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Thursday, September 27, 2007

   There's no sucky weather that can ruin my mood today
[Warning: Randomness!]

The weather has been sucky lately, it's been cloudy and we actually had rain today. The only good thing is, its still warm and humid, except the chilling mornings and nights.

So yeah everyone was moaning and grumpy because it was raining outside and how long we will be without sunny days. Ya know, summer is over and its hard for everyone. Well. At least to the ones that actually like the summer. Me included because if I look back I had a summer fully of funny moments and memories and now summer it's officially closed and over. I miss already those times. I really do. I just look forward for the next one and see what it has saved up for me. 'Cause I'm a curious person. =3

This week started up with the wrong feet, I helped giving it a push but now everything's back on track and I'm happy. Very.

So that's why I went outside and walked in the rain with my head raised up high, I felt each drop falling from my face...it tickles....hehe...

OF course I ended up soaked wet in half an hour but heck I didn't care less, it was relaxing and fun so it was damn worth it. That made me extra happy.

So yeah, I'm happy and relieved that things worked out and all my doubts and phantom problems were out of my mind and washed by the rain. And I hope you are too.

You should do it one day.

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