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Saturday, September 23, 2006

   I'm Done...


was the worst day ever...



Life is so fucking cruel.

I almost lost a friend, my cousin is so upset, my parents neglet my exsistance...

i dont know what to expect anymore...

Why do i even exsist...

if my life is this bad...

i know i dont have it worse than some...

And please dont say, "Aw it will be ok! ^^"

It won't.

Sorry to be rude, but things dont get better in this story.

I dream of a life of happiness, being with friends, loving parents...

Its all a fairyt tale.

Life doesnt grant what you want.

nothing turns out ok.

Nothing you do will mean anything the next day.

you wake up and you think you know this world.

no one does.

it slaps you in the face and tramples you into the ground.

The friends you make...

you never know when it will end...

Enjoy them while you got them...

They will slip right through your fingers.

There is no point in worldy pleasures.

They will only lead to sorrow in the end. I've learned the only thing you need...

Is yourself.

now im sorry about this post.

I'll get back on when i'm not depressed like this, for scars take time to heal.


~Zi-kun~ ~Zi-kun~

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

   Party! w00t!

Mood: Happy, but tired (ITS MORNING! XDDDD)
Listening to: Witin Temtation-Memories (I'm addicted T_T)
Currently Working on: How to stay awake. lol
Reading: N/a


How ish all of you today?

I am acually happy for once in this stupid week!

why you ask?

Because i went to a party! Well sort of.

My mom had a realitor come over. I HATE them with a passion, so i decided to take a walk. i walked for 2 miles, then Miho calls meh and i wind up going to her house, where my friends, Moses and Ra-chan where already there. We had some funny moments there. then, Ra-chan's mom calls up and we wind up walking to her house (legs killin meh T_T). There, her mom bought pizzas and we partied! XD Then, we played some DBZ Budokai 3! We kept on blowing up part of the world. o_o;;;;

So yeah!

I had fun.

Acually cheered meh up this week.

Well i must now get ready for school! ^_^

RANDOM NOTE! Look at Neko-chan's art! For 2 reasons:
1) It's good as hell!
2) She showed me te light of drawing. XD

So yeah...>_> Go see it or visit her. She ish cool! Also visit meh cuz, Rissa. i pimped her site out (begged me too and she has been here for a while) so go see it! ^_^

Now i gotta get ready for school! XD *Distracted* lol

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Cute! XD

Quote of the Day: From everyone at Miho's House

Me: We need something to talk about! >_<
Miho: What> o_O
Miho: XDDDDD *laughs ass off*
Ra-chan: no clue. o_o
Me: I DID!
Ra-chan: Nu-uh! Some old dude did!
Me: T_T
Moses: *jumps up and down* I like pie.
Me: Fine! The topic is now pie of the day! I say chocolate!
Ra-chan: Ew! >_< Pumpkin!
Moses: Pumpkin is good!
Miho: YAY! Pumpkin is Delishio!
Me: Damn...XDDD
*All laugh*

Money cant by moments like this. ^_^

Byes! ~Zi-kun~

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

   Ish sad

Mood: Sad
Listening to: Withen Temptation-Memories
Currently Working on: N/a


I hope you guys like my new layout.

I worked hard. ^^;


Well, my parents are being buttmunches again.

The are stressing me out so much, i had a mental breakdown last night.

School isnt helping either.

Evil kids...bleh

Well, i am a sad, little Zi-kun

But i've got friends, how little i may have, so i'm happy. I just dont wanna move from them.

They are sad too. They hate my parents. I think they may acually try and kill them. o_o

So yeah...>_>

Well, i really hope you like my new theme. I must go clean for some lady comming to our house.

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is funny! ^_~

Quote of the Day: From Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Weatherman: It is hot in Topeka right now.
Bloo: It'ssssss....hot...in...TOPEKA! I am....a hot toepicker. Its hot in Toepickerpeka. I am a Topeka picker, It is hot...in Topeka.


Cya.*__* ~Zi-kun~

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Mood: Hosty (o_O)
Listening to: I'd do anything-Simple Plan
Currently Working on: OC (Duh! lol)
Reading: My story


Guess what?!?

I am hosting a club!

It's no where near done, so i will post the lin to it when it's all completed!

I still need banners and such. ><

So yeah.

Well, in other news...

I may get to finish out meh sophmore year! Moving while in the middle of a class is hell. The plan is that if the house sells early, then i live with meh bro til my year is out, then i move down to flordia. At least it is a little more time here. T_T

Well, i must go do stuff before school!

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is like my second favorite icon! He is so cute! It is the avatar for the club right now. lol

Quote of the Day: From me and Neko-chan

Neko-chan: so how are you?
Me: pretty good. tired, but good XD
Neko-chan: XP
Me: you?!!?! O_<
Neko-chan: okay XP
Me: Well, i cant stop drawing. meh hand ish gonna fall off XD
Neko-chan: goodness
Me: I think its "Chronic Drawing Deathness Syndrome"
Neko-Chan: O_o ZOMG!?!?

Byes! =D ~Zi-kun~

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Monday, September 18, 2006

   Mixed Emotions

Mood: No Clue
Listening to: Flow-Remember (Naruto 8th opening theme)
Currently Working on: Quarter turn view of my OC
Reading: N/A


I'm so confused.

It's a definate im moving. T_T

All my friends are o sad and angry. They wanna kill meh parents and kidnap me.


I guess thats good, so i would have to move. XD

Maybe not kill them, though.


I'll be where the hurricanes hit alot. T_______T





But, I' am also happy!

Cuz i can draw pretty well now, thanks to Neko-chan's tips! ^__^ Thanks! *glomp*

Ever since she helped, I've been in a drawing craze. I have...i think 7 new pieces of art on my DA. Check them if ya want. ^////^

Well i g2g

School ish evel. XDDDD

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Quote of the Day: From Me and Ra-chan

Me: I have new piccys!
Ra-chan: YAY!
Me: I think i still need work though
Ra-chan: Just a little and your improving!
Me: You a teacher lol
Ra-chan: How?
Ra-chan: Shut up! lol XD

Byes! ^_~ ~Zi-kun~

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Saturday, September 16, 2006



Sorry for no mood thing but i have to go to some stupid party. I think its one of those "Stand around and act like an old Fart" ones...

Poor Zi-kun...T__T


I just wanted to inform ya about the changes!

I love the chains and all the other stuff i got from..(Doesnt remember name).

If you look at my Mp3 player, the button below it leads to the site i got the stuff. XD


And now they are even cooler, cuz they go back and forth, back and forth...(Is hypnotized)

~*<5 hours Later>*~


Oh hey!



Well im sorry for my loserness. XD

Cya around! ^_^ ~Zi-kun~

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Friday, September 15, 2006

   I thought today was Saturday...T_T

Mood: Peachy
Listening to: DDR-Love Shine
Currently Working on: New Doujinshi-Love Shine (Wonder where i though of that XD_
Reading: N/A


How ish you all today?

I'm fine.




Tis sad.



So anywho

I seriously thought that i didn't have to go to school. i thought it was Saturday. DAMN! Now i have to go to school for another day.


Ah well, I'll get to see meh friends. ^_^

It's good having friends, IRL or online. They support you so much. Like my friend, Neko. There was this guy, making fun of my art, and i yelled at him. But Neko Personally saw to it that he got banned from DA. He would display such rude comments to me and her when she stepped in. But she didnt care. She helped her friend. I am so happy that she is. ^__^

Well, I must be off to school. *mumbles* XD

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Behold! XD

Quote of the Day: From Dane Cook (i am shortening it XD)

Dane: Even now at your job, there is a freak. Nobody talk to that creepy guy. But you know what? I tak to that guy. I try to find him on purpose, act interested, go "Hey heres a snikers bar. Peanuts Caramel. Put that in your mouth. Enjoy that." You wanna know why i talk to that guy? Cuz when the day comes when he snaps, and brings in a sawed-off shotgun, shooting everyone in the hallways, he'll come to my office, go behind me and Whisper, "Thanks for the candy."

It's funnier when you hear him do it. Go to my youtube. I have it in meh faves. XD Its called, AMV Comedians 2. XDDDDD

Byes! ~Zi-kun~

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

   Got something accomplished!

Mood: Tired, but Happy
Listening to: Saving me-Nickleback
Currently Working on: Naruto Fanfiction (Ch.2!)
Reading: N/A


I got some stuff done!

-Wrote Ch. 1 of fanfiction
-Drew new character design
-Drew a mini comic


So yeah. Anywho...

My friends went to the Korn-Deftones concert and saw Dir en Grey! I was so happy for them. They sounded like they had a good time. That alone makes it like i was there. So yeah, i wanted to go, but i'm juat glad they all had fun! ^______^

And now...

I'm hungry! T_______T

We dont have food right now, so i've been depending on school lunch.

I hope i can make it. XD


Drama has been so much been these past weeks. i think i may acually have a 100 in there! I know its in te 90's though becaus I've aced every test and she told me i've done well on my performances.

So im a happy camper right now.

Hope nothing spoils my day today, since meh friends are gonna tell me all about the concert! ^_^

Opps, i g2g to school now!

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Sasunaru 4Eva man! ^_^

Quote of the Day
No time for quote., Sworries. ^^"""

Byes! ^_^ ~Zi-kun~

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Monday, September 11, 2006

   Wanna sleep

Mood: Sleepy
Listening to: N/A
Currently Working on: Neko's One-Shot (I'm done, but i'm printing it out XD)
Reading: Neko's One-Shot (For Errors)



Lets try again.

Hey! ^_^

What is up guys?

Yesterday, i went to the mall with Ra-chan, Neko-chan, and Miho. We had a blast, but Mio was kinda acting up. ._.

Anywho, Miho left the mall early, so the 3 of us wentback to Ra-chan's house. We basically had food and listened to songs, since me and Neko had to go home early, since it was a school night.


I wanted to be off today, since it's 9/11.

I want to use this day to pay tribute to those who did.

Dont get me wrong: This government is courpt and needs to change, but peopel died because of our stupid mistakes. so i'd like to honor them and say sorry for our idiotic country.

But no.

We go to school.

It doesnt make sense.

We get off for a bunch of dead presidents, but not for 9/11.

Oh, well. Nothing i cando about it.

Well, i guess i'll be off. I leave in a few minutes. XD

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I love this Avatar. XP

Quote of the Day: From Me and Neko-chan

Neko: If you write me a one-shot, I'll draw you a picture!
Me: Sweet! It's a deal! ^_^
Neko: What do you want to be in the drawing?
Me: I wanna be holding hands with Naru-chan and Sasuke in the backround going, "NANI!?!"
Neko: lol
Me: What do you want your OS to be about?
Neko: Hmmm...I dunno...
Me: Then just tell me if you want sex or no sex.
Neko: O_O *blush* Sex with Hiei. *ponders*

Cya! ^_~ ~Zi-kun~

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

   All chiper now

Mood: Happy!
Listening to: Naruto Episodes (And watching lol)
Currently Working on: Naruto Fanfiction
Reading: N/A


Sorry about yesterday.

There was a big mix up and everything is peachy. ^__^

So onward with the post! XP

Redone meh site! ^_^

Hope you like my changes. The quote at the top (the one where it is slowly typed out) is from gravitation! ^_^


I went to the mall today with my smexy friend, Jessica. We had so much fun!

We went to like every store and i drank a slushie that tasted pukish.


thats not good. lol

But we just had a great time, just being with her.

She is a person who i can get close to with my feelings, yet still have fun with her.

this is my trouble with being Bi.

I like so many men, but this one women makes all the difference. She stands out to me, like no one before.

Its weird and amazing at the same time.

Only time will tell which path i go down.

Either way, i will be happy. ^_^

OK! well i am soo exhasted. I havent got much sleep lately. Been working on my fanfiction, which i will post on her. I need to stop bn blocked and write the rest of chapter 1, but its hard to think of what to put next.

Oh well, ill figure it out. XP

Well im off to bed. G'night!

Pic of the Day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Used to be my Avatar. miss it! T_T I think i will use it as a button to somewhere. XP

Quote of the Day: From Me and Jessica (btw, Libby Lou is a store in our mall...a slutty one)

Me: I want to ride the Carasil!
Jessica: If i could, I would destroy it!
Me: Why? o_o
Jessica: It reminds me of Libby Lou...
Me: O_O No!!! I hate that place!
Jessica: It's a secret school for how to be a Slutty Hoeish Whore.
Me: I got a motto. "Come to Libby Lou's Whore Tech: Building the Whores of tommarrow."
Jessica: *Laughs ass of* Your a tard.
Me: I know!
Jessica: I gonna go there!
Me: NOO!
Jessica: lol

Byes! ^_~ ~Zi-kun~

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