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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wow... in three days (from Sunday to today) it went from BEST DAY EVER to WORST DAY EVER. Sigh... I guess I'll start with what happened today:

Tuesday Positives:

Me and two other boys from my class were selected for a little art project to do which meant that we were excused from class XD! We had to make the Kwanzaa candles with construction paper but we were all being so retarded because when I was working on making the candles the boys were like "Ooh Jessy-chan, you know how to work it?!" LOL if you know what I mean. They're such perves, but - hey! So am I at times. Then, we had to make a fruit basket out of construction paper, which was even more or a disaster. It was "the most gettoest fruit basket" anyone had ever seen!

Tuesday Negatives:

OK this just happened a few moments ago. My big sister (whom I usually have problems with) was ATTACKED! *shivers* I hate living in the projects. Her "friend" accused her of stealing her man (which I know is a lie). So I come into my apartment and see my big sister with blood and scratches all over her face! TT_TT I was crying so bad. I still am now a little. *sniff* The B*TCH attacked her with F***ING keys! And when the cops came, the B*TCH was acting all innocent with not a hair on her head touched while my sister was just laying there, beaten. Its things like this that make me wanna stop trusting people.

Tuesday "inbetweenies":

I found out my friend (who is a boy) is bi-sexual. Not bad but not good (were in Catholic school). See what I mean?

Monday Positives:

None really. Except that I found out that I get to go to the COMIC CON! WH00T!

Monday Negatives:

In GYM, I almost won for my team but then we lost so I feel like I let them down.

Monday "inbetweenies":

My lips are extremely chapped and everyone called me Kool-Aid/Fruit-Punch since it looked like I had sipped some and had given me a red mustache. But then my BF was like, "Oh! That's nothing. I get it worse and it looks like as if I had put red lipstick all over my mouth!" He made me laugh and feel better ^_^.

Sunday Positive:

My best guy-friend came over and we had the BEST TIME EVER! XD First we played with the Wii. OMG, People+Wii=HitsMeInTheFace!! LOL I always get hit by my friends when they handle the Wii controller. Then, we just laid on the bed talking about nothing in particular. LOL then we had a tickle fight! Finally, we saw the movie Cry Wolf and it was awesome. Oh yeah, and Carlos Mencia, too!

Sunday Negatives:

LOL the only negative was when he had to leave.

Sunday "inbetweenies":

None? O.o

LOL reminiscing has cheered me up quite a bit. CIAO!


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