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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Current mood: Good and slightly Annoyed
Current song: Aroma
CUrrent band: An Cafe

KOnnichiwa everyone?

How are you all doing today? I'm good of course. Everything is coming on it's own. Chastity and I are wonderful. I don't live with my mom's cranky ass anymore.

Miku Pictures, Images and Photos
miku's so cute

Well As all of you know I"m movin out and I'll be living with My Aunt Joy and her wife of 12 years. (yes My aunt is also a Lesbain) I'll have my own room and bath room, queen bed, a walking closet and everything. My car is now put in my name and is insured! So everything is looking up more and more. I'm so happy!

Right at the momment until Friday, I'll be with my Sissy and her husband Jon. Jon is on my last nerve! >.<' And I can't take the smoking and the fact that they don't go to bed until like 5 am! >.<' Gah!

BUt besides from that It's all good! lol


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Monday, November 16, 2009

Current mood: good
Current song: JIBUN KAKUMEI
current band: Miyavi

Konnichiwa Everyone!!!
How are all of you today? I'm great! I've got the best news ever! I don't have to go live with my mom anymore!!!!! OMg! I"m sooo happy! I'll be livin my Aunt and her wifey for a while until I get up off my feet and move out. My Dad is going to get my car back for me because mom took it from me! I'm soo happy! And I'll still get to see ChastitY! She'll be even closer now! Not even 10 mins! I'm soo happy! I've been waiting for something like this for so long! I even get my own room again.

The hard part still isn't over but yeah I"ll let you all know how this works tomarrow.

Well g2g!!!


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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Current mood: good
Current song: Wagamama Koushinkyouku
Current Band: An Cafe

Hello everyone How are u today? I'm okay I'm over at my Aunt Sissy's house. I"m acutally visitng my dad XD. I miss Chastity! I'm calling her right now she's just got to relize that that I'm calling from a number that she doesn't know so I have to leave a message. XD

I also know I haven't been able to update like I used. But you know how job hunting goes

well g2g


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

current mood: good
Current song: Pink Spider
Current band: hide

Hello everyone?!

HOw is u all today? I'm good. I'm just sitting her bored XD lol Well Applebees was a stupid Idea. I can't get them to even answer for me now. Grr...But My pizza hut is hiring so it might be good for me. I hope so. lol

So what is everyone doing for Halloween. I'm going to Chastitys! X3 I'ts going to be fun! It always is! lol My sisters are going to lol. We was think about going to see Paranomal activity. But we don't know yet. I want to see BAD! lol

Hmmm -thinks about pizza hut- I think I'm going to heat me up some XD lol I'm sorry I just got up and I'm Starving! XD Lol Lalalalalalalala. I'm bored XD I stay bored. lol

I need a job!!! GRRR!!! XD lol

Well g2g ttyl


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Monday, October 26, 2009

Current mood: Good
Current song: No SOng

Konnichiwa everyone?

How is everyone? I'm good. Sorry I haven't bee on in a while. I've been busy and stuff...and playing IMVU. XD lol I'm so tired I think I'm getting a cold I ahve like a sore throat. T.T and I woke up all sniffley XP. Lol

I wish My Chastity was with me! I miss her soo much! She at school rigt now. I was with her almost all weekend.I love her soooooo much. She's my everything. X3 Gah! I can't stop thinking about her.


I'm going to and see if I can find me some cold medicine. Bye bye all


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Current mood: good
Current song: Another Brick in the wall
current band: Korn

Ello everyone!

I'm good. I'm sorry I haven't updated in a few days ad I'm sorry! Xp!


Me an Chastity got married today! X3
On IMVU...we had a wedding chapel and a ceromony. ^w^ I was wonderful! I loved every second of it ^w^ Chastity has been calling me Mrs. Long all day *blushes* OMG YOU NEED TO GET ON THERE x3. lol But anways

What have I missed? I'm tired. I've got an interview with Applebees On Alcoa Hwy tomarrow. And as much as I hate Applebees it will be a job until I find me a better one. lol And I need the money lol.

It seems things are looking up. I'm soo happy! ^w^

well g2g


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Friday, October 9, 2009

Current mood: Gooooooddd
current mood: Pokerface
current band: Lady Gaga

Konnichiwa everyone!
How are you? I'm great! I'm just sitting here playingon my IMVU! lol You all should get one! lol My username is Kyokolong! So yeah if you have one or make one you can find me! X3 I've became addicted to it!XD lol. They have lesbain rooms and bi rooms and everything you could think of! lol


Yesterday! lol
It started out as a very boring day. Getting cussed out and everything like that! It sucked! Xp Then Chastity got sent to the hospital from school because she hurt her hand. She called me crying. She's tore the ligament in between her thumb and her wraist. But she'll be okay. She's in Alabama until Sunday. T.T I'm going to miss her! She tried to get her parents to let her stay but they won't let her! And it sucks! T.T

But anyways...

Last night me and her was texting and everything. She was like we need to have our honeymoon in Japan and have our very first anniversay as a married couple in France! ANd I was like 0////0!!!! lol Then she was like Or we could get married in Japan and have a kimino ceramony. (She knows how much i LOVE Japan). Then she was like Wait you wanted to get married at Disney thou. I was like either is okay. She told me it was up to me. But I haven't made up my mind. I've got plenty of time thou. We aren't gettig married until we are both 21 and she's out of school. lol So I got 2 years left. XD

Well g2g


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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Current: great
Current: Say Anything
Current: X Japan

Ello Everyone!
How are you? I'm Great! You wanna know why? I'm at Chastity's! I Love Chastity! X3 *has a Shuichi Shindo momment*

Thank you all for your kind words. I needed it. I don't seem to have a self esteem anymore. Mom's demolisted it. I don't seem to have the confindance I did have. I need to hush or I'll make myself said! Xp

I'm watching Chastity do some recipes for school. lol You all need to visit her site. Please for ME!? her username is yourvanilla666 so just look her up. She's been updating everyday. She's starting to fix up hers. Lol

Well g2g

bye bye!


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Current mood: Good
Current song: Kurenai
Current band: X Japan

ello everyone!
How are you all today? I'm good just sitting here eating my sausage biscuit from mickey ds! lol. So I made me a new layout last nigth becasue for some reason something went wrong with the other one. XD GAH HTML CODES AREN'T WHAT THEY USED TO BE! XD lol but anyways! I made a link to Chastity's MyO over in the side...it's called my Yoshiki. So click there and you'll find her site! lol

Well g2g I don't really have much else to talk about I'll probably come back and add more but you never know! well g2g




I didn't get the job at Buckles. It's like I can't get a job. For some reason no wants to hire me. My mom isn't helping me. She's making this harder on me. I'm getting to the point to were I feel partially sucidal over it! Chastity is the only thing keeping me from actually doing it. I love her so much. I just feel like I'm stuck between rock and a hard place. I don't know what to do! NO ONE WANTS TO HIRE ME!!?! gah! i hate this! T.T


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Monday, October 5, 2009

Current mood: Good
Current song: Genkai Harestu
Current band: hide

Ello everyone?
HOw are you? I'm good! I just got home from Chastity's! It's 7:34 A.M. Chastity had to got to class this morning so I came back home. I love her! <3

Me and Chastity had such a long talk last night. It was wonderful thou! <3 I love her more and More everyday! I'm wearing her hoodie right now! X3 It smells like her! Gah! I'm soo in love! XD I don't know! I JUST LOVE HER!!!!

I'm eating cheetos! XD My dog Lou and I chowing down on some Cheeotos! XD YUMMMY!!!!
Anyways! That was random! XD>^

We talked about our feelings to each other! Then we feel asleep in each other's arms! X3 Aww I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH! She makes me soo happy! Well g2g I'm going to make a Layout for her MYOTaku!

Oh if you like Visit her MYOtaku or her TheOtaku! If you show that you are interest in her she'll probably get on more and update! XD


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