooooo much for visiting me!! I love you guys. Take care!
EDIT: Made a cute e-card! Go look! >3 Tis a card that covers all the birthday girls from this past month...or coming up, lol. So Sinny, roseeyes, Teapot, etc. all included!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hello, my dears! *hugs* ^_^ Wow, another good group of comments. XD Thanks so much! 3pointshooter, I didn't see the point of your comment. ^^; I post cause I Like it, and obviously there are plenty of people here. Please don't comment again with a comment like that. Arigatou. Anyhoo, thanks sooo much to you guys! ^^ Haha, yeah, I felt like going down memory lane about this place...good times. Some of you are rather new so you weren't here when MyO was the "happening place" haha. But a lot of you do remember when I'd post everyday. XD Thanks for being such great friends~ Welcome back to all that commented: zeit, Deb, sparkle (thanks again for sharing!!!), teapot, Effie, Reki, Heley, and Angelbest! Thanks for everything!

Ok, so I think today's post will be shorter...for real!! XD This time. I think. >> Haha. So today we (mom, dad, me) went to see the Wolverine movie! <33 We were going to see it before the Star Trek movie anyway, and for some reason Corey didn't want to see it...so fine, we went while he was at work. I don't know why, but lots of people complained about it! O__o Thought it was "boring" or "slow"...and some comic faithfuls complained about things not being accurate or whatever...that's what Derek (oldest brother) did. He was ranting on little details that shouldn't have been in there or things that were changed, lol. I'm not familiar with the original story or anything, so I liked it!! *__* Plus, I can't argue with Wolverine's (Hugh Jackman's) sexiness...hahhaa. <3333 So yeah, I really liked it! ^_^ Though I agree some parts were unnecessary or corny (*cough*fatsuit*cough*), but yeah.

So that's what I did today. Usually I would just stay home, play video games, go online...work on my wallpaper, but instead I ended up sitting in a freezing movie theater for 2 hours. *laugh* Gawd, why do they always have the air conditioning on sooooo COLD??? I was soooo freezing during it. T__T And jeez, the ticket prices are really high now, too. That's why I don't like going to the movies often. The last movie I saw before this was...*thinks* Well, it was either Hellboy II or 007: Quantum of Solace (which I really could not stand...). ^_^; Hmm...and those were a while ago. At least, I'm pretty sure those were the last ones I saw. I don't even remember. XD It's such a waste of money to go to the movies when you can just wait for it to come out on DVD and pay the same price or cheaper to buy it! O__o'

No baseball game today. They have the day off. They need it. ~__~' My Phillies lost last night...argh, it was stupid and frustrating, but oh well. I hope that the games we go to (got the tickets in the mail, woohoo!) will be good winning ones, lol.

Yesterday...uhhh...corey didn't have work so it was just me and him for most of the day. -__-; Having to put up with him...so I didn't really do anything. I barely worked on my wallpaper at all. :/ So it's pretty much the same as the last preview I gave you. *looks over at the fish tank* They look hungry...better feed them. *goes to feed fishies* Those little piggies! I swear, they eat so much...especially Todd. Umm...*thinks again* Oh yeah. I MIGHT be going out with a friend...or friends, tomorrow. >_< I'm not sure yet though since she hasn't gotten back to me! Argh. It's Karen, the friend that I usually do things with. Her and her twin, and then we always attempt to get Kin to come with us, but she usually bails. So I might be waiting to hear from her since she's not sure if Kin will come. ~__~ But I actually want to do things with them for once!! ^^;; Usually I'm like, "No, sorry karen...I'm busy..." but I feel bad, and I want to get out of the house, away from my brother. Ugh, she might call me. If not, I might have to call her. >< And you know I hate talking on the phone! So I just hope she gets back to my email, darn it.

Ok well...I have nothing else to talk about! ^^;; So for a lack of stuff, here's the opening theme to Persona 4. :) Gawd, I loved that game. <333 I wanted to share the ending theme, but there isn't a good video with it. :/ It's called "Never More", and you can just listen to it HERE, but again, it isn't much of a video...so there's the opening theme! :D

*huggles* Thanks so much for visiting me. :3 I think I really did make this post shorter this time. Gomen. ^^; I don't think I'll comment much today...sorry~~~ I'll see what I can do. Thanks again so very much for being here with me! Take care~

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