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Friday, August 11, 2006

Time of Post: 12:11am EST
Mood:...not tired.
Place: ...somewhere with Cloud...
Listening to: Tsuki no Uta: By Gackt

Hello everyone. Man, yesterday was sorta a good day for me. Late last night my sis and I were talking about stupid random things and my somewhat obession with General Hospital's Steve Burton, who happens to play the voice of Cloud Stife on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Will she forever torment me on my obessions with Cloud? She will so long as I continue to write fanfics of him.

Cloud: Why does your sister hate me?

Shadow: She doesn't hate you...it's just the fact that I obesses so much over you that she continues to aggrivate me.

Anyway, a crazy storm went by on Wednesday. My parents went to go somewhere and when they left it started to storm...there was a huge thunder and a stroke of lightning that caused me to turn off the computer. After a few minutes the Satelite went out while I was watching Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. For some odd reason, my mom, sis and I watch it like no tomorrow. And there is this one part where the guy hit the propeller...and we just laugh. I know it's plain wrong but we do.

Back to the storm, the lights flickered off and on and then the phone wasn't working neither was the internet...strange...After the storm I watched my dad play Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. He loves war games. There's this one song I can't get out of my head. It's called Blurry and it came off the game. It's sounds cool. I stayed up until 1 watching Texhnolyze on AniMidnight on E-Action.

~ Today ~

I woke up late around 10 near 11 because I stayed up until 1. I won't be doing that next week...T__T I practiced To Zanarkand again and this time it sounded much better then when I usually play it. hmm...

Then we had some people come and fix our internet and phone. While they were doing that I was playing FFX in the living room and my dad was watching me get my butt kicked in the Monster Arena. He was just acting crazy telling me to do this, when I knew it was going to get me killed. So after a few rounds he played Ace Combat again before the lights went out. We all laughed because it was a storm and we were playing it like it wasn't. After a while he played it again before he left to go to work.

I hate it when he leaves sometimes...Good thing is, I get my comfy couch again! YAY! ^^

Well, that's all for today.

Cloud: You're not going to tell them what else happened?

Shadow: What else happened?




Shadow: Well...

Cloud:...I forgot...


Here's a question I want to ask everyone...

If you were on the Titanic and you were Rose, would you have jumped back on the boat just to stay with your guy and wait till it goes down or would you have said "Sayonara!" ?

Well, I'll let you ponder on it.

Have a good day!


In Other News

WASHINGTON - Since the Sept. 11 attacks, aviation security has been tightened in many areas but not all. Before they were foiled, terrorists apparently planned to exploit some of the remaining weaknesses in aviation security by assembling improvised bombs right inside airline passenger cabins.

The 2001 hijackings led to bulletproof cockpit doors. Machines that could detect explosives in checked baggage were installed in commercial airports. Sharp objects that could be used as weapons were banned, and better-trained airport screeners were hired to look for them.

So it may have been predictable that terrorists would try something else: smuggle aboard liquids that could be turned into explosives, put them together with other bomb parts and then detonate them.

This is what causes people to not trust Arab people. Why would they want to do this to us? I mean, sure Bush sucks but I mean 'what the hell'? Do you want to kill innocent people just to give a freakin point? Sure they may not have freedom and equality over where they are, so why should they come over here and try to stop us. This is why many people will not fly the skies because of idiots who want to terrorize people just to get a point. What is your point? To kill innocent people just to get a laugh out of it? Damn....this is one reason I haven't been on a plane since 9/11.

Well...ya'll have a good day, and also....

That's right..he's not mine.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Time of Post: 8:02am EST
Mood: Couldn't have been better!

Well hello people! Sorry that I didn't update yesterday. I woke up around 10am and my mom was on so yeah. My computer needs internet access...T___T Anywho....school is just a few days away. Man...well I'm not going to talk about it right now. I've been working on an AMV called "Miss you." It's Final Fantasy X, X-2 Kingdom Hearts (II) and Advent Children. I've just been too lazy to finish it! XD

2 nights before there was a whole lot of drama. And I mean it. Two girls got to fighting and people were trying to break it up until the police arrived and put hand cuffs on them. After a few minutes they let them go....Shoot, that had been me...I would have thrown both of them in the slammer.

I also talked to a few of my friends and they aren't ready to go back to school yet...but I'm ready to get to my senior year! Well, I'll stop by ya'll sites.

Oh before I leave...anyone know where I could torrent Photoshop 7?

Have a good day!


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Monday, August 7, 2006

   Man 1 week left till school

Time of Post: 9:58am EST

Listening to: Juunigatsu no Love

Hello Everyone. Yes I know I have been away for quite sometime. I've been getting ready for school....which I may remind myself is next week. So yeah, I'll be updating more things as my school year goes. I'll be a Junior this year! W0000T!!! I'm only one step closer to graduating! But I have to take the Graduation Test this year which consits of 5 parts....then I have a few more test to take then I'm done.

So what's everyone been up to? I've been too busy on Gaia Rping with my friend. Right now I have an over obession with Cloud. But anyway, I've been practing some music on the Piano and the music is from FFX, To Zanarkand It soudns pretty. I've been talking to some friends online and they're not ready for school either.

I forgot to ask...how's my layout? It's my first ever so...yeah..I only did this on a trial version of Photoshop CS. So...as soon as I get money to buy that $600 software, I will continue to make these things.

Well, I'll drop by some sites today.



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Saturday, August 5, 2006

This is just a test...Tell me if this site is working or not...
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

   Well, a couple of more weeks till school

Time of Post: 7:43am EST
Place: Somewhere else besides here.

Hello everyone, how are you doing so far. Well, school is about to come in just a matter of weeks, make that 2-3 weeks left of summer vacation. And worse thing of all, I have an assignment to do and I HAVE, let me express HAVE to have this done before I fail the first week of school. What kinda mess is that?

Anyway, being a Junior this year means awhole lot of fun, at the same time, it means I have tests, tests, tests, tests...I have a graduation test, then I have other standarized tests roughly (2), then final exams, then after that I have to take the SAT or ACT, which I know that the teachers are going to be bothering me like hell abouti it.

Enough about school because it's making you all not want to go back! XD

Anyway, you all remember what I said about my last post, that Steve Burton (Cloud, FFVII:AC) is in a soap right? Well turns out he's a pretty good actor, and I've just now gotten into another good soap. My sister says the only reason I watch it is because he's the voice of Cloud and I love Cloud with a passion....so she keeps tormenting me about that mess.

Alright, well, I'm bout to go and commit mass mayhem on GTA.

End of Post: 7:55am EST

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Monday, July 24, 2006

   I'm alive!!!

Time of Post: 9:03am EST

Place: Somewhere I wish I was

Hello EVERYONE! I know I haven't updated in 2 weeks time. I had a lot going on. So how has everyone been so far? Me...I'm just been doing everything I could. Shopping, movies, and plus school is out!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!! YEAH! No more summer school for me. I only have at least 3 weeks left of the summer before school comes back in place. Darn! Anyway, my friends and I are split up due to summer school and I won't see them for awhile, otherwise, I won't be able to see my special friend (ex) for a long long long time! Although we do keep communicating through e-mail.

Anyway I went to go see the Pirates move and let me say, it was good! Orlando and Johnny couldn't have looked better! It was also funny. There was this one part...*smack* Don't say anything until they've seen it.

I've been finishing up my crochet blanket which is now complete, all at the time watch General Hospital on Soap Net! I don't even watch it, but something just interested me. By the way, if any of you guys didn't know, the voice that place Cloud on Final Fantasy Advent Children in the English plays on General Hospital. What a shock that was to me when my mom told me.

Anyway, that's enough for today. I've been on Neopets and Gaia like crazy. I'll try to stop by your sites.



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Saturday, July 8, 2006

   Good Week!!!

Time of Post: 11:57pmEST
Mood: Sleepy
Place: In my own little corner....

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've updated anything. My progress in summer school is getting better and better! I came from a 71 1st semester and brought it up to an 81! Now my grade averages out to be a 75.5. It's a summer class where everything goes by so fast, that I could hardly keep up with it now. XP But now that's not a problem!

Oh yeah, wanna hear about what I did this week. Starting with the 4th of JULY!!!


Morning: I wake up at 5am to go do volunteer work for the Peachtree Road Race that is held every year on the 4th. We had to be down there by 6:15 to get things in order. Little did I know that I was going to be Security! "I'm Top Flight Security!" ~Day Day (Friday after Next) No I wasn't your average Rent-a-cop Security. All my sis, mom and I had to do was watch out for suspicious things and congratulate the runners for a job well done. Things went on for hours! I mean I was on my feet for 5 1/2 hours non stop. If I took a break, the runners would have trampled me!
We didn't leave till 11 and got home at 12.

My sis got an MP3 player for her birthday, which was one July 4. She got excited when she found out that Gackt was born on the same day!

We went down to my uncle's house for a family get together BBQ along with my cousins who annoy the hell out of me. Some reason, they didn't this time. It seems as though, they've matured from last summer when they were annoying little brats. LMAO

I even got to play Sonic Riders, DragonballZ Budokai and Solid Snake!


Later that evening, we took family pictures and popped fireworks. The whole neighborhood was filled with them. But it wasn't better than the ones downtown. About that, it had gotten rained out in Atlanta, luckily I didn't go, I was south of it. Afterwards, we left, and I forgot my hat. XP I want my hat....T_T

Thrusday: 7/6/06

Things were looking up for me in school. I saw my grade and found out it was an 80. I didn't even stay for tutorial. Speaking of which I didn't stay was because I was held against my will along with the rest of the class because one of my friend's I-pod had gotten stolen and we were all searched. I checked my bag 6x and still didn't see anything.
My dad also gave my friends a ride to the station. One of them said they thought they were going to die and my other friends said he's a crazy driver.

I love the way my dad drives. I'm just lucky he didn't have his other car. He's a maniac in that. ^^;

Friday: 7/7/06

YES! DDR FRIDAY! YAY! I went again with my 2 pals and played DDR. My ex is better than me now. He's on light mode while I'm still on beginners! XP That sucks. I was mad. I tried light mode and got out. I need to practice more, but it's not like I have money to go everyday like him. My sis also came and played. I had to tell her where to step but she finally got the hang of it. I also saw one my graduating senior friends, who happened to see me down there. I hope she didn't think that the guy with me was my BF.

I also wanna show you a picture that I find very interesting. Ever since I've been playing DDR, I've been putting holes in my socks! Seriously! Here's what they look like!

Well that's all for right now. I'm going to sleep and hopefully tomorrow I'm going to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I WANNA SEE!


End of Post: 12:20amEST

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Monday, July 3, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Time of Post:6:46amEST
Mood: Happy!

Hello everyone! This week is going to be crazy for me. Today I have midterm, and I'm praying that I'm going to pass...without cheating this time! ^^
Also, I maynot be able to get to your sites because of today and tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have to go and volunteer for the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race and plus Ghettostar0492's Bithday is tomorrow.

I'll update later on today!

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Saturday, July 1, 2006


Time of Post: 11:58pmEST
Mood: Sleepy
Place: In my own quite mind.

Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven't been able to update this week. I've been busy studying like crazy. I only have 7 days left of school....and that means...I won't be able to see my friends that I haven't seen in a long time! Today was a good day. We had a test and teacher wasn't there, so its...CHEATING TIME! This was an absolute must! I was going to fail horribly on it. I only do things like this in case of Emergency and this was an Emergency! Although everyone else was doing it too! XD

I got the pictures from the concert and a few clips from when I was there. I hope you all like them. If you see someone with braids dancing in front on the camera, that was me! ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh yeah, I'm going to turn off the music to my site so you can all see my KH vid...it's just a demo, not the real thing. Any suggestions on the music?

Anyway, that's enough about that, today my friends and I went downtown to play DDR for the last time, being as though we won't have any money next week to do anything. We had fun. They blamed me for cheating because I've passed Beginners mode and I continue to surpass them with 100+Combos. So next time we go, I'll do the light version then.

Well, that's enough for tonight, I'll stop by sites later!


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tired and Randomness

Time of Post: 5:47amEST
Mood: Tired, Grumpy
Place: Home

Hello everyone. *yawn* Man I'm tired. I'm starting to hate getting up this early. I'm just tired I need some sleep, and I'm getting as much as I should. It's just crazy. I ask to stay home for at least 1 day but my mom wouldn't let me. Any enough about me being grumpy and tired, my friend dropped out of Summer School. I saw her yesterday as I was going to class, she told me she was leaving because she couldn't take it anymore.

At the same time, it began to rain, which was kinda depressing but yet calm. Everyone in class was feeling tired and didn't want to do anything. Nothing else really happened yesterday.


Well let's see, this weekend was pretty stupid for my sister and I. We were reciting the whole script to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It was funny, we took different roles. I mainly remember Cloud and Kadaj's lines! Everytime I call my sis and she picks up the phone I use one of their lines and she hangs up. XD But really, we were doing that. Um, we were acting as though we had lost our minds, too. We were listening to a fast version on Rewrite and were singing like Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Well enough, I have to go and get ready unfortunately. If I can't get by your site, please forgive me.



End of Post: 5:54amEST

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