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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

AH! I got a Wii after all. The thing is, I gotta wait until Chistmas to open it. Oh well, I can wait. I'm thinking of dying my hair again. (That is, if my parents let me. So far my father doesnt want me to.) Like a mixture of Black, Blonde, and Red. I'm a PUNK!

Man, I did something not-so-holy in church the other day. My Religion teacher is, well... Phat. Really big, I mean. So when she went to sat down on the pews of the church, it... CRACKED AND ALMOST BROKE!! So what am I supposed to do? I was sitting right next to her! I just laughed my ass off. But not at her in particular, more like... in hysteria. So then we said the whole rosary. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS? Its like 100 Hail Marys or something!

Not only that, my History teacher has been mad at me too lately. I've been getting more loud in the classroom by talking more and well teachers hate when I talk. Do I have an annoying voice or somthing?? Maybe they just are harder on me because they want me to do good and they don't want my grades to go down. But still, thats not the only thing I've dont that has peeved her off. She told our class that we are going on a trip on Monday to see the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. She told the class not to discuss this with any other classes. Well, I didn't, except for one teacher. HEY~ it wasn't my fault! I thought all the teachers already knew and that we just weren't supposed to tell the students... If that class goes to the movies with us, we will all know whose fault that is; MINE! =C


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