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Saturday, January 20, 2007

   I hate myself...

Is wat i did wrong../

It seemed right at them time...I thought i could help her...but i made things worse...

This twisted fate follows me where ever i go. I try and help...things get worse...

Why did i even get involved..? ~Zi-kun~

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



You like my new theme? I have always been a fan of Loveless and wanted to do a theme (Too distracted by other hot yaoi couples xD)

So school is good...for now at least...I still have HW. T^T

I have been so lazy, with ch.4 of my fic, HW, chores...i am just a lazy hoe! >D

I have been DDRing though! And i kick ass!

I can do many songs on difficult now and even a little on expert. i went to kenshinlovr14's house and we played alot. she is getting very good at it! We also played the american idol game and i won! W00T! xD

I also saw The Hills Have Eyes...Freaky as hell...O_O

Usually, i am not too scared from horror films, but movies like the uncut Exorcist, The Decent, etc.

So yeeeaaahh....>_>

I need to get to bed...@_@

i hope you like the changes!!!! ^____________^V

Sayonara! ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007



i am in a quotes mood, as you can tell.

If you look at the top (above the File Edit View Favorites Tools Help bar) is one of my favorite quotes, though i dunno who said it or this post's headline.

Here are some more of my favorite quotes:

"We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other." Leon (Squall) Lionheart in KH2

"L, do you know gods of death love apples?" suicide note sent by a prisoner controlled by Light Yagami in DeathNote

"In Soviet Russia, Car drives you." Russian Car in Family Guy

"If grivity binds the planets together, what binds people together?" Sasuke in a Sasunaru Doujinshi.

"Foolish Little Brother...If you wish to kill me, Hate me, Detest me, and Fear me. Run. Run and cling to life." Itachi from Naruto.

"Well, a bitch is a dog and a dog barks and bark grows on trees and trees sre a part of nature...SO THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENT!" My cousin Rissa

"I've already opened his syncronized fone slots." Dis the Rose from Tales of the Abyss (dunno why. Makes me laugh xD)

There is more, nut i can't think of them.

I hope you enjoyed those!


i almost have ch. 3 of Awakenings done, so i hope you read it!

Cya! ~Zi-kun~

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

   Yo all!

Hello. x3

i am deleting Xepher, since no one goes.

So yeah >>

Well, i am currently writing a new story called Awakenings. If you like yaoi, you can find it on my fanfiction.net acount or on my deviantart account. It seems people dont like my stories though. T_T

anywho, i went to the mall and Barnes/Nobles with adia. i bought her a lot of stuff, since she ish like meh best friend and i have a lot of money from christmas. o_o

I bought her a scarf, 2 manga books (two volumes of alice 19th), subway, and Some incense that smells good. ^^

i got myself Vol. 9 of DeathNote(YESS! ^_^), Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Vol. 1 (its a manga! ^^), a deceptacon wristband (Transformers. got my bro autobots one. we also have matching shirts xD).

So yeah...



Cya~! ^^ ~Zi-kun~

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Monday, December 25, 2006

   Merry Christmas! ^_____^


Merry christmas to you all! ^_^

Im really not much of a christmas person, but i love spending time with my friends on the holidays, but im always stuck with family. -_-

ah well! i get to post to you guys! ^_^

So far, i have gotten a thing that trys to guess what you are thinking, (WORKS! O_O), 95 Dollers and a 50 doller best buy card! i also go a watch, a ditial camera, a wolves rain hat (Tsuki! ^_^), a IGNITION DDR pad, and...LIFESAVERS! >>


well i have to go open presents from the OTHER OTHER family...xD (too many to count)

Cya! ^_^ ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

   Day one of probing...I MEAN testing over!


how ish you all?

i am good for now. I took my Drama and Geometry Honor finals today. Ew. Drama was easy. Geom...not so much.

I goofed off in the other classes cuz...we did NOTHING! ^^

Nothing much to my day though.

People made fun of me again for being Bi...I hate those people. *destroys earth* WAHA! oh wait...saves cool poepl here on otaku* there we go ^^

After school, we had an anime club party, if you call it a party...im sorry, but it was horrible. we did NOTHING! (not a good thing this time T_T)

Well im done...OH! ULF (ultimatelifeform) got me DEATHNOTE VOL 7! <3


Cya later! ^^ ~Zi-kun~

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Monday, December 18, 2006

   Two More Day: YAY! ^^Two More Test: BLECK! >


What is up?

Yeah..only 50 minutes til school starts.

So, now the latest on me.

Um...I got a cookie?


Seriously, Friday, i went over to Adia's and HDK(HieisDarkKitten) was there too. We had fun DDRing (other wise known as DaDuRr xD). We also watched the Libertine, which was suppose to have a hot passinate kiss with johnny depp and anohter hawt man...BUT IT DIDNT! ><

Anywho, Saturday, i went back over to Adia's for a party, which was kinda fun. A couple people pissed me off, but it was ok for the most part. I kept being called Emo, since i was kinda distant, but i was still THERE at least. i mean, i dont have to be up and in your face to talk to you, ne? .___.

Then yesterday, i slept til 4 pm..O_O lol i twas up all night on TheNinja-Rpg! ^^ im getting really good at it. i am a level 10 Chunnin (could be jounin but dont want to be just yet x3)

So yeah....meh weekend.

Now, only 40 min til school starts. lol

Today, we are having a party after school for anime club. DDR! xD But before that...FINALS! T_T
Wish meh luck. this final in Chem Honors decides if i pass or not. >< *Crosses fingers*

Well i must go. I'll cya soon! ^^

~zi-kun~ ~Zi-kun~

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

   Zi-kun has a Passion


It has been a great while, but zi-kun has returned! WAHA! XD

Though i connot guarentee i will be on alot, even though i will be on winter break, for i will still be busy with retarded family affairs. I hate meh family if you cant tell. -_- I dont dont hate meh cuz, Kenshinlovr13, though. xD

So what have i been up to? Well, i study for a ton of test (one every week! ><), writing in my stories (which i plan to post on Xepher soon), and hanging out with my friends as much as i can before i move to flordia. T_T

I hope you like the site change. Its finally something NOT sasunaru. xDDDDD I was going to make it a SatoDai (DNAngel) theme, but i saw this pic and went "...o_O COOL! XD" So here it is. i also like my new avi (same old one before and now its shiiiiiinnnny. 8D)

Well, christmas isnt even here yet, and i have gotten gifts from people. lol The presents are good, but this is not what chrismas is about. in my opinion (uber christians, watch out ._.), christmas is not about santa or Jesus's b-day. What, do i shout it to him? I think christmas is about the spirt of you being with the people you love (not necassarily family). People think im atheist, but im acually agnostic. I believe in a higher power, but im not so sure a god had a human son and blah blah blah...im not gonna get into it anymore, since it may cause trouble, so if you have questions, pm me.

Anyway, as inscribed in tittle, i have passiona!

-Naruto (even more than before o_O)
-Killing Santa (not killing a person, just the belief in him)
-Getting out of this house



Well, all is pretty much said. i will post again when i have time.

cya later! ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

   ~~OMG im like never here~~

Yo all.

Sorry its been so long. i never have time to get on and such.

Just announcing i am alive. xDD

I will seriously try to get on more often. *cancels all activities* xD

Cya ^^ ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

   Changed the theme! ^^

Mood: Happy as heck (xD)
Listening to- A Fleeting Dream-FFX Soundtrack
Currently Working on- Putting story on Xepher
Reading- Deathnote vol. 6


Sorry i had to rush off the comp yesterday morning.

Evel parentals.

So yeah...>_>

I amgoing to be putting a story on Xepher so be on the lookout. Also, on my moving thing of links, there will be a new one at the end that leads to my myspace. ^^ I dont use it too much, but i have one cuz everyone of my friends who i dont talk to much anymore does. plus, i didnt give much of my info out so yeah. xD

So anywho, i went to Miho's today and she was bleh (i dont blame her. her mom was bn mean o_o), so i went to Ra-chan's house and played Dynasty Warriors 4 and DDR SuperNOVA. DDR is bn a butt. T_T And on DW4, im doing pretty good. Dont get me wrong, im good at DDR, but im doing songs on Difficult now and it is faaaaaaaaaaaast! o_O;;;;


I wish i had a man who loved me. i know im the person who doesnt care for relationships unless they come on to me, but i yearn for a kiss and i dont know why o_o im hopeless T_____T

Well then xD

Later on toady, i am going to the mall (hopfully) with Miho and my good friend Hanna. And i am gonna try to see Ra-chan, so she wont be lonely. =D

I have art to post, but no scanner! T_T i need to use ra-chan's or Miho's, but then i feel guilty cuz they get annoyed, so i hope i can move the one on the crappy computer and but it on the less crappy one. i love this labtop, but it's my bro's. he was nice enough to let me use it all night. ^^

So yeah, i have to move soon. ;_; All the way to Flordia. it sux. I DUN WANNA LEAVE MEH LOVERS! >_<

Also, i dont much like Flordia weather. It is too hot for the likes of me, not that i like the cold much either. i just cant deal with constant heat. sweaty nastyness. ew.

Well now i am rambling. xD i am gonna go post the stories on Xepher. ^+_+^ <-Glasses xD

Quote of the Day: From Ra-chan's house

Me: *playing DW4* OHHHHHh! big sword! and electric orbie. o_O
Moses: *Also playing* Put on the Vorpal orb. makes it emit dark energy.
Ra-chan: Your a dork.
Ra-chan: *dies of laughter*

Cya! ^_^V ~Zi-kun~

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