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Saturday, July 8, 2006

   Good Week!!!

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Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've updated anything. My progress in summer school is getting better and better! I came from a 71 1st semester and brought it up to an 81! Now my grade averages out to be a 75.5. It's a summer class where everything goes by so fast, that I could hardly keep up with it now. XP But now that's not a problem!

Oh yeah, wanna hear about what I did this week. Starting with the 4th of JULY!!!


Morning: I wake up at 5am to go do volunteer work for the Peachtree Road Race that is held every year on the 4th. We had to be down there by 6:15 to get things in order. Little did I know that I was going to be Security! "I'm Top Flight Security!" ~Day Day (Friday after Next) No I wasn't your average Rent-a-cop Security. All my sis, mom and I had to do was watch out for suspicious things and congratulate the runners for a job well done. Things went on for hours! I mean I was on my feet for 5 1/2 hours non stop. If I took a break, the runners would have trampled me!
We didn't leave till 11 and got home at 12.

My sis got an MP3 player for her birthday, which was one July 4. She got excited when she found out that Gackt was born on the same day!

We went down to my uncle's house for a family get together BBQ along with my cousins who annoy the hell out of me. Some reason, they didn't this time. It seems as though, they've matured from last summer when they were annoying little brats. LMAO

I even got to play Sonic Riders, DragonballZ Budokai and Solid Snake!


Later that evening, we took family pictures and popped fireworks. The whole neighborhood was filled with them. But it wasn't better than the ones downtown. About that, it had gotten rained out in Atlanta, luckily I didn't go, I was south of it. Afterwards, we left, and I forgot my hat. XP I want my hat....T_T

Thrusday: 7/6/06

Things were looking up for me in school. I saw my grade and found out it was an 80. I didn't even stay for tutorial. Speaking of which I didn't stay was because I was held against my will along with the rest of the class because one of my friend's I-pod had gotten stolen and we were all searched. I checked my bag 6x and still didn't see anything.
My dad also gave my friends a ride to the station. One of them said they thought they were going to die and my other friends said he's a crazy driver.

I love the way my dad drives. I'm just lucky he didn't have his other car. He's a maniac in that. ^^;

Friday: 7/7/06

YES! DDR FRIDAY! YAY! I went again with my 2 pals and played DDR. My ex is better than me now. He's on light mode while I'm still on beginners! XP That sucks. I was mad. I tried light mode and got out. I need to practice more, but it's not like I have money to go everyday like him. My sis also came and played. I had to tell her where to step but she finally got the hang of it. I also saw one my graduating senior friends, who happened to see me down there. I hope she didn't think that the guy with me was my BF.

I also wanna show you a picture that I find very interesting. Ever since I've been playing DDR, I've been putting holes in my socks! Seriously! Here's what they look like!

Well that's all for right now. I'm going to sleep and hopefully tomorrow I'm going to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I WANNA SEE!


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