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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   I need another vacation. Ugh.

Happy first day of March, everyone!!

Back to school this week. Ehhh. Nothing special happened. Well, actually, I almost killed someone in my class the other day. He kept calling me "big girl" and "Burger King" (even though I'm a vegetarian, which really peeved me off) implying my little problem or being overweight... >.<

I snapped. I'd really lost a lot of weight over the years and hearing this just crossed the line. I pushed him to a wall, grabbed his tie, and started choking him!! If it weren't for him pushing me off in such a violent motion, I think I would have killed him. Or at least, I think those were my intentions. I felt really bad. I apologized, naturally. Man. What's wrong with me lately? I've just been feeling... I don't know. =[ I need professional help, like a psychiatrist.

To make matters worse, I had another dream about Zin (ex-bf) last night. The dreams I've had about him when we first met were really good, then after New Years, when he stopped talking to me, I've had just horrible ones. Last night was the worse. It wasn't really "bad", but "good". It was of us being back together. All I know is that I awoke in tears. :'(

I guess I do miss him... or, at least, I miss who I thought he was. *sniff* Damn, I'm such a cry-baby! I know I shouldn't waste my tears on this guy. But even so...

He has my drawings and I really want them back but there’s no way I can get in contact with him. (He doesn't pick up my calls, blocked me off the internet, and completely ignores me in school. Why? I do not know!) I'm gonna try to contact one of the girls in his class (who is always nice to me and to everyone I've seen) to ask her to ask him for my drawings back. Hopefully, he won’t be an ass and be like No. I have my reasons. Those drawings for were meant for someone who really liked me, and now that that person doesn't exist anymore, well, I want my drawings back. ;]

Man. I love myOtaku. I feel so much better after writing this! ^o^ *sigh of relief* Hey, when does VV come out again? I forgot. ^^; I'm waiting until after it comes out so that I can upload some art. :D

EDIT: omg, It's finally hit me! I can't comment! The form doesn't show up! Crap. I was about to comment the rest of the people I missed from this past week, but I'll try again later! Sorry, guys!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

   Whoo! I'm on a drawing-spree.

Haha, I did another drawing. Yea... >_o lol.

Anyways, it snowed today! Yay! I got to go out for like a minute, but oh well. At least it was something. XD I think I'm actually going to be finished with all my homework by Saturday (my goal for this vacation)! Wish me luck, because if I do finish, I get to go to Jeremy's house! Haven't been there in a while, so this should be good! ^^

The Dangerous Kid by ~Warrior-Gal on deviantART

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

   Lookie at what I drew!

I made a deviantART account because theOtaku in the past has ticked me off. I'll try working with theOtaku once again once Version Vibrant is done. I know there are only 2 submissions in my portfolio, but there are supposed to be more (and much better ones)! I put up a whole manga I made countless times and it never showed up for some reason. I plan on putting that manga up again some time... but for now it is trapped in my other computer o_o; lol. So how is everyone's President's Week so far? Mine is quick and boring -- and distracting! I'm not getting any homework done! TT_TT

I Don't Need You To Have Fun by ~Warrior-Gal on deviantART

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Friday, February 15, 2008

   HECTIC! -- my tale of woe

Sorry I haven't posted since Sunday. Let's catch up:

Monday: Nothing special happened. Got a few "Welcome back to school, Jessy!"s and that's about all. XD

Tuesday: Nothing special, either... WAIT -- this is where my tale of woe begins!! Well it all started in math class. The teacher handed me a paper and *ta-da* it was a test with mathematical material I was not too familiar with! GUH! I failed. Seriously. I was so ashamed of myself TT_TT.

So at the end of the school day, as I was heading to my locker, I looked out the window and saw snow! Real, lovable, snow!! I was so happy, I jetted out of the lockers and ran out into the fresh air! Ahhh... my short happiness was about to end. I headed toward the bus stop to only find a very crowded street, filled with traffic. Ain't no way I'm gonna sit on a bus for hours while there's snow outside! So I decided to try to pass most of the traffic by walking to around 25th street (I was around 5th). When I get there, the traffic doesn't seem too bad so I hop aboard the bus. A few minutes later... Dun, dun, DUN!! More traffic!

So I'm waiting on the bus for like 3 hours and I suddenly realize that we haven't been going anywhere and that we are not going anywhere. And now my troubles begin. It turns out that a bus in front of us slid on the ice so all busses were out of service. I call my parents and my mother is having a HEART-ATTACK (not literally, but she was screaming a lot). I'm talking to her (make that yelling, actually), freezing in the cold, begging her to let me use the train. But NOOO. So I wait like two more hours for my brother-in-law to pick me up with his car and then he gets stuck in traffic.

Damn, I was so sick that night. I wouldn't have survived that day without Jeremy because he was on the phone with me the whole time. I remember when I was walking (lost, btw), I was telling him that my feet really hurt and then he was like don't worry, I'll massage them for you when you get to my house this weekend. Awww♥

Wednesday: Got sick from the previous day and missed school. cha. Well, that wasn't the only thing missed. My dad missed the Parent-Teacher conference! OMG, I was steamed! [rant\]First of all, I don't even get my report card because he doesn't pay my full tuition. Why my tuition doesn't get paid is because a lot of money is spent on alcohol, tobacco, and Viagra. Jesus![/rant]

Thursday: Got a text from Jeremy at 7:00am saying "be my v." I was over-joyed ^^. Returned to school.

[tragic "love" story]Got really disappointed at Zin... let me tell you about Zin. Zin was my boyfriend... my first boyfriend and he was very special and dear to me. Then came New Years and he suddenly just stopped talking to me. I really have no clue why. If I knew why, I wouldn't be so upset all the time. Seriously, wtf, Zin? Every time I try to get in contact with him, it's the same old crap. He always says I'll talk to you later. Well, later never came and one day he said the reason we weren't talking was a "secret". Ok. Dude. Seriously. Grow some balls and say IT'S OVER. You know, he still hasn't said it. And I'm not able to because I can't get in contact with him. But now I've just given up. I don't care anymore. I just wish I didn't have to see his face in school. Thank God he's a junior and I'm a freshman or I'd just die seeing him that often. God, I wanna spit on him every time I see him.[/tragic "love" story]

Well, anyways. Got my math test back.

67% omfg.

Boy, was I depressed. But then I found out that I got first honors. That lifted my spirits and you know, this week was unavoidably shaky because I missed school all last week because I was sick so it's not like it's my fault I failed. I will rebound :] So after school, I call my mother on my cell and I'm like mom... I failed my math test. She said don't worry about it, considering the situation I'm in. Then I told her I got first honors and she was like omfg, rly?! lol. She sure was happy to hear that! ^_^ So I asked her if I could hang out for a while and she was like... fine. *hmph* Well I hung out with one of my friends, Meghan. She somehow got a little cup of vodka from a friend and I was just like o_o. I sipped some. ~o~ WTF, how do Russians do it? Then we got some Sprite to make it less intense and it was still... ick. I really wanted to feel a "buzz" but it didn't happen. I think Jeremy got upset when I told him that I did this... I'm sorry. *punishes self in a discreet manner*

Today: Missed school because I felt like serious crap this morning. So my dad went to my school to drop off and pick up my homework. He saw Zin and they waved at each other and when my father told me this I snapped. So did my dad. We're just like, wtf is wrong with him?? I'm like, he'll wave at you but won't say a damn word to me? Jesus. Grrr. PENT UP RAGE!

[keyboard bashing]af*asf-srdgfdkjafsik afdSISDFS AHAHAHH MTIHER Ed FUCddgKER TI HATE TRHEAT NIGETGER YY TEH FUUCK S FODES THISS SHI IT K HA VE RTOO O HHA[PPPEN TOO M ARE ARRHDF kGJKgjKGgjkgjjkgiklhihi[/keyboard bashing]

*whew!* I feel loads better! =^_^= Well, how was everyone's ♥day?

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   The Otaku is like a Pokemon. It evolves...

...but not everyone likes to have their Pokemon evolve. Some people like to press B in the middle of the evolution to make it stop. However... maybe I am jumping to conclusions. This is just temporary construction, right? I can't wait to see the final product. The bugs so far are driving me nuts though. >.< What happened to all the avatars? Whats wrong with the update... well, dates and why aren't they highlighting blue? What happened to the rank box that used to be at the center of the Backroom? Where is 75% of the navigation bar that was to the left of the backroom? Hopefully these all will be sorted out... soon. Adam.

Well besides from that (rant? no, not really a rant. perhaps... a heads up?), today sucked. I was supposed to go to Jeremy's house today but my parents (yet again) put me last on their to-do list (or was I even there at all? >.<). I'm sorry. =[ (I hope you're reading this, Jeremy.) *sigh* Well, onward!!

So did you guys read my last post? The one where I was crucially VIOLATED? Well in case you didn't, this is basically what happened. In order for the ENT to have a good look at my tonsils, they stook a tube-like-camera-thing up my nose and it came outta my mouth. I know I'm mentionining this a lot, but I can't help it! I'm just so tramatized by that experience for some reaon. Oh well. I seriously need to get over it. XD My tonsilectomy is scheduled for either March or April 17 (I can't remember, lol). I'm a little nervous. What really sucks is that they told me I can't take any medication for my pain until after the surgury. *sigh*

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

   Oh. My. GOD. -- VIOLATED! >.<

Yesterday I saw the ENT and this is what happened. (All times are inaccurate for some reason.)

TheWarriorGal (6:58:43 AM): omg guess what happen today
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:58:46 AM): what
TheWarriorGal (6:58:54 AM): ok i went to docs today
TheWarriorGal (6:59:01 AM): and i saw a specialist
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:59:09 AM): ?
TheWarriorGal (6:59:24 AM): and they needed a close look at my tonsils so they said they were gonna put a camera
TheWarriorGal (6:59:49 AM): so they made me snort a drug that was SUPPOSED to make me numb but it didnt TT^TT
TheWarriorGal (7:00:21 AM): and then they took this BIG tube thing and shoved it up my nose and it came outta my moouth!!!!!!
TheWarriorGal (7:00:28 AM): it hurt sooo much i was crying a lot
BLuE EyEs 797 (7:00:49 AM): oh jessy -[
BLuE EyEs 797 (7:00:55 AM): =[
TheWarriorGal (7:00:58 AM): man even right now i feel like i got into a fight and lost like my nose got punched
TheWarriorGal (7:01:03 AM): but thennnn
TheWarriorGal (7:01:13 AM): they were like ok u definately need ur tonsil taken out
BLuE EyEs 797 (7:01:29 AM): OMG
TheWarriorGal (7:01:29 AM): so they were like alright im gonna suggest this to the surgeon
TheWarriorGal (7:01:36 AM): and the surgeon comes
TheWarriorGal (7:01:54 AM): OMFG
TheWarriorGal (7:02:01 AM): IM GONNA DIE
BLuE EyEs 797 (7:02:34 AM): JESSY
TheWarriorGal (7:02:40 AM): LMFAO
BLuE EyEs 797 (7:02:40 AM): lmao
BLuE EyEs 797 (7:02:56 AM): omg i am so sorry that your getting your tonsils out <3
TheWarriorGal (7:03:11 AM): aww dont worry bout me, ill be fine ^_^
BLuE EyEs 797 (7:03:35 AM): your suregoon wont let you die
TheWarriorGal (7:03:43 AM): lol

And that is why I feel totally VIOLATED!! TT^TT Since I was out of school all last week, I asked my friend for the homework but she was like don't worry the teacher has a stack for you that you'll get on Monday. And I'm just like... STACK?? TT^TT Man!! I also found out something that I'm gonna throw a fit about when I get back to school. :( (please excuse some of the language)

BLuE EyEs 797 (6:38:46 AM): ..............
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:39:10 AM): oh my god they moved you in lit class =[
TheWarriorGal (6:39:35 AM): WHAT
TheWarriorGal (6:39:38 AM): NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheWarriorGal (6:39:44 AM): I REFUSE TO LEAVE MY SEAT
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:39:47 AM): yea =[ uhhh i was so mad
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:39:53 AM): i was like oh crap
TheWarriorGal (6:40:06 AM): r any of the teachers saying nething about me being absent?
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:40:19 AM): gouzi sits their now and is always touching me i am like OH NO
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:40:22 AM): no
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:40:27 AM): they miss you =]
TheWarriorGal (6:40:35 AM): even ramirez?
TheWarriorGal (6:40:45 AM): cuz hes always a ass when the twins are absent
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:40:54 AM): idk
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:41:01 AM): the twins are leaving!
TheWarriorGal (6:41:20 AM): OH YM GOD!!!
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:41:21 AM): i am like i will miss you
TheWarriorGal (6:41:23 AM): WHEN?
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:41:40 AM): next week is their last week i think not shure
TheWarriorGal (6:41:53 AM): =[
TheWarriorGal (6:43:44 AM): DID jessica say nething to u about me
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:43:56 AM): no..why?
TheWarriorGal (6:44:13 AM): cuz shes bein a bitch cow to me saying im faking being sick
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:44:34 AM): lmao BITCH COW
TheWarriorGal (6:44:48 AM): rofl
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:45:08 AM): she went up to me on monday and said i am anerexic and faked fainted and fainted because i am anerexiouc
TheWarriorGal (6:45:10 AM): bitch cow <3
TheWarriorGal (6:45:29 AM): im gonn jump her cow ass
TheWarriorGal (6:45:32 AM): dead ass
TheWarriorGal (6:45:36 AM): im tired of her shit
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:45:44 AM): then i went to meghan and said well she certainly isnt anerexoic because she is eating three bagels =]
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:46:06 AM): bitch cow is a fat ass she had 7 pieces of cake
TheWarriorGal (6:46:07 AM): lmfao
TheWarriorGal (6:46:21 AM): u guys had cake??
TheWarriorGal (6:46:26 AM): aww i miss everything
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:46:37 AM): it looked disgusting
TheWarriorGal (6:46:44 AM): even if i wasn there i wouldnt be able taste it
TheWarriorGal (6:46:49 AM): lol jessica made it then
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:47:08 AM): lmao
TheWarriorGal (6:47:53 AM): hahahah
TheWarriorGal (6:47:55 AM): hehhrehehehe
TheWarriorGal (6:48:01 AM): bitch cow
TheWarriorGal (6:48:12 AM): oh can u gimme all the hw from this week
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:48:39 AM): the teachers have it all but i can tell you what they have
TheWarriorGal (6:49:09 AM): please
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:49:23 AM): study skills she has the homework sheet
TheWarriorGal (6:49:32 AM): can u type it for me
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:49:34 AM): math linear equations test tueday
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:49:37 AM): i dont know it
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:50:04 AM): ukranian poem
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:50:22 AM): crossword puzzles
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:50:32 AM): they have it all in a stack for you
TheWarriorGal (6:50:55 AM): a stack TT.TT
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:51:01 AM): yeah
TheWarriorGal (6:51:59 AM): did they say that i had to give the hw in by monday or what?
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:52:23 AM): no they are giving it to you on monday you hand it in when you can
TheWarriorGal (6:52:51 AM): oh
TheWarriorGal (6:53:01 AM): do i have to know anything by monday?
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:53:13 AM): i dont think so
TheWarriorGal (6:53:35 AM): any quiz test or anything?
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:53:50 AM): math test tuesday
TheWarriorGal (6:54:01 AM): oh ne music homework?
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:54:10 AM): idk i wasnt there
TheWarriorGal (6:54:13 AM): oh
TheWarriorGal (6:54:25 AM): ummm
TheWarriorGal (6:54:31 AM): do we have to memorize ukr poem?
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:54:58 AM): umm yes
TheWarriorGal (6:55:15 AM): shit i dont have any of my books everything is in lockers
TheWarriorGal (6:55:40 AM): do u know the title of the poem?
TheWarriorGal (6:55:44 AM): maybe i can google it
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:56:06 AM): wait monday is expressions
TheWarriorGal (6:56:42 AM): what exactly do we have to memorize by monday?
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:56:55 AM): nothing poem we did
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:57:03 AM): just extra credit for monday
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:57:06 AM): i think
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:57:10 AM): im not shure =/
TheWarriorGal (6:57:38 AM): umm
TheWarriorGal (6:57:41 AM): do u have a scanner?
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:58:01 AM): no
BLuE EyEs 797 (6:58:12 AM): im sorry
TheWarriorGal (6:58:19 AM): its alright

Sorry for the lengthy post. But if you read it, thank you very much! =^_^=

Also, please visit my best friend Jeremy's new otaku!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   Awww... how come no one commented my last post? *cries*

*waaah!* *sniff* I'm ok... really! Somehow I know my heart will mend. XD

Haha. Ok, enough with the drama. So I missed school yet again (damn these tonsils!) and I am going to continue to miss until Monday. My school is cool with it because I am a very good student with nothing to worry about. My friend was like, Jessy all the teachers miss you. And I was just like... :o Huh?? Really? Then she was like I miss you too =[. And I was just like awww... :c

Hmmm I went to the hospital again today because it's been a week and my throat is still in extreme pain. Take a lookie here at what happened at the hospital ^^ lol.

"Kerry Rose": what?
TheWarriorGal: OK I Went to the emergency today
"Kerry Rose": OMG WHY
TheWarriorGal: and i was in one of the lil rooms waiting for the doc
TheWarriorGal: and there was a room across from me and a kid in it
TheWarriorGal: and the kid was being nosy and kept looking into my room
"Kerry Rose": OMG
TheWarriorGal: then he saw the moniter and the line was like beeeeeeeep straight
"Kerry Rose": jessy
"Kerry Rose": omg
TheWarriorGal: and outta nowhere this kid starts screamming omg doctor shes dying
"Kerry Rose": what did you say
"Kerry Rose": LMAO
TheWarriorGal: and then the mother was like shut up stupid shes not conected to those moniters
"Kerry Rose": omg
TheWarriorGal: and then he COMES to my room and like ohhh shit i thot u were a ghost for second lol
TheWarriorGal: and im just like...ok... kid go away
TheWarriorGal: rofl

Haha well that just about sums up my whole day. Oh, yes. And I got an appointment on Friday with the ENT (Eyes Nose Throat doctor) so hopefully they will be able to remove my tonsils and I will NEVER have to go back to the doctors for the zillionth time complaining about 'em. Wish me luck XP

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Monday, February 4, 2008

   Still sick - Missed school. Layout question...?

I'm still sick :( *sigh* At least I got to stay home from school.

So all day I pretty much did nothing but stay on the computer, refreshing my layout-making skills. I finished the layout for AHeart4Roxas except for one thing. I don't know how to get the link for the commments. Does anyone know how to do so? I would greatly appreciate any help! ^^

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   It's gone!! Where'd it go? >_>;

I lost my voice. Has anyone seen it? I'll give you a cookie if you find it. XD

Man, oh man. Yesterday was hectic.

[rant]I don't like my family. =[ They're all big, fat meanies! The reason I lost my voice is because they don't know how to talk. Rather, we all just yell at each other. >..<[/rant]

*whew* I feel better now. Well, about that at least (writing/talking usually makes people feel better, ne?). Anyways, I keep missing church every Sunday and I feel horrible. But it's not my fault. I keep getting sick every weekend! Grrr... *prays to God* Oh well. Hmmm... I'm gomna get myself a video-game today, but I'm not sure what to get. Any suggestions? Also, heres a random question: Who would you like to be president and why? My answer is Barack Obama.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

   I'm SoOoOo Sick!

*Achoo!* Hmmm... well, that was inacurate. I don't have a cold but my throat is KILLING me! It's all swollen and it hurts when I talk or swallow :c. It all started on Wednesday. I woke up and felt sick but I still wanted to go to school. My mother came into my bedroom and I told her I felt sick so she took a good look at me and said that I should miss school today. I fought a little, but then I realized that I wouldn't miss out on anything important in school on that particular day so I had nothing to worry about. It really was to my benefit.

So I go to the hospital and apparently I look much older than my real age! First, the nurse asks for my age. I'm like 14 and she's like... well, you sure are tall! And I'm just like... alrighty then. So then I see a doctor and she's like what grade are you in? And I'm like 9th and she's like... so you're 18-years-old? I'mj ust like... (wtf? how'd you become a doctor with math skills like that? lol). Well anyways, I still feel sick. Ugnhhh!

Today I had a half-day in school. Blah, nothing special happened. After school I went to McDonalds to hand out with a few of my friends for a while. We got bored real quick and decided to go on a cookie-hunt (McDonalds didn't have the cookies that we wanted!). While on our hunt, theres this little stand that has loads of free condoms (btw, I don't believe in contraception or sexy-time before marriage. catholic, I am!). My friend (silly, silly girl, she is!) took one, opened it up, and blew it into a balloon! lol. That sure was funny. There was this old man passing by and he told us, well it seems like someone is getting busy tonight! Dirty old man. I just went home afterwards, and now here I am! Sick from playing in the rain, watching my friends inflate condoms, and going on our failure cookie-hunt. Good times.

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