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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Current mood: GREAT!!! ad excited
Current song: Genkai Haretsu
current band: hide <3

RANDOM FACT: hide was friends with Marilyn Manson! IT's been said that Manson went glam for a time to commemorate hide's death. (( I checked the records too hide died in 1998 and Mechanical animals did too and that's when he went glam))

Hello Everyone?

How ish you all today? I'm excited. I get to see my Chastity today!!!! :3 Yay! After she's done in school today she's going to be coming over and taking me out to lunch. Awww <3 I love her!!!! :3


I changed my theme again! X3 It's Genkai Haretsu by hide. I can't help it hide gets stuck on me easy! XD I love hide thou! XD My theO world is Genkai Haretsu too :3 *sings along* I've been jamming aways to hide since yesterday. Oh I got some random facts on jrock bands

So I'm going to start adding one to my post every day now :3

See the top for random jrock fact! :3

Well g2g

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