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Saturday, March 4, 2006


Time of Post: 12:02am EST
Place: Home..

Ohayo Gozimasu minna san! My birthday/2 year Anniversary is today! HURRAY! I'LL BE 15. Wow..I'm getting old! ^^; My mom was saying how time goes by so fast! I don't know what I going to do today, but I hope it's a good one! Yesterday at school, was good. Me and my friend Baku-san read manga and ate lunch too. The pizza was burnt...*blech* but all we did was sit around and talk about manga and things like that. Um...I told everyone that it was my birthday, and I'm very pleased.

I'll update you on what goes on later on today...

Ja matta ne!


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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

   Yes...I'm still alive...

Time of Post: 5:17am EST
Mood: Happy
Place: At home.

HELLLOOOOO EVERYONE! I bet you're wondering if I was still alive. XD I've been alright. I haven't updated in like 2weeks due to my shots, which my arms are til this day feeling much better. ^^ Let's see, what's been happening this while I was out after I got my shots? Nothing really, so how have ya'll been?

My friend and I on Gaiaonline are doing an RP and it's funny. It includes Cloud and others from Final FantasyVII...I know its taking me awhile to put up the fanfic but I've been busy with school and work. Balancing both is sometimes easy and hard. Mine is good. It's kinda funny though, I was kinda drugged from the shots and that's how it came out to be! XD

I'm gonna swing by sometimes today. Before I forget my 2 year Anniversary/birthday is in 3 days! YES! It's on Saturday! I'll be 15 and been here for 2 years. My friends somewhat can't believe that I'm turning 15 already...they thought I was. Well being the position that I'm in being a 10th grader just turning 15, I didn't go to school out here but in Bermuda with the British system...so yeah. I have been in school since I was 4. At least I have a headstart on my friends!


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How many of the 7 Sins does your teacher have? My sis's Lit teacher has 5 out of them.

Mine really don't have any. But how about your's?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Feeling much better....ow...not really.

Time of Post: 5:17am EST
Place: somewhere were I'm not hurting.

Ohayo Gozimasu minna-san! Thanks for the comments for yesterday. About abusing my power....I might or might not....it depends on how I feel. Now they hurt like mad, I really can't pick up anything. My hands seem to be alright now but tomorrow I might not go to school. ((Prays))

Yesterday I went over to my Grandma's house to see her. It's been awhile since I've seen her so my sis and I went to go see her. While we were over there we were watching Tokyo Godfathers! It was funny. Then we had to wait until she got back before we left.

God my hair is a mess....I swear it is....It's everywhere. I'll update you later on during the day! Check back later!


End of Post: 5:23am EST

Well I'm back and ready to post about my day. Today really was a good day for me even being in the condition that I was in...not being able to carry or life anything with out hurting them

This morning when I arrived at school, I usually go into the art room to talk to my Buddy Kena about anime and stuff like that. I wasn't expecting anyone to help me carry my things but she did anyway... Then I went to my locker and there was my other friend Baku. ((Not really I just call him that because it suits him)) We talked for a little bit before we went to class.

I didn't do anything in Orchestra because my arms were killing me literally...It feels as though fire was on the top part of my arm. Ouch...

3rd Period the pain went away...Thank god. We were watching Their Eyes Were Watching God movie and then all of the Top 10% students had to go to the theater for an annoucment. After wards, I went back to my locker and my friend Baku gave me some get well chocolate! ^___^ How sweet!

I'm gonna miss him because he's in the 12th grade. I'm really gonna miss him. Anyway, then 5th period wasn't bad...I really didn't do anything in there except color somethings for music.

Went to lunch, My friends started to really piss me off about not touching my arm. But I ignored it and took it. ((I swear I almost had to hit a couple of people))

7th Period Spanish is when it really start to hit me hard ((speaking my arm that has a brain of when not to and when to hurt me)) My friend Joseph was in there so I gave him a hug and he asked me how was I feeling and told him that I had gotten shots yesterday. Everyone replyed with an ouch and asked me how come I had to take all those freakin' shots.

The right arm is still being a pain in my ass. I'm dead serious. It won't go away. Well, I'll update you tomorrow on what happens...



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Monday, February 20, 2006

   Hey all...just got back from clinic...shots really are a pain!

Time of Post: 12:58pm EST
Mood:...hurting from shots...
Place: Living room

Konnichiwa minna-san! How's everyone? I'm hurting from the shots I had to take this morning. I had to wake up about 7:45 this morning so that I won't have to worry about taking them later. I took us almost 5 hours to get back...not to mention waiting on the bus, going to the library then making the trip home.

My arms are throbbing. The nurse told me that I can't lift anything heavy and I'm kinda glad. My sis has to help me put my heavy bag on me tomorrow. I'm kinda glad that I took them today because I won't have to worry about getting them later.

I had a total of 4 shots. One was Meningeitis (how ever you spell it) Tetanus, and a Hepatitis B shot plus another one they gave me. Two went into my left and two went into my right. As soon as I got the other two in my right arm, my arm started to go numb. I was like what the hell? And my mom helped to stop it from being numb by helping me to move it around and things like that. After about an hour of at the clinic we went downtown to get a book but it wasn't there so we decided to go home.

Man...my arms hurt now and then. At least I didn't cry like some people. On Wednesday I have to go back to get a check-up and then in another month I have to go back and get my second shot for my Hep B one.

Hope that ya'll are doing better than me..

Have a good day.
Happy President's Day! *Excluding Bush*

End of Post: 1:10pm EST

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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Time of Post: 10:34am EST

Hello everyone! THE O IS FINALLY FIXED! WOOOT! I'm glad that everything is finally up! I've been trying to visit sites since Yesterday! Anywho, there's no school on Monday! Yay! Now I get to go sleep sleep....Actually no because I have to go get my shots! DAMMIT! I can take shots like a man unlike some people.

Today is a sad day today because one of our Junior classmates is going to be buried to day. He had gotten shot on Sunday and we've been raising money for him to get buried. Had shirts in his honor and things like that. But it made Valentine's Day dreary. I never said anything about it because I always forgot to say something on here about it. I didn't know him personally, but I've seen his face a couple of times..

Let us have a moment of silence.....

By the way here's a couple of pictures that I drew here's a bamboo one and an Inuyasha pic. It might be blurry but I looks good to me.

Bamboo stalk. The last picture you may have to look at it from the side.


Well that's all for today. Hope you guys have a good Weekend.

Ja matta ne!


End of Post: 10:47am EST

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Friday, February 17, 2006


Time of Post 5:14am EST
Mood: TGIF

Hiya everyone! I'm soooooooooo happy! I'm a great cousin!!!! My cousin's girlfriend had a baby and it's a boy!!! I can't wait to see him! ^^

Anyway, about yesterday. Yesterday was kinda a weird day for me. I was feeling fine, until I got to the Art Club meeting yesterday. My teacher was showing us how to draw faces. So I did, but it was when she kept telling me what to do I sorta got mad and depressed for some unknown reason. So I went outside for awhile. I need to learn how to take criticism. I just have sensitive feelings.

The lunch yesterday was delicious. I had a cheesburger, coke, and some fries. Man was I hungry. That's why I love to go there everyday.

In 3rd Period Lit. We had to write a poem about the novel we just read of "Their Eyes Were Watching God" It was hilarious. There was a part where someone gets shot in the book, and when writing the poem, my friend Darius said CLICK CLICK POW! O_o IS THAT A WAY TO END A POEM???

But now I feel alright now. I'm glad to have friends that care about me when I'm in a depressed mood. Well, I gotta go!

Ja matta ne!


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Thursday, February 16, 2006

   2 weeks till my Anniversary!!!11

Time of Post: 5:20am EST
Mood:....just woke up.....-O-
Place:...somewhere in my dreams.

OH HI YO everyone! How's it been? I've been good for the most part. I can't believe that I'll be here for 2 years!!! O_O All those times of sticking it through helped. I appreciate ya'll who take your time to visit me. ^^ 2 years is a very long time. How time flies. I just remembered when I knew very little about how I'm suppose to fix the site and knew very little HTML!

Today my Piano teacher is suppose to be bringing us Wendy's for lunch because we go her everyday and we get hungry in her class everyday. Art Club meeting today. I drew a lovely bamboo stalk that's in my house in the pot. I gave that Bamboo to my mom as a gift. ^_^

Nothing else happened except that I'm still writing chapter 1 for my fanfic. Boy it's funny as hell. Well I gotta go. It's almost time for me to go!

Ja matta ne


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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Time of Post: 1:21pm EST
Mood: Happy
Place: Library *taking the lunch period*

KONNICHIWA MINNA-SAN! O-genki desu ka? I'm doing fine! I know it's been awhile since I've updated and much has been going on since then. Today is Valentines Day, Time for me to hurry up and get a new theme. I was thinking of a Yaoi one from FFVII. Cloud is my new obsession now. ^_____^

Things have been happening now and then. We had snow flurries Sunday and I was out in them. I was hoping it would stick like how it did in New York, but I guess it was a little bit above the Freezing mark. XP I have been chatting with my friend from GAIA ONLINE and we've been having fun making our own RP with FFVII Characters in there plus my self. He made Kadaj gay! XD Sephiroth is a gender confused male who wants Cloud! XDDDD We were having so much fun with it.

Ummm what else happened. My dad was stuck in the storm in a hotel with no heat and no lights! Sucks for him, I was in a nice warm house with lights and internet connection! YAY!

I may send out some Valentines Day cards to ya, later on tonight or tomorrow. I have to think about how they are going to look. As of today, I'm starting the Fanfic for real. I've already planned everything. It's gonna be hilarious! Well I gotta go!



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Friday, February 10, 2006

   Thank GOD! TGIF! Randomness.

Time of Post: 12:46pm EST
Mood: Sober...XD
Place: 5th period Piano.

Hello everyone! How's it going? My day is going by great so far. I really didn't have to do anything in my class today except take a couple of tests which were beyond easy. The only one I need to take today is Spanish and I'll pass that. What's really funny is some people think that I'm of some sort of Puerto Rican or Mexican decent. It's cool to think that some people think of me.

Honestly, I don't know what I am. I'm an engima. I'm mixed. Yeah, say that. I believe I have at least like 6-7 bloodlines! That's alot. But I'm proud of who I am because I'm special in a good way. My friend contantly calls me Bi racial, not bi-sexual. XD

My friend and I are coming up with a FFVII Fanfic. Only it's when they were kids...in 1st grade! XD We have soooooo many ideas and we're still planning on it too. Here's one. Instead of Materia how about colored jawbreakers? We'll take some suggestions from ya'll too! Help out the cause!

I'm not really going to do anything except study for my tests for Chemistry which is going to be easy. And I might go to Best Buy to get me some more games and just relax.

Well I'll drop by ya'll sites later!


End of Post: 12:54pm EST

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Thursday, February 9, 2006

   Good day

Time of Post: 5:25am EST
Mood: Sleepy
Place: Home

Ohayo people! How is everyone? Today is testing day for me...today and tomorrow. It's time for school testing and I'm going to pray that I pass. Sorry for the scary moment yesterday about deleting people off my friends list because they hardly visit but add me as a friend.

Yesterday in Art Club we were talking about a trip to London, Paris, or Madrid or Rome. Although we can't go through it by the school because it will never get approved. So we decided to do it during the summer for next year that way we'll have time to get money ready.

Then we started to scribble on paper with our eyes closed and they came out looking funny. My sisters came out with a dog sitting on a beach! XD

Funny. Well, I gotta go and get ready for school so I'll see ya'll later!


End of Post: 5:37am EST

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