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Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday, September 24 2007
My Micrphone wasn't on

I need Candy!

Current Mood: Sick *cough*
Music: Bling Game again - Bad Luck
Site of the day: DaFeather
Hello everybody! This is moonlight Requiem, Says little sister! She's doing something improtant right now, but she'll be back later on to change this post. So come back and see the RIGHT Post k?

I don't go on my account..because I forgot my frikkin password >.< Which sucks sooo bad D<

Anywho, yeah that's pretty much it ;3


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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday September 23, 2007 - Friends Shout-out AGAIN!
My Micrphone wasn't on

I need Candy!

Current Mood: Happy
Music: Nothin
Site of the day: Who
AGAIN!! -hugs-

akebaneamino: your music, I LOVE IT! If you say your sexy including your hair. Then I luff you xDD lol ^_^

Anime 300: your avatar reminds me of me and meh sis, I love yor name and site! -hugs- You rock!

Rocket Ship: Howls ish da bomb! Your name is cool, and your site kicks ass!

Red Kie: How could I forget you! your firkken awesome! -hold ouy present- Your my fav friend! -snuggels- your aawesome and your site rocks!

Yamis Pharaohess: Your site kicks ass, your avi ish sooo cute! your name is cool even though I hate yu-gi-oh xP

Raisha: Loveless fan!!!!!! -glomp- Your site is tight! Your name is soo cute!

Sweet-Mizuki: your avi is beauitful! the flowers are lovely! your name use to be mine ^_^

Irrasshaimase: I love you! your soo fun, and awesome! your avatar is hot xP your site totally rocks!


~+^Rika (Saya)^+~


+Alivias words+ by ~Story-dreamer on deviantART

+I love you Alivia+ by ~Story-dreamer on deviantART

+An angel got her wings+ by ~Story-dreamer on deviantART

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, Setptember 22 2007 - Friends Shout-out!!
Never loved


Current Mood: Cold
Music: Nothin
Site of the day: Miss Mustang
I've decided to make shout-out to everyone who visits my site and to everyone who I visited. It's like Neko.Lover, because she's so cool <3

alchemist ninja: I love your site! Your little back thing ish soo cute and cool. Your username is fun and your avatar is fun too! Love ya -hugs and kisses-

asahi dream: I love you! Your site kicks @$$! Your name rocks and your avatar is soo fun ^^ -hugs-

biginjapan: Your site kicks ass! I LOVE THE EMO BUNNIES! Your name is cute and your real name ish funny/cute xP Your fun to roleplay wit, I LOVE YOU! <3 -hugs-

CHEMICAL RAMANCE: I love you, your site ish ta bomb, your avi rocks, and your name ish cute! ^^ -hugs-

Cl3nL34d3r: I love you so much, your background is soo lovey dovey -smiles- our always there for me, you always cheer me up, I love you! -kisses-

DaFeather: Your background goes nicley with yer site! -takes tots- >3 I luff you

Ekedo: w00t! your soo fricken fun! I love your site, it goes soooo nicely!! -hugs and kisses-

excalababe: screw the details, I just love you! -hugs- Your name is excellent, your site ish kawaii! I'm glad to be your close friend, I'm glad you care about me! Lova ya soo much! -hugs-

Neko.Lover: DAMN where do I start? >3 Your site frikin beats mine, your name is sooo cute, your avi ish funny -pokes sasuke- Your just like meh, only a hyperer verison, I love your html, and I frikkin love your artwork! +fangirl+ ^^ glomps-


~+^Rika (Saya)^+~

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday September 21, 2007
Never loved


Current Mood: Jumpy
Music: Change The world - V6
Friend of the day: asialonewolf

WOW! I feel jumpy all of the sudden -jumps up and down-

Im thinking of opening a button shop, for my friend who don't have buttons. I can make them one, and in return they can either draw me some avi art for my gaia character or just draw me and meh brother Goku.

Heres my gaia avi

You can draw it just for fun, if you'd like. I love gaia art! <3

So far, i've made 12 buttond for friend who needed them. Far record for me.

I need tic-tacs o.0 and some tots! Can I have yer tots? [j/k xD]


I feel squishy.... HUG ME!!
~+^Rika (Saya)^+~

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thrusday - September 20, 2007
Never loved


Current Mood: Happy Upset
Music: Stray Child - .Hack//Sign
Site of the day: CCCitygirl
Well....at first I was happy..now...I'm sad...

My parents set up a family talk..They're splitting up... As in..a divorce...I don't know which one to live with...but they're going to court..I'm..very..upset right now..yet I'm not crying..

I...don't even remember todays post now.. I'm too upset to see the FMA movie in the theaters... Plus, I don't want anyone to see my tag on my neck.. My friend wrote "Beloved" on my neck, along with the marks, like Soubi.

I've never been this much upset since I wtached my closest friend die in my arms. I was 12...

Wow.. I'm...just so..shocked right now..

Sorry if this post is short, I.have to go..lie down or..something.. -sobs-

~+^Rika (Saya)^+~

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday - September 19, 2007
Never loved


Current Mood: Clueless
Music: Time to Dance - PANIC AT THE D!SCO
Site of the day: CHEMICAL ROMANCE

Boy am I tired, my and my friend was dancing during the WHOLE 4th period. It was P.E there was nothin to du but just sit here, we danced since we were listening to out ipods, then we put in on speaker and everyone watched. It was making me a bit nervous o.0 My friend didn't care >w< neither did I xP

A couple of boys started dancing with us, the freakin P.E teacher didn't even notice o.0 Anyways, Guess what Time it is?!


~| Questions |~

1] What's your fav colour?
2] How would you describe meh? (In 5 -10 words)
3] Do you like Saiyuki, Fruits Basket, or Loveless
4] Who's the hottest anime guy or girl?
5] Would be a [ Demon, Angel, Devil, Monk, Preistess, or Ninja?]
6] What scares you?
7] What's your fav show and/or movie?
8] What's your fav anime song?
9] What's your zodiac sign? (Chinese)
10] Who would you cosplay as? (You fav anime character)

~| My answer |~
1] Black and blue
2] Dark, kind, helpful, mysterious, funny.
3] Loveless and Saiyuki, I hate fruits basket.
4] Guy: Vincent Valentine Girl: Yuffie
5] Preistess
6] Fangirls and Fanboys -shivers-
7] Howls Moving Castle and Saiyuki
8] For Real - Saiyuki
9] Rooster - Taurus
10] Saya! hands down!
~+^Rika (Saya)^+~

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday, September 18 2007
Never loved

Current Mood: Mindless
Music: Beyond the wasteland - Final Fantasy VII
Site of the day: Neko.Lover
Alright, Tomorrow, we're gonna start looking for AMVs or Videos to go along with our dance. Tell me, what do you guys think of the AMAs and Music Videos I found? Some people thought they were good! Rate: 9/10 :3

I think they're cool ^w^ TOOO MANY MESSAGEING!! I logged in, my PM box was already full with new pms >.<; -drops out of chair-

My friend tried to commit suicide in school! O.O Luckily I stopped her..

She tried to drown herself during P.E! DAMN YOU SARA!! -jumps out window-

Oh BOY! I saw my old neighbor, EDWARD! <3 OMG He's grown o.0 He's taller then me and my older sister put togehter xP He's...cute too -^^- -blush- Ahem... Anyways, I got an IPHONE!!! Yay me ^_^ -claps hands-

Crap >.> G2G, Luve you all! -hugs and kisses-
~+^Rika (Saya)^+~

P.S I DON'T HATE YOU Cl3nL34d3r!! I would never hate you and you know it!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, September 17 2007
Never loved

I am nothing

Current Mood: Painful
Music: Nothing
Site of the day: Cl3nL34d3r (I love his background) -smiles-
AGH! My arm hurts sooo bad, along with my shoulder. I have to put ice on it for the whole day.

Anyways, me and Xepher (My friends sister) I call her that, got to go to the plaza and see the Anime Convention decerations, Their were Edward Elric signs everywhere!

Plus, We got to see some AMV (Anime Music Videos) they were gonna show ^_^ It's soooo cool!! I wish you guys could come see!! I finally got the shirt to Sayas outfit! w00t!

I got a pic too ^.^ But my moms camera is being a dumbass and won't upload to the computer! >__< DAMN YOU CLIFFHANGERS! -holds an axe and a gun-


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007
Never loved

I am nothing

Current Mood: Excited
Music: Child Prey - Dir En Grey
Site of the day: Mercury Dragon
w00t! The anime festival starts in a few days! -bounces off walls-

Okay, For all who don't know the song opening of my playlist.

Seasons Call by Hyde

I'm about to add lyrics to my playlist okay? If you all can WAIT I'll update them as fast as I can, okay?

Goku: you said their would be mustard here!
Goyjo: Who said mustard, you freakin monkey..
Goku: Shut up!!
Goyjo/Goku: -fights in a cloud-

Me: -_-
Hakkai: You want to or me..?
Me: Let me.. -takes deep breath-
Sanzo/Hakkai: -covers ears-

Goku/Goyjo: -gets pwned-
Me: Never fight around me, got that?!
Goku/Goyjo: Y-yes ma'm...
Me: Good ^_^

More videos!~

~Rika (Saya) ~

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, Setptember 15 2007
Never loved

I am nothing

Current Mood: Random
Music: Numa Numa ~ O-Zone
Site of the day: Mary Weather
Alright, me and my friend are going to a few random places and dress up as our favorite anime characters. NO!! We're not in a cosplay.. YET I've posted some random videos at the bottom~ Their funneh! xDD

Poor Donald, He thinks he's "Invincible" xDD

I wonder how they got those voice clips xD Family guy w00t! o.0 Oh sorry. I'm starting feel like Riku, my fingers feel numb.. I'm hungry (like Mickey)

People around the plaza are asking me how I got this big blood spot on my arm.. I keep telling them I got cut from a car accident, THEY DON'T BELIEVE ME! They keep saying "Theres no way you could get that in a car accident.. -cough-

I have to go now, Bye everyone!


~Rika (Saya) ~

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