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Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday September 14, 2007
Never loved

I am nothing

Current Mood: Hungry
Music: The Howling - Withing Temptation
Site of the day: I Uchiha I
So...hungry..I could eat a dog, NO! A freakin T-rex.... too bad their dead -.- They're lucky too, I can eat a three-horn in two bites xDD

WOOHOO! Weekend! But I have homeowkr T^T I have to go to four Fast Food places and see what their healthiest food product is, Any ideas of some places I could go?

I'm getting soooooo many pms while I'm off, WHY IS THAT?!! Yet, I feel populaur -giggle- WAIT NO PREP MOMENT! PLEASE! -grabs gun and shoots window hitting a bird- I'm better now ^__^

YAY Question time!


I died:

I fell:

I lived next door to you:

I was drunk at a party:

I showed up at ur house unexpectedly:

I stole something:

I was murdered:

I was sleepy:

I was crying:

I asked you to come to the dark side:

I was hospitalized:








WOULD YOU ________?

Keep a secret if i told you one?

Hold my book bag:

Kill someone with me?

Cook for me?

Write on me with permanent marker:

Blow my nose:

Help me if I was throwing up?

Loan me some money?

Talk on the phone for hours?

HAVE YOU EVER _______?

Lied to make me feel better?

Wanted to rip me to shreds?

Wanted to kill me?

Crushed my dreams?

Thought I was unbearably annoying?

Hated me?

Wanted to tell me something but didn't?

Wondered about my sanity?

Wanted to do something to me?

Wanted to slap me?


When and how did we meet?

Describe me in three words.

What was your first impression of me?

What do you think of me now?

What reminds you of me?

Could you see us together forever?

When’s the last time you thought of me outside of the net?

What was the funniest thing we've done?

~Rika (Saya) ~

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thrusday - September 13, 2007
Never loved

I am nothing

Current Mood: Relaxed
Music: For Real - Saiyuki
-listens to music on profile- I never get sick of that song ^__^

-Sigh- Well, I had to be somebodies squeaky toy for the day- Her squeaky toys got taken from her thrid perioud teacher, everytime she poked me I had to say "squeak!" Of course, My friend Happened to help me out whenever I ran out of squeaks ^_^ He's such a good pal.

Goku: -poke-


Goku: -acks like a entertained baby- Yay!

Me: -__-' Dammit....

TODAY WAS FREAKIN HOT!! I was sweatin like crazy that it felt like I fell into a steaming pool! I can't believe that I have to walk sooo far, my classes aren't even close to each other. -drops on floor- agh.. I am soo tired..

I fell asleep during 2nd period, mt teacher complimented me on my hair -blushes- I was blushing a little, she was sweet.. but I now that I'm hideous... My friend tried to cheer me up with make up, but I HATE MAKE UP!!! -shiver- I had a bad experiince with some... -sits in dark corner-

Goku: not the corner again...

Hakkai: come on now, it's not all that bad..

Goyjo: Yeah, look in a mirror and you'll see your beautiful..

Me: No..I'm not...

~Rika (Saya) ~

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday - September 12, 2007
Son Goku

Youkai Goku

Current Mood: Evil
Music: Wild Rock - Saiyuki
Didn't go to school today, I got a major headache and my stomach felt like it was gonna burst x_x

Alot people are asking " How'd you get your site like that?! What program did you use?! What class did you take?!"


I didn't take classes, and I didn't get any help either, I make my own html, Didn't copy anything from any sites ( For real!) I'm serioud, This site was custimized by ME!! God.. people are asking that are really starting to bug me..

I don't mind them offering me to help, but copying the html and not giving me credit, I'll freakin delete the html!
Html stealing REALLY Gets on my nerves.

-cough cough- ow my throat...I was coughing blood today too, NOW I'M NOT GONNA DIE! I got somthing in my through, so I had to..erm.. i'd rather not tell -tapes mouth-

Hooray, i finally got my Saya clothing ready! We just to cut my hair and then find my katan before my cat plays with it again! -runs around the house-

I gtg now, I love you people! -hugs and kisses-

~Rika (Panda) ~

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Son Goku

Son Goku

Current Mood: Random
Music: For Real - Saiyuki
-gets thrown out the window- YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Wow, this blind kid was walking around the campus, me and my friends were waking to fourth period, the blnd suddenly wacks my friend with his stick xP

My friend Micahal, who got hit and happens to be a Narutard :P, Just hid behind me since I'm strong and all. Me and my friend kept teasing him "You got hit by a blind kid." It was fun. P.E was soooooooooo freakin hot!!! Me and Michael fell asleep on each others shoulders, he's like brother to me SO DON'T GET THE WRONG IDEA!!! Besides, he's shorter than me o.o;

At lunch, I asked if a few of my friends could come to the convention, THEY CAN!!! w00t! -does happy dance-

Goku: You still gonna be Saya?

Me: YUP!

Goku: -dresses as that journalist- I'm gonna be that random guy!

Me: Alright ^^ wait..what's his name.. o.0

Goku: I have no fuckin clue! But he's funny and cool!

Me: Riiiight.....>.> -backs away slowly-

Ahem, Here my poem!

< |You make me Happy| >

The stars twinkle
The moon shines
Your voice is sweet
Your whispers tickle

When ever I'm with you
It feels like heaven
When your betting
Your a lucky seven ( couldn't think of anything else xD )

Your warmth is like the sun
If feel like a wish thats done
Your embrace is my castle in the sky
Your kiss is makes my heart fly

Your small kisses make me smile
Even if it's been a while

Your always there
Your always here

I love you, everywhere
~Rika (Panda) ~

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Son Goku

Son Goku

Current Mood: Excited ( High on sugar =O )
Music: Nothin!
AAAAAAAAAAAH! -runs around- >w<

Today, was sooooooo freakin weird. I was walking with a friend during lunch, I went to buy me and her something until this guy waring black stood right in front me of, he was waring sunglass and a red scarf. Isn't he hot in that? o.0 When my friend called me, the guy just disappeared. Scary.... I'm scared to go to school noe >_<

My math teacher doesn't know shit about math! She just explains the symbol thingys "This little thingy mean add this little thingy mean subtract, blah!"

She doesn't even know what 2+2 is!

Goku: Is it fish..?

Me: >__> -smack-

Goku: OW!

Anyways, I got another poem, but I'll post it tomorrow k?

I just relized the Anime Convention i has been changed to the 27th T^T I can't wait that loooong!!! -drops on floor-

Oh well..OH! Have to go, love you all!

~Rika (Panda) ~

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Small Poem
Son Goku


Current Mood: Lost..
Music: The Howling - Within Temptation

Alright! I've made my descision, i'm going as Saya since I look sooo much like her and I have a katana like hers. ( F.Y.I Sword is a katana)

Looky, I made a poem.

~ |Somewhere| ~
Lost in the darkness
Trapped in sadness

Cold feeling
Happiness sealing
Tears fall
No one cares at all

There is a darkness in me
There is no happiness

You said you loved me..but it was a lie
Darkness is where I lay
Darkness is my only way..

Light cannot be found
Love cannot be found

My hearts sinks
As my tears can never link


See you all soon -winks-

~Rika (Panda) ~

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hagi and Saya

Current Mood: Tired
Music: Change the world - V6
Agh! so early... -yawns- I need more sleep! But theres a problem, i can't sleep..something wrong with me? Nah...

-yawns- Good morning everyone! Guess what?! I'm going to a anime festival at the Riverside Plaza! They're showing many diffrent anime movies at the Riverside Theater. I'm seeing Full Metal Alchimest, Inuyasha, Howls Moving Castle, Saiyuki, and Loveless. I'm not seeing Lupin the Third, I think that anime is stupid... Not much action nor funny..

I can't wait for it! I was volunteered as a cosplay member of the Anime Club from Chicago. I can't wait!

But I don't know waht to dress up as! >__<

Kikyo or Saya....

Saya has my hair..
Kikyo had my personality AGH! i can't choose!!

~Rika (Panda) ~

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Friday, September 7, 2007

New Dvds
Hagi and Saya

Stoned...stoned...sto -smack- OW!!! huh? OH!

Sorry, I get distracted laot, today was okay...though alot of guys were flirting with me... This one guy asked if H could use my cell phone, when I lend it to him, he put in his phone number and winked "Call me..." I just deleted it....

I also got Gravitation DVDs! w00t! Gravitation = love <33 -cough cough- Also Tokyo Mew Mew


Hakkai: uh-oh... -blocks Sanzos eyes-


Goku: -dresses in Mew MEw outfit- Tokyo Mew Mew!!

Rika: Not again....

Sanzo: WHAT THE!! -pushes Hakkai off and stares at Goku-

Goku: Sanzo -flirty-

Sanzo: -drools-


ANYWHO! I got accepted as a art club member! I can make any kind of art I want! Yay! -hugs and kisses and a person-

Oh, i got to go bowling with my cousin, see you guys soon~

~Rika (Panda) ~

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Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hagi and Saya
Today, I sort of tripped on my feet and hit my head on a brick wall -rubs head- it still hurts...

Anyways, I got some homework done, I only have Biology and Math homework, the rest, In class! whew..

I went shopping with my grandma, we got 3 boxes of strawberry pocky!! yummy, I like the choclate ones the most though x3

It also got a full set of Loveless dvds from my friend, It watched all of them in like 2 hours, OMG!! So beautiful. I have to go now, see you guys around. -hugs-

~Rika (Panda) ~

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sorry, I'm in a hurry! It's gonna be a short post..

At school was weird.. People kept mixing my name

Instead of Nikki they called me Nike! A shoe!! -sighs- I hate people when they get my name wrong..

No homework! Did all in class, 6 minutes before the bell. ^__^

Oh! My sis is finally driving me to school ^_^ Now, I won't have to walk home in this hot waether ^^ -pant pant-

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