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Name: Nikki
Nicknames: Saya, Rika, Sakura.
Age: 15
Gender: Female (NO DUH!)
DOB: Apirl 29, 1993
Orantation: Bisexual [PROUD]
Occupation: Kitsune
Location: Darkness
School: Ramona High School
Status: In a relationship

Hair info: Short
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Black/brown
Body: Average
Mostly on: Gaia

Talent: Making html, drawing, writing poems.
I mostly feel: Sorrow and Pain.
Do I hide my emotions?: Yes.
Do I feel love?: Yes...
Am I a weirdo?: According to people, Yes..

Favorite color: black and red.
Favorite food: Don't have one.
Favorite fast food: Jack In The Box.
Favorite Fruit: Apples
Favortie relative: My Little cousin (I CONFESS!)
Favorite Show: Family Guy
Favorite Anime: Too many to say...

Recent Questions asked...

Do you like anime?: Yush!
Are you emo?: Most of the time
What sport do you play?: Softball
Do you hate Sora and Xemnas?: NO! I luff them :3
Why do you say 'luff' anf teh'?: Because..It's meh language ;D

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Artist - Disturbed
Song - Inside The Fire

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[6] Enjoy my site.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

September 6th 2008

Current Mood: Hungry
Action: Reading Loveless

Dun Da Duuuuuuuuuuuuun!

It's rainging right now, but I like the rain. I always swim in the rain, it's really refreshing and good for my muscles..In case you people didn't know..

Swimming in the rain is not the trouble of a cold, your reaction is. Swimming in the rain is actually good for you. :3

Dun tell your parents I said that, they'll blame me and ban you from talking/seeing me xD

Anyways, so what's up? My second day on and I want to know how it's going in school for you.

I got some qeustions for joo <3

What's school like?

How many friends have you made so far?

Make any new friends?

How do you feel after school?

How do you feel abut monday mornings?

~My Answers~

School sucks Dx

Alot x3

Yush I did, most of them seniors and juniors.

Tired and exhuasted.

I dun wanna talk about it -_-
Time: 12:34 pm
Location: Still at my dads

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September 5th 2008

Current Mood: Tired
Action: Typing


How's everyone?

Good news, I'm online now!! :D

Yey! >:3

Anyways, but I'm on a schedul..however you spell it..

But I'm limited on teh computer. So I won't always be on, my dad is the only one that has internet. But it's good though :3

Right now I just finished fixing my site the way it was before :D Isn't that terrific?! ^.^

Anyways, school right now..SUCKS! It wore me out in 1.5 seconds Dx

Anyways, I have to walk home now, it takes me at least an hour to get to my house from my school >.< OI! My feet hurt so much when I go home, but at least I can rest and have a nice refreshing water <3 Ahhh..good times xD

Well, that's all for now, Nice to be back on and see you all tomorrow!

Love you all! <333 -throws tons of hearts-

~Saya ;D
Time: 11:11 pm
Location: My dads place

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