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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Current mood: okay
current song: No Song
Current band: No Band

Ello everyone?
how are you? I'm okay. I could be better. I'm riding in the car right now on our way to Chastity's Dad's friend Conard's house. I don't like going out here because it's boring. lol He's got ALOT of cats. I don't care for kitties much! XP

Chastity is (i believe) almost done with her halloween Decrating...She made Ghost rider today. XD lol I asked her if she was going to make his skulls flamey nd she said she's not sure how to make it do that! XD lmao! lol

OMG! Last night was so fun. Chastity and I talked to Karasu and Yoshio forever and it was soo funny! lol We established that Chastity is alot like Hatori from Fruits Basket! lol XD
She was like no I'm not and I was like yes you are! XDDDDD

I got a hide Jacket!!! It looks like his from Rocket Dive! WOOT WOOT! XD I'm going to be hide from ROCKET DIVE! lol



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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Current mood: Good
Current song: I.V.
Current band: X Japan

Ello Everyone?
How are you today? I'm good I've just been sitting here bored! XD I had such a fun time last night I talked in the chatroom to Karasu, Kimmy, and Kristi. But there was a homophobe come in and pissed off Karasu and he left! T.T I kicked the person out and got Karasu! lol

But anways!

Then we showed off pictures! I added new wallpaper and new ecards! Those of you who request a ecard they are fully up for you! I have some more to upload...I'm only aloud 3 a day!lol

I made one for Jae and she and Karasu are fighting over who get's to love Jaejoong! LMAO!
I didn't even know who he was until Jae asked for him. lol

I don't like Kpop! XD

let's see...
I'm going to try and see Chastity today!
It's like 1:12 a.m. right now! XD

Well it's off to bed for me!

bye bye~


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Friday, October 2, 2009

Ello everyone!

I'm bored
I think I'm going to make me a sweeettt lookng layout for this site! Since I'm coming back! lol

And posted somethin to my work hold on I'll repost it here...

I can't get over ppl being close-minded...the thing that Davey-Chan had posted on his site has still got my blood bowling (SP?) I mean ppl just don't understand how hard it can be to be gay. Let me tell you about my story.

Okay I've been a lesbian for a while...I mean at first I was confused and couldn't fully understand what I was! I mean I was with a guy but wasn't happy and the only person I could think about was a girl named Chastity! At that time it was completely werid to me! I was soo confused and I was like maybe I'm bi. So I came to that...But I noticed something else and you might laugh at me but Penis scares the hell out of me! The first time I was Darrel's wa was about to cry! I was like put it away. And the first time I had sex with a guy it wasn't very pleasuring or any other time I did. I think he just sucked though XD. ((NO OFFENSE TO MY GAY GUYS BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN)) The whole time I was with him I couldn't get over her! Chastity Chastity CHASTITY! Was all my mind was about. HELL MY FIRST KISS WAS A GIRL!!! XD but any ways...

the day me and Darrel broke up was actually a good day...I wasn't even sad...and I was with this boy for 2 years! So if I truly loved him I think I would've been heart broken...and some of you on here might remember when I was with him. XD I even have a ex gf on here lol but anyways...about 3 months after me and Darrel broken up...Chastity messaged me on MYOTAKU and she was like Jessica would you like to be m gf! I was like O.O OMG YES!!! I was soooo happy! That date was 6-18-07!


Okay six months later CHRISTmas Day....

My mom calls my grandmother who's in Ohio. My cousin told her about me...He had told everyone! Mom was pissed and cried and cried! OMG WHAT DID I DO WRONG! WHY WHY WHY! WHY IS GOD PUNISHING ME!? I was like this isnt your fault. I love Chastity. She just looked at me and I saw soo much hatred in her eyes. She still to this day, has that same look everytime she looks at me. My mom and I have never recoverd. She HATES Chastity..

ANd I've been with Chastity for 2 years and 3 months...And life for me at home is worse than ever! My whole Family on my my mom's side doesn't even acknowlegde my exsistance. Now My dad's side is a lil' more understanding becaue my Great Aunt is a lesbian too.


NO! We've all been through some hardship. I mean come on! We can't even get married legily! I'd love to someday say that Chastity's my wife! ANd NOT MY "life partner". I hate that phrase! SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND! MY FiancÚ!!!!!

sorry I feel better now that it's off my chest! ttyl!!!


if you read this whole thing I'm proud of you and I'll make you a ecard! X3

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

current mood: Good
Current song: My Heart leaps for "C"
Current band: An Cafe

Ello everyone?!

I'm bored I'm Jaming to some An Cafe!
This song is soo sweet! I love how it say's my heart leaps for "C" Because Chastity's name starts with a C and my heart really does leap for her!!! XD

here's the lyrics!

It's not like I pulled the thread of fate towards me, right?
It's a miracle that the two un-matching hearts produced, as they leaned against eachother

Before I met you I was a poor talker and I couldn't even sincerely smile

There were times where I wanted to throw everything out, but
because your smile is there I can be here
(wo yeah) even during hard times (wo yeah) because you are there
(wo yeah) I can climb over them MY HEART LEAPS FOR "C"

The tears that I couldn't shed in front of you almost seems like a lie now
The reason why I can stay being myself is because you are next to me

All the love and pain I recieved always changes into strength, even during hard times

When you are worried I will sing a song
When you are cold I will warm you up
(wo yeah) I want to always (wo yeah) give my all to you
(wo yeah) Please feel this from the tip of your hands to your feet

In this world where all kinds of things are forgotten, and where things get drained away
let us not forget, and stay here together all the way into the far future

When you are worried I will sing a song
When you are cold I will warm you up
(wo yeah) I want to always (wo yeah) give my all to you
(wo yeah) I'll keep loving you MY HEART LEAPS FOR "C"


Well guess I'll go!

bye bye!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Yes yes I know I said I wasn't coming back but guess what? Karasu came back and Kimmy-Chan asked me to come back and because I love them both to death I came back... XD

I probably won't update too much because I'm soo busy job hunting it's not even fnny but I'll try to take time and do it!



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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I figured
I'd got ahead and make my site
Kyo! This is how it was when I made it and this is how it will be no that I'm leaving...I can't believe it but I am!

If you still would like to talk to me plz find my myspace at http://www.myspace.com/jrockfanforever1/

I'm sorry too much drama here and too many memories of how it used to be!

I miss it and I've given up on how it was. I met so many amazing ppl and Karasu, my bestie on here is now gone....

Good bye everyone I love you all!!

bye bye!!

farewell from you friend always


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Sunday, June 7, 2009

current mood: good
current song: No song

I changed my site to Kurama!
Yeah I'm going through this Yu Yu Hakusho faze again! XD Damnit I thought I got over the YuYu thing when I got out of middle school XD lol but no! X3 I was sooo obessed with Kurama when I was little! I still like him alot but yeah XD lol! I've got a Kurama keychain on my keys! Acutally I found it in the bathroom at work and I was like O.O GOD LOVES ME!!! How Ironic it would be Kurama! lol I think I'm going to put red in my hair but I don't know yet! XD lol


Well g2g

I'll talk to you all later!
I'm going to see my CHASTITY!!!!!!!!!!


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Friday, June 5, 2009

Current song: Junk Story
Current band: hide
Current mood: GOOOOOOOODDDDD!!! and I miss my Chastity!

Awwwww You guys!! You're all soo good to me! I can't leave!! So what if there are other ppl that are mean...I still have a few good friends on here and my STRAIGHT Lover Karasu-Sama! X3

Thank you guys soo much


Awww Sweetie! I want to thank you for the wonderful message on your myo taht you left me! That really means alot to me! You're diffently my bestie and my Straight lover!!! X3 And Thank you for everything you've ever done for me!! X3



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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kyoko's Finished
I'm done with everything
I'm done with MyOtaku
I'm done with theOtaku
No one on here is like they used to be.
Karasu-Sama I think you for you unconditional friendship!
Honey Just txt anytime you need me! <3
If you guys want to text me just send me a message on theotaku or my email Ne1up4acemetarydrive@yahoo.com
I'll give it to you!

I love all of you...but I can't take the fucking bullshit drama that goes on with THEOTAKU anymore.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

current mood: Greeeaaaaaaatttt
current song: Junk Story
Current band: hide <3

How is everyoen? I'm good!1 I'm bored I fixed up my profile to hide! It's playing JUNK STORY! I Love that song!!! It's amazing!

I'm bored I don't really have anything to talk about...hmmm *thinks* It's rainging here band! >.<' I HATE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<' *cries*

WEll g2g


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