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Sunday, February 17, 2008

   Oh shoot! Performance today!!!
Well, still sick . . . it sucks . . . hopefully I'll be okay enough to be of some use today at the mall performance . . . this should be the last big one, I think.

Aside from that, this week I got into a lot of different things; a project for the site, another big thing for another friend . . . it's been pretty hectic and crazy - heh, no wonder I got sick. Ah well, all water under the bridge now.

Anyway, people wanted news, so I posted a big thing of news. Yes, it was a long piece of news; however, the way I see it, it's not like there's any other news people need time to read, right? So let us find out if they were lying about actually wanting news or not, no?

Oh, incidentally, according to joke reception at the Elans, Vancouver animators and game designers are iffy about Heath Ledger jokes, but quite okay with Mary Kate Olsen back 10-15 years pedophile jokes. Go fig'.

EDIT: Last bit for the night. Y'know what's fun? When you take the night-time medication (the one that helps you rest) and then you don't go straight to bed and then the medication forces you to go to bed . . . not saying this is something to abuse, 'cause that's bad . . . but y'know.

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