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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wow... in three days (from Sunday to today) it went from BEST DAY EVER to WORST DAY EVER. Sigh... I guess I'll start with what happened today:

Tuesday Positives:

Me and two other boys from my class were selected for a little art project to do which meant that we were excused from class XD! We had to make the Kwanzaa candles with construction paper but we were all being so retarded because when I was working on making the candles the boys were like "Ooh Jessy-chan, you know how to work it?!" LOL if you know what I mean. They're such perves, but - hey! So am I at times. Then, we had to make a fruit basket out of construction paper, which was even more or a disaster. It was "the most gettoest fruit basket" anyone had ever seen!

Tuesday Negatives:

OK this just happened a few moments ago. My big sister (whom I usually have problems with) was ATTACKED! *shivers* I hate living in the projects. Her "friend" accused her of stealing her man (which I know is a lie). So I come into my apartment and see my big sister with blood and scratches all over her face! TT_TT I was crying so bad. I still am now a little. *sniff* The B*TCH attacked her with F***ING keys! And when the cops came, the B*TCH was acting all innocent with not a hair on her head touched while my sister was just laying there, beaten. Its things like this that make me wanna stop trusting people.

Tuesday "inbetweenies":

I found out my friend (who is a boy) is bi-sexual. Not bad but not good (were in Catholic school). See what I mean?

Monday Positives:

None really. Except that I found out that I get to go to the COMIC CON! WH00T!

Monday Negatives:

In GYM, I almost won for my team but then we lost so I feel like I let them down.

Monday "inbetweenies":

My lips are extremely chapped and everyone called me Kool-Aid/Fruit-Punch since it looked like I had sipped some and had given me a red mustache. But then my BF was like, "Oh! That's nothing. I get it worse and it looks like as if I had put red lipstick all over my mouth!" He made me laugh and feel better ^_^.

Sunday Positive:

My best guy-friend came over and we had the BEST TIME EVER! XD First we played with the Wii. OMG, People+Wii=HitsMeInTheFace!! LOL I always get hit by my friends when they handle the Wii controller. Then, we just laid on the bed talking about nothing in particular. LOL then we had a tickle fight! Finally, we saw the movie Cry Wolf and it was awesome. Oh yeah, and Carlos Mencia, too!

Sunday Negatives:

LOL the only negative was when he had to leave.

Sunday "inbetweenies":

None? O.o

LOL reminiscing has cheered me up quite a bit. CIAO!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

IT FINALLY SNOWED IN NEY YORK CITY!! But... it didn't last long... how depressing? I was so happy to see the snow get gradually thicker and thicker. Then, I looked away for a minute and saw that it had completely stopped. At first, I was crying because I was so happy to see the snow but then I was crying to have seen it gone so quickly.

.:Let it snow...:.

.:Let it snow...:.

Hmmm... I think I'm gonna use these snows for my next layout so DON'T STEAL PLEASE! TT_TT

Arigatou! ^_^

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Heh... nothing going on in my life except... MID-TERMS START ON WEDNESDAY!! Im not really that worried, I doubt it'll be that hard. The only thing I think I will have trouble on is Religion but I guess I'm lucky because Religion mid-terms happen last XD. Oh, and Social Studies too. But I am not so fortunate with that one, it starts on Thursday >_<.

Hmmm... lemme think of something funny and entertaining to say... OH YEA! On Sunday (in church), it was pretty funny because on the part where you shake hands and say peace, I shook my friend's hand and said "peace-uh!" It really sounded like "pizza" so I hope no-one noticed ^_^". I think I have a habbit of adding "uh" to the end of words... Now I feel like my old teacher who used to add "er" at the end of everyword like "soder" instead of "soda." Good times! Good times...

*Its the book that I'm reading; its really good!*

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Monday, January 1, 2007

with all my

and you make me wanna


I just thought that was funny *hehhehheh* ... HAPPY NEW YEARS!


Well my ears are "no longer virgens" (to put it in the terms that my dad used LOL). The guy who pierced them were like "You look very pretty!" in his Indian accent. Then I said that as soon as I got out of private school that I would pierce my ear in more places and he said "That would also look very pretty!" So I figure that I should pierce them again in the summer, that way when I go back to school I am able to just take the earring off. So I guess my New Years Resolution is to...

Hmmm... LOL funny but no. I guess mine is to stop biting my nails and to curse less. Whats yours?

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years Eve! The countdown is currently at 13 hours... muahahaha! I'm finally getting my ears pierced. Im the last person in my family for that to happen. Even my little sister got her ears pierced before I did! I mean, I prefer the whole ear getting pierced like at least 3 times around the ear lobe (however you spell or call that) on each ear, but I guess 1 in the usual spot is good for now considering I got to a private school and is most likely going to a private high-school.

Anyways... I can't beleive how much of a procrastonator (dunno how its spelled) I am! I haven't done any homework. OMG! The thing is, I don't really understand the homework. My teacher gave me a sheet listing the things to do but it makes absolutely no sense at all! For example; she list down "Storyboard." WTF IS THAT!? But the weird thing is, I go back to school on the 2nd and all of that is due on the 3rd... whats the message shes conveying? Hmmm... sooo confused... >.<

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I know, I know. I put my theme on a bit early. But the only reason I did that was because I finished early AND I found a counter and thought What would be the use of it AFTER New Years? Heh-heh... this theme is, and I quote from myself (LOL), "Simlpe yet Energetic."

Hmmm... the only thing I can think of is that my arms HURT from playing the Wii. Well, I gotta go. Bye!

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

YAY! The 7th graders did not come to the movies and I don't feel so guilty anymore! The Pursuit of Happyness is a pretty good movie. The only thing bad that happened in the movies was that my sister chaperoned -.-. At first, everyone is like they rate her a 10 for being hot but then after they gave her a 0 for being a b*tch and said that I was waaaaay better than her in every way possible so that made me kinda happy. Its just that i'm always jealous of her. So then at the movies she's like Jessy you have to site next to me! And i'm like OMFG I'm not going to get raped two seats away!

Anyways... my class did the whole Secret Santa crap this year. But heres the ironic thing; I always give really good present every year and receive a very crappy one in return! This year, I gave a book (most people consider this as crappy) and I got back a Build-A-Bear! Wow, compare this to what I got last year: a pair of socks that didn't even fit! I guess patience is a virtue!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

AH! I got a Wii after all. The thing is, I gotta wait until Chistmas to open it. Oh well, I can wait. I'm thinking of dying my hair again. (That is, if my parents let me. So far my father doesnt want me to.) Like a mixture of Black, Blonde, and Red. I'm a PUNK!

Man, I did something not-so-holy in church the other day. My Religion teacher is, well... Phat. Really big, I mean. So when she went to sat down on the pews of the church, it... CRACKED AND ALMOST BROKE!! So what am I supposed to do? I was sitting right next to her! I just laughed my ass off. But not at her in particular, more like... in hysteria. So then we said the whole rosary. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS? Its like 100 Hail Marys or something!

Not only that, my History teacher has been mad at me too lately. I've been getting more loud in the classroom by talking more and well teachers hate when I talk. Do I have an annoying voice or somthing?? Maybe they just are harder on me because they want me to do good and they don't want my grades to go down. But still, thats not the only thing I've dont that has peeved her off. She told our class that we are going on a trip on Monday to see the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. She told the class not to discuss this with any other classes. Well, I didn't, except for one teacher. HEY~ it wasn't my fault! I thought all the teachers already knew and that we just weren't supposed to tell the students... If that class goes to the movies with us, we will all know whose fault that is; MINE! =C

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Hmmm... is it just me or didn't there used to be like a random member button that made you go to a random otaku member? I really loved that but I haven't seen it in like a year. Oh well. Maybe they will put it back one day.

Well I gotta get to my homework. Looks like i'll be missing church for like the zillionth time... Man this could have been better if my laptop didn't brake and I could do my work on it. But not this computer, it doesn't even have Microsoft Word!

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Friday, December 1, 2006

Well, heres my new theme. The same rules apply. Enjoy having a snowy day, everyday!

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