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Monday, November 6, 2006

   Evil Hiatus ish over! ^_^

Moood: Tired (cuz its early lol)
Listening to: Xepher-DDR SuperNOVA
Currently Working on: New otaku
Reading: Scene for Lend me a Tenor


It has been so long! *glomps you all*

Sorry, i had been so busy these past few months. i went to sugoicon and it rocked! I bought a 3 volumes of Deathnote there! AND THE DEATHNOTE! XD


I almost made-out with a dude...~O_O~

He was so nice and he was sexy too. He just didnt seem interested. DAMN. i wish i could be his friend or at least know his name. T_T

Regardless of that, i had an awesome time. i met greg ayres! ^_^ He is a really cool dude. He was also singing in a concert, along with other voice actors, called Voices for Peace.

It rocked. Speacking of concerts, i also saw the FunnyStones and Mai! They areawesome J-pop singers! Look them up sometime!

Well i have to go to school. T_T

Evil step dad ushing me off.

I'll post tomorrow!

Cya later! ^^

~Zi-kun~ ~Zi-kun~

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

   Deviously Deviant! (o_o;;;)

Mood: Hyper and slaphappy
Listinging to: Seal-Kiss From a Rose
Currently Working on: ZiekeXNaru Pic
Reading: KibsXShino Doujinshi


What's up, my frienda?

I'm sorry about not posting for a while.

I'm at my cousins (again) amd haven't had time.

So anywho!

Before i came here, on Thursday, i wind up inviting Ra-chan, Neko-chan, and my friend Lisa (lets call her Kiwi) to my house. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! (Sorry perverts, not that o_o)

So anyway, i come up wit this Devious Plan!

My parents are away, so i suggested me staying at Ra-chan's house all night. My mom would never let me do that, just because i'm a boy. Now, she knos im gay and so do my friends, so what was there to worry about? NOTHING! I had so much fun. We stayed up til 2:30 am then crashed. We woke up around 10 am and Neko had to go home at 11:30, so i decide to ask her to take me home, so that way, if my mom calls, i'd be there and say i was sleeping. My plan worked. This was the first time i've ever "snuck out" without my parents knowing.

I gotta say...


So yeah...>_>

When i got home, i basically just made AMV's til i had to go to my Aunts. Sadly, I didnt upload them yet. T_T

I will soon!

Also, i will have my New otakuy up and running soon! I shall have a link to it on here so be sure to go to see my art and fics! ^^

Well, since I've been here, I've played a lot of games, watched alot of TV, and eat alot. Basically, my house. XD

I'm going home tomorrow and hopefully can hang out with my friends again. Maybe even spend the night again. ^_~ (XD Again, no no pervs.)

Well, I've pretty much covered it all!


I guess i sahll leave and work on that damned site! >_<


Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I really like this pictire. It makes me feel like i like him even more. ^^

Quote of the Day From: Me and Rissa

Me: Hello my gay lover!
Rissa: O_o Hi.
Me: Common! we are married now. XD
Rissa: Yes yes! How are the kids?
Me: Well, Tina died of Ebola, I showed Timmy what Birds and Bees had to do wit sex, Henry wantewd to play baseball, so i used a crowbar and used his head as the ball, iput Lisa in a box and locked it to see if she could get out...its been three days, and-
Ne: Me? Mean? I'm a loving, Sweet, Parent!
Rissa: Oh, yeah, suuuuuuuuuuure.
Me: well Bob is alive:
Rissa: Phew
Me: But not for long. *Chuckle*
Rissa: Noooo!

I know, we are insane! xD

Cya later! ~Zi-kun~

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

   Get Down With the Sickness...LITERALLY! >_

Mood: Sick and Tired
Listening to: Get Down With the Sickness
Currently Working on: Naruto Vore Pics O_O
Reading: Medicine Bottle O_o


*Cough* I'm Sick -__-

Pretty much, a cold with a sore thoat, stomach ache and migrain...


I hate getting sick!

2) Have to miss school
3) Make-up work
4) I dont get to see my friends

Poor poor Zi-kun

But on good news!

I found my japanese name! ^_^

Japanese Name: Shimizu (clear water) Takumi (open sea)

You think i like water? O_o

I do love swimming! ^_~

Well, i reached this part and my internet shut off so i had to reype all that! >_<

I hate my computer! when i get my own when i move, it shall never do this! >_<


I have no luck in Chemistry Honors. I seem to be bored easily in their, i get sick and headaches, and i'm failing. Hopefully i will pass it.

Well, i need to get some rest. *COUGH*

Ew...more nasties. T_T

My PhotoBucket wont load. T_T sorry no piccy

No Quote today either. T_T

Byes. ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Necrodically Yours(sp?)

Mood: Peachy Keen
Listening to: Fomay Rant 4
Currently Working on: Printing Sasunaru Pics
Reading: N/a


How are you all?

I'm fine.

Went to Ra-chan's and had a pretty good time. Other parts...not so good. BUT! i shall not go into detail. (unless you pm, of course XD)

Anywho, I'm watching Foamy cuz im bored.

He is a funny squrriel, who hates our society.


t least someone is finally voicing their opibnion in this country. XD

School was good today. Crush talked to me, Did good in chemistry, fun Geometry clss, and Passing BCSI. Good to me.


Well, this was yert another short post.

i g2g to bed, but i posted early. waha.


Pic of the Day:
No time XD (tried but comp ish a butt T_T)

Quote of the Day: From Foamy

Foamy: O_O You have the fattest of asses, you fat bastard!
Germaine: OHH! Its jiggly! I like the Jiggly! Jigle jigle!
Foamy: Scripts about Jiggly Asses, dont cut it with me!

Byes! ~Zi-kun~

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

   Site Change


I'm at my cousins house, so i dont have my mood thingy saved. and i dun wanna type it out. Sorry! T_T

I just wanted to inform you of the site change. The BG is beging dumb and shrank! it was as big as the friking screen. T_T

But im ok.

Hope ya like and i g2g.

Byes! ^_~ ~Zi-kun~

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Saturday, October 7, 2006

   I like candy and other assortied goodies

Mood: Peachy!
Listening to: The Adacdemy is...-Black Mamba
Currently Working on: Sexy Picture (ohhh XD)
Reading: The Newspaper (O_o)

^_^ HELLO! *glomp*

I'm so glad you guys care about my horrible Hiatus.

I now know for sure i can post every weekend, give or take sunday if i had homework on fridays. I can only post during the week days if i have no hw what so ever. so yeah>_>

At least i can post on here somewhat. Cuz i can't leave without meh MyO Family. I'd go CRAZY! XD

So anywho,

I debated on whether i wanted to hang out with my 3 best friends AND get a full throttle from Ra-chan, or go to the hot, nastly sweaty homecomming and drink spiked soda. O_O

Hard choice. I like being drunk lol

But i chose to hang out with my best friends instead. It was much more fun!

Me and Neko now call our hands a name. I am Kay and she is Yak. They are gay lovers. O_O It is amazing. They are both Yaks (I am yak spelled backwards XD)

So yeah...>_>

Daily crazehness for you.


I am a little sad though, for i cant hang out with them today, tomarrow, the whole school week and out 4 day weekend. T_T

My mom is on vacation so yeah...i have to stay with my aunt.

It wont be that bad, but im gonna miss them so bad. T___________________T

I'm pretty sure i can post there too so..=D

On a good topic, i shall have tons of money for SugoiCon! And i have my cosplay! *does a dance*

I worked hard for this money too. Not eating for a week at school is tough. X_X



I wish i had more to talk about...GRAHRAHACK!


I shall ask questions!

1) How are ya?
2) Do you like my site?
3) Any thing i should change?
4) What do you think of my theme?
5) Are you haing pizza today? (i am now XD)
6) Am i a good friend on Otaku? (I try to be O_o)
7) Any book recommendations?
8) Anme Recommendations?
9) What is your favorite thing to do?
10) Do you ever get drunk? (I do RARELY. I'm only 15 ya know. XD)

Okie dokie!

I guess i'll let cha go.

Remember, if i dont post for a long period of time, its my hiatus bn dumb. >_>

I will tell you when the hiatus is over! =D

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I did this on PSP! ^_^

Quote of the Day: From me and Neko-Sensei

Me: Kay...
Me: Kay kay kay?
Neko: Yak Yak -_-
Me: Kay:
*Kay and Yak Kiss*
Neko: YAK! *attacks Kay*
Me: O_O We are so amazing...
Neko: I know! XD

Yak And Kay are amazing! XD

Byes! =D ~Zi-kun~

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Thursday, October 5, 2006


Mood: Sorta Sad
Listening to: FMA- !st ending
Currently Working on: Coloring my request
Reading: N/a


Sorry it has been so long! (again)

I have been sooooooooooo busy! >_<

I miss you guys so much, but all this school work i'm getting, plus my chores and if i dont post in the mornings its too late and...(goes on rambling*

..Blah blah blah AND finally, i would like to say i am going on Hiatus (If you don't know what that means, it is an warning of future extended abesences). The rules of my Hiatus:
1) I may only post on the weekends (Maybe once in the week if i'm not busy)
2) When i make my new acount, it wont be on hiatus. (art never dies)
3) Do not remove me as a friend, since i warned you i'd be gone for a while (Pwease? T_T)

So yeah...>_>

I'm gonna miss you guys so much! It's gonna kill me, but as for now, schools not giving me a break and i need to make up some shit work so i'm not failing.

Well i g2g to school.

Just to do it like an official:


Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ki-chan did this for me! i love it so much! ^///^

Quote of the Day: From a commercial

Lady: Head on! Apply directly to the forhead! Head on! Apply directly to the forehead! Head on! Apply directly to the forehead!
Me: O_O


Hope to see you soon.

Byes! T_T ~Zi-kun~

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

   I'm sorry! ^^"""

Mood: Peachy
Listening to: FMA-Brothers
Currently Working on: New theme for MyO
Reading: Shonen Jump Vol. 11


I'm sorry for not posting. ^^""

Busy. >_<

But, i have nw art! i just need to scan it. I decided i'm going to make a separate account for my writing and arts. I'll have a link to it so you can add it if you want. ^^


New theme on the rise. Look out for it. XD

Over them time i didnt post, many things happend: Good anf Bad. I dont feel like saying them bad, unless you really want to hear and pm me o_o). The good! I went to B&N with Neko-chan, Ra-chan, and Miho-san! We had a blast!

Also, I'm going to SugoiCon! ^_^

All three days! I'll will definately tell you about them. ^^ I'm going to try and cosplay sasuke and have a naruto plushie, a yoai paddle, Yaoi a Naruto, and a sign that says, "Will Yaoi For Pocky". XD I have trhee days to accomplish those goals. Wish meh luck!

Anywho, yesterday, i went to Ra-chan's and we played Naruto: Ultimate Ninja and Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. We also saw the funniest thing ever! *see quote*

Then, i came home and was so bored. i drew for 4 hours. o_o


I'm so glad I can draw well now. Oh! and to rectify a mistake. On my OC pic in meh archive, Neko-chan helped me draw that! >_< XD

She has done so much for meh ^^

Well, I have to go do some chores and get ready to go to the mall with Neko, Ra, And Miho. ^_~

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Quote of the Day: From me and Ra-chan

Ra-chan: I have to show you this!
Me: ok. O_O
The Thing she wanted to show me: OH MY GOD! ITS THE SIXTH MONTH OF THE SIXTH DAY OF THE SIXTH YEAR OF THE NEW MILLENIUM!!! AHH! *Gunfire and screams*
Me: O_O
Ra-chan: XDDD

That was SOOOOOOO funny!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD

Byes! ^_O <-Weird XD ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

   Ugh...Test and other annoying things...

Mood: Grumpy and tired (ew o_o)
Listening to: N/a
Currently Working on: N/a
Reading: N/a


This morning...Ugh!

I dun wann go to chemistry honors. T_T

i have a huge test in there...T_T I just hope i can pass it.

Also, i have to reherse for drama, which isnt so bad, but it takes up time for studying. T_T


I did nothing yesterday.

I had homeworl. o_o

Well, i can get it done in drama. i have a 100.23% in there, so i wont have to worry. ^"""

Well, ZOMG!

It's already almost time for school. T_T

I swear, time flies fast when i try to post. XD

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Meh Smexy OC. XD He, of course, is from Naruto. You will see more of him in my drawings and writings. ^^

Quote of the Day: From me and Miho-san. (Sorry, didnt feel like replacing the "Zi-kun"'s with "Me"'s. XD)

Miho-san: OH OH!
Miho-san: reeeead
Zi-kun: ?
*I declined the file sent by Miho-san.*
Zi-kun: i wanna wait til tomarrow to see it >_<
Miho-san: >__< NOOO! NOW!
Miho-san: i must know..
Miho-san: if its..
Miho-san: ok...
Miho-san: *twitches*
Zi-kun: too bad
Zi-kun: let someone not drama read it
Zi-kun: like raven
Zi-kun: XD
Miho-san: *dies*
Miho-san: *stabby rip stab stab*
Miho-san: die u emo kid...>.i
Miho-san: >.O


Byes! ^_^ ~Zi-kun~

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Monday, September 25, 2006

   Feeling Better...

Mood: Fine, but Bored
Listening to: FMA-Tobira no Korue
Currently Working on: Pictures for a very special video
Reading: N/a


Yeah, that post was werid...

I was feeling Extremely Emo.

Well, it was your guy's coments and my friends here that brought me back to bn at least ok.

I still awkward about everything, but i will deal with it.

I have learned why i exsit: In order to bring happiness to those around me, and just live life the way i want to, not how someone else wants me to.

So yeah, i'm ok now. ^////^

Thx for all of your support.

Anywho, we have school today. bleh.

But i always look forward to drama. Even though my crush is in there, he is nice to me and i have new friends in there as well. ^_^

Well, as i've said, my weekend sucked so i wont go into details.

Instead, i'll talk of what you guys acually do, though you dont realize it.

You give me hope. MyOtaku has insipred me to acually do something with my life and you guys encourage it. So i thank you all. ^_^


Before i go, i'll tell you something funny that happend to meh. XD

I eat lots of red meat, and i heard it get stuck in your colon. So, my mom tells me about this dietary green tea that flushes you. I drank it: it was the most disgusting thing EVER! >_< I practically died, gaging. Well, after it was all done, it wasnt working. My mom said it works differently on different people...Mine started working at 10:00 at night...T_T I was going to the bathroom all night. XD

ok, i'm done boring ya. (Hopes im not. XD)

Questions I wish to ask:
1) Should I post stories on here, via separate account?
2) Should I post art on here? (I've gotten better i swear XD)
3) Should i ask questions everyday?

Ok! I have to go get ready for school! ^_^

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Quote of the Day: From Me and Ra-chan

Ra-chan: Give it time. If it doesn't, oh well.
Ra-chan: XD
Me: T_T

This post dedicated to: ChibiXiaony THANK YOU! ^_^

Byes! ^////^ ~Zi-kun~

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