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Sunday, April 8, 2007

   Happeh Easteh! ^___^

Mood: The Uh-oh Feeling. =O (Nah, im happeh. ^_^)
Listening to: Stand-Rascal Flatts
Currently Working on: ++Memories++ Ch. 5
Reading: P.h.D Vol. 3

Ello, Loves. Happy Easter.

I am not much of a christian, but i do enjoy this holiday for all the friends that luves me enough to text me. XD

Theory on Easter:

The reason why people paint eggs and uise the bunny as an icon for easter is because after Jesus died, a big, frivolus, pink bunny tropped through and went, "HAPPY EASTER!" and dropped a big egg. What was in the egg? A resurected Jesus! But then he dided, so all the Jesus lovers go get eggs to try and bring back Jesus.

Gosh, i love deviantART. XD Anyway, look for a new layout here. >_>

So ish yoo all? (DAMN THOSE HYELPOS!)

Yeah, playing Final Fantasy X-2. Pretty good game. If only there would be a hawt dude, but they are all chicks. T_T (For all you straight hornballs or Lesbians, BUY IT. O_O)

Meh. I was at Kenshinlovr14's house to spend the night, but my mom picked me up. I was sooo pissed beyond belief. T_T

So i guess i shall go. Again, happy easter and ill cya all soon.

Cherrio! ^^


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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Mood: Been Better
Listening to: NickelBack-Saving Me
Currently Working on: New story plot
Reading: Artem Fowl Vol. 2: The Artic Incident


Well, i lost a friend. ^^""

Ultimatelifeform. yeah. >_> I am done with her. I am not going to say why, but know it is for GOOD reasons. >_<

But still, if you are her friend and mine, still go to her site. i hate when people stop hanging with someone just cuz someone else isnt. XD

Well, my day (In Order:
-Got out of bed (OMehGasp! =O)
-Took German Test
-Lost Friend
-Requested a commission and did an art trade.
-Watched 2 movies in my last 2 classes
-Went home and slept
-Took dog to aunts for dogsitting while im gone to flordia
-Cleaned House
-Posting on MyO


XD Well, i guess my day went pretty well. @_@

Still cant believe i have to waste my spring break in flordia. Bleh.

Basically, i'll wrap this up: I will be gone for about a week. In that time, i wont have a comp so i cant post. Sorry. =/

Ok, well i hope you all have a great spring break. (Or hope you had a great spring break if youalready had it. XD) Expect a new theme when i get tback. This one didnt grow on meh. XD

Cherrio! ^____^V


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Monday, March 26, 2007

   Week before Spring Break

Mood: Tired
Listening to: Pat Benatar-Heartbreaker
Currently Working on: Ch. 5 of Awakenings
Reading: Artemis Fowl Book 1


One ore school week before stinking Spring Break. Normally this is a time for me to sleep in, hang with friends and just chill.

But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

Not this time. This time i have to go to flordia, to see my house there for like almost all of my spring break. I'm already gonna be living there for summer and then 2 YEARS! T_T

I g2g to school. Cherio.

P.S. I hope you like te site change and the music will change soon too.


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

   Parteh! ^^

Mood: Cool as a Cucumber (Ew i hate cucumbers >_< (XD))
Listening to: Random DDR songs since me and Kenshinlovr 14 are playing it. ^^
Currently Working on: Partying!
Reading: N/A


I have Kenshinlovr14 over! We atre playing DDR and American Idol. We ish gut! o.o


Well, first, i went to the mall with Adia and HieisDarkKitten. We had fun goofing off and such, like we louged on the funiture in Macy's. XD

Then, Kenshinlovr14 came with me to buy American Idol! When we were comming back home, Adia wanted to come over as well, so we let her. we all played American Idol and ROCKED! XD

We also rocked on DDR. Adia just left, so now its me and meh cuz! ^_^

So that is my awesome day. I notcied that if i have a bad week at school, then i have good weekends. o.o


Well, im gonna play with Kenshinlovr14. Hope you have a good day!

Cherio! =D


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Saturday, March 24, 2007

   Yaoi = LOVE!

Mood: Chipper
Listening to: ANimals-NickleBack
Currently Working on: Sasunaru Piccy
Reading: Artemis Fowl Book 1



I am actually happy for once this whole week. And the funny thing is, i dunno why. @_@ I am just in a good mood. ^^

It may be all the yaoi i looked up. XD

I found this great Sasunaru Doujinshi called Thantos. IRL< i hate rape, but in anime and with 2 hawt guys, who can resist? >_> And it is with snaaaaakesss. Kinky! 8D

Also, i looked up alot of ZoSa (Zolo X Sanji from One Piece)

Yay! =D

Well, my mom wants to go to bed. Here is som of the B-E-A-U-tiful yaoi i found (Hover over pics. I left comments =D) :

Chibi Love! ^^



Cute Couple from D Grey man ^^

School suits seriously attract me @_@

More School. ZoSa=Love XD

Ciao! =^^=


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

   School in like 5 min

Hello! ^^

I needs to maker this quick, cuz my mom is weird about school. >_>

I went to adia's yesterday and had tons of fun. We watched the labrinyth and did things so random only we could pull off. XD

Also, i have drawn so much! I cant wait to post it....when i scan it. XD

Crud. "She" Calls. O_O

Ciao! ^^


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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Mood: Meh...
Listening to: Starlight-MUSE
Currently Working on: Writings
Reading: Artemis Fowl Book 1


Yes, i started the mood thingy again. o_o (I found it on this computer, since it wasnt in my bro's XD)

So yeah...I did just about nothing yesterday. T_T Altough, i did buy a PS2 and played DDR like nonstop. O_O

But i also watched Naruto and it made me VERY emotional. At first, i thought about how people here in america watch it and go, "COOL! THAT DUDE DIED!"

...Grow up -_-

Kishimoto is amazing. He made a very good show with good values, like how to never give up on your dream, protecting it, helping your friends, and most importantly, eating ramen 3 times daily. XDDDDD

But seriously, i started thinking about me moving from my friends after that. I bawled for like 2 hours and i couldnt stop. Trust me i tried. o_o

I hate crying now. it gets you no where. But at times, i guess, you just have to cry. *sigh*

And, to close my boring day, i fell asleep and woke up in the fetal postion. Goodie...Well, today will be better. I get to go with my bro to see a Pirates of the Carribean Marathon. We go to this place in Newport and watch POC 1, POC 2, and a special sneak preview of POC 3! ^___^

So, yeeeeaahh...*Yawn*



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Friday, March 16, 2007

   A Good Start! ^^



I am had a great Week and am already having a good weekend!

I shall list my accomplishments this week:

1) No HW
2) Cleaned Room
3) Went with Adia on a 2 mile walk (4 miles for me since i had to walk to her house) To lose weight.


Fixed Computer (OMG YAY!)
Finished HW
Helped Mom with Bills

Made video (Sasunaru Baby!)
Worked on Otaku (As you cann see *looks around site*)

SO YEAH! ^^""

About the site, I hope you like. I got the little pop up thingy, and the transparent hoverlink! ^^ Also...

IMMA OTAKU SENIOR! T_____T (Tears of Joy XD)

It took forever. I hope to post more art to become a legend! ^^

So, today's plans...

No idea *Conks head*

Well, I talked to my kusine (German for female cousin), kenshinlovr14, and her site looks AMAZING! You all should defiantly visit her! ^^

I might go to Ultimatelifeform's house today. She wants to show me thses cool new pokemon Evee turns into! ^^

Well, i guess that is all for now. I will post tomorrow as well, since the comp ish fixed! *hugs comp*



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Sunday, March 11, 2007

   Just one of those days...


This is one of those occasional times I get to post on the shitty computer. I found a trick though:

Type my post in a word processor, then copy and paste. Yay for me…

Well, I got in a huge fight with a friend today. Now, I am starting to question the qualities of life and how it works. Was this fight predetermined? Or could there have been an event in which I could have avoided it?

I am thinking of all this because of the movie called, “Stranger than Fiction”

Very good movie. It tells how ones life is predetermined, yet subject to change, if you do something about it.

Life is just one big puzzle to me at this stage in my life…Confusing, yet with a little thought, solvable.

Makes one wonder, ne? Lately, I have been approaching problems in a more thought out way. I try to narrow possible solutions and then take action. If that doesn’t work, I try another idea. When I run out of ideas, like writes block is to a story, I panic and make rash decisions. This leads me back on the theory of a predestined life. Was I meant to think like this? Or was my brain trying to pry away from the outcome it knew I wouldn’t like?

Heh, maybe I should write a book on this…


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Thursday, March 8, 2007

   Love Me When I'm Gone...


And before you think half way through the post, i am not leaving MyO for good.

Just for awhile.

My bro took his labtop and this computer's internet kicks me off in the middle of a sentance. I have to start all over, since it wont copy/paste. So i am going to wrap this up

I hope to get my labtop soon and i will post occassionally.

Cya...T_________________T ~Hugs all~


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