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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And now, if I could borrow your thoughts for a bit . . .
Stepdad's in observation at the hospital. Last night he had chest pains when he and my mom went out to dinner and then he passed out. After he came to, his friends (all former Hong Kong police) gave him some aspirin (to thin the blood, I later learned) and my mom called for an ambulance.

Once my brother and I arrived at the hospital, my stepdad seemed fine. Was in high spirits, just talking with the hospital staff explaining what had happened . . . wasn't in any pain or discomfort anymore . . . but yeah, since they don't know what it was, they need to keep him overnight.

I'm sure he'll be fine. He said a similar thing happened while in Cairo earlier this month (either in an airport or on the cruise ship). In any case, it's good that this is being taken care of now. Scary night, but yeah . . . I'm confident he'll be fine. Tough man, that stepdad of mine.

He's also a very large, very tall man, though, and when he was on the bed in the ER his feet hung over the bottom of the bed . . . . . that's gonna be a pain for him, I bet.

So yeah. I didn't go to kung fu last night.

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