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Saturday, September 9, 2006




My friends have solved it.

*sighs in relief*

It was all a big mix up so yeah. ._.


I hope stuff like that never happends again.


~Zi-kun~ ~Zi-kun~

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Friday, September 8, 2006

   Organized XP

Mood: Happy, but Tired
Listening to: Chronic Future-Shellshocked
Currently Working on: Organizing binders
Reading: Sasunaru Doujinshi


I feel so good...except tired. XD

I organized all of my stuff. I have a binder for Yaoi works, a binder for regular Anime works, and a Fanart folder (For when my friends give me art =D)

The Yaoi one is meh fave. It has a section just for Sasunaru and other Naru couples. (like a fanart of me and Naru or NejiGarra)

Tis awesome.

Not many commednted last time, so im guessing only Edmari (My nee-san! ^-^) saw the drawing. Well if you want to see my new drawing, go to my DA account and it is the featured art.

Well i must go for school. My club is today! ^_^

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I love is avatar, but i cant use it here cuz it takes too many KB. (Heads up saying there may be a theme change soon. =D)

Quote of the Day: From Nothing (Sorry ^_^"""

Cya! ~Zi-kun~

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

   A new thing?!?!?!

Mood: Chipper (XD)
Listening to: My World - SR-71
Currently Working on: Naruto Fanfiction
Reading: My fanfiction (looking for mistakes)


What is up?

I am in a much better mood. I drew a picture of my team OC. (Finally!) XD And I am also writing Ch.1 of my newest Fanfiction, which doesnt have a name yet. Only Chapter one is writen, but not on the computer. Hopefully, i'll put it on and show ya! ^_^

In other news, i acually rode the bus...O_O


Since i cant ride with Ra-chan (Dont be mad at her. My fault. >_<"), I ride the bus now, except when i stay for my club. The only con:

My bus has second run. -_-

So it takes forever and more to get there.

But luckily, i have friends who ride the bus and its cool to hang with them once in a while. Lately, I've only seen Ra-chan, Neko-chan, and Miho-san. (She turned off her site. T__T)

So yeah. Its good when your not depressed. XD

I must go now. Teh school. It is like 6:49 am and i am always somewhat early. XD

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kinda Glitcy, but this is it. Meh Piccy! ^__^ Hope you like it.

Quote of the Day: From DeathNote: Mini Christmas Manga Part 1

Light: Merry Christmas, Ryuki.
Ryuku: *thinkiong* Ryuki? Somethings up...
Light: So, Ryuki, what do you want for christmas?
Ryuku: *Drools* The thing i want...most of all is...
Light: *Thinking* My soul?!?!
Ryuku: A gameboy advance SP!
Light: O_O"""

Cya! ^__^ ~Zi-kun~

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

   Morining Already...*YAWN*

Mood: Too tired to know
Listening to: N/A (ITS MORNING! XD)
Currently Working on: Finding a picture for school
Reading: On This Long the Rainbow Rose (poem)




School today doesnt appeal to me.

Im so tired!


Well, last night, i got in another fight. Gonna gonna say why or the name. It was verbal. lol


I got to go! *bolts out foor*

Pic of the Day:
None again. Gotta go! XD

Cya! ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

   A happy, yet unhappy Zi-kun

Mood: A happyish Anger
Listening to: Smashing Pumpkins-Rat in a Cage
Currently Working on: Naruto Fanfiction
Reading: Naruto Manga Ch. 319-321


Kinda depressed, mad, and happy at the same time.

It feels weird...

Well, I went to Barnes and Nobles and had fun with my friends. Other than that, lifes been shitty.

Oh well. I'll get over it.

I always do.

Half the time, even if i was at no fault, i still apoligize.

People say its always my fault.

But ill live.

So anywho...

I aced my chemistry test! ^__^

So yeah >_>

Well, i have chores.

Pic of the Day:
No piccy today or quote. Stessed. -.-


Cya. ~Zi-kun~

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

   Book Books and more Books makes me a Happy Camper! ^_^

Mood: Happy Camper
Listening to: Candyman-Christina Agularia (Ra-chan made meh XD)
Currently Working on: Team...OC...still...T_T
Reading: Tenderness (I wish! XD)


I'm happy today.

OF BOOKS! ^___^

After school, me and Ra-chan went to Barnes and Nobles. ^_^

We found the books she wanted, like Cique de Freak vol. 12 and Twilight. But one book we both wanted...


It sounded soooooooooooo good! and we are going back thre tommarrow and just hang out. BOOKS AND COFFEE. XD


Well school was fun. We acually did acting in Drama. I did a little robin hood skit. XD

And im done. Homework. -_-

Pic of the Day:

Its a video! XD

Quote of the Day: From talk with Ra-chan

Ra-chan: A book YOU like?
Me: I like books! >_<
Ra-chan: Suuuuure...XD

Cya! ^^V ~Zi-kun~

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

   Love is Love

Mood: Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired
Listening to: Carol of the Bells-Trans-Siberian Orcestra
Currently Working on: OC pic
Reading: N/A


Well, the bad news first.

I know I can't be with Chris.

He loves the women like Zelos from TOS.


ok im fine. XD I'll just watch him from afar. Like everyone else...I feel like im in a box and everyones on the outside.


XD He is just so cute. ^_______^

Anyway, not gonna let that get me down. Needs to be happy for you guys. ^__~

Ok, well, in Drama, i did another Pantomine. Thus time, i felt better up there and everyone said i did good, even Chris. ^_^

I got Chemistry Honors Homework. -_- Enough said.

I learned some things today about myself:

1) I can't lift fingerprits woth shit. (Forensic Class, BCSI)

2) Most men I like are straight

3) Most men i like are jocks. (DAMN!!!! >_< ... T_T)

4) I have "toeprints" (O_O)

ok, im done. o_o XD I need to take meh pills. For my infection, een though its gone. T__T

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
So cute. XD

No Qoute today. So Sorry. XD

Cya. ^_^ ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Mood: Hyper
Listening to: DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)-Sandstorm
Currently Working on: OC Team Pic
Reading: More Sasunaru Goodness



I made a banner to my favorite forum site! ^_^ It wan there before but i joined a different Sasunaru club and that banner leads to their otaku. I think i did good. XD Also, in case you dont know, Konaha Acadamy leads you to your backroom, Naruto's House leads to my GB, and Sasunaru Hill leads to my Quiz Results. ^__^

So, today in Drama (becoming my favorite class XD), we had to imagine ourselves in a box. Unfortunatly, im closterphobic.

Poor Zi-kun. T__T

But i overcame my fear and and traveled in. Im so pathetic. XD Well, Chris didn't do one in front of the class, so i was sad. T__T But he thougght mine were (yes i did it twice T__T) cool! ^________^

Anywho, i dont think i have homework....OMG! YAY! XD

Well, i am going to go. Have to do chores. -_-

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
So HAWT! o_o *Drools*

Quote of the Day: From a conversation with Shelby-san
Me: yo!
Shelby: Hey!
Me: what is up?
Shelby: Eeeh, Nothing.
Me: im listining to DDR Music o_o
Shelby: Hehe I love DDR!
Me: even though we arent good XDDDDDDDDD
Shelby: Haha even the slow song we was like "UG! Too fast!"
Me: XD we didnt do half bad on that one. At least we finished it. XD
Shelby: We passed it! hehe

Cya! ^_^ ~Zi-kun~

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Monday, August 28, 2006

   Back to School Routines...

Mood: Tired, yet Happy
Listening to: Korn-Comming Undone
Currently Working on: A picture of my Naruto OC team
Reading: Sasunaru Doujinshi



I am so tired of the school routine already. I mean, i love school. It's where you meet friends, learn, and the classes arent that bad if you have good teachers (i do ^__^). But for the past week i've been back, i feel so exhasted when i get home.


So, anywho...

In drama we had to do pantomime (well the people who didnt finish on friday.). When Chris went up, he was so cute! ^__^ he did a fake yawn and i blushed...damn...hope he didnt see...

Well, Miho is in my class and she went up. She did well, so i was full of confidence when i was to go. Unfortunately, this morning, i felt as if i had to throw up and i had to go to the bathroom every 10 seconds, so i struggled. Nonetheless, i wasnt half bad. I hope chris liked it. ^_~

Well...enough of dat topic...

Well, i am working on meh team for Naruto. Of course, I am Zieke Asuka, a male chuunin, Zen Hikari, a male genin, and Amaya Makoto, a female genin. Our Jounin leader is a man named Mana Shidoju. I amn trying to draw them...difficult task. -_-

well, i must go.



Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Quote of the Day: From a conversation with Rissa
Rissa: I wonder what i can set on fire...
Me: Why would you want to? o_O
Rissa: I dunno...i wanna test meh fire...plus i have my trusty switchblade...just hackin away...DIE MOTHER FUCKER! >_<
Me: O_O

Bye! ~Zi-kun~

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

   AW MAN!!!

Mood: Sad
Listening to: Cascade-Everytime we Touch
Currently Working on: HOMEWORK?!?!
Reading: N/A



I'm so sorry i havent been on...My internet is taking so long to get. -.-

It's evil.

So, since its also school nights now, i may not post again for a little.

DAMN! >_<

I hope i get internet soon!

Well anywho, i'm at home cuz my ear feels like it's deaf and it hurts like heck. T___T I'm going to the doctors a little later on.

Well, lately, i have hung out with my friends (you should know them by now XD). I have also have been seeing Lisa recently (friend at school who doesnt have otaku T__T).

At school, it's been good so far, as far as my classes go. I have a new crush (DAMN!). His name is Chris and he has blonde hair and is a senior. SO SMEXY! >_< *drools and dies*

*ahem* anyway, i have been sad because i can't join GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance). T__T My parents won't let me support my own! They don't understand that im Gay. They say i am a "confused individual" and that it is against God. Now, I'm no big christian, but i still believe in God and sure as hell dont wanna go to purg. for a few years and then find out im going to hell. so ive been depressed lately.

Poor Zi-kun. T____T

Well, besides that, I hope you like my site changes! ^___^ I have had so much help (as said in profile). So yeah. Anyone who helps me will get a button on here. I also have new music! ^___^ I hope you like the first one, for i thought it fit the theme well. But there is a variety, so PICK YOUR FAVE! XD

Well, now i must go....my ear is bn stupid so i shall sleep it off...XDDDDDD

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
BWAHAHAHAHA! *shiney drops in front of me*
Me: O_O *Picks up and runs off*
Krad and Dark: HEY!
Quote of the Day: From a conversation between me and Miho
Me: *after watching Sensative Pornograph* O_O ZOMG! Where did you find this?!?!?
Miho: Well, I am da yaoi masta! O_<
Me: Nu-uh! I am! *scary face*
Miho: I find all the good yaoi!
Me: Well, then your the anime yaoi masta and i am the Doujinshi/Manga Yaoi Masta! >_<
Miho: O_o Um...okay. XD

Cya! ^__^ ~Zi-kun~

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