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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Bah, Goldwing can wait . . .
I think this should be the last big lion dance for a long while:

Another guy actually got some video of me doing kung fu, I'll see if I can acquire that from him some time.

Site-wise, I'm just trying to prepare for the big changeover. Lots of work to do, y'know? For me, a lot of the work isn't even direct writing stuff or anything; it's more like preparation for the eventual landslide of writing that'll need to be done. Lots of outlines and stuff . . . but I guess it works. It's kinda like, I enjoy squad-level planning more than the big, overarching warplan style of planning. Probably why I enjoy tactical games more than strategy games (and yes, there's a difference).

So there you have it, 2nd Lieutenant SomeGuy. Possibly with aspirations to become a captain.

"This is a... low rank?"
"...a middle rank..."

Still, exciting times, hey?

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