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Thursday, May 10, 2007

   Life Turns Around...

Mood: Pissed
Listening to: Nothing
Currently Working on: Nothing
Reading: P.h.D Vol 9


I am so pissed off...

I thought we reunited, but another fight fucks things up. Its HDK. She is still so cold to my friend and never speaks to me. We told her off last night and i think her mom will make it so we cant be friends. I found myself not caring. If she wants to surrender to her mothers will, fine.


Anyway, short post since i have to go to school. I hope yyou like the new theme. I hate the pixalated on. xD



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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

   Such a Joyous Time

Mood: Truly Happy
Listening to: Thanks Fr Th Mmrs-Fallout Boy
Currently Working on: Okagesamade Aiyoku (My Novel)
Reading: Sasunaru Doujinshi

I am so fucking haoppy! Like, this is the happiest I've been in years!

Me, Adia, Ultimatelifeform, and HieisDarkKitten always fought, so eventually, me and Adia broke from ULF and we close to breaking from HDK. It was killing all of us and made more fights, so i reunited with UFL. Then Adia did and we solved the problems with HDK. Reunited at last! It took us over half a year, but we did it! ^_____^

On other good news, I am writing a new novel! For lack of a better word, we will call it Pr0n. xD It is, but my friends find it...wel, amazing. xD I can't post it here though (too graphic) So it's going on DA soon! I'll probably put links on this site for it though. >_> (Warning: Is yaoi, so read with caution)

I have also drawn alot lately. I can do Sasuke freehand now. YAY! Better SXN! I have been able to draw Naru for awhile. He ish my Bish. <3

Ok well I must go to school! I will actually be in a good mood today, to the luck of my classmates. xD

Quote of the Day: From ULF

"Even True Friends say It's over, but when they reunite, it shows the Tre power of the Friendship they hold.

I was so proud of her for that quote. ;o;

Well then, Cherrio~! ^_^


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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

   Lovers all Around

Mood: Giddy (Oh My o//o)
Listening to: Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~ - HOME MADE KAZOKU (Naruto Shippuuden Ending Theme)
Currently Working on: Alot. >_>;;
Reading: 3 Shonen-Ai's! ^^


I am in a unusually pleasent mood. I think i have found love.

There is a guy in my school. We talk and he like to touch me (Not in those "spots". Personally...I dont mind. And today, he wanted one of my gloves (One says No Glove and the other sasy No Love). He took the No Glove one, which lead to a funny joke (Quote att he bottom of the post).

Anywho, i think i also found a love online. We wont get serious like the kid at school, but on my online RPG, i think we are getting married. -^-^ I've know him for a while and now he thinks he is bi. I jumped at the chance. ^^

Also, do you like the new theme? I know the BG is kinda pixalated, but that couldnt be helped. I still like it though. The old one wa better, but i need to change. >>;;


Anywho, life is pretty good right now. Everything is relativly calm, except for a few disputes here and there. I hope to hang with Adia soon. I miss her. TT__TT

Well, I have to go to bed. School...¬_¬

Pic of the Day: (OMG how long has it been?!)
He is a Diva. XD

Quote of the Day: From Lunch (Deryl is the guy i like)

Deryl: Now that I have this glove, It makes me the dominate one.
Me: Why do you get to be the dominate one?
Deryl: I have the 1st part of the glove...and I'm stonger. *wink*
Me: *Pouts, then Smiles*



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Monday, April 30, 2007

   Hello Thar

Mood: Tired, bu ok i guess
Listening to: Thks fr th Mmrs-Fallout Boy
Currently Working on: Lots of requests
Reading: Artemis Foul Book 4


Its been a litrtle bit, huh? Yeah, kinda busy, what with my step dad being home this past weekend. I practically gagged. X_x

I hate that guy. He changes my mom alot. She doesnt wanna be nice at ALL, rare when she is disappears without a trace. I. Just. Flat. Out. Hate. Him.

Well, i went bowling with Adia and her and my friend Lindsey. it was amazing! We bowled alot, and then Lindsey rigged the machine so we got free quarters. >_>;;;


Then i went to Kenshinlovr14's house and spent the night. It was fun, even though we didnt spend too much time together. Her friend Sarah was there too and she was cool as well. We have an insight joke now.

Anyway, i have to go to school now. T_T Look out for a theme change sometime this week! -^-^-



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Monday, April 23, 2007


I have to go to school in a few minutes, so i wont bothe rwith the inro thing for this post.

Yesterday sucked majorly. If you really wanna know, pm me. Im still depressed from it.

On the bright side, Aida is comming over today. Yay for me. *trows confetti with dull eyes*

So yeah, i have to go to school.



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Sunday, April 22, 2007

   The Grodyness! DX

Mood: Meh.
Listening to: Suteki da Ne-Rikki (FFX OST)
Currently Working on: Getting to Lvl. 100 on Kingdom Hearts on Destiny Island (Wish me luck. XD)
Reading: Artemis Fowl Book 4 The Opal Deception

Ello Loves.

After today, i am exhasted! I woke up around 12 pm and basically went to Adia's. But before that, i got to go to Burger King. THis is where the tittle of this post comes into play. ;o;

I HATE Burger King, but my mom would go nowhere else. So we get there and I order a plain whopper. Well this lady sounded like a bitch over the intercom and so i said so to my mom. We "think" she over heard. So when we get out food, i pull oyt the whopper and check it. I find little mustards spots the size of a pin hole. No big deal, i'll wipe it off...But the was a line of clear liquid oozing around it. I swear, this old nasty hag spit on my food. D= Besides that, one burger was so linp, it curled so far it looked like a taco, and the other burger on it was so erect i tcould eat it. I felt so sick. >_<

So besides that, I went to Adia's. Our frined, Kate, was also there. We went to a park and swung around. Fun. = D Then i had to go home and i did nothing all day. More Fun. = D NOT!

So, now i have to get off, for mom wants to go to bed. ¨_¨ Just remember:


Ok then, Cherrio! -^_~-


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Friday, April 20, 2007

   Some Intellegent Conversation

Mood: Tired, but Happy
Listening to: Vanessa Williams-Save the Best for Last
Currently Working on: ++Memories++ Ch. 5, RoxasXAsxel Fic, Orchimaru fic, Another 2 fics not specified yet.
Reading: Artemis Fowl Vol. 4 The Opal Seception


Im tired...*ywan*

Well, Yesterday was amazing. I basically diud nothing in german, and in art we got to play with white boards. Fun. In English, i apparently wrote the most amazing poem (all my friends and mom sadi >_>), and i hung out with my amazing friend Sarah and I drew my manga. Fun.

Here is the poem:

This is Love
By: Zieke Asuka

What is Love?
Is it the warm feeling of the suns rays?
Or the soft touch of the wind across your face?
Is it the waters of the Grand Ocean,
Swimming between your toes?
No, it is not. Just the imagery.
Itís when a sole person makes you feel this way.
That is Love.

Love can Vary
From the faintest tickle of a feather
To the beautiful smell of flowers.
Like the gentle breeze
Making you float.
As it takes you higher,
You hope to wake up in arms.
That is Love.

Love is Kind.
As a mother is to her child,
Smothering you in a blanket of hope.
You feel special, knowing
The gentle breeze will take you again.
Hold you high up,
And never let you go.
This is Love.

Bleh. I have to go now. Hopefully i can go to my club after school. It is fun. I know i sound emo, what with periods and not exclaimation points after everything. lol Well, Cherrio! XD


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Thursday, April 19, 2007

   Behold! >_>

Mood: Sastisfied
Listening to: Broken-Seether feat. Amy Lee
Currently Working on: ++Memeries++ Ch.5 and 2 request. @_@
Reading: Artemis Fowl Vol. 4 The Opal Deception

Ello Loves! ^^

In case your one of tose people who only read like half the post, or if your in a hurry, I have a new layout! ^_^ I am very proud of it. Especially the 2 new matching pics at the bottom. Click them as they lead to mystical places. >_>


Anywho, alot of funny stuff as happend to me lately. Not like awkward funny, but haha funny. XD Artemis Fowl is such a sarcasticly funny book. I noticed i have started to to my wrtitings in that direction as well. Well, i was in homeroom yesterday doing a blitz review and after it was over, the teacher went over rules and such for real testing....that we have gone through THOUSANDS OF TIMES BEFORE!! They are always the same! >_< ..Anyway, She said we couldn't have CD players when we were done, but were allowed to play video games. I looked at her for a second and asked, "Why are we allowed to play video games, and no listen to music. I find it far more distracing to be playing a device that shows flashy lights and causes seizures." All my friends bust out laughing. I dont even know where it came from. I'm usually not that funny. I blamke Artemis. XD

Just a little note, join Bebo! It is and amazing site. It's like taking Myspace and MyO and smashing them together. Of course, I'd rather blog on MyO, *hugs Myo* but Bebo is pretty cool as well!

Well, i have to go to school now. ¨_¨ I guess German wont be so bad. I always have fun in there. And art too! Shes teaching, to her grievence, ANIME! XD Other to classes can go to hell. >_>

XD Ok, then. Cherrio. ^_~


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

   Life is a big bitch. XD

Mood: Meh
Listening to: Rascal Flatts-What Hurts the Most
Currently Working on: Same as before >_>
Reading: Yur Face!


How ish yoo all? (Damn you FFX-2! ¬_¬)

Im good i guess. I got to wear my Flip flops, bondage shorts, and wolfie hat to school. I was hawt. NOT XD Everyone said i was....CUTE! O_o

Well, I have felt like crap lately, what with family fights, and other bullshit in meh life. Meh. I get over it. But i shall veeeeeeeeent. XD

Mt mom is like slowly going insane. She is always mopeing, takes her stress out on me, and is upset her husband is in flordia. I have to deal with this. I'd rather explode. @_@

So yeah...Also, i have like nothing to do this weekend. *sigh* STUPID HOUSE! *KICK* Ok, im good...I hope. Maybe ill visit Kenshinlovr14. My mom made me leave her house last weekend. >_>;;

Well, today, i am definatly working on ++memories++ tonight AND a one-shot of KakaIru for meh friend Tracee. =)

SO i be busy and must leave. *glomps you all* XD



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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Mood: Been Better
Listening to: Zetsu-The Gazette
Currently Working on: Ch. 5 of ++Memories (Lazy me)
Reading: Artemis Fowl vol. 3 The Eternity Code


Man, i dont hate school, but i hate how early we get up...*yawn*

It sooo annoying ¬_¬

Well, im trying to work on ch. 5, but i have been loaded with homework or orther busy activities (if anyone even reads it ._.).

So how are you all? I guess im fine. I've been alttle depressed lately that all my friends are breaking up. Im always paranoid that i'll be next, though they try to reassure me to not worry about it. I try...i really do...but thoughts keeping popping in my head about it.

Well i have to go to school. Cherrio.


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