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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

   Sickness go away, you!
And once again, I update this place so late, well at least this time was a few weeks late, which isn't that bad.
Anyway, what matters is I'm finally here doing it, unfortunately though, I'm not here to talk/show the photos or videos about my trip. Honnestly, I think I'm way to late with that so perhaps you guys are no longer interested on that and.Well. I feel lazy to do it too, hehe.
But if you still want me to show them, I will upload and show them. Just let me know if you do.

Well now that is said and done, shall I update you about Shadow's life?

Heh, I know it's a boring subject but bare with me for just a little. I know you will, 'cause you are all kind and sweet. And yes, I'm flattering you to read it through, hehehe :P

Working is fun and I've been doing that for a month and half and still have another month and half ahead. Assisting at the Daycare, which is called "The Naughty kids", and yes it's called that way, I kid you not.
Well I am but I could not resist to see your face upon reading that, hehe. Priceless.

Anyway, so taking care of a large crowd of babies is the most rewarding thing you can do in life, at least for me it is.
I think I have some talent for it since well when I get there all the little kids starts running in my direction, and I get swamped with little arms around my neck.
I get so tired by the end of the day but it's so worth it. Babies, toddlers are so much fun to play with. You should try and play with one when you get the chance. It's really fun. =3

Today is my day off and the day was horrible outside, it's been that way for quite awhile. It keeps rainning and when it's not, it's cloudy and such. I miss the sun already...
And to top of it all, I'm getting sick. A couple of days I've started to have difficulty breathing and eating was a painfull thing to do, now I keep coughing now and then and to help all this, the strong pain on my back is back again. Making me unable to move properly, everytime I get up, sit down or walk I get this sharp pain that goes from the far end of my back to my neck. I've heard that I look like an old lady when I move around, heh. Urgh, I hate when I'm sick.
I turn into a very annoying person when I'm like that...

Now I'm wondering if I should go to work tomorrow since I'm probably contagious and I'll probably make the kids sick as well...

Blah being sick sucks, I tell ya...

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