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Monday, October 1, 2007

   School is tons of stressful work but so goddamn fun!
Ah yep. I've only been back for a week and I'm already in "full mode" school, if you know what I mean.
Filled with many things to do and things on my mind. It's insane, I tell ya!

But I'm lazy.

Way to lazy. Dammit! XD

I need to get back to the routine soon or else I'll be way behind.

I'm excited!So excited with one thing that I'll be doing for the upcoming months, that will possibly and more likely consume most of my time and consume my brain and patience to ashes. Which is not a pretty sight, heh. =P

I'll be learning and animating my own "dolls" and make a movie out of it. Its quite a tricky thing to do since it involves you to make your own characters out of your mind and actually building them and the scenario and then click by click you start to animate them and bring them to live.
That demans a good deal of patience. ALOT of it, actually. But I'm excited to do it. It's been one of those things that I always found it interesting and one of those things that actually made me choose this degree, anyway.
I'm way ahead already since me and some collegues already have the plot and I made the "prototype" dolls already and I have untill December to do it! Fear my way of hurry things!Mwahahaha....

See that's how much I'm excited about this. Lets just hope it stays that way after I start making the doll move. Oh boy, I need to be more patient than I am right now. Hehehe...

Rather than that I've been photographing like crazy!
I don't know the how or the cause (actually I do X3), my imagination is in full bloom so I'm quite surprised with the results I'm obtaining with my girl friends. Their my models and they love it so that's always a plus. I wish I could show you a few but I fear I cannot since I don't have their authorization aannd I dunno, this an anime site after all...

Either way, I'm having tons of fun aaaand ya know even though I have school stuff to think about I'm always online in msn lately. After all, most of my school stuff has to be done at the computer so might as well have good company while doing it, ne?

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