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Thursday, February 28, 2008

   Stepdad's doing well . . . phew.
He's still doing fine, though it seems like he's gonna be hospitalized for a while to come. Irregular heartbeat was definitely one of the things that came up that day, so he might be getting an ICD implant (kinda like a pacemaker but more permanent) for that now - that, of course, could take a while to put in.

I think that's what my mom said, anyway. But yeah, he's still doing fine - probably just gonna be bored out of his mind for a while. And yeah, I promise I'll be sure to tell him you're all wishing him well next chance I get.

Stepdad aside, I'm still waiting on those people to get back to me about that job. Now, last week I blogged that I probably needed to e-mail them back to follow up and then instead they e-mailed me first to fill me in. So let's try this again:

I think I may need to e-mail them today to check up on the process . . .

Finally for this week . . . I started watching "Bamboo Blade". Anime about kendo. Very funny stuff, memorable characters . . . it's good times.

Oh, and I need to start planning for Sakura-con. Crap.

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