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Sunday, August 12, 2007

L - Death Note theme
muahahahaha! just changed my theme in 3..2..1.. -snaps fingers-

Goku: squeee! L!! -holds sign saying I luv L-

L: ... heh..thanks..

Goku: O..M..G xD -glomp-

L: Hey! Let go!!

Me: Goku! Get off him!!

Goku: -gets off- Why you here! -starie eyes-

L: I'm just here for some sugar..

Me: Let me guess..your cat ate your cake again..?

L: Yes... -pouts and does kawaii face-

Me: I don't get you L-kun... -makes him a muffin-

L: What flavor is it?

Me: Strawberry..

L: Yay! -eats-

Anyways. It's freakin 6:39 in the mroning.. I had to stay up with my older sister, Alyssa, becuase She was leaving earl for her Young Life camp for high school. I get to go next year, hopefully. I wander what silly name I will get since I'n a freshman now and my sister is a senior. Days go be soooo fast.. its suddenly feeling like Christmas is going to happen in the next three days xD

L: Bakka..you took some of my cake!

Goku: Did not..

L: It's all over your face!

Goku: Bakka..

L: -growls-

Me: That's enough you guys! I'll make muffins and some cake for you guys..sheesh..

L: Strawberry cakes and muffins..?

Me: sure..whatever..

L: Yay! -claps-

I'm gonna need more sugar for these two o.o;;

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Okay, I went for the Sora theme. I havent tried it out yet. Okay..I did once, but it was messed up. Next I'm trying L from death note.

Sanzo: Isn't he that emoish guy from Death note?

Me: Duh!

Goku: I think he's hot.

Sanzo: Your married, remember that!

Goku: I know, I love you more than him Sanzo-puppy!

Me: Sanzo-puppy? -smickers-

Sanzo: Shut up..

Anyways, I'm at my cousins house because My sister went to see a game, and my parents are in L.A bowling. -sigh- I'm bored.

Goku: Make your story sis..

Me: I can't, I don't remember the URL to the place.. -sigh-

Goku: -hugs- Make pictures..

ME: Good idea! -grabs pencil and paper-

Sanzo: You better cover up the parts..

Me: Don't worry.. -evil smirk-

Sanzo: >__>

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

New theme...
-shiver- Pink... I don't like this theme anymore.. it gives me the creeps..It's also got me waring nothing but pink! -shiver- I was thinking of what you guys think.. I have good theme types..but I need help.. Here the choices

1] Kingdom Hearts 2 - Sora
2] Serenity Rose
3] Naruto - Nine-tailed fox
4] Death Note - L
5] Final Fantasy - Vincent Valintine (Yes, again)

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Random questions and todays post.
First Quiz, then post xDD

1] If your boyfriend/girlfriend died, you would-
B)Bury him
C)Kill him again
D) Do the monkey dance

2] What anime do you like? Can be more than 1
A) Fruits Basket
B) Saiyuki
C) Blood Plus
D) Other..

3] Who's the funniest comidien to you?
A) Robin Williams
B) Carlos Menica
C) Pablo Fransico
D) Other

4] Who's Hotter?
A) Cloud Strife
B) Shin Sawada
C) Vincent Valentine
D) Riku


Today's Post!

Have you guys notice something in the sky lately?

Last night, I saw this huge colorful flash occur. I though it was just my window reflecting some light, but then The power went off and a beam of light shot off my window and into the sky o.o creepy..

Then a large pink and purple cloud floated by and then just dissapeared in a flash.. woah..weird o.o

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fried Chicken!!!! Oh sorry... Goku erdge.. I am hungry though... GOD DAMMIT GOKU! How am I suppose to lose weight when I have your hunger erdge?!!

Goku: Sorry sis..Boys gotta eat..besides..you don't look chubby..and you ate like 6 plated and 5 ice creams at that buffet..you still look the same..

Me: Really..?

Goku -nodds-

Me: Your so sweet bro -hugs- other than Goyjo and Sanzo

Goyjo/Sanzo: O__O;;

Anyways, I finally got my scanner working again. I'm able to scan my pictures again yay.. though I don't know of what.. I'm thinking of posting myself as Gokus sister..I don't know.. -thinks-
I'll do it anyway!! xDD

Sanzo: -looks at picture- You look exactly like goku..except..you have boo-

Hakkai: -covers his mouth- It looks great, you can scan it.

Me: Thanks Hakkai! -hugs-

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Monday, August 6, 2007

The wedding
WOW! The wedding was packed, every demon and person they met and fought was their INCLUDING Koukaiji, Goku's #1 rival. Wander why he came o.0

Anyways, Goku and Sanzo looked so cute when they kissed -squee- I was a madien for my dear brother. I'm so happy for him -tears-

Goku: Aw..don't cry sis.. -hugs her-

Me: Sorry, I'm just so happy for you two.. -grabs tissue.

Sanzo: I'll take good care ofyour brother Nikki..

Me: Good..because if anything happens.. -stops crying I'LL KILL YOU!!! -flames appear-

Sanzo: o__o;;

Goku: She's loves me..

Sanzo: I've noticed...By the way, she was right about you looking in a dress..You loom beautiful -kisses Gokus hand-

Goku: Oh Sanzo.. -blushes-

Sanzo: -carries Goku to the limo-

Me: When did we get a Limo..?

Hakkai: We didn't, That's Hakaryu

Me: Oh..wait, I'm missing yaoi lemon!! -chases limo-

Anyways, I got to visit my grandma last night. I haven't seen her since I was ten..that' -counts- 4 years from now! We decided to spend time with her by having dinner at HomeTown Buffet. It was nice to see her again.

OH! While I was there, A handsome guy walked beside me and bumped into me ON PURPOSE!! I dropped my fork. He said "Oh, sorry, let me help you.." When he picked up the form, he just gave me a kiss on the cheek!! -blushes- I just watched him walk away, and he winked at me. EEEEK! -blushes again-

Goyjo: Well, seems like you have another boy..

Me: SHUT UP! -smack-

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Last cosplay
We decided not to do the Death Note cosplay, I was tired enough already! Damn! People put me as short people.. I'm freakin 5'4 1/2 >__<; Anyways, We're getting ready for Goku and Sanzos Wedding. Sanzo is being a stubburn asshole and not waring a freakin pengiun suit. Goku looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute in a dress ^^ He's a boy though o.0;; But he is my brother ^^ I have to be supportive -stars appear behind me-

Goku: She scares me when she does that..

Sanzo: Why the hell is she your sister again?

Hakkai: They're twins i'm afriad.

Goyjo: Who cares..I just wanna meet alot of single babes at this wedding..

Me: Damn Goyjo, your more horney then Austin powers...

Goyjo: Excuse me?!!

Me: You heard me..Now get the hell out of my face -holda up a bazooka up to his chin-

Anyways, Good news! I got a video of our Gravitation Cosplay yay!! Here's the link

Gay All The Way! Ryuichi kisses Shuichi!!! OMG!!!

It's a different Cosplay we did.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Screw the world xD
YEEES!!! We finished the cosplay! FINALLY!! Now, we're doing a Death Note cosplay!! I'm L!! Yay ^^ I look sooooo much like him, except. I'm a girl xD;; We've been volinteering for alot of cosplays, they think we're the best..it's true..we.. ARE.. the best (DRAMA ALERT!!!) -gets a bucket of water dumped on me- WTH?!! -sigh- Trevor has alot of scenes to play in this cosplay, he has to play 4 people, I can imagine how much confusion he will be in x.0

OH!! By the way, Sanzo finally prposed to Son Goku ^^ We're having another wedding! Wait.. Sanzo is going to be my brother in law 0.0

Goku: Yup, I'm so happy, I LOVE YOU SANZO!!

Sanzo: I LOVE YOU TOO GOKU!! -goes to a private room-

Me: -plants a camers in there- >.>

Hakkai: Oh my.. ^^;;

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Internet problem
I hate my computer!!! My mom didn't bother to pay the internet bills for my computer. I'm at my friends house. I will be preforming the cosplay tomorrow becuase today, I was going swimming with my little sister.

Sanzo: Who cares about your sister, just do your damn cosplay..

Me: YOU SHUT UP!!! I'll kill you even if it's that last thing I do!! -smack-

Anyways, Like my new site? Death note ish my fav anime of all time! Well, mostly..it's right next to Ghost in shell and Saiyuki.. Talk to you guys later! Luv you all! -blows kisses-

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Gravitation Cosplay
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!! We finished the Gravitation cosplay!! But do you knw what sucks? NO ONE GOT A VIDEO OF IT!!!! D8 That's sucks ass!! Curse you people for not bringing cameras or other crap like that. >__< I really wanted to show you guys! It was awesome, I guess I could tell you about it..

Okay Start~ OF course the opening theme is play.

In the beginning~

Ryuichi and Shuichi are talking in the recording room. Suddenly K appeares and tells them "Guys Guys!!" Both of them say "What What?" K shows them papers "You guys are volinteered to be in a game show in California! Ryuichi clapped with Kumagaru "Yay America!!" Shuichi was suprised "WTF?? America?!" K nodded.

Shuichi sighed and went to tell Yuki. Yuki looked at him when he entered the house "What's with the long fice monkey?" Shuichi was too upset be angry when he called him monkey. Yuki tilted his head "What's the matter.." He sighed. Shuichi looked at him and wimpered "I'm going to America...Califronia.." Shuichi hugged Yuki tight and didn't want to leave.

That's the end of part 1, YES!! Theres too part since it was long. Believe it or not, During the first shoowing, all the tickets were sold out from anime and drama clubs o.0

Sanzo: Drama clubs...?
Me: Hey, I don't know what those are either..
Sanzo: Uh-huh...
Me: I'm serious!! Go talk to the guy who made it.
Goku: I want tickets!!
Me: -gives him four for Hakkai, Sanzo, Goyjo and him.
Goku: YAY!!!

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