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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday|October 11|2007

Current Mood: Googley
Music: In the Dark of the night - Anastasia
Friend of the day: Not chosen

I have changed my theme, IN TIME, for halloween ^^ I'm dressing up as one of my characters. Alivia! I'm soo happy!

Me, my mom, and my sisters went shopping for new shirts. I found a bunch of black punk/emo shirts. I really looked cute in them. Even Damien came, and agreed! He and I have been hanging out since 1st grade, before his parents got in a car accident. I was there for him. I found a family for him. *cough* anyways....

We're having a Carnival at school tomorrow for homecoming. Me, Damien, Alyssa, Xepher, and Patrick are gonns have our own little band for the preformance. Our band is called "Black Blood" Since we listen to emo and punk songs. We take our name from one of the Misfits songs.

God, I'm in a yaoi mood... I don't know what to do though...
*sigh* I'm a retard...and a loser.. *check time* AIE! I got to go, bye everyone!
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesda|October 9|2007

Current Mood: Bored
Music: Nothing
Video/Movie: Howls Moving Castle
Friend of the day: biginjapan

Alright, I am soo tired right now. I didn't get musch sleep becuase I kept waking up and falling back asleep again.

School was fun, well...kinda.. During lunch I was with a bunch of friends by the gym, we were all waring black since it was a day we named "Emo Black Day" yeah, all my friends wore black and grey. I wore a black shirt that sats "Misfits" black jeans with a chained blet, black finger-cut gloves, and some Vons black star shoes.

Anyways, We had this chat about nasty preps and some shows we watched. This one guy next to me kept his eye on me. He's cute, I gotta admit, everyone was all like "Ooooh, Damien got a girl.." That was his name, Damien. "I kept saying "No, he doesn't like me..I don't like him either to be exact.." Suddenly Damien grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down. He kissed me... The group was all whistling. I just pushed him away and ran. I went to a tree far off the gym, Damien found me again.. He apoligized and then gave me a hug. We went back to the group, but this time.. he held my hand. *pant pant* too much typing... *falls off chair*

Anyways, I had a good time, and we made fun of the preppy girls! *sigh* I'm off to take a nap, See you guys around! *hugs*

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday|October 8|2007

Current Mood: Evil
Music: Durrent theme music
Friend of the day: Utada-Shineska (Site got deleted)
I got new music, the song "For The Reunion" From Final Fantasy, that is going to be my next theme. But who should I choose..

Cloud Strife
Vincent Valentine

Those are all the boys who I think is cute/hot Oh I want to add that short silver-haired hottie, but I forgot his name. Is it Kinji..Kenji...I don't know! Anyways, My Wii control went missing! I've looked everywhere!! Under the couch, behind the T.V,...in my cats litter box..yes..she liked to take stuff in there.. *sigh*

I can play For the Reunion on my aunts piano, I play it really well. I miss a few keys though...I mess up alot of times.. *sigh*

Xbox 360s are slow, I'm just syaing that. They freeze too fast. honestly.. PS3 are faster and never freeze.

I got to play Halo 3 against my cousin (Online game) I beat him on my first 5 shots. I have blue armor and on level 45. He's on level 60 since he plays it more. I also played Guitar hero 1 and 2.

I am a master on the songs by Guns and Roses. They go fast, but I can handel them. i'm on medium too.

Well, I have to go to the movies with my friend. See you around everyone. *hugs and kisses*

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday|October 7|2007

Current Mood: Hungry
Music: Comedy Central - Dane Cook
Friend of the day: Metal Dragon
How is everyone today? *waits for an answer*

Today was..bothersome.. 3 boys in a group all called me hot/sexy. Scary... *shivers*

Anyways, I got invited to a part at a japanese resturant. I hear they have VERY good sushi! I luff sushi! Try and say Sushi three times fast :P *tries* I can't do it xD

Our side door finally got fixed! *hold up sign "YAY!"*

I challanged my cousin to tennis on the Wii, I won! I'm really good at tennis, that's why I'm on the tennis team at high school.

I went to the movies with my mom, dad and my little sister. We saw The Game Plan, it was a cute movie. It ended lake at midnight. I'm seeing the Gold Compass next week. It really looks intresting.

Their also showing Alvin and the Cimpmunks next week, I wanna see that :D The chimpmunks go gansta! xP *cough cough*

Well, I have to go to church now, see you guys later. Love you all!

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday|October 6|2007

Current Mood: Happy
Music: Come Baby Come - K7
Friend of the day: Not chosen
Alright, it's morning and I'm tired as hell! I did not get much sleep last night. I stayed up and was on computer all night and watching Howls Moving Castle. *yawns* Man, I only got 2 hours of sleep. I fall asleep and 6 in the mroning...

My dad and my grampy are getting the side door fixed, it's sooo OLD We're having a sliding white door, it's pretty and clean ^-^ The homecoming was fun, alot of boys danced beside me, I'm not the best dancer. I kept slipping on my socks. The homecoming had to have student dance in their socks o.0 What kind of homecoming is that!

My mailbox is full again! Too many messaging! I need a break you know! >_<

OH! I finally got a Wii! Yay me! (Brenda song clap)

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday|October 5|2007

Current Mood: Tired
Music: Current theme music
Friend of the day: BigCudlyBear
Alright, I wanna thank you guys for the hugs, I really appreciate them ^-^ -hugs all around-

Rika: Hooray for hugs! *hugs Sora*

Kairi: *gasp* :O

Me: Uh-oh..the [insert insult here] Is back.

Sanzo: *brings out pistol and shoots her*

Kairi: x.x *drops dead*

Goku/Goyjo: Ding-Dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead!

Me: NO! NOT THAT SONG!!! *covers ears*

Goku/Goyjo: o.O

Anyways, I went to the prep rally, OUR FRSHMAN NAME IS SOOOO EMARASSING!!! I can't beiliev my sister gave me a silly name T^T


God, I'm gonna kill my sister for making that name >.< Not today..but..one day.. *marks calander* i have an Inuyasha Calander ^w^

*checks time* OOH! I gotta go to the homecoming in 30 minutes. I love you all, take care! *hugs for girls and kisses for boys* -^^- *doink*

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday|October 4|2007

Current Mood: Broken
Music: Sealing Hearts- Protection Spike
Friend of the day: Anime 300
*Sigh* For some reason..I..feel sad inside.. I..don't know why..but..I feel betrayed..

Goku: You sure your not sick?

Me: goku.. -growls-

Goku: Sorry..

Anyways, Today went better...except we have a home coming tomorrow and the Pep Rally. -shivers- Our color is..purple.. I'm not a fan of bright colors. Purple and black, that's good ^-^ *smiles*

My arm still seems sore..But it'll get better soon. God..why am I getting hurt all the time *sighs* Oh, at school everyone noticed my bandaged eye..they were all like "OMG what happened? You look terrible!" Even the teachers worried. They could even see the tears of blood, yes I've been crying blood *sigh*

Some people were mean to me today, they kept making fun of me and started hitting my back and arm.. They will pay.. *smirks holding a gun*

Sanzo: That's my gun!!

Me: I'm borrowing it..

Sanzo: Oh hell no, I don't trust you


Goku: -_- They never get along...

Sora: I agree...

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday|October 3|2007

Current Mood: Tired
Music: Nothin
Friend of the day: Phoenix

My internet got cut off, we had to let t rest for a few days, so now it's on! ^-^ -hugs-

I missed my school two days because I was in the hospital! I got in a car accident, I was injured bad, but now I'm better ^-^

I missed you guys, ALOT Did you miss meh? I know two people who missed me ^-^ Isn't that right, Phoenix? -giggles- Anyways.

Since it's midnight, and I'm not suppose to be on >.> I'm sneaking on my moms computer :P hehe I'm sooooooo tired. I'm offto bed. I'll post tomorrow...if I can o.o -yawns- bye! -hugs and kiss-

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thrusday - September 27, 2007

Current Mood: Bored
Music: Passion - Utada Hikaru
Friend of the day: Not chosen!

I didn't get a chance to post last night becuase my mom, my two sisters and me when to Olive Garden. I hate that resturant. Dammit!

OH! My cousins birthday is coming this Sunday. We're going Bowling and Swimming ^-^ Can't wait! But we have school Dx dang it, wish it was on a Saturday. We're going to a resturant with me, my sisters, my cousin, and my grandma for his birthday. ^-^ I wonder where though o.0

OH! I ain't going anywhere, I've decided to stay here and be wit you guys <33 since we are BFF ^-^ I love ya all!! -chacks messaging- DAMN! o.0 My box if frikkin full D:

And Now, I'm worried T^T Hagi-kun!! If you die on me I swear I will die without you -cries in corner-

Anyways, I managed to get my art up, I finally got Alivia colored! i'll scan it tomorrow!

I want you guys to answer these questions for meh ^^ BE HONEST!

1] What do you think of me or what do you think I am?
2] Do you like/love me?
3] If you could give me anything in the world, what would it be?
4] Do you have a crush om he (For boys only! but girls can answer too)
5] What do you think my next theme should be?
6] What reminds me of you? (Doesn't matter)
7] Who are you and how did we meet?

I get meh a new video!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday | September 25 | 2007

Current Mood: Flirty? o.0
Music: In the land of Twilight Under the moon - .Hack//Sign
Site of the day: Shineska
SH!T!!! I'm sorry i got home late last night >.< It was like... -checks clock- 3:45am when I got home O.O My little sis was all like "Where have you been?! People have been waiting for you!" I tried to turn on the computer, but the power was cut off Dx Damn electric bill! -pays- >_>

Sorry about this guys, forgive meh? -kawaii face- Can I have a hug? -chibi form-

Anyone know what time it is..? Time for meh to get a watch xP Don't even try that.. it's not very funny.. -_- I'm enough angry as it is... Please don't ask why.... -sigh-

ANYWAYS! I got new art, but my scanner got busted so we're getting it fixed tomorrow :3 I have more chibi drawings I wanna share! Oh by the way, I'm going away for a while, I don't know where..but I'm leaving for a few days or weeks.. Will you guys miss meh? -last hugs and kisses- I love you all, don't forget that! -makes heart sign- ^.^

Time to say goody-bye, to everyone I love
Going for a while, or going away forever?
I will truley miss you all..
I thank you for being my friends..and loving me.
Thank you..
+| Saya |+

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