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Monday, August 7, 2006

   Man 1 week left till school
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Hello Everyone. Yes I know I have been away for quite sometime. I've been getting ready for school....which I may remind myself is next week. So yeah, I'll be updating more things as my school year goes. I'll be a Junior this year! W0000T!!! I'm only one step closer to graduating! But I have to take the Graduation Test this year which consits of 5 parts....then I have a few more test to take then I'm done.

So what's everyone been up to? I've been too busy on Gaia Rping with my friend. Right now I have an over obession with Cloud. But anyway, I've been practing some music on the Piano and the music is from FFX, To Zanarkand It soudns pretty. I've been talking to some friends online and they're not ready for school either.

I forgot to ask...how's my layout? It's my first ever so...yeah..I only did this on a trial version of Photoshop CS. So...as soon as I get money to buy that $600 software, I will continue to make these things.

Well, I'll drop by some sites today.



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