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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Current Mood: A Bit down

Time: 5:48 pm


Sorry for making you guys worried last night, I really appreciate the hugs you all gave. -hugs everyone back-

I'm feeling better, I suppose....

I still feel broken...

Sanzo: Get over it..

Goku: BAKKA!! -smack-


Me:..... you two are hopeless... -runs to room and locks door-

Hakkai: Oh dear...

Goyjo: Nice job you two...

Me: -cries in room-

Goku: T^T Dammit, I hate it when she's sad..

Sanzo: .......

Goku: Damn you Sanzo!!! -smack-

Listening to: Somewhere - Within Temptation

I am: Standing in the rain

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Hey everybody, this is Tori |Moonlight Requiem| I'm on my sis's account because, she seems real upset...

If you wannt see why? go to my post on my site. PM me for more things..

She's isn't in the mood to talk to anyone right now..

~Sorry for the news ppl~

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Current Mood: Lost

Time: 12:39pm


I..feel lost for some reason...

Goku: You sure?

Shut up.. -smack-

I feel...really...broken.....-sighs- Ah well.. no one cares..

Goku: Don't talk like that!!

Sanzo: I don't care..

Hakkai: Black-hearted...

Anyways, My little sister joined, she's on my sibilings menu, i have other sibilings that might join, or you just to be on online sister/brother. Pm me, and I'll add ya.

I'm having a compitation soon, any of you who like to join, PM me. It's a battle contest. Kinda of like a combat tournament.

2 tournaments.

Art - Battle

I'll post rules tomorrow. See my little sister | Moonlight Requiem | for more details.

Listening to: Mother Earth - Within Temptation

I am: Laying a puddle of blood

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Current Mood: Pain

Time: 1:35pm


Today was a rough day,,, Me and my friends went out for a walk, when all of the sudden I heard a scream. My friend though it was just a dog howl, I went to check it out. A woman was getting beaten by a man in black. I kicked him to the wall before the man could rip her clothes off. I could tell she was getting raped. Me and him had a tough fight. At least that woman was safe. For me however.. I was in pain..alot.. The man got away..and the last thing I remember was collapsing on the ground....

I woke up in my bed, my friend Jessica carried me home. Eric, Trevor, and Koji bursted in worried sick. They brang me alot of things to help me get better. They were really kind. They were my only friends..

Agh..my head still hurts. i'm off to bed. See you guys around.

~No story line today~

Listening to: Nothing

I am: Standing in the rain

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Current Mood: Hyper!

Time: 5:45 pm


Welp, my parents went to a football game Chargers V.S Some other team.. I'm stuck home with meh sistas.. -points to Tori- The annoying Little one! Help me... Well.. It can't be worse...

*Cousin barges in* I just had to go and say that T.T -hides in corner- DAMN YOU WORLD!!!! *cough cough* j/k j/k BUT WHY MEH COUSIN!!! >___<

*Sigh* Eric and I went to Mcdonalds and just did a random cosplay there. He dressed up as Sasuke i dressed up as Naruto (YAOI SKIT!!! *cough)

To day at school, I missed fifth period because I got a bloody nose.. I had to find a bathroom and go to the nurse. ALL THE BATHROOMS WERE FRIKIN LOCKED!!! DAMN YOU JANITORS!!

Off to make ramen now! see yall around -hugs and kisses-



Listening to: Nothin!

I am: Juggling some apples

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Current Mood: Relaxed

Time: 7:49 pm


Sorry I haven't posted in two days guys, I was soooo busy with homework and had to do alot of chores!! -_-

OH! Eric says Hi, He's at my house right now, his dads out of town visiting his brother and his moms out in L.A He's staying with me for a while, he's parents are kind enough to trust me. Well..his mom only.. His dad.. he thinks I might be causing trouble.. *cough* Jerk *cough*

Buahahahaha, my sister finally got her permite. My older sister, she can NOW Drive whenever. ^__^ I still have 2 more years to go -.-;

*Sigh* I feel soooo hungry, I'm gonna make ramen :3 just for the heck of it xDD OH! My kitty says Hi too ^__^ She's soo kawaii.

Sanzo: aggh....

Me: What?

Sanzo: I have to stay home and watch Reiji...

Me: and that's wrong because?

Sanzo: I'm stuck changing her daiper...

ME: YAY!!! Sanzo finally suffers xDD


Listening to: Dir en Grey - Child Prey

I am: Eating some toasted marshmellows

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Current mood: Tired

Time: 3:46


AAAAGH! Fisrt day in high-school? Exsuahsting!! It was sooooo hot, i didn't even know why I wore jeans. Eric was there though! I was happy ^__^

OH That reminds me, Eric won't be able to go on computer anymore, he got grounded for sneaking out last night to see me..

My little sister was a bitch and snitched on him.. *cough* basterd *cough*

I am sooo glad he isn't going to North High school, my mom says that place has dangerous school activites..Plus, I don't wanna get seprate from him T__T

Goku: Ramona High school? that's where you go?

Me: yup~

Hakkai: home of the Rams!


Listening to: Nuthin!

I am: Eating Jello Yummy!

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Current Mood: TIRED

Time: 10:35am


AAAAGH! I am sooooo tired. I was up all night watching Howls Moving Castle. It ended at 2:00 am!! I didn't know that!

AGH! -falls off chair- Now I'm starting to get a headache. -pounds head on keyboard- Ow....

I feel like changing my theme...but I dont know what to.. I'll changee it as soon as I think of something... -cough-

Sanzo: -squee-

Me: Sanzo?

Goku: ...?

Sanz: -skips around like a girl-

Goku/Me: O.O;

Hakkai: Seems he got a bug bite..

Me: theres no way a bug bite could do that to him!

Hakkai: It's a giddy bug bite..

Me: Oh..that's okay then..

Goku: -skips with Sanzo-

Me: Great, now their gonne sing the song..

Goku/Sanzo: I feel pretty..Oh so pretty.. I feel pretty giddy and gay!

Me: >__< -covers ears-


1] What anime should my brought back?!

2] Cats or dogs?

~My answers~

1] Wolfs rain and Hamtaro!!!

2] Cats! Their soo kawaii and fuzzy!


Listening to: Nobody's Listening - Linkin Park ( I AM A LINKIN PARK FAN!!! )

I am: Screaming

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Current Mood: Sad
Time: 1:13

RAAAAAW!! School starts tomorrow!!! -sobs- Why does summer have to go by sooo quickly?! I wish summer was like a year! or maybe 9 months.... *sits in corner*

*Sigh* For everyone who can't find Blood-Demons comment box, look on the navgation side. It's on the bottom!!

Muahahahaha, I had another ramen. I got a whole box full of ramen. I have like 20 left.. It sucks i have to share with my sister T.T *cough cough* My voice seems to be breaking out a little. I sound like Donald -.-;;

Goku: -glomps Sanzo-

Sanzo: -huggels-

Me: They're at it again..

Goyjo: -looks at them-


Hakkai: Goyjo..I never knew you had it in you..

Goyjo: -wares sign 'I am not a peeping tom'-

Me: Yesh you are.. -cough cough-

Goyjo: -growls and chases-

Me: runs-

Listening to: I am not listening to anything!
I am: Watching Pucca I luff Pucca!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Current Mood: Hyper
Time: 6:12

Rawr, Fear Me.

*Cough* I feel like eating a piece of cake..

L: My cake..

Me: ^^'

Anyway, My older sister and my dad went to a baseball game, kinda far. My mom and little sister went to a bowling alley. I WAS HOME ALONE!!!

I had three bowls of ramen for dinner *yummy* I love Ramen. Creamy Chicken ish my favorite. Eric is Chicken, hehehehe. Anyone ever try ramen with hot sauce? It's soooooo good! I still have the taste! *slurps*

*cough cough* I'm feeling sick for some reason...

Goku: -dresses in nurse outfit-

Sanzo: -drools-

Me: not again....

Sanzo: -grabs Goku and drags him to a room-

~Quiz time~

1] What's your fav ramen flavor?

2] Random, Apples or Bananas

Listening to: Shuga Shuga - Baby Bash
I am: Sleeping -.- zZzZzZ

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