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Monday, January 8, 2007

Heh... nothing going on in my life except... MID-TERMS START ON WEDNESDAY!! Im not really that worried, I doubt it'll be that hard. The only thing I think I will have trouble on is Religion but I guess I'm lucky because Religion mid-terms happen last XD. Oh, and Social Studies too. But I am not so fortunate with that one, it starts on Thursday >_<.

Hmmm... lemme think of something funny and entertaining to say... OH YEA! On Sunday (in church), it was pretty funny because on the part where you shake hands and say peace, I shook my friend's hand and said "peace-uh!" It really sounded like "pizza" so I hope no-one noticed ^_^". I think I have a habbit of adding "uh" to the end of words... Now I feel like my old teacher who used to add "er" at the end of everyword like "soder" instead of "soda." Good times! Good times...

*Its the book that I'm reading; its really good!*


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