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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Current mood: Tired
Current song: Rainbow
Current band: Penicillin

Ello Everyone!

How ish you all today? It's 1:32 a.m. right now. I'm tired. XP But I figured I'd update since I was still up XD Well me and Chastity had a scare today. We think her mom may have found out about us. Which isn't good cuz she's a bible thumper! Gah And she see's gay ppl on the street and goes look at them fags. Gah I hate that word. And it's hard for me not to say anything because it's offensive to me. I don't really see what the big damn deal is with people hating gays I mean come on. What the hell did we ever do to you? I had some on tell me I was going to burn for being a lesbain. Shit I know some gays that are more likely to get into have then some straight people. >.<' Sorry I support equal love
gay, straight, bi, lesbain. I'm all for it! It's awesome. I love Love. So yeah. Grrr sorry XD


I changed my site. I don't know who all is going to be coming to comment I only got 2. >.<' I hate when I dont get comments and I try to comment ppl as muh as possible if I can. Srry I can' weekends cuz thats me and Chastity time :3


about the layout it's Rainbow by Penicillin themed along with the splatter paint marks. It took me a few hours to do this cuz I kept changing my mind on the theme but I think it looks awesome!

Well g2g


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