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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Current Mood: Upset/Hostile
Time: 6:00pm

AAAAH! Eric scared me the death when he nearly got himself killed by his own brother! His borhter will never give anyone mercy, not even a girl!

His brother sucks @$$!

Goku: 0.0 Calm down..

How can !? Eric nearly got himself killed!

Sanzo: He tried to protect you..

Yeah..his brother nearly punched me...

Anyways, I got a new haircut. My hair loooks like Snapes (From harry potter) now.. My mom and dad say it's cute..i didn't really think so.. *sigh* I look like a jock about to go emo.. *cough cough*

DAMMIT! My internet is being stubburn again. I think I won't be on tomorrow...I might have to go to Erics..

Listening to: Nobody's listening - Linkin Park
I am: Cosplaying as L

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eric joined!!
Current Mood: Happy
Time: 7:01 pm

YAY!!!! Eric finally joined! Heres the link ~


Go ahead and add him, if you'd like. He loves new friends, but girls..this is a major warning.. Touch him and your dead!!

Add him!~

Goku: Wow, you two must like this guy...

Me: you mean Ulqu?

Goku: Yeah...

Me: He is very popluar!

Sanzo: He looks weird though...

Me: That's why we like hime, he's cool, mysterious..and etc..

Goyjo: OH...... -gets Hakkai to ware a dress-

Hakkai: EY!!

Me: Oh my! I never knew Hakkai looked so cute in a dress..

Sanzo: Why do you think girls are making yaoi stories about HakkaixGoyjo...
Me: Say what?

Listening to: Crawling - Linkin Park
I am: Shivering

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

40,000 hits!
Current mood: Calmed
Time: 11:18 am

YAY! I have 40,000 hits on my site. Thank you everyone one! -hugs everyone who reads this post-Thanks so much for the commenting and guestbook signs.

Goku/Sora: -does happy dance-

Sanzo: .....

Goyjo: Wow..40,000 hits, does that make you one of the top 500?

Me: I believe not..

Hakkai: We'll see to find out..


Sanzo: Nope..sorry..

Me: Curses...I was hoping I would be the top 500..

Sora: Maybe you'll get in next time..

Me: I'll keep my hoped up..


I'm at Erics right now, he was kind enough to let me on his computer. He seems more happy today.. He doesn't hate me! -cheers- He still loves me. Eric was thinking of getting a MyOtaku account sometime, I hope he does join. He'd be able to post a picture of himself on his site.

Listening to: What I've done - Linkin Park
I am: At Erics house

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Riku theme
Current Mood: More worried
Time: 6:09 pm
What do you think of my theme guys? It took me forever! to make this background. YES! I made the background, by myself. It was hard trying to find music, I'm thinking of putting new music. I set up a poll to help decide.

Crawling - Linkin Park
Gotta Tell you - Samantha Mumba
Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park
Stronger - Kanye West
Aura - Yuki Kaijuri

I am such a Linkin park fan xDD

Goku: That's why you have picture of them in your room..

Me: Shut up...

Riku: I like Linkin park, it really matches my character

Me: Riku ^^ -kisses his cheek-

Riku: ^////^

la-la-la-la-la-la *cough cough*

Eric didn't want to tell me what went on last night, I turned out more worried than before. I noticed he had tears in his eyes. I wonder why he was sad... I can understand if he lost someone precious..or something worse... I tried to confort him, but he just demanded me to leave.. so.. I just left... I..well..could have been harsh.. I demanded to know what was going on.. Maybe..he hates me now.. Crap..I making myself cry... *tear*

Riku: -hugs me- Relax babe...

Me: How can I...he hates me now..

Goku: No he doesn't..he probaly wasn't in the mood to talk...or something..

Me: He wasn't in the mood to talk because of me....

Sora: ..... aww..come on, he doesn't hate you, I'm sure he didn't want to hurt you, someone this upset or angry could hurt someone or something..

Me: That's true....

Listening to: Stronger - Kanye West
I am: Running into a wall

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm an AUNT!!!
Current Mood: Worried
Time: 3:32 pm
AAAH! Goku and Sanzo has a duaghter! Theres an anime picture that looks exactly like her! She's got Goku's face and Sanzo's hair ^^

Reiji (Click here)

Me: What's her name?

Goku: Reiji..

Me: Hey, that's one of my nicknames.

Sanzo: -holds Reiji- Goku came up with the idea..

Goku: -dresses in Sailor outfit- Yup!

Sanzo: -drools-

Me: Uh...Sanzo?

Goku: He can't resist when I'm in a miniskirt!

Sanzo: -gives Reiji to me and drags Goku to a room-

Goku: Here we go...

Me: O__O;

Well, Me and Eric decided to go out somewhere again. This time, we went to a resturant. A really fancy one! He took me to Ooka, a japanese resturant. He seemed to speak japanese, HE WASN'T ASIAN!!! Something was wrong with him todya though, When the chef was cooking some fish with garlic, he just ran out. By the time I ran out, he was gone. i'm really worried about him. Does he hate fish?

Listening to: Wild Rock - Saiyuki theme
I am: Crying

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

   Indian convention
Current mood: ....Bored
Time: 9:15

Today, I'm going to an indian convention with my dad and little sister. I DON'T WANNA GO!!! But my mom doesn't want me to stay home. I do get scared when I'm home alone. I mean, their are murders going on down the street, especially kidnappers and robbers... -shivers-

Goku: I though you tough sis...

Me: I don't have demon powers like you!

Sanzo: ..... -whacks me with a paper fan-

Me: WTH?!!!

Sanzo: Don't be some coward, be prepared for anything...

Me: mmmmm... -growls-

Hay guys! Check out these funny vids of Saiyuki - Urasai! Behind the scenes of Saiyuki xDD


Me: Youtube....

Goyjo: I'm gonna kill youtube!!!

Goku: Your just angry because Sanzo killed your Paper Sumo figure...

Goyjo: -growls and Sanzo-

Sanzo: -cuts head of with paper Goyjo-

Goyjo: YOU BASTERD!!! -chases-

Me: ^_^'


Listening to: The Way I are - Timbland
I am: Hugging my little sister

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Weird Night
Current mood: Suprised
Time: 8:42 PM
Okay, we couldn't go to the drive-in. His car lost alot of gas. I went to have dinner at his house. His family was very nice, as for his brother. He was freakin hunky. i mean, his neck was buried by his massive pex. HE TRIED HITTING ON ME!!! And, I admit it, he is cute 'n all. But i'm not intersted in hunky guys, their to themselves.. I mean they only love themselves and their body. Eric was a true guy, he was very romantic and very nice. He wasn't too enter in himself, he was very kind to others, he wasn't even embarassed by his parents! His dad was funny. He told alot of jokes. Tehy're too funny to remember. HAHA!

Anyway, We got to walk to the park for a while, watch the moonlight, and just..erm..kiss -blush- hehe. *ahem* Eric is a really nice guy and all, but I don't trust that much. I wanna thank you guys for warning me about him, I'll have my eyes on him. It's really kind of you guys for watching my back ^^ -hugs everyone-

Goku: He's brother sounds weird...

Me: I know! He tried hitting on me when I was with his brother..

Goyjo: I betcha he's jealous, he goes stealing you.

Me: I think that too..

Sanzo: Watch your back...

ME: You do care Sanzo ^^

Sanzo: -turns away-

Me: Don't denie it >3


Listening to: Nothing
I am: Choking myself nah j/k I am sleeping.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Current mood: Happy
Time: 10:32
Maybe I should change the link to my guestbook..alot people that are visiting my site really getting confused ^^;;;

Oh! Me and Eric, my secret admierer, decided to go somewhere and have a little chat. We decided to have a meal at the Galleria mall. We talked for hours, I was thinking that my mom probably was worried. I asked if he could use his cell phone. I called my mom, her voice was sheriking! She kept asking questions FAST like "Where are you? Are you alright? Are you hurt? Did he do anything to you?" It's a parent protection erdge, what're you gonna do?

Anyway, I told my mom I was fine, I wasn't in any danger, yadda-yadda. After the called I decided to be a bitch and look at his cell. I found, NO girl numbers or names. A few were his nephews and sisters. I walked back, but he wasn't there..

I saw him outside looking at the scenery. I lookeed at it with him. He said "I've never seen anything more beautiful, except you.." I just blushed. He put an arm around my waist and pulled me to a hug. My heart felt like it was going to burst..

This sounds like a story doesn't it xD It does to me xDD

Anyway, he offered to give me a ride home. He is 16, I'm 14 of course. He gave me a kiss on the neck before I left out. I squeaked -__-;; He thought it was a cute squeak. <3 Yay! He asked if I wanted to go the watch a movie in the Drive-in at Van burean. I just agreed.


Me: What?

Goyjo: You relize, if you go to a drive in, you able to make out in there?

Me: I'm sure he won't do that..

Sanzo: -cough-

Me: -growls and tackel Sanzo-

Sanzo: ACK!

Goyjo: -burst out laughing-

Listening to: Current theme song
I am: Eating an apple and drawing

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OMG! My admirerer
Current mood: Shy
Time: 9:26

.... I...found...out..who...my..admierer...is... -shivers-

Everyone: o.0

Okay...I was going for a walk downtown with a few friends, we were going shopping and stuff. A guy suddenly stopped in front of us. He was only staring at me, he was waring a blue hat and sunglasses. He walked up to me and gave me an envelope. He then kissed my cheek and walked away. I just blushed. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM!!! My friends just squeeled then just chattered "OMG!! That guy was sooo hot looking, your so lucky!" one of my friends shouted.

I opened the evelop and it said-

'Dear Nikki,

This is your scret admierer. I have met you before, You will know once we meet. Go to the park at 8:00 tonight. I will see you there, ware something nice, it will make your beauty even more lovely.

Your admierer

I didn't bother to ware something nice, I'm not comfortable in skirts or dresses. I just wore pants and a jean jacket. It was freezing cold outside. I went out to the park pretty early. When it was eight, he stepped out from behind a tree. He looked at me and smiled. "Who are you..?" I just asked out of nowhere. He smiled and took his hat and sunglasses off. IT WAS THE GUY IN THE RESTURANT LAST WEEK! I was pretty shocked, that I could faint. Luckily he caught me. Me and him had a pretty long talk, he is pretty funny and cute -blush- When we both left, he kissed me, on the lips this time. He gave me a long kiss. Then I left.

Me: squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! -jumps up and down-

Goku: I haven't seen her this happy since she won free tickets to sea world.

Me: -does love dance- laa,laa

Goku: 0___0

Sanzo: erm..Nikki-chan?

Nikki: -hearts in eyes- laa,laa

Hakkai: oh boy... ^_^;;

Goku: Did you know his name?

Me: Oh yeah, he said his name was Eric, but he told me to call him Ruichi-kun.

Listening to: Sexy Lady - Yung Burg
I am: Biting my finger

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Monday, August 13, 2007

I stole L's pants xD
Muahahahaha! I stole L's pants.. xD -wares them and runs around-

L: GIVE THEM BACK!! -chases-

Me: w00t!

Goku: That's the thrid time I've ever seen Nikki steal someones pants..

Sanzo: Seriously?

Goku: -nods- She stole Clouds and Rikus pants.

Me: And I still have them!! w00t! -runs-

Anywho... I was thinking of changing my theme to RENT.. what do you guys think?

OH! My little cousin was spending the night over here.. SHE IS A NIGHTMARE!! BEWARE!! NEVER BE WITH HER ALONE!! SHE'LL DRIVE YOU MAD AND MAKE YOU RUN TO THE STREETS!!!!! -goes hyperactive-

Goku: Not again...

OH! Guess what I found on the street! I found this little gift that was to ME!! weird... When I opened it I got this necklace and ring! The necklace had a fake tiger fang on it. And the ring had a ruby diamond. They were sooo beautiful! <3

Hakkai: You have a secret admire maybe..

Me: Hmm.. you think so?

Goyjo: Or maybe its just some nerdy guy trying to get your attention..

Me: That's the same as an admirer stupid!

Goyjo: 0.o;

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