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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

KH cosplay videos 1-4
Whew... The KH cosplay was roguh.. I almost forgot my lines >_< I messed up a few times, but we still did great xD
The vid, I don't know what I was thinking agreeing..alot fan girls did scream though.. I kissed Riku xD But I was Sora so.....YAOI!! xDD Hooray x3 OH! Incase you were wandering, in the first vid. My friend Liz, plays Riku. We did kiss once, Yuri o.o;;, We did and we kinda liked it, since Trevor or Ryan didn'y want to be Riku. So, she took over.. ^-^ Thanks a bunch Lizzy-chan =3 I'm a terrible dancer in the 4th video >.<

The first vid is the Riku Sora kiss, it's in the scroll box above >__<

Video 2--- Girly Roxas >DI play Namine in this one >3

Video 3---Riku Sora, I won't hurt you.I do a really good Sora in this one o.o

Video 4---Dancing Sora I dance stupid xD;;

Goku: Wow, you do Sora good in the 3rd vid.
Me: Awww, thanks goku -kiss on cheek-
Goku -blush-
Sanzo: -jealous- Take it outside you too..
Me: Sanzo your jealous ^^
Sanzo: Bite my white ass..
ME: I'll bite your damn small penis if I have too..
Sanzo: ......... You win...
Me: YAY!!
Hakkai: Where did you get threats like that, Rika?
Me: Not telling...
Hakkai: Alright..

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Monday, July 30, 2007

My new account w00t! Well I'll just repost my old post from my old account..my mouth hurts now o.0;;

Vincent: ....crazy..

Me: Waaah..why are you so black-hearted TT___TT

Hey, guess what guys! Me and the anime club are doing three cosplays in L.A!! We're doing Saiyuki, Kingdom Hearts, and Gravitation! w00t! I can't believe I'm doing a cosplay in L.A It's gonna be fun! I won't on for the next two days because I have to practice all day! I'll post who plays who though, so you know who I play ^^. Goku and Sanzo are suprised too.

Saiyuki ~
Sanzo - Michael
Goku - Me! (Hell yes!)
Goyjo - Danille
Hakkai - Gabby-kun

Kingdom Hearts ~
Sora - Me (OF course,It's because I'm short isn't it D<
Riku - Ryan
Kairi - Hayley
Organization 13 - Gabby, Amenda, Cristina, erm.. I don't know the rest..
Roxas - Gabby >.>
Everyone else - No idea o.o;
( We're making a yaoi part just for the fan girls xD RikuxSora and RoxasxAxel)

Gravitation ~
Shuichi - Me
Yuki - Trevor
Ryuchi - Amenda
Toshua - Gabby-kun
Tohma - Amenda

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