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Saturday, December 23, 2006

YAY! The 7th graders did not come to the movies and I don't feel so guilty anymore! The Pursuit of Happyness is a pretty good movie. The only thing bad that happened in the movies was that my sister chaperoned -.-. At first, everyone is like they rate her a 10 for being hot but then after they gave her a 0 for being a b*tch and said that I was waaaaay better than her in every way possible so that made me kinda happy. Its just that i'm always jealous of her. So then at the movies she's like Jessy you have to site next to me! And i'm like OMFG I'm not going to get raped two seats away!

Anyways... my class did the whole Secret Santa crap this year. But heres the ironic thing; I always give really good present every year and receive a very crappy one in return! This year, I gave a book (most people consider this as crappy) and I got back a Build-A-Bear! Wow, compare this to what I got last year: a pair of socks that didn't even fit! I guess patience is a virtue!


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