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Thursday, March 1, 2007

   Stupid REM Cycle


Btw, REM has to do with sleeping. It means Rapid Eye Movement. You must know this before the post goes on so you know what the eff i'm talking about. o_O (XD))

So yeah >_> I get home, exhausted. I dont know why. Just was. So i sleep from 3:00 pm until Naruto came on at 5:30 pm. Afterwards...DUMB REM CYCLE! it made me fall asleep again. T_T So i slept from 5:30 pm until effing 11:00 pm! T_T

SO yeah...Meh will be up most of the night. >_>

On good news, I downloaded Gnommish font! (For those that have read Artemis Fowl)

I have written like 2 letters to my friends already. Too bad you cant type in Gnommish on here. T_T

So, my day:

-German was fun. We watched a corny movie in german and played Monopoly. XD No Homework.

-Art was annoying. I HATE POINTALISM! T~T Mine sucks and i wish it burns. No Homework.

-English was good. I confused my teacher with Gnommish font. XD Homework T_T

-World Civ. Honors was cool, because we haven't had lecture notes in like 3 days! ^_^ No homework.

Damn English Class. XD

Still havent done it. >_> Some call meh lazy. I call it...PROCRASTINATION! >XD

So yeah. Meh needs to TRY and sleep. T_T *takes like 50 million sleeping pills* Damn! T_T (XD)

Cya! ^_^


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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

   Added Art?!

Hello! ^_^

Yes it is true!

My artwork is now viewable! *pokes link on my site* O_o

The reason I decided to upload my work here is because i dont think anyone goes to my DA to look. I'm going to keep my DA link upo there but yeah...Also! I want to be an Senior Otaku. O_o *Doesn't like Otakuite status cuz it makes me seem like a kid D<*

Why cant posting alot make you a senior? I do that ALOT! XD

Well, I have to "Clean the House for the Realitor"...AT EFFING 6:30 IN THE MORNING...Tired...I usually sleep until 7:00 XD Just wanted to tell you about my artwork. OH! No hate comments please? ^^""

Cya! ^^ *cleans* Bleh...


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Sunday, February 25, 2007

   Ironic, Ne?


I am ok now. Actually.

The reason for the name of the post is now, I am not scared and i look up 23 now.

It is actually pretty cool! ^_^

-The Hiroshima Bomb dropped at 8:15. 8+15=23
-The Titanic sank on the morning of 04/15/1912. 4+1+5+1+9+1+2=23
-The number of people (16 females, 7 males) Neo was to select in order to re-found Zion in The Matrix Reloaded
-In the movie The Passion of the Christ, Jesus is whipped 23 times before he sees Satan in the crowd.
-In the film Jeepers Creepers, the antagonist feeds for 23 days every 23 years
-The human physical biorhythm is generally 23 days.
-Dr Pepper now boasts being an "authentic blend of 23 flavors"

So yeah >_>

As for my day, I did nothing really...except the ninja rpg XD

Well, imma go ta beeeeeeddd. -o-

Byes!! ^^


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Saturday, February 24, 2007



I am so scared out of my mind.

I saw the moive The Number 23, and after all thing things I head...I begin to see all the 23's in life...

The Mayans believed the earth will end in the year 2012. 20+1+2=23....

There are 23 links in my favorites...

I have 23 friends on MyO

I had 23 cents left over when I bought a pop today.

I just lookat at the clock and it is 12:56...12+5+6=23...

I have to go... ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

   Stupid ME!!!!


I am STUUUUPPPIIIDD! T_T (and not just cuz i drink alot of energy drinks...They are gooood XD). I am sumb because i got up for school this morning and I was SO ready to get back to school, since I had 3 days off from snow, then only 1 day of school, then 3 MORE days off from Prez day. T_T So, I got there and GUESS WHAT?!?!

....I forgot meh backback

I was looked at my mom and went, "...FUCK NO I AM NOT BEING TARDY! >_O" So we went home and now i am here. T_T And for those of who who say, "Well, she could have dropped it off. o_o" (Oh, yeah, you would have made that face. XD), school would have started and I wouldnt have my books for 1st block, resulting in a detention. FUCK THAT! XD


Despite me going insane, how are yuuuu?


Well, I thank the 3 people that wanted in meh story. No more people. Sorry. =D

So yeah...*ponders what I shall do now, with 6 more hours* >_>

OH! THEME CHANGE! WAHA! >_< So be on the lookout. I huess I'll watch TV...T_T (Wants to be in school).

CYA! ^_^


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Sunday, February 18, 2007

   New Story!


Just droping in to say I am working on, not a fanfic, but a novel! ^^

Wanna have a character? Fill this out in the comment! ^^



D.O.B (doesn't have to be real):





Weapon (if any):




Zodiac (Has to make sense with your b-day):

Extra Features:

BTW, the Zodiac you put is like Gemini, Libra, etc.

I hope you guys participate! ^_^


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

   Happy V-day! (And Other Things XD) ((Long Post))


Happy Valentine's day to all of my friends and fellow Otakuians! You know, for some reason, I like V-day.

Now, I don't have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend, but that isn't what V-day is about. It is about all types of love:

-Random Bum on Zeh Coner (X3)

I always hear how people hate V-day. Just one question:

Is it a good vaild reason. All I've heard so far is, "I just don't" or "Cuz I done have a Valentine"

It shouldn't matter who your with. Even if you are alone on V-day, don't let your time be ruined. Be curtious to those who do like it.

And also, don't hate V-day cuz all your friends hate V-day. That annoys me so much. It's like, "Well, none of my friends celebrate V-day, so i won't"

Fuck That.

If they don't, fine. Doesn't mean you don't. =D

Well, now that I've lectured about V-day ((God, I'm like L from DN (DeathNote) XDD)), on to more topics.

I have a club here on MyO! It's called TheHolidayBandits! I didn't create it, but my friend Adia made it with her friend and I am an Admin. I am the Leader of the House of St. Patrick's day, which means I am the St. Patrick's Day Bandit. (XD) If you wish to join, PM TheHolidayBandits Account. It is currently turned off, so I will post when it is fully ready! ^^ It also has a DA Club and a Myspace club, for those users! Hope you join! =D

Also, I drew some new piccys! ^^ They will be on DA soon. Also, i will have new links up. They will be to my DA, the HolidayBandits DA, TheHolidayBandits MyO Account, My Myspace, and the Holiday Bandits Myspace group. ^_^

Also, since I am bored and have free time, I am accepting request for free {For a Limited Time}. I would rather do Fanfictions/One Shots, since I am going to be a writer when I grow up, but i will try to do some pictures. ^^"" If it is a pic, then I will need a reference, so when you PM this account to tell me, sned me a URL to a good pic to use. ^^ If it happends to be a fanfic/oneshot, tell me what what anime and what you want it to be about. If it is an Anime i don't know, just send me a URL in the PM to a site that explains the show. ^_^ I hope you guys will request soon! ^^

Hmm...Let's see...@_@


I gots another snow day! =^^= (Yes, I had one yesterday XD) The ice is really bad though. It shut off some of our neighbors electricity and t was stromy so that meant lightning...T_T (BTW, i am totally afraid of it U_U)

Well, now that i have another day to waste, I guess i will work on my fanfictions (i have like 3 unfinshed ones XD) and will do any request i get today. So far, I haven't decided when this will end. I guess when I'm tired of it or get busy. So please request soon!

Wowies...looong post today. Lol

Quote From DeathNote
"He who makes the first move, Wins..." ~L

Ja ne! (Changing language from german to japanese. ZOMG! XD)
^_______^ ~Zi-kun~

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

   What's on Zi-kun's Mind Currently >_>

Hallo! Gruess Dich! ^_^

How are you all? I'm ok i guess. I just seem kinda out of it lately. I feel so...alone, for some reason. I mean, i always hang out with friends, but i cant help but feel like an outcast. I mean, im not depressed, but i cant help but ponder. Here are some of the reasons i have come up with for this feeling:

1) I'm like THE only boy in our effing group.
2) I'm the only one who is bi.
3) I'm never allowed to stay the night with my friends (since they are girls)

So yeeaaahhh >___>

Also, I have been attracted to alot of people lately, even people I despise. Am I that desperate..? *sigh* I guess I have been thing ALOT about how my future is going to turn out. I'm going to live with one of my friends, but she wants to go to Europe. Now, America has a ton of problems and sometimes, I despise it, but we do have it better here than in better countries. I try to tell her that, but she doesn't listen. She truely hates this country. So, I don't know what to do. T_T

Also, my school is slowly figuring out that I am bi. Now, I don't care if people call me names or make fun of me, but there are some kids to hate Gay/Bi people to a point where they try to get us kicked out or beat us up. So yeah, I don't mind if some people know, but not THOSE mean people...

So um...*thinks about what else I could possibly talk about*

I have been having many addictions lately. Those are:

1) Full Throttle
2) Soul Cailiber 3
3) The Ninja-RPG
4) Saying "Dumbass"
5) Burning CD's
6) Caffine/Sugar

LOL ^^"""

Yeah >_> Watching Eureka 7. This show is really interesting. Renton is cute! O///O Too bad he likes Eureka. X333 I've also watched alot of Bleach and Naruto lately. I swear Ichigo and Naruto look SO alike. XDD

So, i guess I'm done. OH! I hope you like the new theme! ^_^ (Itachi ish watchin' you @___@) XD

Sag, Auf Wiedersehn! (So, Good Bye!) ~Zi-kun~

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Friday, February 9, 2007

   It's Early -_-



I think i'm gonna die of exhastion. Is that possible? XD

NOTE TO SELF: Don't stay up til 1 in the morning when your mom said she'd get you up at 6 >_>

Ah, well, im getting McDonalds so YAY! =D

In other news, Like the theme? It's not SasuNaru...It's NaruSasu XD

Also, my wheel o' best friends. xD Now, these arent my only friends i visit, but they are the ones who come to my site alot, or who i have bonded with via PM. ^^



Well, I must go to school...T_T Oh well. Heute ist Freitag! (Today is Friday!)

Tchau! (Cya!)

~Zi-kun~ ~Zi-kun~

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Friday, February 2, 2007

   *GASP* Im posting! O_o

Hallo! (Hello!) Guten Morgen! (Good Morning!)

German. >_>


Well, i am ay home...on a 2 hour delay. -_-

I hate these! They are so stupid. Why cant they just cancel school? -_-

It caused my mom to have to go in late nad she is all stressed out. Guess who is the only 15 year old child here....Meh -_- It is just me and her and i cant a word out before she mutters something.

Well it is 8...almost time.

Well, i am doing very well in school this time around. I am so awesome in German! WAHA! In fact, i feel like telling you about my self in german:

Hallo! Ich Heisse Gottfried! (name isnt really gottfried in german. I had to pick a german name xD) Ich bin fuenfzehn jahre alt. Ich komme Florence, Kentuky. Ich komme mit dem auto zur schule. Ich nitch so gern schule. Ich spiele viel video spiele! Tchau!

XD Translation:

Hello! I am called Gottfried! I am 15 years old. I come from Florence, Kentucky. I come to school by car. i dont like school very much. I love to play video games! Cya!


As for my other classes, Art 1 is fun, but the teacher is very critical. T_T English 2 is ok and World Civ Honors is alot of work, but still easy. The notes in World Civ are looooonnng! (2-3 pages a day. sometimes 4-5 if we need to catch up >_>)

Today, i was freaked out. my mom told me to not come home after school. i was thinking "She finally kicked me out. T_T" But it turns out the realitor is showing people around and i cant be here. Do'h! >_<"""

Well, i have to go to school soon. T_T

Auf Wiedersehn! (Good Bye! X3) ~Zi-kun~

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