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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wow, I change mt theme alot! but I'm sticking with this theme for a while, I love the way it turned out.

BTW I'm in Japan right now, They only have 1 english computer..that really sucks -_-U

ANYWAYS, The cosplay skit was a HIT! The song is by My Chamical Romance, my fav Rock band just to let you know.

I didn't actually cosplay as Sora, we did a bleach skit. Like a random Bleach skit, we also did a cosplay skit at the hotel since we got bored. We Might make a video for you to see, we don't since my friend came-corder has dead batteries..

Anyways, How was your guys day? Good? Bad? Better?

Mine went well, except getting pied in the face in the skit. It was good!

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Heres da pic!

Sora cosplay

Next time, I'm gonna dress up as ANTI-SORA but My grandma has to make it, it's like..umm 18% done I believe. I'm gonna check this weekend. I'm not going to school today because I have a bad cold. Sneezing every 5 minutes -sneezes-. Oi...

Me and Ryan were talking on the phone all day! I made kitty and squekky noises to him, he thought they were cute and he kept huggling his pillow -smirks and giggles-

Xepher has a crush on someone, I'm helping him out by making him be nice and to get to know her. Her name is Katie, but he calls her Silent. She's queit alot. Any advice for him? I take anything!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wait for page to load please.
ALRIGHT! Me and Ryan are talking on phone [still] I like talking to him, he's fun..So is his little brother. Hehe, we made weird noises to each other. It's funny!

I dressed up as Sora for a cosplay in japan. YEEE! I'm so excited! Can't wait for it. My friend, Trevor is gonna cosplay as Riku and my cousin is gonna cosplay as Kairi. I'm gonna post up some pics tomorrow. People say I make a good Sora cosplayer o.o

I wonder if it's true xD

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mood: Better than ever!
Music: Theme music

Well I got suspended from school since I didn't go to detention yesterday. This sucks big time! I'm on restriction for 3 months from everything since I got a suspension. How low can you get.. -sigh- At least I'm able to draw and use my dads scanner. I'm might sneak on here a few times like 2 or 3. My dad sleeps in here, and I've been caught before so he's cautious.

Today, I finally got a new toy for my kitty! She really loves it. It's a little moving ant. Since she loves to chase ants, I got her this toy. Everday I play with her, she's soo cute. I should take a picture next time.

I got tickets to see Saw IV, It's seem intresting, even though I despy horrow movies, I wanna check this out. I drink blood alot, got a problem?!

I changed me theme!!! What do you think? Took me like 4 days to make this, NO I DID NOT STEAL, I made this myself with the help of my good friend, The Computer xD

I found alot of Fan boys admiring my picture on myspace... -shivers- I hate Fan boys, they scare me!!

I have to go now, Bye everyone. Love you all!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday|October 19|2007
Mood: Happy
Music: Aura - .Hack//Sign

Thanks for all the support guys, You really helped me. I really apprciate you guys for your support and advice. Your really great friends, espacially omegasnake16.

I'm going to the doctor now, I told my girlfriend, Reika. She and her mom are gonna take me to the doctor to check on me. She was really pissed. I'm off now, I hope to talk to you guys soon.

<3 Thanks again.

+| Saya |+

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday|October 18|2007

Mood: Betrayed
Music: Aura - .Hack//Aign

I found out who raped me..turned out to be my close friend..Damien. I..trusted him..and this is what I get for being a good friend.. or..maybe I deserve this..for the lies I've told..and all the lives I've taken.. Maybe..this isn't punishment..it's deservment..

I can never trust a friend again...

I have to go now, I hope to talk to all of you soon.. Bye..

+| Saya |+

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Current mood: Broken
Music: Nothing

Today didn't go too well, I got beaten and sexually harassed while taking a walk in the park. Xepher found me and took me home. Kogi(My younger brother) Took care of me and healed my wounds. Bless him.

From now on I carry a weapon with me incase it could happen again. Being raped once was enough, but this is the 4th time it's happened..

I'm feeling sad right now for some reason, I feel torn apart. Heart broken or something, oh well. *looks outside* Looks like theres gonna be a storm soon. Better get everything set.

I have to go, see you guys around.



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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sorry guys, I'm changing my theme, It's gonna take a while, But I will still post!
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday|October 14|2007
Current Mood: Confused
Music: Hyde - Seasons Call
Friend of the day: GaaraoftheDesert1
I went to Disneyland yesterday. I was full of food, They had really good popcorn. My sister told me that they have GradNight. Where Graduated Seniors come to Disneyland and can stay there until 6am. Lucky people..

Anyways, We went on the Finding Nemo Submarine Adventure. There was amazing things down there. We saw Dory, Marlin, Crush, Squirt, and other fishy friends. It was fun, but the sits were very close. Good thing I'm not Clostrophobic.

We managed to get my little sisters costume, she is gonna be Tinker Bell instead of Pucca. I'm not gonna be Garu this year, next year maybe.

Short post Sorry.

+| Saya |+

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday|October 12|2007

Current Mood: Hyper
Music: The Bad Touch - Bloudhound Gang
Friend of the day: Not chosen
Wow, I seriuosly got a burt from sguared toat this morning.

*Cough cough* Me and Damien went to the Ramona Carnival together, He held my hand. I didn't mind becuase I pretented he was someone else. Damien and me watch the parade, he was kind enough to walk me to my cousins house. I know Him since 1st grade, just can't believe he likes me that much, HE IS NOT A FANBOY! he knows the fanboys and girls scare the crap out of me. That's why I take them out -pulls out gun- I hate it when people push you into the middle of a challange.. Some guy pushed me in the middle of a dance-off, they all challanged me. Damien and Xepher jumped in and helped me out. We won the challanged. I ran from fanboys today, They all kept chasing me into the theatre. I couldn't get them off my tail! *hides in closet*

Question Time
1] Am I a good friend/ host?
2] What is your own world like?
3] Do you have your own computer?
4] What's better, a dog,fish or cat?
5] What whould you be, Neko(Cat) Or Kitsune (Fox)?
6] What's cuter a chibi or a baby?
7] How times can you say 'Puper Smick Gomo' in 50 seconds?
8] What kind of books do you like?
9] How can you describe me?
10] How long have we've known eachother?

+| Saya |+

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