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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random thoughts here and there, a dusty store, baseball talk...and that's all. :D Sorry if it's long lol.

Hi-hi!! Arigatou for all the comments. *__* Lots of lovely people stopped by. ♥ For some it's been a while!! You know who you are. XD It was great seeing all of you again: fma (wow, a comment here! that's awesome! thank you~~), twist, Britty, Deb (you're amazing to comment on all 3 posts!), Mizu (no problem about it being cut off), Raisha (wow, 3 posts in a row??), anna-chan, xaos, Nana, and Jungy! Goodness. Lots of wonderful friends. Thank you~ I'm glad you like my new haircut!! ^_^ Haha, I know I shouldn't put myself down, but I just don't like how i look in pics! Lol. But I do like my new short hair. <3 Oh, Jungy I went to the aquarium the other day...see older post for pics! XD If we go again, I'll take you. ;3 Um, so yeah! Thanks again to everyone that commented. ^^

My hair is curly again. It's nice, but I kinda liked it better straightened! O__o Or at least my bangs. They should be straight...but that involves using the blow-dryer and not being lazy. But! I'm so lazy. T__T When it comes to my hair...I'm just too lazy...even if I like it different from my usual do-nothing. That's probably why I don't use make-up either, lol. I'm way to lazy to want to spend extra time putting it on. I don't KNOW how to put make up on. Lipstick, kinda (hey, it's basically just chapstick!), but that's it. Anything that deals with eyes, nope. >>' I envy girls that use eyeliner and stuff cause I think it looks pretty (if done right), and I wonder how it would look on me...but I Haven't the slightest clue! And I like being au naturel. ^_~ Plus, I don't go out much. *laugh* Not enough to "show off"! What's the point of doing my hair or using make-up, if all I do is stay home?

That was random. I totally wasn't planning on writing that paragraph. XD It makes me wonder how on earth our minds work. How we think. How we transfer our thoughts to our fingers to our keyboards? O__O And reading...how is it that we are able to read and create images from words? Lol. Ok, now I'm just getting odd with my scientific thinking questions. >> No need to give me answers.

Corey works today, so yay, it's been nice to have him away from me. Though I haven't done much. :/ I played Fire Emblem DS for a while, fed the fish, cleaned Seyonne's tank (he's my betta, if you forgot), ate lunch...and then went outside and read! I'm really enjoying my book. ♥ It's called The Awakened Mage by karen Miller. I mentioned when I was reading the first book in the series, The Innocent Mage, and how I loved it. I finished reading that last week...cause it was so good. I read that rather fast for me!! I'm not that fast of a reader, nor do I find a lot of time for reading, so usually it takes me 3 weeks or more to finish a book [this one was longer than most I've read though, at 640 pages], but I only took 2 weeks to finish it. :) And now I'm reading the second (and last) book in the series...which is equally good!! >D But it's longer (712 pages), which I'm thankful for. A good book needs to be long! I don't want it to end. I'm halfway through already (after a few days). I just really like the characters and how the author writes. I totally have a thing for Gar. <33 And I'm always wanting to pair him and Asher together. >>' Me and my love for BL, lol.

Anyhoo!! That's what I've done today. Yesterday, I was forced out with mom and dad to do a little shopping. We went to this store that's kinda like an old 5 and dime. I mean it in all the sense of...OLD. OLD. OLLLDDDD. Ewwwww. I mean, it was gross, lol. XD You walk in, and the wooden floors are covered with dust, it smelled, and yeah...everything there was old. >> Not totally like 40's, but you know it's odd when the majority of the clothing, toys, office supplies, have dates that clearly say 1987, 1982, and a frame with sample photos from the 70's. *laugh* It was hilarious!! There were 80's Barbies, old pots and pans, used clothes...and knockoff Mega Man toys. It was great. Totally great. They had food, too, but thankfully that was fresh! XD I just don't know who really goes there to buy food. The store is simply called "Heidi Sue Variety Store." Yes, it certainly has variety. Dusty, dirty, variety. The guy that worked there was very old, and you could tell he took pride in his wares. ^^;

I was thankful to get home after that. Oh, we went grocery shopping first though. :/ At home I mostly played Tales of Veseperia and watched baseball. ♥ Lol the baseball game lasted a lot longer than it should!! XD Cause there was a rain delay in between, PLUS we had to go into extra innings since our middle-late inning pitchers decided to SUCK. We (the Phillies) led 4 to 1 going into the rain delay, but then after it, our pitchers gave up the 3 runs to tie it up! XD The guys finally took the lead in the 12th inning (that's 3 extra innings), and the last part was horribly nerve-wracking as usual. Lidge sure likes to make it close, darn him!! D: But we ended winning (the game ended at 12:40am)! Though it was too close for comfort. Now my dear Phillies have won...6 games in a row?? O__o or 7? *checks* 7! OMG, that's so amazing. Let's hope I'm not jinxing them now lol. This monday, dad and I are going to a game. :) Hopefully it should be fun...I'm kinda uneasy about going JUST with my dad, but whatever. Just as long as he doesn't blow up outta nowhere.

Alrighty, I totally don't have anything else to talk about. Sorry for boring you, as usual~~ It's all I know how to do! Current favorite song:

City - Sara Bareilles
Thanks everyone!!! I appreciate you visiting me. I'm doing my best to visit when I can, too. I'm sorry if I'm unable to as often. ;__; Really...I haven't felt as up to it, but I try. I love you guys! Take care~

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

this'll be pretty boring...I think...

Hey guys! <333 How are all of you? Thanks for the comments! ^_^ I know it was a kinda long post before...though it was mostly photos, lol. Not much feedback on them really, but oh well. Go to my last post for aquarium photos and videos!! Cause yeah, I went to an aquarium the other day...it was fun. But anyhoo, I appreciate all of your words. :) Thank you very much to Britty, angelbest, sparkle (don't feel bad), teapot, Ayaka, Raisha, and xaos! No, I don't live near Erie. That's way north, right? I'm closer to southern PA. Um, yes, thanks...my hair is a lot sorta like Nocchi's now. XD I'll actually show you a pic of me with my new haircut today. ^^;; Well, thanks again all of you!! ♥

Today's post will be boring and shorter, I'm sure. I'm quite sure. But I'm a liar when it comes to estimating my posts' length, right? Lol. I never lie (I'm terrible at it, and I just don't like to), but sometimes I indirectly do! Haha. XD Anyhoo, here's the pic of me with my new hair. ^_^ It's getting its curl/wave back to it...so it's more poofy than when I first got it done and the lady had it straightened. I still like it though! <33 I think it's really cute, lol, and it's better than what my last style was. And xaos, I had long hair for most of my life, and sure, it's great, but I got tired of it. My mom's hair is soooo long--it's just about as long as she is tall. It goes down past her legs, yes. I was under the impression that I wanted to grow my hair as long as hers, but then I figured there was no point. I needed a change, and now I like how it looks! <3 That's a boost for me to actually like my hair. *laugh*
Prepare yourselves! D:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

So there you have it. Feel free to hide your eyes if it's too traumatizing, haha. I'll understand.

It's really freaking hot today. ;__; I can't stand this kind of weather. I wouldn't call it burning; this weather is sweltering. It's the type of really humid heat that makes you want to sink to the ground and go bleh. DX Where the skies carry a smog-like heaviness...almost like fog, making it blurry! But it's just really really hot and humid. T__T I'm so thankful that I'm not outside...lol. Thank goodness for AC! I would die without it!! Man, I wish I had a pool though. A jacuzzi ain't gonna help with cooling off, that's for sure!

I have emails to reply to. I'm so horrible at that...

Yesterday *thinks* I didn't do anything. Dad and Corey went on their fishing trip at the shore. Hah, well, they were out ALL day...and they didn't catch a thing! Lol! They really failed. First they went to the spot that they were going to go to...RIGHT on the beach! With people sitting around and everything. Well, it was too busy for one, and another, you had to pay to get in. They didn't want to...so they decided to find another place to fish. >> Some sort of "park." Ok, so they go to this "park," and start trudging through sand dunes. My brother and dad thought it was a little bit odd that they had to go through all these many sand dunes that didn't look touched! No footprints at all. Odd. Ah hah...well, they ended up being stopped by a park ranger!! *laugh* They were told that was a natural wildlife park and sanctuary and people weren't allowed to go through there!!! XD NO WONDER.

But my dad has some sort of weird luck, even with his absentmindedness, he somehow manages to get out of paying fines or getting tickets. They should've been fined...but nope! The ranger let them go. ^^;; And later on in their trip, going through the toll booths, my dad went through the wrong one...and then backed up to go to a different one. Cop stopped him there and threatened with a ticket. Yup, but he must've fooled him out of it. *shrugs* I just think the cops feel sorry for my dad like, "Well, he's just some old guy...maybe he has alzheimer's...oh well." *laugh* And to think, he wanted mom and me to go along with them...yeah, no, I'm glad we didn't. I stayed home while mom went out shopping. I mostly played Tales of Vesperia, Fire Emblem ds...read...made an e-card. Thanks to those that looked at it already! ^^ It's for anna-chan's b-day~

I haven't worked on my wallpaper in a while. I haven't felt like it. >>' Sooooo yeah. It will remain unfinished for who knows how long, lol. This will take a while!! *so lazy* OMG. There are some things I want to rant about...but I won't. That will make this post way too long. XD I have no life. Can't find a good vid with this...so just listen if you want. Utada ftw.

One Night Magic feat. Yamada Masashi - Utada Hikaru

*huggles* Thanks for visiting me, you guys!! Sorry if this was really boring. If you want more visual stimulation, go to my last post, ok?? :D Um, I hope you're all doing ok. I know some of you are really going through some tough times, and I want you to know I'm here for you...and I do care. :( I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Take care, my dears. <3

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Went to an aquarium yesterday! LOTS OF PICS AND VIDS IN THIS POST.

Hello! Hi, my dears. *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments! You guys are great. :) Arigatou! Welcome back Raisha, Oli-chan (missed you!!), and snow girl!! It's been quite a while for you guys. O__O Same to you, wolfe-chan, and it was great hearing from you again Rache [though I think your commentS got cut off, lol! <33 Um, but yeah, I appreciate everything that was said~ I love you!! ALL OF YOU. ♥

Shorter thanking, but whatever. You guys know how much I appreciate you. I just got to get to the bulk of the matter here cause dinner will probably be ready soon. Jeez, I keep getting less and less computer time! ~__~ At least when my brother doesn't work. It's so stupid. ARGH. Anyhoo, I got my hair cut today!! ^^ Much shorter than it was before~~ And my stylist straightened it; it really looked a lot like Perfume's Nocchi's hairstyle in that pic. I have a bowl cut...I think that's what they call it. My hair is normally very wavy/curly, you know, but as I said the stylist straightened it like she did before. So it's different looking...for now. Soon enough it will be back to its wavy ways, lol. I tried taking a good pic of myself to show you guys, but it ended up way too atrocious, so I'll refrain. You get the gist of how short it is now though. It was down to my shoulders, a little past, when I decided I NEED IT SHORTER AGAIN. And to think, my hair used to be down past my butt...lol...just 4 months ago or something! Now I like it shorter. XD I wanted the inverted style (that's what they call it), like I mentioned in my last post...but, she said it wouldn't work well for me cause of my curly hair. :/ And how my layers were before, so whatever. I like it now. >_< For now. I'm sure I'll be dissatisfied soon enough! *fickle*

Thanks to whoever commented on my post on my world yesterday! Yes, I posted there for once. Just a short one...about my fun day yesterday~ But now you'll get the elongated version! Hope you don't mind. ^^;; 'Course you don't. Rather, you're used to it by now. Anyhoo, yesterday we went to the Camden Aquarium!! AKA an aquarium in New Jersey. :) Our next-door state neighbor, lol. Just a bridge away! What bridge? This one [yes, I took a photo of it, once we got to the NJ side]:

ben franklin by ~amiha on deviantART

Sorry, dA uploaded thumb. XD But yeah! We left a bit earlier than normal, so I was tired, lol. We made it in record time though...it only took a half hour or so to get from our house to NJ. Usually it would take at least an hour, but there was zero traffic~ I had no clue that Camden was sooo freaking close to Philly. It's really wow. Here's the Philly skyline from the NJ side! Lol.
Yes, in case you can't tell, this post will be full of photos and things!! ^_^ Um, when we arrived...we went straight to the aquarium. It was a lot of fun. Lots of different fish (of course) and animals...like hippos and penguins. >D We walked around a lot, and unfortunately I chose my flip-flops. So my feet were tired. XD Oh, and we had to do some extra walking from the parking lot dad chose to park in...cause it was the wrong one. We went to what we thought was the entrance, and it turned out it wasn't. ^^;; We had to walk a ways down until we found the REAL aquarium, lol. Once there...the first area you hit is the food court! These establishments sure know the customers well. Or well, they know how to squeeze the most money from us!! Food, food, food, then you get to see the attractions, and THEN at the end of different sections (A-D), you come across the SOUVENIR SHOP. Hahaha. Love it! Spend money when you get there and right as you're trying to leave.

I ended up getting an adorable stuffed animal hippo. ♥ I named him Herman. X3 Here are videos I took of the hippos and some awesome fish. So please take a look!!

And here is the best penguin shot I got. It's quite hard to photograph them swimming all around, but this guy decided to pose for a bit!

mr.penguin is looking at you. by ~amiha on deviantART

Ok! So that's basically the aquarium trip. After that, we got some delicious lunch at this deli...we got yummyful cheese steaks. <333 Great and authentic Philly cheese steaks. Gawd, they were so good. D: And after that, we went to this asian market! It was sooooo cool! Lots of fun~~ So many cool asian foods...Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc. We were practically the only white people there, yay. Lol. It was so amusing to look at all the Japanese foods especially. *__* We ended up buying lots of snacks. I LOVE kikori no kirikabu!! So good!! Chocolate and cookie little tree stumps. >3 Man, I only got one box though...and I could eat a billion. Uh, we also got some strawberry mocchi (daifuku)...but I don't care for them. ^^; I'm really not a strawberry person it turns out! Lol. But otherwise, I might've liked them. Mocchi's texture is so freaking awesome.

So yeah! After that buying spree, we went home! :) It was a fun trip out. Tomorrow my dad and brother are going to the NJ shore to do some fishing, so yay, I'll be free from them. DX Finally. Corey has 3 days off in a row this week; I'm through with 2 of them almost, so one more left. XD Yuppers. Ok...I think that's all I have to say now!! I love you guys. I'll try to comment when I can! Oh, and Meg's grandma's surgery for the rest of the cancer was today. Let's hope and pray it all went well! Take care!! ♥

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just some random stuff. A shorter post than the last one! XD

Hello, you lovely people, you! *hugs* Arigatou for the comments. :) Not as many people visited, but that's ok. ^^;; It reminds me of our recent baseball games, lol. Scored 22 in one game (HUGE amount), and then the next they could barely score 3, haha...so the last time I got TONS of comments, and this time not so many. LOL, maybe my long-looking post scared you away? It was mostly photos!! Oh well. Thanks to those that visited me!! Lala, Britty, Teapot, ulter-chan...and that's it. XD Comments kept cutting off for people. O__o' How odd. *hugs* Thanks though. Lala, it was great to read a comment from someone relating to sports for once!! Hahaha. <333 Anyhoo, arigatou again~

Um, but yeah. If you want to read about my time at the Phillies game that we went to the other night, go take a look at my last post. ^_^ There's a lot of photos I took in it...well, not A LOT, but a good amount. Thanks to those that viewed them. :)

I have a feeling this will be a much shorter post. ^_^; Umm...first off, you know about Meg's (innocent heart's) grandma, right? About the darn cancer? Ugh. Well, they all thought that it was removed after the surgery...but no. You can read the details in her post, but basically, she's got cancer in the lymph nodes, and there will have to be ANOTHER surgery and chemo (sp?) therapy, too...and then hopefully it will all be gone. *sigh* It's so stupid. The doctors should've detected that before!! >< So anyhoo, this is just to also request from me...to pray for her! Ok?? If you don't pray, just keep her in your thoughts and HOPE. Thank you.

I'm gonna get my hair cut again soon...next week hopefully. ♥ I want it shorter now! Lol. Just think, my hair used to be sooooo long...and I claimed I never wanted to cut it, and now I'm here thinking It's getting too long!! I told that to Karen when we were at the pool before, and she was like, "I never thought I'd see the day! When YOU, of all people, would think you're hair is too long." Lol. But yeah. And I'm gonna get it different from the last times...shorter. I want it to be shorter in the back and curve down to be longer in front. I don't know how to describe it better. Kinda like Rita's style from Tales of Vesperia. :3 Cause she's my favorite character~ Though...my hair isn't straight AT ALL, so I'm not sure how it will work. T__T
Rita 3
But we'll see about that. If you could have your hairstyle like any anime character's, whose would it be? Or video game character...or anyone, lol.

Today I did something very strange and out of the ordinary for me. I exercised. O__O That's totally not my thing. XD I haven't worked out for a year...since whenever I last had a gym class! *laugh* But I convinced my mom to do some aerobics to Perfume music! >D And so I joined in!! My mom is a crazy aerobic maniac...she has such a huge amount of energy! D: It was very hard to keep up...step back, knees up, lunge, jump, etc. etc...lol. And she was saying that the songs were TOO SLOW. I could barely keep up as it was, and she wanted it to be faster??? Haahaa...but yeah, it felt kinda good, though quite tiring. I don't know how my little mommy can do that, especially since she doesn't eat much. ~__~' SHE NEEDS TO GAIN WEIGHT. *sigh* But I won't get into that. Anyway, it was fun to exercise with her, and then I was like ewwwww I'm sweaty...haha. I'm in pretty bad shape, and yet people can't tell. I'm quite thin, but that's mostly due to a high metabolism...without that, I think I would weigh a billion pounds, lol.

Yesterday...*thinks* Corey had off, so I was with him most of the day. We just played video games and watched TV. Watched the baseball game, of course, and my dear Phillies won again. :) The All-Star game is this tuesday, and a whopping 5 members of the team made it! All-Star team members are voted in by fans and also by the coaches that are, well coaching the teams. So 5 guys from my Phils are gonna be playing the game~~ I think last year...there was just 2, Utley and Lidge. This time Utley, Howard, Ibanez, Werth, and Victorino will be there on the NL team. <33 Quite the feat!! I won't talk anymore about it, so as to not bore you, lol...but yeah. *thinks* Oh, yesterday I worked some on my wallpaper. I haven't felt like doing anything with it lately, so I'm not very far along. :/ Yesterday I worked on painting the rest of her skin and getting the base color of her darn outfit there. I'm least looking forward to her hair...all the strands and details in the original I have to do. ;__; Too much work...lazy...

Ugh, yeah, I don't think I know what else to talk about. XD Oooh! Future plans. Next week, my dad is taking off from work so we can have some fun. :3 He's going to take Corey to the shore to do some fishing, and one day we're going to go to the Camden Aquarium~ I haven't been to an aquarium in a really long time! So that should be fun. And like I said, the following monday night just he and I will be going to another Phillies game. ♥ Ok, well, now that's it from me! For a lack of creativity, here's the opening to ToV, the English version. The Japanese version is also pretty good...but yeah:

*hugs* Thank you for visiting me!! I love you guys! <33 I'm sorry for not commenting a lot lately. Honestly, I'm sorry. :( I just haven't felt like it. -__-; I'll get to it when I can...take care, everyone!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A lot of photos!! It's about my trip to the Phillies game. :) So beware of the baseball goodness!

Hey there! Hello. :) Wow, what, did you guys feel like having a party on my site? Lol. I haven't had so many comments in a while. ^^; THANK YOU. Arigatou to sparkle, angelbest, Kyofan, anna-chan, kita, sesshlu, shizuka (I wish you came by more often! I MISS YOU.), Icchan, Yaya, Deb, Cassie, Rachel (nice to see you again~), teapot, and zeit!! <333 Like omg. *__* That took quite a while to complete the list...lol. Thank you so much. :) I also didn't post for an extra day...and I posted on monday, which is odd for me. But anyhoo, yes. Not as many of you thought the pool rules were as fun...sparkle, in fact, you went through each one with total logic and explained them! T__T That's SO not what I wanted, lol. Maybe it was just funny to us since it was in the moment. You know, when you're with friends, (sometimes) everything just seems hilarious. Anyhoo, thanks again to all of you~

My sunburns are almost all better. Face = fine. Shoulders = a bit delicate still. But yeah. Karen kept texting me about how much fun she had and that she also got sunburned...but "it was totally worth it!" Like wow. ^^; I mean, yes, I also had fun...but I guess it meant a ton to her for me and Phil to be with her. I have a good time with her, but she's a really go-go type person that always wants to do things; if it were up to her, she'd probably invite me to do stuff every other day! That's not my thing. >>' I've declined her invitations a lot in the past, but I would always feel bad, lol...so now I tend to agree whenever she wants me to do things with her. I guess I'm just trying to be a good friend. Also, I have a major conscience! One semi-bad thing, and I feel guilty. XD Anyhoo!! Sunburns < fun with friends. That's the lesson for the day (?).

I don't know why I even mentioned that stuff. But you know, she and Christine [oh, and Lindsay, Madii, and that group]...are the only friends I've done anything with lately, lol. I haven't "hung out" with anyone I met at college. I only stick to old friends. People I've known from elementary or middle school. I find that interesting...I haven't met anyone new at college that I really REALLY consider a "friend"...there are classmates and acquaintances, but no real friends. Like heaven forbid Erica ever ask me to go out with her. Heck, she hasn't even replied to my texts this summer, lol. I guess I really am only good for homework/test help!! XD At least Tempestt and I text...but that's all. :/ I suppose now in college I have become more of a convenient helper instead of someone deemed worthy of friendship. ~__~' Oops...sorry, didn't mean to go off like that!

I haven't been online a lot lately. :/ Yesterday I really didn't have ANY time. So if you updated, please forgive me and my lack of comments. ^^; Cause, if you remember, last night was the Phillies game my family and I went to!! ^__^ It was a lot of fun!! I took several pics, and I'll show them to you soon. Some I uploaded to dA, and one I just put on photobucket...uh, and then I have lots of others, but I don't think they're that good, lol. But anyhoo! First thing's first. The ride there...always seems so long. We should've left at 5:30pm, but my mom takes forever to get ready, and so we left closer to 6. The game starts at 7, and with traffic, it usually does take us an hour to get to the city. I brought my mp3 player, so I was able to stay sane through that!! XD Here's 2 pics I took on the WAY there:

let it ring, baby. by ~amiha on deviantART

setting on the water. by ~amiha on deviantART
I was in the car when I took those. If you click them, you'll see my descriptions on dA of what exactly those are! Lol.

When we got to the ballpark, we were pointed all around in the parking lot. We had a "preferred parking" pass, but hahaha, it was SO not preferred. It took forever to find the lot, and it was so far away from the stadium! Like it was really ridiculous. XD Haha. When we got in though, we were lost. We didn't know where to find our seats! O__o We apparently went through the wrong entrance to get to where we needed to be...so we had to go all the way around and then down some stairs. When we got our seats, it was the middle of the 1st inning, so at least we didn't miss anything. :) Our seats were in the middle of the row, surrounded by big hairy men drunk with their beers. Lol, of COURSE. But, no, they weren't drunk in the first inning at least...they waited until maybe the 6th. That's when this guy behind us kept making very loud remarks about pitches, and when they'd show "sexy" ladies on the big screen...you know, they have cameras to show the fans, and so when a young hot fan would be shown, the guy would make catcalls and whatnot. ~__~' Bleh.

Ummm, but yeah. It was a good game. We were losing for a good part of the time, until Jayson Werth hit a homerun to tie it up!!! >D I took some pics when that happened, but most ended up blurry. Here's one a really like...of the big screen in the park that shows the replays and whatnot, and so you can see the logo and bright screen...and Werthy (that's what I call him) running the bases. Oh, and all the advertisements. Can't have a stadium without tons of ads.
It was so exciting when he hit the homerun!! To see it go out, and then we all stood and cheered so loudly!! It was awesome. The energy in the park was crazy...all throughout the game, really. ^_^ Totally different from watching it on tv at home. Here's 2 more pics I took in the ballpark:

omg it's so pretty. by ~amiha on deviantART

see the city past the crowd. by ~amiha on deviantART

And that's all for the photos. Sorry. XD Now I must talk more! Um, so we left at the bottom of the 8th inning so we could beat traffic. At that time, we were still tied...and I was dreading a loss. ;__; On our way out, we were walking through the one hallway, and I was looking over at the hats for sale...and...I bumped into someone!! It was a kid!! T___T I guess he was around 8 years old or something, but still. He was with his friend, and I think he was carrying a bat...anyway, I bumped into him, and totally kneed him in the back. O__O' I felt sooooooooo bad!!! But we were in a rush, and I wasn't looking. So I apologized and told him I wasn't paying attention. I think they were smiling, but then they said something probably in remark to how blind I must've been, lol. I felt really bad for the rest of the night! ^^;;; I mean, he was ok...but still. The WHOLE freaking HALL, TONS of room...it's not like we were cramped together with lots of people, and yet I still managed to run into him. >> Anyway, I'm fine about it now, but at the time I felt so guilty, lol. Poor kid. Oh and yeah, I don't think I helped when I said, "Oops. I'm so sorry, kid." Force of habit. He's younger than me; therefore, he is a kid. A cute kid though. Anyhoo, lol, we got out of there safely and went home!

We listened to the rest of the game on the radio, and we ended up winning!!!!! >D It was sooo awesome. I wish I could've stayed to watch it. Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, 2 men on...and Victorino (MY HERO, I wore his jersey) got a hit to score the winning run. Sooo cool.

Eventually we arrived home...it was 11pm, so yeah, late. Lol. But it was so much fun! ^_^ Just my dad and I are going to another game this month (the 20th) against the Cubs. His bank or something had 2 tickets and gave them to him for free~~~ So it'll just be me and him. In a SUITE. Yes, one of those fancy schmancy expensive suits. *__* ANYHOO....nothing else exciting to speak of. That is, nothing else non-baseball related. Jeez, I'm such a dork. This is all I freaking talked about. I bet you're all VERY bored and annoyed right now!!! XD Sorry!!!! I'll leave now...

I love you guys. <33333 Take care!! I hope all is well with you.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

New theme! Had fun with friends yesterday. :) SUNBURNS.

Konnichiwa! Or Oyahou...or konbanwa...whenever you're reading this. Lol. Hi! *hugs* Thanks a ton for the comments. :) I really love reading them! Of course. Nice to see you again, Sesshlu (my imouto!), Lute (it's been quite a while), and Twist! Wow. It has been a long time for you guys. XD *hugs* And of course thanks to sparkle [Lovin' the Perfume songs], Lestat, Ayaka (ayakagami), and Deb! Haha, yeah...my brother kinda "conned" them. I can better explain that now: he bought a game at his work (sam's club) for really cheap, and then he returned it to K-Mart that had it for $54. How on earth he did that without a receipt, I don't know, but that's how he got the credit. ~__~;; Anyhoo, thanks for all the comments. I love you guys! <333

Well, in case you can't tell, I've gots me a new theme. ♥ Twist, my last theme was "new" almost a month ago...and so now I decided to make a new new one. Remember this layout? Yeah, wow!! It's practically the default otaku one. Ah, the good ol' days. I haven't had my page look like this in quite a while...I mean, I still have my post boxes though, but now I have the bg and menu colors set instead of invisible! I wanted to put up more of a summery theme, so I found this bg texture at aethereality...thought it was really pretty, and so then I went wild with the color coordination. >D Lol. Hopefully it isn't too bright for you guys! But I really like it. ^^;

The reddish peachy color in my theme...is like what my shoulders look like now. Lol. As in SUNBURNED. Or well, maybe redder. >>' My shoulders and my cheeks..and nose...all got sunburned yesterday. Why? "You hardly ever go outside, Kelsey, so how on earth did you get sunburned?" Well! It was an impromptu invitation from my friend Karen to go to her pool that caused it. XD I didn't want to do anything social for a while, but she texted me on saturday and asked if I wanted to go to the pool at her apartment. She brought that topic up the last time I did stuff with her, and so she decided that yesterday would be good!! ^^; I didn't really want to go. Honestly. I felt like I just saw her (AND PHIL), and I wanted to just stay home and watch the baseball game...ugh, but then I'd feel guilty and just bad overall, so I decided to agree. Yup. So yesterday she and Phil (annoying guy) picked me up, and first we got some sandwiches at Wawa [it's been brought to my attention that this 7/11 like place isn't in many other states? It's mostly a PA thing?]...then went to her pool.

Barely anyone was there, which was awesome...but I wouldn't blame them! Lol. What caught our eye were all the RULES on the door to the pool. XD Oh, it was just hilarious!! There were sooooooo many!! I mean, seriously. You couldn't do ANYTHING there. Hahaha. Here's just a few that I remembered:
-No private parties.
[what? if you have a party, then everyone has to be invited?]
-No glass bottles.
[I wanted to get a Snapple, but I couldn't!! T__T]
-No alcohol.
[Makes sense. Lol, then we joked around with Karen saying she's depressed over that as if she's some alcoholic...truth is, none of us drink!]
-No cut-offs.
[Our FAVORITE one! XD Lol, WTF does that even mean???? We figured it mean no cut-off jeans...but wtf? Still, that makes absolutely no sense. So we joked around a lot with that one.]
-Resident must accompany guests. No more than 2 guests per resident.
[Phew. We were lucky there.]

Oh jeez, they were just hilarious. We ended up having lots of sarcastic fun about Karen having alcohol-filled private parties where everyone (more than 2 people) has to wear cut-offs. It was really great! Hahahaha. We figured there were a lot more rules, too that they didn't mention...I got lucky they didn't ban radios, too! Cause I brought my radio along to listen to the baseball game! XD Which my Phillies ended up winning~~ Woot!!! Uh, so we ate and then went into the pool to just have fun. There was a lifeguard there, of course, but he totally didn't care. I swear...with all the rules around, you'd think he would at least be paying attention! Lol, but he wasn't. He was talking on his cell, and partway through he went into the fitness building and just watched TV. Uh, if someone was drowning (very unlikely in a 4'6" deep-end) then he SO wouldn't be there to help...it was hilarious.

After the pool, we decided to go play frisbee! I haven't played with one in so long...so I was rusty with throwing it right. I didn't have anything worry about though, cause Karen was even worse. XD She totally didn't know how to throw one!! Phil of course knew since he was in an ultimate frisbee club...but still, it was quite fun. Though tiring: lots of running and throwing, and I'm not used to physical activity. I kept saying I wanted to go home, but they wanted to keep playing!! DX Ugh!! But finally at around 5:30pm (they picked me up at 1) they agreed to take me home, lol. FREEDOM. Ah yes. So then I went home...and played Tales of Vesperia and didn't do much else. It was a fun time out, surprisingly. Of course I was really nervous and full of anxiety before leaving (I felt soooo sick), but once getting there...everything went well. ^_^ And Phil was tolerable this time.

Today I haven't done anything yet. Nope. Not really. Independence day (4th of July) was uneventful. How about you guys? We got some little fireworks that just spray upwards...like...I don't know what to call them, but they're not sparklers, and they're not normal big fireworks. :/ Anyway, that's all WE did, but we got to see a fireworks show from our yard!! Lol. The house down the road must've spent thousands of dollars on fireworks...it was crazy! Like a professional show. <33 Very cool. *thinks* That's all. Umm...yes, that was an abrupt ending to my story!! But I feel like I've written a whole heck of a lot. O__o So I should stop...

Owww...my sunburnt shoulders hurt. TT^TT Face doesn't hurt that bad, but my shoulders suck. I keep putting gels and creams and other meds on them, too. Bah. I think the last time I got sunburned was last summer when we went to Hershey Park. And that was a while ago. Shows how little I got out into the sun!! XD Anyhoo, here's a MV. Perfume - Love the World. ♥

*hugs* Thanks so much for visiting me!! I'm sorry if this was a longish rambling post. ^^;; And sorry for maybe not commenting quite as much...I haven't been on the computer a lot lately. O__o' Anyhoo, take care everyone!

P.S. I forgot to mention (how could I??) that we're going to a Phillies game this wednesday. :D It's a night-game...so I won't have to put up with the sun, lol. But ooh, I can't wait! >_< I hope they win, lol. They won they're last 3, so that's great...keep that streak going, guys!!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

stufffff. i gotta go eat dinner now.

Hi-hi! Hello. :) Thank you sooooooo much for the comments!! O__O Like wow!! I really appreciate them. >_< Lestat, dude, where have you BEEN?? It's great seeing you again! And Nana, hehe, I'm glad you're updating again~ Also welcome back to jamo and Shi-chan. Same to Deb, Anna-chan, Sinny...ooh, and a new friend Ayaka! [can I call you that? lol, I'm shortening your name!] You're all so sweet...thanks for the comforting words with everything. I know, definitely I don't want to see my grandma in such a state, but it's better than if it's too late. ~__~ I just have to put aside my worries and go. If only we lived closer. Anyhoo, arigatou again for everything.

I'm feeling much better than the other day. ^^; But maybe it's because my brother has been working and so I've gotten time away from him? Lol. Or maybe I've just resigned myself to not worrying about the future trip out to CA for now. Or maybe...I don't know...but man, I was in such a depressed mood before! O__O' I'm very glad I'm doing better now. My Phillies are still losing their baseball games, which is saddening, but I'm trying to be more casual about that, too. >> So yeah...anyhoo...ah, the weather is lovely today. It isn't too hot or humid, and there's some clouds...it's refreshing. I spent an hour or more outside just reading~ The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller is very good! I mentioned that in my last post, too, lol, but yeah. I love my fantasy books. X3 I was planning on doing a whole thing about some of the books I've read...but now I don't feel like rambling on like that, and I'm sure a lot of you wouldn't want to read all of that.

When I try to sleep at night (which is futile btw), I think about things. Anything. Just topics. I just think and think as if I'm writing a post or something...lol. Like seriously, my mind goes and goes on topics! ^^; So I was "writing" in my mind last night about the books I've read and the authors I love and their different styles...how sad. Even that didn't put me to sleep. XD Oh, and I only read fantasy books. ^^; Or historical fiction/romnace...um, I'll just mention my favorite authors right now: Carol Berg, Alice Borchardt, Elizabeth A. Lynn (darn it, I wish she wrote more...), and I'm beginning to like Karen Miller. >D Oh and as you can see...I really only read books by women. ^^;; I guess I like their style more. Even with manga, I tend to go for ones written by women!! Haha...is that odd?? XD

Anyhoo, dinner is just about ready so I need to make this quick! Corey just came home from work and he bought me baseball (and some basketball) card packs~~ Hehe yes, I enjoy opening them. X3 I'm not much of a collector, but I love opening packs of cards to see what I get, lol. And he also got me the Fire Emblem game for DS that I've been wanting. :) Haha, no don't worry though. It's not like he had a sudden change of heart and was all of a sudden generous. He made me pay him $20, and he technically didn't pay for any of the stuff he got. ~__~ I didn't hear the whole story but apparently he kinda conned K-Mart into giving him $54 in credit or something. I honestly don't know what that was about, and he said it was LEGAL whatever he did. O__o; Umm...but yeah...otherwise he wouldn't have gotten me so much for so cheap. I had to thank him overmuch and be all like, "Yes. Thank you! It's so great! You're SO great!" -__-; But whatever. I was hoping he'd get me Persona 4 (I don't OWN it, I only played his), but I wanted Fire Emblem, so that's good.

Today I made a summer e-card. :) Thanks to those that commented already. If you wanna take a look, here it is:

I didn't work on my wallpaper today, but I did some yesterday, and so here's an updated WIP:

Yesterday I spent a good majority of my day cleaning my room! I wasn't planning on it, but then I got the urge. ^^; I was just going to clean Seyonne's tank, but then I noticed how dusty my table was...so then I cleaned that, and then I somehow felt like totally cleaning off my dresser, too! O__O I had sooooooo much crap on it: papers, dust balls, more dust, figures, drawings, tapes, jewelry. And so I managed to take things off, wipe them down, wipe off the top...etc. Wow. It was a lot!! XD And then I even vacuumed. It was quite the overhaul of my room...and yet I don't even think it looks that clean now, lol. Oh well.

Later in the day, I painted my nails. <3 I painted my toenails blue, and my mom helped my paint my fingernails green. ^^v Nice and pretty...refreshing and summery! I have long nails naturally, yet I rarely paint them. But I did yesterday.

Oh...tomorrow is the 4th of July. Happy independence day to those celebrating!! :D Any plans? We need to get fireworks tonight or tomorrow I suppose. No other special plans for us. *thinks* Nope. Ok, I need to go eat dinner now. Sorry for the shorter post~~ And I don't know if I can comment much today, but I'll try. *hugs* Thank you all so much!! Take care~ [and here's an amv I really like! I LOVE the song. <3333 It's slow at the beginning, but then it picks up...and the anime is Junjou Romantica (BL), so I'm sure a lot of you won't care, but whatever.]

P.S. Meg's grandma's surgery went well!! :) Cancer went bye-bye~ So she just needs to recover now. Thank goodness!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my mind isn't all here right now! don't worry, there's pics and things in this so it isn't ALL post.

Hello there, friends~ Arigatou for all the comments before! Thanks so much. How are you doing? Ok? I hope so. Well, thanks to teapot, xaos, anna-chan, Sinny, Cassie, angelbest, and Deb!! I appreciate your comments. ^^ Nice to hear from all of you! Um yeah, I don't feel like replying specifically right now. XD So this is just a short thanking paragraph! Much love. <33333

Yeah, I didn't post yesterday, though I normally would! But thanks to those that commented on my post on my World. O__o; Sorry it was a pretty useless one! Just art updates...and why I haven't been commenting much or feeling like posting. ^^; I just have been in a really down mood lately! Funny how I was in the best of moods during my last post here, lol, and then that really didn't last long. XD Oh well. What a shame. It was nice feeling happy. Hahaa...but I'm feeling a little better today! :) I guess just things have gotten to me...like my brother having these past 3 days (including today) off, and so spending all day with him is just torture!! Ugh. That and I don't know...just things. Things in general have been making me upset. I was so crabby yesterday! Mostly at my dad. ~__~'

See, he's been trying to set up a trip out to California some time...so we can see my grandparents, since grandma has Alzheimer's and is in really bad shape...so you know, it's like we gotta see her before anything worse happens. Anyway, he just decided to set the trip up for october, and I didn't want that. It means I'll have to miss some days of school...and I honestly don't want to go on a plane. I know it's a stupid fear, but I'm kinda afraid of flying! ^^; Yes yes, "it's safer to fly than to drive." Blah blah blah, but I can't help but worry. >> Ugh. And it will be sad seeing grandma in that state...alzheimer's is so horrible!! I don't know. But I was just really in a bad mood over all of that, and dad was saying, "Well, I have NO sympathy for you." when I mentioned how I'm not comfortable having to get up early and then fly on a plane. Sure, maybe I was being a bit selfish, but I get major anxiety about things like this. Especially things in the future...so even though this is months away, I was freaking out about it yesterday! v__v Like it was life or death right then! I hate thinking about things in the future...that and anything that messes with my schedule sets me off. Some sort of OCD tendencies or something, or maybe it's just my anxiety. Whatever...

I don't think I'm making much sense, lol. Uh, but yeah. I just haven't been in a happy mood lately! I haven't wanted to comment, post, or work on my wallpaper, so my wall is just the same as before pretty much. :/ Click here for the screenshot/WIP. It's basically the same as last time. I finished the outlines, and so some time I need to start the coloring and whatnot. ~__~ Whenever I feel like it! On my world I shared the links to some photos I took and submitted on dA! Thanks to whoever looked at them. Most people don't care about my photos. XD How do people get so many views there? Like some photos I see, and I don't think they're that great! O__o It's a mystery to me, lol. Some people get thousands of views in one day on a piece, and I struggle to get 5, haha. Here's two fish ones:

laterally challenged. by ~amiha on deviantART

Mr.Limpet's closeup. by ~amiha on deviantART
And here's some nature:

omg rainbows. by ~amiha on deviantART

plain ol' pretty. by ~amiha on deviantART

Ok! Enough of that. You don't have to look at them if you don't want! Anyhoo, yesterday I had to get out of the house from my brother, so mom and I went to the mall. (yes, again. no, teapot, I'm not a shopaholic! It's just a coincidence that I post after going to the mall.) Went to Borders, and I got some manga and a book. I got Magical JxR volumes 3 and 4 (really manhwa), and the second novel in the Innocent Mage series (that's not the name of the series...I don't remember what it is though, lol; that's the first book's title) by Karen Miller! Fantasy, of course. I really like the book so far! ^__^ So that's why I got the second one. >D The cashier guy was pretty weird...like he was on drugs or something! ^^; He kept talking to me about this book "Gothic Charm School" or something [why, cause I had on a black shirt from hot topic?], and then he mentioned Bamboo Blade...and inquired about the books I read. I don't know; he just seemed really strange. O__o And I couldn't hear a lot of what he said, so I just smiled and nodded my head, lol, and assumed I heard his comments. XD Like what am I supposed to say??

After Borders, mom and I went to Aerosoles--a shoe place. I've been in need of nice sandals. [took me 3 tries to spell that right] So we went there cause their shoes/sandals are supposed to be really comfortable, and mom has ordered stuff from their catalog before. Uh...the lady there was overly helpful and annoying. Gawd, I wanted her to shut up and go away!! "Need any help? Would you like me to find that in your size? I think you should try a smaller one because our sizes run big." OMG I can't count how many times she said that! "Our shoes run big." or something along those lines. It was so retarded, like OK, I GET IT. Cause I'm normally a size 7 1/2, and she kept insisting I try a 6! The 7 felt small in some areas, so how is a 6 going to be better?? DX Ugh. It was quite a hard task for me to find ones that fit...and I finally found a really cute pair. >> They're pretty darn uncomfortable though!! Cause they're platform/high-heel kinds!! O__O I've never worn a pair of anything that high before, and so they'll take getting used to. I'm afraid I'll trip and twist my ankle at some point, lol. They're rough on my feet, but they look so cute!! T__T They're white and have straps going across and they're just...cute...and make me taller~~ I guess I just can't wear them for long amounts of time!

After that, we went to the grocery store...nothing special there. At home, I had to deal with Corey. Surprisingly, he has been fine today! Actually pretty nice and fun so far. XD Yesterday wasn't bad since I was out with my mom, but still. It's just so much better when he's at work. *rolls eyes* Uh, watched some baseball last night...Phillies lost. ~__~ Bah. Should've won. I swear, what happened to our world series team of last year?? We totally suck now! UGH!!! I could complain more, but I won't! I'll spare you all. *thinks* OMG. It's july!! Noooo...where has summer gone?? Seriously. This month has gone too quickly...July 8th though, we're going to a baseball game. I hope to goodness gracious that we win that game at least.

Oh, shout-out to Meg's (innocent heart's) grandma. She's having surgery tomorrow (thursday) in regards to her breast cancer. So please pray for her! If you don't pray, then just keep her in your thoughts. Ok?? THANK YOU. <33

I think that's all I have to talk about. Sooooo...I'll share with you this music video. *laugh* I don't know about some of you guys, but I like Bollywood music. >>' You know, the Indian films with the dancing and singing! Woot! I wish I could find one with better quality and also showing the full dance moves to this one...but oh well (the video here sucks & isn't the real scene from the movie, so I really just want you to hear the song!). The song is "Rehja Re" (spelling something along those lines), and it's from the movie Golmaal. It's a really funny movie. X3 But yeah, I love dancing to this one, lol. I have most of the moves memorized! ^^;; Don't make fun of me...

And if you're interested, you should search for the other songs from it, cause they're really catchy, too! ^_^ Anyhoo, that's all from me. Sorry for wasting your time with this. I swear I had more interesting and coherent things to mention...but now I forget, so oh well. :( Sorry for not commenting a lot. *hugs* I'll make it up to you sometime...when I feel in a better mood, alright? Gomen. I LOVE YOU GUYS THOUGH. Take care!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm in a good mood right now, so I hope it stays! If it doesn't, then argh! Lol.

Hello, hello! Hi there~ How are all of you doing? Thanks so very much for the comments. ^_^ It doesn't matter what day you comment...lol, some of you insist that you're "late," but you're not! Haha. If you get the comment in before I post, it's totally ok. ;3 Plus, I love you guys no matter what! >D Haha. Anyhoo, thanks for the comments: Oli-chan, sparkle, angelbest, Deb, Sinny, Mami-chan (welcome back!), and asialonewolfe!! <333 Much appreciated...all of your opinions on the dentist, annoying guys, and cancer. God. Cancer. Thanks for the encouraging and sweet words for Meg's grandma!! I suggest reading her post for most info! :) We all pray she'll make it through!! Anyhoo, thanks again~

So far, I'm in a much better mood today than I have been. ^^;; I think I blame it on baseball, lol. I know. You guys don't care, but I do!! When my Phillies do poorly (aka LOSE), then I'm totally down in the dumps. v__v Which I have been for over a week! Yes, they have lost 11 of their last 13 (in case you can't tell, that is REALLY BAD)!! But! They won today~~ It was a day game, and the last several have been night games...maybe we do better in the sunlight? Lol. But jeez, it sure was great to watch them win for once!! Haha. Happy (our pitcher = J.A. Happ, but I call him Happy) pitched a complete game shut-out [as in, he pitched all 9 innings without giving up a run]--his first ever! :D So it was totally amazing~ To make it better, we won 10 to 0. *laugh* Yes, 10. XD Gah! It was great~ So that has lifted my mood today! And it's always better when Corey works, lol, so today is going well at the moment.

My dad and I just changed the gravel in Knuble's tank. :) He's the discus with a bit of an attitude problem, which is why he's in the smaller tank...away from the rest of the guys. ^^; But he's happy in there! I'm sure he'd be even happier in the big tank, but he chases the other fish too much. He's a big meanie, lol, though I have a soft spot for him. X3 Plus, I think he's the prettiest~ Anyhoo, we changed the gravel to the natural-looking white/beige type, which is what we have in the big tank. He used to have bright hot pink. >> Which looked pretty darn conspicuous! It wasn't natural at all, and ugh, it bothered me so much, haha. Mom picked it out way back when we first got the tank...I'm so glad dad finally agreed to change it. Now I'll be able to take photos of Knuble and not be ashamed of the horrible gravel! *fish nerd* So yeah, I got to clean the gravel with the hose...it was refreshing (I love water). It's a nice day out! Warm, but not deathly hot like yesterday.

Oh, um, duh. How could I not mention this sooner? I'm sure you all heard about Michael Jackson's passing. :( Gawd, it's so sad. It was such a shock! I mean...who would've guessed?? He just died outta nowhere. [that sounds kinda mean, lol, sorry] He was a great musician, especially in the 80s, which was obviously his hey-day. <33 Thriller, Bad, Beat it, all the classics!! T__T Man, I just can't believe that he's gone. He was only 50 years old...bah. Sure, he sorta became a laughing stock later in life, and he went through a lot of problems, but you can't take away his great music. My brothers were raised on it, and I was, too! When I was little, I'd always look forward to watching the Thriller music video, lol. XD And then I'd try to dance like them, haha. But yeah...it's very sad indeed. Several famous people have died over the past week. ~__~ My they all rest in peace. But since they're famous, they'll always live on with whatever they were famous for. Unfortunately we regular people don't get that remembrance. :/

*thinks* I haven't done anything these past couple of days. That is, I haven't gone out of the house. >> So yeah. I did start a new wallpaper though!! ^_^ Yup, I found inspiration~ Haha. Or something like that. There was a challenge/contest on theO a while back with a scan of a mermaid by the artist Kohime Musou. I looked through her scans on AP, and I found one I wanted to wall!! >3 So here's my WIP. I just started it yesterday:
(I'm too lazy to find the original scan right now.) I hope that I finish it before someone else happens to wall it.

Hmm...I'm pretty much at a loss for words right now. XD I can't think of anything else to talk about, and so maybe that's for the best! I wanna play Tales of Vesperia...so I'll probably do that now...or maybe I'll work on my wallpaper some more; I don't know. But yah. Here's a music video! Meg has it on her site, and I really like it~

Alrighty then! *hugs* Thanks so much for visiting me. :) I hope you're all doing well! I'll try to comment when I can, ok?? Sorry if I don't make it to all of you. Uhh...take care!! <333

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

it's hot, and I'm tired.

Hi-hi! Hello, my dear friends~ Arigatou for the comments! You're so sweet. O__O Ahah...I don't know what I'd do without you. So thanks a lot for visiting me. I always have fun reading your comments!! ^_^ Britty, sparkle, Ichigo, Lala, kitsune, Deb, Angelbest, Icchan, Teapot, and Anna-chan! Many many thanks to all of you. Cause that's a lot of comments. X3 Sparkle, you know I don't care if you're "late" with commenting...if you comment before I post, then it's totally NOT late! Haha. And you didn't care much for that Utada song? Aww, I really like it. >> Oh well. Um, thanks again to all of you for everything~ I know, pathetic. I'm copping out of replying specifically, lol.

So I pretty much just got home from going to the dentist. >< My neck hurts from sitting in the chair...ugh. My appointment was at 1:30, but I don't think they got me in until past 2 since there were SO many kids today! O__o And then, I even had to wait more in there...I was evicted from my [dental] room, lol, since they kept having to get other kids in there for the teeth x-rays. Yeah, I still go to a children's dentist, despite being 20! :D They haven't told me that I'd have to go to a REAL one yet...so I'm just gonna take advantage of me looking younger than I am, lol. But anyway, it took a while...lots of scraping and cleaning. DX And yet the lady was like, "You know, you barely get any plaque on your teeth! You're so lucky!" Really? Then why did you take so freaking long to scrape it off?? Huh?? And why do I always get cavities???? ~__~' Cause yeah, I'll have to get one filled some time soon...in July. *sigh* Darn it! It's just a tiny one, but she says she should fill it before it gets bigger. Man, I thought I'd get out of there with a clean bill o' teeth. *shakes fist at cavities*

My dentist and the other assistants there didn't recognize me with my short hair! Haha. But then they were all complimenting me~ Hehe. "So that's what it was! I thought you looked different somehow." It was rather funny. They're all so sweet...I guess since it's a children's dental office...and they always let you pick out a dvd to put in while they're cleaning your teeth! Unfortunately they're mostly crappy kids' movies that I don't like...today I put in Legally Blonde. >> Teehee. That movie amuses me, but it's mostly cause I love the author of the books. <33 She [Amanda Brown] voiced Zoey (more commonly known as Ichigo) from Mew Mew Power (aka Tokyo Mew Mew; the 4kids version). And I LOVE her voice....but yes, she also writes great books!

Sparkle, I don't need your sun. We got it today, and boy is it hot. D; I hate humidity...

Yesterday we went to the chiropractor. I needed my neck cracked, lol. It was helpful! Though now I have a headache, and I tend to feel worse the day after. It's always fun going though, haha, cause our chiropractor is so fun. Like I've said before, we've known him as long as we've lived here, and he's almost like an uncle to me or something. XD He's great. Anyhoo, after that we went to Petsmart...got Totoro a new collar, and then we went grocery shopping! I had to put up with Corey all day, but he wasn't quite that annoying yesterday...thank goodness. And now he works 4 days in a row (I think??) so I have freedom from him! YES.

Tuesday...yes, tuesday is when I went out with my friends. Well, it was ok. I wouldn't say it was THAT fun, but it was ok. It took them a while to find my house (although Karen has been here before so she should know!), so I was really anxious and nervous feeling, waiting for them. ~__~ Oh, and them = Karen and Phil. Laura didn't feel like coming, so I was stuck with just them...which isn't that great since I said before how I dislike Phil. Anyway, they picked me up, and we went to the little shopping district to hang out...I knew there weren't many "fun" places to go there, aside from Barnes & Noble, so that really dictated our time out. So we went to B&N first, and I got a couple manga, while they didn't buy anything. We spent a lot of time in the Women's Studies section cause Karen is all about that stuff; it's her thing. I don't know why Phil stuck with us, even there, but he was so annoying...he kept making derogatory "jokes" about women and the books in that section. Gawd, he's so retarded. I wanted to yell at him to shut up and then ask Karen why on earth she's still friends with him. [and insists upon him coming along with us when we do things]

Next to the women's studies section was the gay and lesbian section. To get back at Phil, I kept shoving gay erotica books in his face. Lol. They're just real life yaoi. >> Teehee. And so that at least shut him up for a bit.

After that stop...we got lunch at this Chinese buffet...and then...we walked around in the heat. ~__~ Talked. Though honestly, I just can't talk with him. I can't. So I mostly talk to Karen and then make side remarks (usually sarcastic...) to Phil. I guess I'm pretty much a jerk around guys. No wonder I never got a boyfriend. Hah. v__v Anyhoo, then we got ice cream...uh...then when leaving, Phil got lost. He took the wrong road so we ended up on this highway leading to who knows where, lol. There were no exits for a long time!! T___T So we were worried that we'd get really lost...luckily we came across and exit, and then we went back the way we came to an area I'm familiar with cause apparently Phil doesn't know his way around this area despite living here his whole life. *rolls eyes* He dropped off Karen first, and so then I was stuck alone with him in the car, telling him directions to my house. Even then, he missed turns and crap...so it took forever to get home. BUT THANKFULLY I made it home safely, despite awkward silences during the drive. *laugh*

Ah but yeah. I was soooo exhausted from that trip out...I don't want to do anything social for a while! Too much! Too much. Ugh, and my head hurts now...so I should wrap this post up! I love this song:

Eien no Sonzaisha - pigstar

*huggles* Thank you so much for sticking with me!! Sorry if this post was too long...I had a lot to talk about. XD Take care, peoples!! I LOVE YOU.

Edit: Meg's (innocent heart) grandma has cancer. :*( She's had tests and things...and so yeah. Please pray for her(keep her in your thoughts)!!! Ugh. Stupid cancer!!

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