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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I honestly tried to make this a shorter post. But did I really?

Hey there, my sweet people! *hugs* Arigatou for the comments. Seriously, you guys are the best~~ <3333 Welcome back, Effie!! It's been so long. :) And welcome back to darke, Sinny, sparkle, Deb, Angelbest, Twist [haha, my Phils won the series], Krystal (OMG, I would LOVE some Angela Aki avvies by you~~~), and jamo!! Thanks a lot for your wonderful words of condolence for me and my fishies that passed away. :*( They really meant a lot to me. But at least those that survived the stupid illness/parasites are doing fine now, and I'm sure they'll live much longer! ^_^ I appreciate everything you guys said, and I enjoyed reading all of your comments~

Gomen! This post might be shorter. >< MIGHT. Haha, whenever I say that, it usually ends up being long still, lol! But I honestly wasn't even going to post today. O__o Yeah, I know. I just don't have anything really interesting to talk about. I think...since it's summer, and I hardly do anything, that I might end up posting less. ^^; 3 times a week is still way less than I used to, but I think I might just do 2...maybe...we'll see. So just don't get worried if I disappear for a little longer. ^_~ I still try to comment some though. Even if I don't post...I manage to visit people [not all though...sorry]. Ahah, but way back when...when I was new to theO (roughly 3 years ago) I would post every single day! EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT FAIL. Hence angelbest's nickname for me--Iron Will! Lol because I have an iron will to post. XD But not just posting, but commenting, too. I swear...I would spend every waking hour commenting and posting; if I didn't, I felt really guilty for the day. ^^;; Yeah, I was soooo obsessed. I have changed a lot since then, but I still can't get away from this site~ I still love myO!

That I just can't believe. Really. I have joined websites--forums, Gaia, myspace, etc...and after a year, maybe less, maybe a little more...I would just totally quit. Give up. Forget about it. Leave. It wouldn't be as fun or whatever...so like I haven't been on Gaia in FOREVER, and same with myspace, lol. Which is why I don't want to get a facebook, even though my IRL friends want me to. I know that if I get it, I will be totally obsessed with it for a few months and then just drop off a cliff. XD Haha. But for some reason, theOtaku hasn't done that to me! O__o; I guess it's because I've made so many sweet friends here...and things are constantly changing and becoming new! After all, our lives are always changing...so reading posts, viewing art, commenting, posting--things will be different all the time, and I don't want to miss out on your lives. ^^; *makes me sound like a creepy stalker* *laugh* But no, it's just...I don't know, I still really like being on this site. How about you guys? Have you had experiences like mine? Going on sites, being obsessed, and then never going back? I know lots of people have gotten tired of theO, or they think MyO is dead, so they don't come on...but not to me. :) I'm glad I have you guys still! *hugs*

Sorry~~ I didn't mean to go on a little...trip down memory lane or whatever you want to call it. XD But hey, I seem to find things to talk about when there really is nothing! *laugh* Anyhoo, today is a very chilly day! Chilly and rainy. O__O It's weird! It's been hot and humid this past week [welcome, official start of summer!], but now it's COLD. Huhhh...weird. I love the rain though. <333 I just hope that it stops enough for the baseball game tonight~ I want revenge for last night's loss!!! >E *stops myself before I go into my baseball ranting mood* Lol, I know most of you don't care. XD Uh, but on the topic OF baseball, my family and I are planning to go to some games~ 3, in fact!! ^__^ That's the most we've ever gotten tickets to. Usually we've just gone to 1...but since we didn't go to any basketball or hockey games this season, my dad decided to splurge. <33 So we're going to one in July, August, and the very last game of the regular season in October (fan appreciation night). Woot! Go Phillies! Haha, that's exciting.

But the deciding on tickets was rather stressful yesterday. My dad had picked out some games to go to...but my mom didn't like where the seats were, and then jeez, my dad got soooo mad about it!! He has a major problem with his anger...and he does have pills for it, but he doesn't always take them. ~__~ Uh, so yeah, the whole thing got blown out of proportion...just about which seats to get and how many games. But! It's amazing what a night's rest will do...because today he was in a better mood, and like I said, he felt like splurging~ Letting us go to 3! With "good" seats! ^^ Anyhoo, other than that yesterday...I had to put up with Corey and his usual complaining and being a jerk. When I got my computer time, I worked on my wallpaper. I'm having fun with it! I worked on painting his tattoos yesterday and today~ I really like adding more and changing them from the original scan. But now is the tough part...the background. ;__; I HATE backgrounds! I always have the hardest time deciding what to do...that's when I get stressed out. :/ So anyway, here's what I have now:

*thinks* I guess I'll just go find a music video for ya. ^^; Sorry this was a boring post~ And still probably long-ish, lol. I SUCK at CUTTING DOWN my posts. Oh well. It's my trademark, right? ^_~ Anyhoo, I just found this Death Note amv [MAJOR SPOILERS (though really, who doesn't know the ending by now?)] with one of my favorite Imogen Heap, "Hide and Seek". Tis a very very SAD video. ;__; Like omg. But it's good. Enjoy~

*hugs* Thanks so much for putting up with me! ^^;;; Me and my long posts...sometimes lack of comments...etc. Oh and goodness, my taking forever or total lack of replies to PM's and emails! I'm sorry. T__T Take care everyone~

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

in loving memory of all my sweet fishies. R.I.P.

Hey there, sweetie-poos~ OMG. So many comments! *__* Wow, thanks a ton! *hugs* Welcome back Aya!! <333 You got a new number? Well, you can text me with it, let me know. :) Welcome back wolf, too! It's been a while. I was wondering where you were, lol, though I'm sorry I haven't commented as much either. >_< Stixx, it's great seeing you again~ I LOVE your Angela Aki avatar! O__O omg, I want it. <333 Solemn-chan, too! It's been a while~ Wow, so many people came back. XD And Teapot, thanks for your first comment on my site. :) It's wonderful to have a new friend like you! *hugs* And many many arigatous to everyone else that commented~ You guys are great!

Yeah, gomen! I didn't post yesterday like I usually do. I posted on my World this morning, just saying why in case I wasn't going to post today either! So thanks to those that did comment on theO instead. :3 But I'm posting here now anyway. So I guess...if you read that already, you don't really need to comment, but I'll probably mention a lot more than I did on theO! Umm...my mood was really going to dictate whether I was going to post here today or not, lol, and my mood was reliant upon the outcome of the baseball game today!! ^^;; Yeah. My mood = whether my Phillies win or lose, lol. And...they won today! So!!! That's why I'm posting. >D Gawd, I was really upset though! We [remember, I say "we", but it's not like I'm on the team, or it's any team near me! It's MLB...I just love them so much...and speak of them as if I'm included, lol] could've won it during regular innings...but Lidge, our closer, blew the save AGAIN. he did it last night, but then he gave up the winning run, too, so we LOST. But today...he blew it, but at least kept it tied. So they went into extra innings, and we won it in the 11th~~~ Thanks to Carlos [Ruiz]!! I wub him. <3333

Goodness, if we didn't win that, I swear...I would've been OUT TO KILL...I wanted to take Lidge's head. XD *violent streak related to baseball* Hahaha. But we still ended up winning. [in your faces, Yankees!! Sorry, Twist. ;3]It's just that he did the same thing last night...and in several of his appearances, so it really isn't good. :/

ANYHOO! Why didn't I post yesterday like I usually do? Well, several things. I mostly just wasn't in the mood. That and I had a headache. I was really upset because the 2 fishies that I mentioned as still being sick...well, they died. But my biggest loss was Pedro because he was my favorite...sweet little thing. He was so tiny for a discus; he never ate that much so he didn't grow like the other guys...and then when he got sick, it was even worse. Well, friday night, I came down here to turn off the lights etc. and I saw Pedro was practically laying on the gravel...not swimming much. Still breathing though. So I tried to get him going! I also noticed though...a bite mark. As in, the other fish were pecking at him. I was really sad when I saw that...and I saw that he wasn't going to make it, so I decided to take him out, put him out of his misery, you know? I didn't want to find him dead in the morning, eaten by the other guys...so I made that decision. I was so sad though, when I did it, got the net out...wrapped him up...I was crying. CRYING. Yes, for a fish. I don't care what you think, but I loved that little guy. I buried him outside, and I cried and cried. Gawd, I felt so bad though. I felt like I was the one that killed him...cause he was still alive when I took him out. I felt guilty the rest of the night, but at the same time, I know I did the right thing. Fish are living things, too, and it just made me really sad to do that. The next day (yesterday), dad had to do the same thing to Tony the Tiger (remember my drawing of him?)...they were suffering way too much. Stupid parasites.

(if you want to see some photos of them, I put them on my dA)

But the good thing is that the rest are fine now. They're all healthy, and now we don't have to worry about any of them not eating or whatever...so hopefully this taught my dad a lesson! Don't fix it if it ain't broke! No more fish. We keep the ones we have...cause if we try to get more, we might introduce more contamination etc. So yeah. I'm glad these guys are ok, but it was very saddening to have the others pass away. Fishy heaven is filled up now. ^^;;; Umm...*thinks* Oh, friday we were going to see the new Star Trek movie. We left...but then my mom forgot her glasses so we had to go back, causing us to run a LITTLE late. Not enough to miss the movie, but when we were going through the town...well, we hit major traffic. :/ ugh. Didn't move at all. >< So we missed some of the beginning and decided not to go. I wouldn't have minded, but my parents like watching all the trailers for some reason. ^^;; So instead of the movie, we went to this pet store to look at the puppies~~~ Hehe!!! XD Of course, we're not getting a new one cause Totoro still runs the roost, but it's fun to look. :)

I held this adorable Yorkie puppy...he was sooooo cute, nibbling me, hehe. He was teething. XD And then this tiny super freaking cute chihuahua!! *__* She was such a little angel!! TT^TT I really wanted her...sooooooo adorable. But of course, noooo. Plus, they're so freaking expensive! O__O Next time, I think we should adopt one. *nods* Um, Corey wanted to take out this beagle/bulldog mix. Haha, he was cute in a funny-looking way. XD He was so playful and had huge paws...aww. After that, we got lunch and went home! But it was fun looking at the puppies. :3

Aside from those things, I've been working on my wallpaper, the one for Bou's challenge. I love it so far! Lots of fun. I'm not entering just cause it's a contest...nope. It's just that the scan inspired me and made me feel like walling! I haven't had the urge lately, so it was wonderful to get this feeling~~ I couldn't pass it up!! XD I'm still working on painting the guy, but it's going well. I don't know what I'll do with the bg yet. Sparkle, you're crazy to think he isn't sexy, but I know you only love asian men now...not anime guys. So I guess that means...smexy anime guys are all mine, not yours. Lol. Anyhoo, here's what I have:

Wow, I think I wrote enough, huh?? It's a lot more than my post on theO! XD So if you read that already AND this one...then you got more details alrighty, lol. Sorry~~~ *hugs* I'm going to work on my wall some more now. :) I'll try to comment better this week. Take care!! Thanks for visiting me!! <3

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

a bad day yesterday, but today's better!

Hi my dear friends! *hugs hugs* How are all of you doing? :) Wow, I got a lot of comments, and they came from several dears who haven't been here in FOREVER. Well, close to forever. Twist, Krystal, and Heley! Wow! <333 Welcome back~~ It's great hearing from you again. Haha, yeah, Twist. You know I can't NOT talk about my Phils. XD And did you know that we get to compete this weekend??? Yup, interleague play! Your Yanks against my Phils! T__T I'm slightly scared. *cough* Anyhoo, thanks Angelbest, lol, I appreciate your coming to read my ironwill goodness! Deb, I'm glad you enjoyed your b-day. :3 And also many thanks to Anna-chan, Britty, and Sinny, too! Arigatou for everything.

Ah, so far today is a MUCH better day than yesterday. O__O Like omg, yesterday sucked butt. First off, I didn't sleep well...and then when I got up, I heard the sad news that Victor (one of our sick fishies) passed away. ;__; And he, out of the 4 that were bad, was the least likely to die! Or at least, I totally didn't think that he would...so that was very sad. Yet another one of our fishies has gone to fish heaven. T__T Boy, dad and I sure have packed that place up! So right now Pedro and Tiger are still very very dark and sick. Blueberry Head has made a recovery, and same with Jimmy-Jimmy, so they should be ok...along with the other guys, but the ones I've mentioned are still worrisome. Pedro has always been a worry because he's SO tiny. He hasn't grown like the other discuses...that's because he's picky with his food. ~__~; So he's like 1/4 the size of the other guys. *sigh* My poor baby. So being tiny, not eating, and being sick are a recipe for disaster...I hope that somehow he gets through this. Tiger, too, of course.

Anyhoo, so that was the first bad thing yesterday. The next, involved my dog. No, HE'S fine, but I wasn't. As it happens all so very often...I tried petting him when he was near Corey. Everything was fine, and then BAM, he started growling and biting at me. So, instead of just pulling away and leaving like I usually do...well, I've been watching Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer. -__-' So I TRIED to discipline him by holding his collar and putting him down, and you know, just being strict! Well, he KEPT biting and growling viciously...and Corey just kept watching, like the jerk he is. It didn't work all that well, but at least I tried to discipline him more than usual; Corey should be the one to help out since he's Totoro's favorite. *sigh* So after that, mom came in worried about what happened...I just started crying then and went off. >> I escaped with two fingers bitten and bleeding a bit, with other bite marks in places...remember, he's just a miniature poodle, but he DOES hurt. Ugh. It makes me so upset that I can't even love my own dog. I keep saying I want a new one...but of course I can't get one, not while Totey still runs the roost. v__v

When I was still upset and washing my face, I accidentally bumped my leg hard into the cabinet door under my sink. Owwww. Right after, a bruise started forming. ^^; And now I have a very large and purple gross-looking bruise on my thigh. Yup. That was just another thing to add to the mess. So I had all that crap happening, along with that time of month, so I just felt HORRIBLE all day. .___. Of course my brother also annoyed me...and then other stuff happened, and then I thought I could just relax and watch the baseball game! Well, I DID, but my dear Phillies lost so that wasn't fun at all. *dies* BUT!!! They won today, which made me very very HAPPY!! ^__^ That made up for yesterday's loss, and so far Totoro is nice to me, but that's mostly because Corey is at work...but still, I'll take that.

Oh, something funny happened last night while I was checking on the baseball game online...uh, normally they should the teams' symbols and such, well, somehow it screwed up...my computer froze and died yesterday (oh yes, another fun thing that happened), so maybe that had something to do with it. ^^;; But uh, yeah. I typed and pointed out the things that happened on the screen I took, lol. But somehow AP must've invaded the yahoo sports site! O__O But what's funny is that I wasn't on the site at all yesterday, and it only happened on my Phillies vs Reds game...not the others. Like, huh?? How did it KNOW?? *laugh*
*checks site now* OMG, it's still the same...wtf??? T___T Something crazy happened, and now I don't know how to fix it. Darn you, AP!! >E

I might start working on a new wallpaper soon. One of the challenges on theO (Bou's inspiration challenge, monochrome factor) piqued my interest! So I MAY join it...I MAY make a wallpaper already. >_< I'm just not sure because lots of people are joining, and I'm not really that happy about doing a contest that involves walling the same exact scan. I like doing unique stuff with scans that most people don't see, so if I do this, well, it WON'T be unique. ^^;; Sure, people all have different ideas, and no wall will be the same, even with the same scan...but I don't know. >> So yeah, we'll just see. Hmm...*thinks* Tomorrow we're probably going to a movie. Mostly likely the new Star Trek movie, although I'd rather see Wolverine. :/ But eh, oh well. Um, here's a music video! I'm kinda obsessed with this song now, lol. Yuna Itou's "Losin'". The vid could use some work, but the song is good. :)

*hugs* Thanks sooooo much for visiting me! ^_^ I love you guys a ton. <3 You knew that already~~ I hope you're all doing well...and I'll try to comment. Take care~

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tis another day...another day in the life of moi. [doesn't amount to much!]

Hi there, my sweets! *hugs* How are all of you doing?? Thank you a ton for the comments! Wow, really, a lot more than I thought I'd get! ^^; Sparkle-chan, my dear whore-chan, it was great seeing you again!! Hahaha. XD You and Lala! <333 I know you guys don't get on very often, so it's ok. I relish in the time I DO get comments from ya. *hugs* So thanks. :3 Bou, wow, nice to see you comment here, too! Do you know of Hasumi-sensei's work? Good yummy yaoi?? XD Sweeeet. And thanks Britty, Angelbest, Deb, and Capri-chan for your wonderful words, too! ^_^ It makes my day~ Really. Arigatou for commenting whenever you can. <3

First off, I just made an e-card. Thanks to those that will comment, and thanks ahead of time to whoever decides to view it! ^^ Tis a b-day card for Deb (Kittenlark). Happy birthday, girl!!! *hugs* I hope you have a great one. :) So go wish her a happy birthday, too, if you'd like~

I've been wasting my time again. Hahaha. I came down here at 4pm to start posting, and yet now it's almost 5:30! That's cause...ok, I wasn't wasting my time since I was making that card! ^_^ That and I was putzing around on IMEEM looking for new songs~ New Angela Aki songs, woohoo! Her new album came out a few months ago. I should buy it. >__< So yeah. I put them on my playlist...which I'm pretty sure is still 30 seconds. :/ It's such a stupid stupid shame. So if you want to hear them, you'd have to click the link to my playlist on imeem itself, log in, and THEN you can hear the songs full. It's such a hassle! I wonder why imeem did that. :/ Oh well. Hmm...it's a very nice day outside. It's so pleasant~~ Not too hot, not too chilly! It's the lovely perfect medium. <3 Mom and I walked around our backyard with Totoro before I came online...it was nice. Yeah, our backyard is pretty big...^^;; We're very lucky to have this house. *thanks dad*

I slept last night without a sleeping pill! Woohoo! Yay! Ok, well, that's just ONE NIGHT. >> But still, I was proud of myself, lol. My neck hurt though cause I was trying different things with my pillow...that is, trying to raise it up so I might be able to breathe better, but eh...it just hurt my neck. ^^; Today I was looking forward to going to the mall with mommy, but she wasn't feeling well...so we couldn't go. It was her tooth; you know, she went to the dentist the other day to have all that work done? Well, apparently all wasn't ok...cause it was still hurting a lot. ~__~ Poor thing. She had to go back a couple of days ago to have a little more done since the dentist missed a spot, and it was still hurting today, so we didn't go out. She called the dentist, and he prescribed some antibiotics, in case it might be infected. Ugh. Poor mommy...but yeah, hopefully this week we can go mall shopping! >D Cause I need shooooessss. Shoes. Sandals. Stuff like that.

Hmm...the other day I posted on my World. Thanks to those that visited there! *hugs* ^_^ Most of it was repeats of what I've said here, but there were a couple new bits of info! Like I finished Persona 4. T__T Yeah...noooo...sad. It was really good, and now I'm pretty lost and like bored. O__o I don't know what to do without it!!! Upon finishing, I looked online for some P4 avatars...which I did find. *laugh* And so cause I found a lot that I like, I've been changing my avi a lot. XD Gomen! For one day I had an orange Yosuke one, but I quickly got tired of it, and now I'm using one of the main chara. <333 Sorry, Komugi...she didn't last long, did she? I'm back to bishies, lol. I like having eye candy while I comment now...hahahaa...*shameful*

I thought our fishies were doing better, but they're not. :( Remember? They got sick? Well, my dad has been trying every medicine out there (for ick, velvet, other parasites, etc.), and they're not getting better. Well, some of them got better...the the few that haven't healed are still completely miserable. V__V Miserable and blind. Whatever it is, is covering their eyes, and they can't see...they barely eat...gawd, it's terrible. I want them to get better! It's been practically 2 weeks! ;__; *hugs my babies* Those that need to get well: Pedro, Jimmy-Jimmy, Tony the Tiger, Victor, and Blueberry Head...please get better! It's so stupid. Ugh. >< Anyhoo, uhh...*thinks* Lately I haven't felt like doing anything. Or more like, I haven't felt...like feeling. ^^; I would be playing games, watching sports, etc. yet I just don't feel like I'm doing anything! Like I'm just bored with everything...just weird. I posted about that, too. I haven't felt like doing anything, and at the same time, I feel kinda ADD-ish. It's a weird feeling...my usual "I don't feel alive" deal. ~__~'

My mom put my hair in cute little pigtails. I'm not showing you a picture though. THAT would be scary.

Oh yeah, thanks for the compliments on my new hair style. :) Though, it's back to how it was before--curly/wavy. The straightness didn't last long! Cause it would only be straight if I straightened it everyday, and there's no way I'm doing that. I don't want to put effort into it. *laugh* So it is what it is! So, Lala, I can't really say how long it takes because I don't do it! The hair stylist did it the day I got it cut, and that's it. XD *lazy* Oh...a note from Meg (innocent heart). She loves all of you, and she says "hi"! Her internet has been down, and she's being confronted with finals [the last days of school before summer!!] and other projects...so she hasn't been able to come online. She loves and misses all of her friends though. *hugs from her* And if you're like "how the heck do you know?" We text each other, so yeah. <3 *thinks* I have no life, so I'll just provide you with a music video. XD Of one of Angela Aki's new songs, "Tegami." Tis a very sweet one. :) Enjoy!

*hugs hugs* Thanks sooooooo much for visiting me! Sorry for wasting your time with this. O__o I swear, I'm SO boring during the summer. Hahaha. I'm sure i had things to talk about, but I've totally forgotten them now. Like I said, my mind is kinda everywhere and nowhere right now. Sorry if I don't comment much today. *hugs* I'll try though. Thanks again; take care~

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

you know, whatever.

Hello, my dears!! *huggles* Arigatou gozaimasu for all the comments!! ^_^ You're all amazing~ Britty, Cassie, Reki, Capri (yay!!! welcome back! <333), and anna-chan! So great to see all of you. Haha, thanks for answering my little philosophical question there! About people remembering you and all. And yes, capri, obviously since I asked the question though...I thought my answer would be clear. I wonder about it a whole heck of a lot, which is why I talked about it. XD Um, thanks for the comments on my arts that I shared and everything else! I'm feeling better, thank you. :) Very thankful about that! I felt SO horrible those couple of days! O__O So yes, arigatou everyone~

I keep putting off this post! XD I was going to start like an hour ago...but then I got sidetracked with scanning in some smexy Toui Hasumi pages to submit on AP. ^^; She's a wonderful BL/yaoi mangaka! *to those that care* So that took a while...I enjoy scanning in stuff to submit there when the category has NOTHING in it! So then I feel all powerful with monopolizing it. Haha...cause I requested the Toui Hasumi category since they didn't have it before~ I hope to find more manga by her. The one I read was Othello (only one volume), but in it were that plus like 3 (?) other BL stories she wrote. All yummyful. *stops BL convo since some of you don't like it!!* Gomen! XD None of my scans are ever "top scans" on AP though...the only ones that get to be that are ECCHI or borderline hentai ones of girls. Apparently the males peruse the scan section more than the females...

Anyhoo, what else have I done today? Not much! Tis a day full of baseball, and you know how much I love that~ >3 A doubleheader today for my Phillies (yes, I can call them "my boys", capri-chan~ lol), so that means two games in one day! Why? Because of the rain-out that happened before against who we're playing (the Nationals), so yeah...it's to make up for that missed game. But goodness, this is a marathon weekend for them! 4 games against the Nationals (fri, 2 sat, 1 sunday), and last night's game...now THAT was a marathon! O___O My goodness! I thought we were going to lose, but you can never give up with my Phils...cause they never give up either!! XD We actually would've won in a timely fashion, but our closer blew it, going into extra innings...we finally won in the 12th inning, and it was almost midnight! ^^;; They had to play such a long game! And then have 2 today and one tomorrow, too. Wow. They will be tired, lol. But it's good to start off with 2 of them wins! Yes, they won earlier today, too. :)

Sorry. XD You know I can't resist talking about my baseball team during the summer. Aside from that, I have no life. Hahahaaa. Cause other than watch the game today, I only played P4 a little bit. I'm about to finish the game, and I don't want it to end! ^^; So yeah, I'm holding off slightly. Right now I'm on standby to bid on an auction for Corey (on ebay of course). >> He's at work, so yeah...but jeez, he always makes me bid on stuff for him, and he also always makes me take photos of things to sell, which I also need to set the auction up, blah blah blah...yet HE gets the money. ~__~ He's so not fair. Ugh, and if I forget about an auction he wants to win, THEN I'm in trouble. Gawd. *rolls eyes* So I can't forget! *just over an hour until it ends* Ok then! ><

So!! I must tell you what I did yesterday! "What did you do, Kelsey?" I got my hair cut again! Yup! ^_^ I said I needed to go back since it was getting too long [funny how my hair used to be SO long, and then once I get it cut after all that time...it's suddenly "too long" lol]. So I was just going to get my layers redone and a bit trimmed~ Well, I got 2 more inches cut off, and my hair styled a bit differently! You remember the last pic of me? With my hair all uber curly? Well, this time, the lady kinda straightened it! O__o I've never had it straight[-ish]...well, not since I was little! ^^; So here's what it looked like yesterday:
Not bad, eh?? XD At first, I was like EWWWWWW. But, I kinda like it...then again, it won't last long. It's already getting its waviness back again. *laugh* Can't help it! XD If I don't want to physically force it straight every day (which I don't), then it's just going to do its curly/wavy thing! So be it. *nods* Oh, and in that pic you can obviously see my room...with some of my anime/manga goodies in there. ;3 And my Yu Darvish calendar/poster [he's that hot japanese pitcher], and Seyonne's (my betta) tank. ^^

So yeah, mom and I did that, and went to the grocery store afterwards, while Corey and dad went metal detecting! Corey was rather tolerable yesterday, but maybe that is because we were out for most of the day. It's always amazing when we can go through a day without arguing about something stupid!! XD *thinks* As I said before, I'm feeling better from that little flu dealy I had going on. That was terrible. >.< And my poor mommy with her dentist visit...with all the work she had done to her teeth, well, she's doing pretty good! Still in some pain, but she'll be ok. Too bad she has to go back again soon to have MORE done. T__T *hugs her* Hmm...I think you all saw my silly pink elephant drawing, lol, so thanks for all those comments. XD And now for a silly video! My friend Kaisa had it on her site, and I couldn't help but think awwww!! And laugh. Haha! It's crazy how many hits this vid has. O__o But yeah...meet the mean kitty! Hehe!

Alrighty, I do believe that's it. :) Thank you for visiting me!! *hugs* I'll keep trying to comment when I can. Have a good weekend and week with whatever you're doing!! Take care~

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

pink elephants among other important...or not...things.

Hi peoples! *hugs* Thanks a ton for the comments! You guys are the best. :) Arigatou! Welcome back to sparkle, reki, Deb, Britty, and darke!! Wow, it's been a quite a while for most of you actually. XD So it's great to hear from you again!! sparkle-chan!! >3 Thank you for dropping by! Good luck again with your schoolwork. Britty, you're an awesome friend, whether you comment or not, so don't forget it. *hugs* Thanks to those that complimented my avi! Hehe! ^^ I'm sure I'll change it again soon. XD I can't seem to stray from Mihashi for long, lol. Reki, I could hire you to come over and be my bodyguard~ That would be great! ;3 And sure, maybe sometime I will make a Reki wall! Arigatou again to everyone~~

It's so dark and windy today!! *__* I swear it's felt like it's been on the edge of thunderstorming all day...but no such luck. T__T I almost wish it did...even though there was a baseball game (Phillies, duh) this afternoon. It's just that it wasn't a good game...so I kinda wanted it to be interrupted some way! ^^;; I thought we were going to win, but our darn relief pitchers totally screwed up! Ugh!!! V__V I could complain more, but you don't wanna hear that, lol. Let's just say I'm upset that we lost. Lost last night, too. Yay, we're doing SO totally well. *sarcasm* :/ For being the defending World Series champs, we sure aren't acting like it!!! DX Anyhooooo, today my mommy had to go to the dentist and have all that oral surgery done. This is just the first of 3 parts...so in 10 days she'll go back for more to be done, and then 10 days after that, she'll have the last part done. ~__~ Poor thing. She's had this done a few other times as well...cause of the shoddy (that's quite the understatement) job of her previous dentist. So she's had to get bridges, fake teeth, etc. etc. Everything went ok today, but of course her mouth is very swollen and sore. T__T Poor mommy.

Ugh, my throat is starting to hurt...boo. Maybe it's from yelling at the TV during the baseball game, or maybe it's from my little illness. These past few days I have felt like SO MUCH CRAP. It started the other night--my stomach was in sooooooo much pain. I swear, I have never been in so much pain before...and all night...and then the next day was just as horrible. It's one of those stomach flu things that keep you near the toilet! ^^;;; And so I was in poor shape yesterday and the night before. Today I'm feeling better on that end, but now like I said, my throat is kinda aching. Oh yeah, aches. My body ached all over, too. So it definitely appeared to be one of those quick flu things...luckily no swine flu, which still sounds ridiculous to me. I think it's being blown waaaay out of proportion!! >> Well, anyhoo, I didn't get on the computer much cause of me not feeling well, and today my face has been itching more than usual (yes, the strange allergy thing), so I don't feel like being on the computer a lot either.

*checks on fishies* Well, they're ALMOST all better. There's still a few that are sick. :*( Tony the Tiger, Victor, and Jimmy-Jimmy...they still look pretty bleh. :/ Tiger is probably the worst. Um, but the other guys are doing ok! They're eating for the most part, but Pedro isn't really...and he's the runt. He's sooooooo tiny, and the problem is that he's picky about food. WTF? Would you ever think that fish are picky about what they eat? *laugh* Well, he is, and that's not good! Cause he's tooooo widdle! I'm amazed that he's still alive. THANK GOODNESS. My dad keeps saying, "We should take him out to dry! You know, just put him outside...he's no good like this! Look at how small he is. He'll die sooner or later." >E Then I hit my dad when he says that. Lol, I'm not physically violent with anyone but my dad...haha...so yeah, I hit him (well, slap him on the arm or belly) cause I know he can take it. XD I'm pretty weak, so yeah, hahaha. I wouldn't hit anyone else cause...errr, well, Derek, he hits me back. >_> [not very nice! of course, he does it very lightly] Corey is such a wuss that he...ugh, it wouldn't be worth it. Things would get soooo much worse, and why on earth would I hit my mom?? O__o So my only option is dad. Lol.

*thinks* I've been wondering this! I asked Steph this before...but I'd like to know all y'all's take on it! I don't think I've asked this, have I?? If I Have, well, bear with me. *laugh* Um, you know, we remember events that go on in our lives...we remember people and think back on them, either negatively or positively! But what about those people we think on? Do they also remember us and think back to us every once in a while, too? Do you guys wonder this? Cause I'm sure you all recall past events that involve people that maybe you only saw that one time, or maybe an old teacher or something...do you think that they also would remember you some days? Teachers especially, or yeah, those one-timers. Teachers meet and have sooo many students throughout their lives, so what's the luck that you made impact enough on them that they would remember you for a very long time after you moved on from their class? It's just a thought. Or maybe someone that has hurt you in the past, and maybe you have a grudge against them...do you think they ever think back on what they've done to you and want to apologize but they maybe will never get the chance? *end philosophical discussion*

I've been complaining a lot about my brother lately, haven't I? XD Well, today I'll try not to. ^^ Yesterday I had to put up with him all day, but he didn't do anything to really piss me off...some annoying things, but eh...he's always annoying. It just seems like every time I see him, some sort of argument crops up! Britty, a therapist? Gawd, I hope not, lol. My brother just needs his own thorough doctor and psychiatrist visit. *nods* And I hope that he moves out soon so that we won't have so many problems! DX I'm grateful that at least my oldest brother D is normal. I felt really grateful for him on mother's day. *__* I mean, it's amazing! I can have NORMAL conversations with him! Normal sophisticated and intelligent conversations! Corey has NEVER been one for those. You can't give your opinion without him taking offense somehow, and you can't talk seriously either. I wish he were more normal. T__T
[edit: just drew a pink elephant, enjoy]

Ok...I'll draw this to a close soon. In case you didn't see my card already, I'll put it in this post, too. I added it to my last post a little later, so yeah. But many many thanks to those that already commented!! ^___^ (I got some of the most hugs for any of my cards!)

Okies, thank you sooo much for sticking with me. :) You guys are awesome! I'm sorry for anything that I may have caused...in the negative sense! ^^; And I'll try to comment when I can. Take care, and do your best with everything that comes at you!

P.S. Capri-chan made me this wallpaper the other day! It's of Mihashi from Oofuri~~ She's so sweet! ^^ Please check it out if you have the time. Thanks!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ye olde brother rant, other random things, cute, vid...[looks long, but there's big things in the way!]

Hi there!! Konnichiwa! Or Konban wa! Or...ohayou! Whenever you're reading this. XD Nice to see you guys! *hugs* Thanks a TON for the comments. :) It was great hearing from all of you~ Lute, Deb, Cynthia, xaos, Sinny, and LALA!! <333 Hehe. Thanks for everything you said...lol, I'm sorry that I keep making my brother into public enemy #1...but you all see my point at least. ^^; Hmm...arigatou for telling me about your mother's days, or well, what you were going to do for them! Lala, I LOVE YOU TOO!! Hahaha!! And yes, the singer from Base ball bear is very cute~~ Thankies for everything! <333

^_^v I changed my avi to one of Komugi~ I made it the other day. XD This is the first time in quite a while that I have an avi of a girl character! *laugh* I've been enjoying my bishies too much. Hahaha. But I'm totally going back to bishies after this one. >3 Eye candy, yum. But yeah, I got this scan of her...and I thought it was toooo cute to pass up! I might make a wallpaper from it some time, but until then, I made an avi. It's pretty good; I'm not very skilled at making icons though...^^; I tend to dislike using ones that I've made. XD

Bah, my face. T__T Still itchy. It's kinda gotten worse. I really can't go anywhere without getting a reaction...itchy, bumpy, burny face. It makes me look like I have all these little pimples! Argh!! STUPID!! And no lotions help!! >< So that's why I still can't be on the computer much! Apparently...everywhere is a danger zone. ^^; Anyhoo, the weather is very pleasant today! Yesterday was quite chilly, but now it's warmer...really nice. I slept ok last night and the night before~ No sleeping pill, so yay! I hope that keeps up. Lol, I had weird bad-ish dreams though...haha, though most of you wouldn't think so! I dream about my baseball team losing. XDD Cause that's what they've been doing!! Darn you, Phillies!!! You were World champs last year, so what happened??? T__T They better win tonight. I seriously want to threaten them all. Heck, I'd settle for meeting them...*swoons at the thought of meeting some of the guys*

Ok, so let's see....what has gone on in my life since I last posted? Well, Mother's day and yesterday, and part of today. On Mother's day we went to church in the morning, came home...and then nothing happened until the boys came home (as in Corey from work, and Derek coming over from his place). Then mommmy opened her gifts! ^_^ She really liked everything that she got! She said it was one of the best mother's days ever~ So yay! But of course, she got that uber expensive watch from dad. ^^;;; I still shudder to think at the price. Lol, um, I don't think anything else really happened that day. Yesterday...well, it would've been a fine day, but as usual my brother Corey got on my nerves! I was stuck with him all day as usual, and everything was going fine for the most part! We watched anime together, and that's basically it. But I reached my boiling point at night, like right before bedtime, because he always starts such STUPID things! He always has to have the last word, and he also always needs to be praised. He "deserves all the credit," and I never get any for anything...so whenever I really should get some credit, he denies it and instead makes an argument about it. It's so retarded.

[I'm being vague about the topic simply because it is just SO STUPID.] Um, so when I said in a slightly sarcastic way, "Oh yes, Corey, You're SO great. THANK YOU," and then walked away, he thought that I had problems. Uh-huh. He went to mom and complained, and he said that I "snapped" at him for "no reason." *rolls eyes* [mom told me about the conversation they had] She told me that he also said that he was feeling depressed and blah blah blah. I don't care. Even if he says that he's depressed, it doesn't give him an excuse to treat me the way that the does...doesn't give him an excuse to be as immature as he is. And so mom tried to diffuse the situation by writing it off as PMS. *rolls eyes more* WTF? She said that she told him, "We girls can get like that some days! We have the right to snap if we feel like it." ~___~ Yeah, ok mom. I feel like snapping at him all freaking day, every single day because OF HIM, not because of hormones. I swear whenever he's home these days, I just want to stab him! You guys are right, I should hit him, but I'm not a physically violent person. I think violent thoughts, but I don't act on them...and he's always hurting anyway, so doing that certainly wouldn't help. :/ He just needs to go to a psychiatrist, neurologist, normal doctor...anything. He seriously needs help. And yet, he thinks that I'm the one with problems. This morning he also did/said something retarded that made me mad, and again, when I just tried to say my honest feelings, he made it into a big argument.

Gawd. I realize you're all probably sick of hearing me rant about my brother! SORRY!!! But seriously, it's the only thing that is constantly bothering me...that I need to get out of my system!! Lol. Gomen. He does have good points, but those come very rarely. Yeah, sorry again~~~ ANYHOOO....I'm gonna get my hair cut again soon. I wanted to this week, but I'm not sure if I can. :/ So maybe next week? Thursday would be great, but my mommy has to have more oral surgery done. T__T Yeah, dentistry to the max...she's getting several teeth removed, and then I think they're going to put a bridge in or something. She's had this done on the other side of her mouth, and now it's time for the rest. *sigh* It's so horrible. :( I hope it won't be as bad as the last few times. ^^;;

TOOOO CUTEE. *dies from cuteness*

*thinks* Oh!! My fishes are on the road (or river?) to recovery!! ^__^ Yay! They were very sick for almost a couple of weeks! All dark...gross looking...bleh, they wouldn't eat...but my dad has been using this medicine, and now they're all almost all better! <33 Getting their colors back. ^^ It's great. *thinks more* Jee, I'm totally lost for words! Or uh...I've just run out of things to talk about. I thought I had stuff to mention, but now I don't remember. Oh well!! So here's a Perfume video. >D I've been listening to them (and Uverworld, Base Ball Bear) nonstop lately, lol! I wish I could dance like them~

Ok then~ Thanks a lot for visiting me!! ^__^ I appreciate it. <333 I love you guys. :) I'm sorry if I don't comment as much as I'd like to...I've been trying my best. ^^; I wish you all well in your endeavors! School, work, health, anything! Take care~

P.S. I just made an e-card! Please take a look if you want~ Thanks!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

goodness gracious, this post is boring.

Hi there, my friends! *hugs* O-genki desu ka? [doing good?] Haha, thanks so much for the comments! Goodness, more than I thought. XD Sinny, yes, you were the only one that asked questions that day! Haha, but it was fine. I liked answering them. :) So yeah, welcome back to all that commented--Anna-chan, Yaya, angelbest, Sinny, Liz, Samantha, and Cassie! <3 Arigatou~ I'm glad you liked the pics I took...of nature and of myself! *laugh* The compliments were much appreciated. :3 Hehe, I'm not THAT cute. O__o; But thanks a lot for all the sweet words you gave me. Yeah, so if you didn't see yesterday's post, and wanna see a crappy pic of me, go right ahead. Arigatou for everything~

Bah. *looks angrily at my baseball team* Darn you, Phillies! Don't lose!! T__T Yeah, baseball's on right now, and we're losing. Darn it. Last night we won amazingly, so I was hoping that momentum would carry over to today, but that isn't happening yet. ~__~; As you guys [may] know, I get cranky when my Phillies lose. *laugh* Or if for some reason I can't watch/listen to the game, or if I don't get my newspaper! I'm a weirdo for my age, I suppose. Anyhoo, aside from that, I played P4 today. I beat the last bosses~~ ^_^ Ok, well, not the FINAL bosses...not technically, cause there is a bonus dungeon that you can go to, and then fight the real last bosses and stuff there...but I beat the final ones for the main part of the game. <3 The guidebook I have made them out to sound SO tough! I was really worried! Lol, but they were pretty easy. XD I guess I just had my guys prepared. >D They took a long time though. And now my playtime is over 80 hours...hahaaa...I really take my time with video games, don't I??

Tomorrow is MOTHER'S DAY here. Any of you doing anything special for your moms? Some of you don't seem to care about it, lol, or about any holidays (*cough*sinny*cough*), and I'm not much for it either. ^^; Though I love my mom the most out of anybody, I just...don't know! I'm not much for these holidays cause...I don't know. XD I have no reason. We're not going to do anything special, though we're going to church. We don't go to church all that often. :/ Mom wants us to go more, but I'm anti getting up early, even if early means 9:30am, lol. Uhh...I got mom this cute mug that she picked out. Most of the gifts come from dad cause we kids are failures as far as gift-giving goes. Apparently that isn't how it's supposed to be! ^^; It should be kids giving mom's gifts only! Not the husband giving like 40 times more...*thinks of the gift dad got her* Oh gawd. That's too much money. ;__; I said this before...but...I don't see the point in expensive jewelry and things!

Umm...yesterday we (mom, corey, and I) went to the chiropractor and then the mall. I haven't been in a while, and my neck was killing me. It still is. ~__~ The chiro ("kai-ro", lol, which is what we call him) really rushed along because he had another patient...so I didn't get the proper treatment! T__T So I'm still hurting. Midway through, dad came in and surprised us! *laugh* He was going to the hospital to get bloodwork done, and he passed by the chiropractor's place, and he decided to visit us since we'd be there. I was like O__O "who are you and what are you doing here??? DO I KNOW YOU??" Hahaa. The chiro hasn't seen dad in ages, so he totally didn't know who he was. *laugh* Thought it was some weirdo accosting me! XD But yeah, then he left...and when we were all done, we went to the mall.

All went well (I got the next 12 Kingdoms novel), and then we had lunch...and then my brother sickened me. I swear. *sigh* It's all HIS fault that I have such a poor POV of most guys! So we were having lunch, and there were these girls that had rather large boobs...and my brother wouldn't stop staring. And then he kept making rude and lewd comments about girls and bust sizes! He even said, "That's all that matters anyway! Jeez, there's nothing good around here. Either fatties or too skinny. There's some good scenery at this mall though..." as he continued to talk about breast size. It disgusts me. DISGUSTS MEEEE. He will never find a girlfriend if he constantly speaks of all girls as "whores," and only looks at bust size. It's terrible. He's horrible. It's things like that...that make me really want to just get rid of him. And whenever I try to say anything to him about how terrible he is, then he gets really mean and makes fun of me instead. [me and my tiny boobs...] He causes nothing but trouble...he's 28, but I'm afraid that he'll never move out of this house and grow up.

Bah. Sorry about that. All I do is rant about him. And no, I've never hit him, though I sure would like to. I wish someone would slap some sense into him....I wish he would go to a doctor, too, cause he's always complaining about aches and pains EVERYWHERE. *sigh* Anyhoo, enough about him...lemme think of something else to talk about. ^^;;; Oh, fish. Our poor fishes are still very very sick. Yes, it's some sort of parasite, whether it's ick or something else...it isn't going away yet, even with all the meds dad has put in. The poor poor things. My babies. ;__; I just hope none of them die. *watches baseball* Still losing...one inning left. Boo.

Sorry for this crappy post! All I do is complain about my brother. And there's nothing else really interesting in this post. ^^; Oh yeah, imeem...nope, the songs are still 30 seconds, anna. There were full for like part of a day, lol. Here's a video though. ^_^ Base ball bear's "Electric Summer." I love this song. <33

Thanks for visiting me!!! *hugs* I love you guys. Sorry that you have to deal with my stupid posts. XD And sometimes lack of commenting. I will try to comment some later today and maybe tomorrow. Good luck with everything going on in your lives. You can do it! Take care~

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

a shorter post! pics and goodies.

Hi, my sweets!! *hugs* How are all of you today? Thanks a ton for the comments! You guys are great. :) Wow, I totally wasn't expecting that many~ Haha, you guys always surprise me! ^_^ Usually in the good way, of course. ;3 So yes, thanks. Welcome back Elves, Angelbest, cassie, yaya-chan, liz, and everyone else that commented! But for you dears, it's been an even longer time. Yaya...I think it's been over a year! *laugh* So welcome back! *hugs* Thanks so much for everything. <33 Haha, yeah...I've never had real girls' jeans before! ^^; Sounds really embarrassing...being a girl and all, but I never had any cause they wouldn't fit me right. I still don't think they're perfect, but oh well. Elves, JxR, woot! <3 I'm not sure who I like the most. >__< I've only read the first volume so far, and I really liked the...what was he? Principal of the school or something [long dark hair]? XD Yeah. Arigatou everyone!

Sooo...it's kinda later...but whatever. It's another...cloudy rainy day! ^^; At least it's warm today...bleh, kinda too warm and humid. So now we've had rain for 4 or 5 days! Wow, that's a record...at least, it sure feels like one. *laugh* It's felt really long! We usually don't get this much rain. I LOVE the rain though, so I'm good with it. But last night (during SLEEPING time) we had a major thunderstorm! O__O Like, really really loud and lots of lightening. It was very hard to sleep. *sigh* So I had to take a part of a sleeping pill. :/ I was doing so well sleeping without them, but now 2 nights in a row I've had to. ~__~ I hate that. Makes me feel down that I can't sleep naturally! Argh!!! But I blame the thunderstorm for last night's troubles!! Although...my mind wasn't stopping either. I hate my overactive mind. :(

Ok, so it's official. I have a perfect 4.0 GPA so far in college~ My first 2 years down! >D Cause my chem teacher put in the grades, and so I'm all set. I got straight A's again this semester. ^^; Woohoo!! As a gift...err, gifts for that, I've been ordering more books and manga. I just can't resist. And my mom can never say NO to reading materials. <3 As an added bonus though, my dad gave me $100!! T___T Wow. He's too sweet. I honestly didn't need or...really want it though. We're not exactly rich, and he's been complaining about spending money on the electric bill and stuff, and yet he gives me $100 for grades. Thanks dad, you're the best, but I don't really want it! *laugh* Cause I don't ever pay for things on my own anyway...I don't have a job; I don't drive, etc. etc. I don't know what I'm going to do with it for now. Well, save it obviously, but still. ^^;; Oh, and my dad, speaking of money, has been really weird and stingy with having lights on. "Turn off those lights! There's too many lights on! You don't need them on!" O__o I think he'd rather us live in the 1700's or something...candles all around!

And yet he is willing to spend lots and lots of money on things for my mom...for mother's day. I won't say what or how much, but when I saw it (on ebay) I was like O____________O ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? SERIOUSLY??? What a waste of money right there. ;___; I don't see the point in spending so much on jewelry/watches and stuff like that. Maybe it's cause I'm not a big accessory person, lol. I wear a cheap watch, that's it! Good enough for me--it tells time!

So today, as usual, I have just been playing Persona 4! I'm almost done! ALMOST. I'm right at the last bosses...though that's not the end of the game. There's still stuff to do afterwards, and even a bonus dungeon as well. :) But yeah, I'm hoping I can win!!! >D Anyhoo, yesterday...well, it was starting out to be a usual crappy day being stuck with Corey, but my dad wanted to go on a walk at the park we've been to before, and so I agreed! We somehow got cor to come along, too though...which was ok, but still. :/ Um, we took Totoro of course, and he had fun. ^_^ Waddling around. *laugh* He doesn't run or walk very well...he waddles. I guess it's cause he's a little fatty, and also he has hip problems anyway. Poor thing!! But yeah, right away Corey started bossing me around while walking Totoro. He's such a retard. He NEVER takes Totes for a walk on the leash, and yet he orders me around? He can never just relax and have fun; there's always something to complain about or something to yell at me for. ~__~ But anyway, we still had a nice time; I took some photos. When we walked by the river, there were geese! And their babies! ^__^ it was soooo cute! I took a few of the pics, but they actually turned out blurry...I submitted the best one to dA. :/ I also submitted one of a pretty lush green area near the river. Here they are:
Pretty green area!

And here's a crappy little pic I took with my phone...of me...last night, lol. My hair was being nice and curly! So I was like WHY NOT?? i always think I look terrible in photos, so be nice. >.<

*thinks* I must really love that shirt I Have on. I'm still wearing it now (it's one of my pajama tops), lol, and I just looked...and it was the same one I wore when I took another pic of me to show you guys!! XDDDD Hahahahaa. What rotten luck. So despite what you may think, I DO have more than one shirt.

*thinks again* If you're bored, I suggest going through this site cause it's really cool! It's called "altered books," and it's where you take an old/used book or whatever, and then scribble out most of the words...and select just a few to make a poem with (not in the same sentence). Uh, so those are pages that people have shared. My favorite is "It was the combination of god and chess pieces." I went <33333333333333333 when I saw that one. *laugh* It's now my quote or whatever on MSN. XD It's amazing what you can come up with...with other people's words, uh, or something. It's interesting. *thanks Stumbleupon and Oli-chan for that one* Ok!!! So!!!! I could complain more about my brother, but I figured that it would kinda be pointless and stupid. You already know how much he annoys me. I have nothing else to talk about then...so you got lots of pics in this one instead!! *laugh*

Thanks so much for visiting me. :) You're the best! Take care~~

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

answers to questions and a trip to the mall yesterday! :D

*huggles* Hi hi! Thanks so much for the wonderful commets! ^__^ So nice to see you, my dear friends~ Thanks a lot for putting up with that last post of mine. XD I know it was really boring! Haha! And so most of you just went straight for the questions, which is fine. Anna-chan, was your comment cut off? It just seemed to be so. Well, thanks to all of you for answering my silly questions. ^^ Most of you don't like watching sports, but I already knew Sinny did. <3 Haha. No problem~ So yeah, thanks a lot!! I guess I'll answer the questions I asked now. XD Oh, and I'll answer Sinny's questions:

1. "So you must have a 4.0?" Well, I'm waiting for my final grade in chemistry, but I'm guessing/hoping that will also be an A, and if that's the case, then yes. *laugh* I have a 4.0 for my first 2 years of college.
2. "Ahem, so, do you collect things?" I collect things, sort of...but I'm not like my brother that just collects and collects for no reason. I collect anime figures and such, and manga...but I read my manga, lol. So I don't know. XD Stuffed animals??
3. "Do you have one of those "guilty pleasure" foods?" Hmm...not really. I eat whatever I want, when I want pretty much. *laugh* So I don't think I do! I LOVE chocolate, so I'm always up for eating some chocolate goodness. <333

Umm...as for the questions I asked in my last post, well, I think you already knew most of the answers. :) Cause you know I love watching sports, but I can't stand playing them. I watch baseball, hockey, basketball, and very little football [these are in the order of what I like most, lol]. I like watching random shows on TV, but mostly things on the national geographic channel, animal planet, or food network. But...I love me my reality shows, too! Like America's Next Top Model, and College Hill. >D Yup yup! Hah. But I love the shows on Nat Geo most...like Locked up Abroad and Dogtown. :) Uhh...you already know I've been single all my life, lol...*thinks* and I don't remember what my other question is, so yeah! That's it. Haha.

*wants to stab Imeem* Ugh. WTF. I was so hoping that they'd fix the stupid playlists back to being FULL songs. Stupid 30 seconds! T__T It's not fair. They only work if you log into imeem first. I guess they just want more people to have accounts there. :/ Anyhoo, how are all of you doing today? I'm enjoying my summer break, although it kinda just started...and...I haven't done anything really. XD But! Still. I'm quite grateful that I somehow got out so early~ Good luck to all of you still slaving away! *hugs* Um, but it hasn't been summery outside. We've had rain and chilly weather these past 3 days or so. I don't mind it though cause I love the rain~ The only way it'll ruin my day is when it cancels the baseball game! That's what it did sunday...but since my Phillies' games have been away yesterday, today, and until friday, then it's been ok. Don't you DARE get in the way of me watching my baseball! *laugh* I get very cranky. XD Also, if I don't get my newspaper I'm equally out of sorts, lol. I'm an odd one.

Ok! So I have some things to talk about! :) Yesterday, because I wanted to get away from my brother, I went with my parents to the mall to do some shopping. Normally, I totally wouldn't want to do that. ~__~' But...they were going to the mall for mom to get a new mixer, and I figured that maybe dad wouldn't mind letting me buy some stuff, too lol. Like MANGA. :D So I went along, and we went to Borders, a Borders I haven't been to before. We've been to this mall a lot, but this one is kinda separated into 2 sections...and we usually go to the other one, and I had no clue there was a Borders in this one. It was fairly new and really big! *__* And it had so much more manga than the others~~ Hehe! It was very hard to resist picking anything and everything up, lol. Uh, my mom asked one of the workers there if they had a sale going on with the manga because the one we usually go to had a "buy 4 get 5th free" deal...and the lady reacted so strangely! O__o Like it was the weirdest thing to ask! She said, "What? A sale? Um, WHICH store had that sale? They're not authorized to just have sales whenever they want. We're not allowed to do that. I wonder how on earth they did that. They can't do that. Sorry, ma'am, we don't have any deals like that going on. They weren't supposed to either." Uh...what? O__O; Seriously. She sounded so rude and reacted so...weirdly...it was...weird. *laugh* Well, EXCUSE ME FOR ASKING. Haha. Not "authorized"? Ok...sure lady. Well, they had a deal, so there. I guess that's why I liked them more. ;P

But nonetheless, it was still a cool Borders. I got a few manga, each from a different series: Crown vol.1, Invisible Boy vol.1, Magical JxR vol.2...yeah, I think that's it. There were a lot more I wanted to continue series, but I'm getting them online anyway. ^^; I gathered up like 10 in my hands, and unfortunately I DID have to choose. T__T Haha, oh well. It's good to try new series. >3 Anyhoo, after that, we noticed that there was a Levi's store nearby! Again, I've hardly ever been to this part of the mall, so it was like WOW. *laugh* In case you wanna know, I haven't gotten new jeans in...10 years? More? Well, I've been wearing boys' jeans (the same pair) for all these years, along with some other pants...but yeah, no, I've never had a pair of GIRLS jeans before. ^^;; It's just so hard to find ones that fit me right! ;__; I like comfortable things, not tight, low-cut things...bleh. :/ So I had to make-due with what they had. I got mid-rise ones, which still aren't what I want...but meh. I still don't think I look good in them. I think my butt's too big...and my legs are too short and stubby to look good in jeans. ~__~ But I figured at 20 years old, I might as well have a pair of girls' jeans for once. Lol.

At the store, there was a French couple! Or, at the very least, a French speaking woman with her translator?? It was just cool. >D I was like, "OMG. I know what she's saying! She's speaking French!" Hahaha!! It was cool. *laugh* Around my area, you don't hear many other languages spoken aside from English. Ok, well, there is a lot of Spanish and Chinese...but you get the drift. XD *thinks* So I got 2 pairs of jeans! And manga! Oh, we also went to the Disney store, and I got an adorable "Mother Earth" Mickey Mouse mug. Tis soooooo cute. <333 It was a fun trip out for me. Yup. :) But then I got home, and I had to put up with Corey. I swear, I'm having less and less patience for him these days. Now whenever I see him, I just wanna...stab him or something. >__<' I know that sounds horrible, but I'm just fed up with him. *sigh* The things he does, says, whatever.

Our fishies are sick. We got some new ones the other day (3 new discus), and well...1 of them already died from being sick. :( And now, even though we had them in the 2 separate tanks, somehow the big tank got contaminated! So now all of the other guys are sick. George is doing the worst. Poor baby. Todd is totally immune to anything, so he's fine. :/ But the other *counts* 8? or so guys are sick. I hope they get better soon. I don't want any more to die!!! T__T Ok...well...I think that's all from me. This is a much longer post than my last one! Whether it's too long or not, well, I don't know. Oh well. [edit: I just made a really quick card for fun. Enjoy!]

Thanks so much for visiting me~ I love you guys. *hugs* Sorry for not commenting much. ^^;; I haven't...felt like it sorta, kinda. But I still love you guys. <333 Take care!

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