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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Current mood: Good
Current song: Genkai Haretsu
current band: hide

Hello Everyone?!

Thank you for the comments on my site. It seems like no matter how long I'm gone from here I always get more comments here then I do at TheOtaku. I do love MyOtaku more thou!! :3 So how ish everyone? I'm doing pretty good. I'm trying to get Chastity to come and stay the night with me tomarrow and Friday. I Love her!!! :3 I'm still at my Aunts house but I don't know how long. She got her a dachhound for xmas...but she likes Kyoko you took my doggy from me. Because he don't want anything to with anyone but me. XDDD It's cuz we both are so little! XD We both have short issues. But lil doggys always get close to me. I perfer Chihuhahua!! I love Chihuahuas!!! They are just the cutest thing to ever walk the earth!!! Chastity said she'd get me one. Because me and Chastity don't want kids, she's getting a bald kitty and I'm Getting chihuahua. :3 They'll be our babies! lol

I'm jamimg to Junk Story now!!!! I love hide! He's awesome possum! OMG I didn't tell you what Chastity got me for Xmas! She got me a hide hooodddiiieee!!!!! I loves it! I wear it all the time! I like to wear it and my X Japan shirt! :3 on the back of the hoodie it says X JAPAN and it takes the whole back part!!! I Love it!! :3 I think I'm going to wear that today. :3 it's cold so it'd be okay :3 I looooovvvvveeee my hide hoooddddiiieee *huggles it* :3

Levi keeps wanting in my lap. I don't want him in my lap all the time. but he'll bug you until he get in it. >.<' but usally once he gets there he's goes to sleep then you can lay him down. lol

I wish Chastity would hurry and call me back!!! She was suposted to but still hasn't I wait! she just called right after I typed that XDDD lol She's heading in to class!! Awww I love Chastity!!! Mine!!!

Well g2g!!!


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