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Thursday, January 21, 2010

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hello everyone? How ish you today? I'm okay for the most part. I'm tired and I don't know why XP But I'll get over it. I'm waitin for Chastity to Call so I can go get her. She's going to stay the night and maybe Friday night with me :3 I loves her! :3 Mineeee!!! :3 I redid her site yesterday :3 if you want to look at it Click here! :3 Oh and I'm taking request for layouts again! :3 So if you want one just comment or send me a pm! :3

here's what I need to know!

Do you want mucic
If so what and who?
and a Email so I can send you the HTML for it or if you don't mind you can give me your pw and I'll put it up for you. Don't worry Ppl have given it to me before. Examples Xaos, Mad hatter Belia, XxRukiaxRoxsxX and etc. And don't worry I forget it XD I always do XDDDDDDD I couldn't tell you any of there pws anymore! XDDDD


I just got done fixing my room up. I wasn't dirty it just need straightnd up XD I found out my dad's been in the hospital for the last 3 days. but he's going home later this after noon. It just pissed me off cuz they didn't call me. My dad has Cancer so yeah I'm his oldest daughter I should be the first person they call but I'm always the last to find out. I had to put my foot down over that too.

Well g2g


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