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Monday, January 25, 2010

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hello everyone

How are you all today? I'm great. I'm just sitting here I just got back from chastity's :3 Yay! I'm debating something in my head right now XD So I'm spacey at the momment XDD But I think I'm going to do it! ((what i'm thinking about)) I'll explain later after I think more about it. lol So how was everyone's weekend? I'm going to be spending next weekend with mom and my sisters. I miss my sisters. :3 I'm going to spend Friday with Chastity and Mom will take me back to Chastity's Sunday morning :3 lol

I'm ready to move completely out on my own but I've got to find a gooood paying job first. That also has somethin to do with what's going on in my head. Lol But anyways I'm bored.

I think I'll go. I didn't get many comments so yeah

Bye bye all

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