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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

   No one visits anymore!

Time of Post: 12:36pm EST
Mood: Peaceful
Place: 5th period Piano

Hello everyone. I'm sorry to say that hardly anyone visits me anymore for some unknown reason. I visit people and you still don't visit. I understand for some people who have a hard time with school and other people like that. That's why as of this day, I will delete some people off my friends list either because you hardly update or rarely visit. This only makes me happier, but like I said in my blog at the top, if you do not visit don't add me as a friend. Though some visit sometime.

Anyway, lets get off of the subject. How is everyone? Today my Art teacher and I were thinking about going to Paris next summer for the Art Club because something had came in the mail that interested me so we'll talk about that some other time. Yesterday my dad had left again...T___T this one is sad. But that's the price of having a job that requires you to go from state to state. Well, nothing much to say except that I'm feeling a lot better than Monday and I'm back to my usual self.

By the way I finished watching the FFVII movie, it was awesome and that word hasn't appeared in my vocabulary since the game came out. That's how good it was, I saw it on Youtube.com My sisters site has been improving since I helped her update, now things have seemed to have changed. Hardly any comes by anymore and more people come to her site. Maybe I need to change my theme. Yeah, that's what I need to do.

I decided it will be a Yaoi theme. It is something that I've wanted to do for a while and I've never done it before, but it's not where it's too hentai-ish. Hey, it's that time of the month!



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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

   Feeling a little bit better

Time of Post: 8:05am EST
Mood: Still feeling ick.
place: Chemistry 2nd Period

Ohayo everyone, how's everyone been lately? I'm feeling much better than yesterday but I'm still feeling a little ickish. Yesterday was hell for me. Man, I was having bad chills and even when it wasn't cold I was still shivering. But I took it like a man during class, though periodicly i put my head down for like a minute then I woke up.

I went to bed around 7:30 last night because of the cold that I was starting to get. Then just when I thought that I was going to get some sleep, my mom wants to come in my room to watch TV because my dad was playing his game again. But I did get a good nights sleep too thanks to medicine. THANK GOD FOR THERA FLU AND ELKER SELSER! I only took a thera flu...

So right now, I'm in school...probably where I shouldn't be today because of Coretta Scott Kings Funeral. Not that many people are there at school today because of that. I could have stayed home but I missed too many days last sememster. Well, I gotta go!



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Monday, February 6, 2006

   Day not going so good.

Time of Post: 1:03pm EST
Mood: Sick
Place: School library.

Hello all! Today is just a messed up day to me. Thought today is beautiful out side, because of the rain, I'm just messed up today. I woke up this morning having a should/back pain and my mom massaged it for me. Then everything just went down from here. First of all I couldn't even pop my knuckles which normally do in the morning and they hurt. Usually they don't do that.

So I get outside and I'm feeling fine. As soon as I get to 1st Period I'm starting to get chills because the room was cold, then it had warmed up and I still had them. In 2nd period all I did was stick my hands in my sweater and listen to the class discussing our grades and other things about school totally forgetting about the test we had to take today.

By the way, my grade was 72...which can be brought up in a matter of weeks/days....hours.....minutes. It should be a B because of all those assignments that I have but didn't turn in because they weren't asked for and for a couple of 0's for not having my novel in class. XP

5th Period I didn't even feel like doing anything except sleep. I wish that the rain would turn over to snow so that I can stay at home and better. If I catch the flu this will be the 3rd time. I don't have any idea what's happening to me.

Now I'm in the library typing to you all. I seem to be catching the cold. Let's just hope it stays that way...not saying that I want it, just for it to be over with. By the way my weekend was awesome too. My dad was here to aggrivate the hell out of me in a good way. We sat there and watched the Super Bowl, except that I fell asleep during the 3rd quarter.

Then he played Ace Combat: The Unsung War for a little while, till he got shot out of the sky! XD

Well, that's all for today. I want to see Coretta Scott King's Funernal tomorrow, but we have to go to school. I swear, my school system be the last ones to close while others are out. This is not right.



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Friday, February 3, 2006

   Hurray TGIF!!!!

Time of Post: 8:17am EST
Mood: alright
Place: Chemistry.

Ohayo everyone! How is everyone doing? Sorry that I haven't been updating like I should be. I've been kinda busy with things and school is getting harder. Not really but it's just hard.

On Wednesday we had gotten our transcripts and saw our rankings in the 10th grade. Mine is 32 out of 425! O_o WOW! I was so proud of myself.

Again I had gotten a surprise at home. But let me tell u what happened first.

I called my mom and told her that we were going to the library, so then I asked her is my dad there because something said to ask. And she said no. So by time I get home, there my dad is...sitting on the couch laughing away. Man that was so funny.

Well, I gotta go, I'll update some more during my lunch period!



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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

   I saw the movie!!!

Time of Post: 5:10pm EST
Mood: Happy! EXTREMELY! ^____^

Hello everyone! Man was my day awesome, and that word isn't in my vocabulary unless it was really cool. Today was great, things turned out alright in school. My teacher came back from having the flu and the best thing was.....*drumroll* I SAW FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN!!! Man was it good. I saw it in Japanese with English Subtitles.

I even had my mom watching some of it too! I don't want to be a spoiler or anything but I just want to say this. Is it possible for someone who's evil, to turn a crystal blue lake black? That's all I'm asking.

Anyway, Spanish was pretty good. Me and my teacher got along well now. It seems as though we are becoming closer now. Because he use to know me as the girl who know Japanese and tried to speak it and made it sound horible.

Nothing much really happened today except that I told my friend about the movie and he got mad at me for looking at it with out him! I'm sorry I couldn't help my self. XP Well that's all for today.



PS. Here is the video for it. Hope that u enjoy! Skip the movie if you don't want it to be a spolier for u!

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Monday, January 30, 2006


Time of Post: 5:35am EST
Mood: Just got up
Place: .....somewhere in my dreams.......

Ohyao Gozimasu Minna san! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was great. Saturday my mom, sis and I were watching Yu-gi-oh as a family! I never thought that my mom would watch Yu-gi-oh. The reason that she likes to watch it is because Seto was on! XD

I just found out something. I will have been here for 2 years! O_o Major Milestone. I it'll be in about a month or so....Actually on my birthday 03/04. Man....this is a surprise. Look how years go by? Time does fly when u actually realize it.

My site has been acting up lately. I try to do something cool and my posts act crazy. I wonder why? My friend and I were talking on Gaia the other night about FFVIIAC.

My sis saw something stupid last night. You know that site called YouTube? Well she saw a FFVII one and it was funny. You know when Vincent was telling Cloud that they plan to make another Sephiroth? Well he said "If they could they could create another Michael Jackson!" XD HAHAHAH had me going.

Well, I gotta go!



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Saturday, January 28, 2006

   Crazy Friday

Time of Post: 7:44am EST
Mood: Sleepy, just woke up
Place: at home

Ohyao Gozimasu minna-san! How is everyone? Yesterday was totally off the chain yesterday. I'll get to that in a minute. But last night I was sitting here watching Tokyo Godfathers last night on E-Wam. It was hilarious. It's about these homeless people who find a baby sometime between Chirstmas and New Years and try to it's mother.

One of the characters Miss. Hana was one of my favorites. He said a Haiku almost every I think 20-30 minutes of the movie. It was a good movie. The last part is extremely good, because it has a chase scene in it.

Let me get back to my story of how school was crazy

1st Period: Orchestra.

Usually one of my good classes. Early in the morning. Then about 30 minutes later our teacher doesn't show up and the band director came in and saw us with no teacher. So we did some work and watched movies of the band. I want to be a Raiderette (Dance group) I gotta be training this spring.

3rd Period: Lit

Usually you know that when you didn't do your work the teacher comes and u wish that they were out? Well...same thing happened here. I had my work of course, but half the class didn't. So we thought that she was going to be here O_O shock and amazed when a sub walks though the door. She told us our teacher had the flu? FLU? Half the class wanted her out for a workshop not the flu!

5th Period: Piano

IT WAS CHAOTIC. I mean people came in the room just to hear someone play R&B music and people trying to sing and I was trying to play a whole new world, and my music teacher told me to come into the other room where i can play. I was starting to get a headache in there because they were making so much noise.

7th Period: Spanish

Was crazy as well. My teacher is a drama teacher and he knows drama. He was trying to take an underlying shirt off because it was hot in class. So we told him and he took his arm in his shoulder and acted as though he had lost it. But it was good too. My friend Kaylee and I were aruging in class about that Bi - racial crap from before, but it was for fun. I like when people joke around like that but if they take it far I won't like it.

It was getting so competitive in class because people knew the answer and we kept joking though we were learning.


Yesterday morning on the way to school, we have a bus that picks us up from the station. Hardly any adults get on there unless they are going to the school. So when we pass the apartment complex someone rings the bell and the driver doesn't stop...soooo he decideds to cuss her out. He cussed her up and down and she let him off and the end of the apartments. XD Man that was hillarious.

2) Fire Drills. I thought that a fire drill was suppose to be simple. We make it funny. We keep saying that the school is on fire! XD Then people were getting into cars and warming up because it was cold! But the ROTC officers had to keep watch because they might pull off.

Well that's what happened to me yesterday. I'll drop by your sites later.



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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Time of Post: 5:58AM EST
Mood: Tired...wanna sleep
Place: Home.

Ohyao Gozimasu minna-san! Man, my night was a good one. I was a sleep like an Angel.I had stayed up till at least 10 or 11 last night trying to get homework done, all in the same time trying to watch American Idol. Do people go on there just to make themselves look like an ass? I just wanted to know.

Today Is going to be my good day because I have Orchestra, Lit, Piano, and Spanish. I love my classes. We have soooo much fun. Even in Piano we get to eat so long as it's not around the piano.

Will post on later things today.

End of Post: 6:03am EST


Time of Post: 4:45PM EST

Ok, I'm back and ready to tell you how my day was. Ok. Orchestra was kinda fun today except that it was cold in the room. Has anyone heard of central Heat? Well anyway, we only stayed in there for about 1hr 15minutes since we had to go back for homeroom today.

In homeroom, we got our PSAT scores...OMG. I thought that the counslors gave them out to you, well my score was a 1190, I would have passed if it had been the old on! XD. But there is always room for improvement, I'm not beating myself up over this, it's not the end of the line for me. That's because I plan on having a 2400 for the real thing.

School was pretty much the same except our English teacher wasn't feeling well and we had to do work book pages and take notes. Then she asked for the homework from the previous time we weren't there. I had finished some of it on the bus.

5th period still stayed the same. After lunch I had went up to the library to meet my sempai (senior friend) and talked about things. I hate it when I meet seniors and get cool with them then they have to leave. T____T Well we all have to let go sometime.

7th period Spanish was good, we had a good time learning tenses. Although I hate when you have to spell out a word....it really irritates me. This is being a really long post.

Then after school, Star and I missed the first bus that takes us to the station and had to wait on the other one. As we waited for the other one we looked at an Anime Insider magazine to pass the time. As we got to the train station and boarded the train, it decides to break down 3 stops before or original stop.

I was mad because I was ready to go home and things like that. So now here I am at the library ready to get the hell up out of here and finish my World History hwk because its going to take me forever.

Funny moments that happened to day

Here is one funny moment that happened to me today...things of what people tell me or what i hear.

1) My friend Kaylee calls me Quote Bi-racial Barbie! XD

2) My teacher...no names said that he was running around the house butt naked while his sister was in the house....>_>; ok...

3) Kayla told me her name on Gaia online was horrorninja, I thought she said horney ninja! XD

That's all for today!



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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

   Good day.

Time of Post: 5:30pm EST
Mood: Happy
Place: At home

HELLO EVERYONE! How is everyone doing? I'm doing really good today. School was very exciting. Today in 2nd Period Chemistry, our cool teacher had to be out of the class to admit a test to Juniors. (I dislike Seniors and JUNIORS with a passion, they get more attention then 10 and 9th graders, but that won't happen again will it?) Well, we had a sub and did some of the work and then we started gossping about Celebrity.

4th period Algebra II we had a test on Parabolas and Circles. It was too easy. The reason I passed was because of a 5 minute tutorial before classes started. ^^ Then we were doing Ellispes in class which was really good.

5th Period Piano was the same. I was still trying to learn how to play 1000 Words from FFX-2. Then playing Hikari and Bratja from Full Metal Alchemist (the pretty song) But then we had to go to B lunch since people were taking a test had C lunch and too many people were in there....it was just confusion. BALL OF CONFUSION! XD

6th period really didn't do anythin except take notes and watch a movie with Antonio Bandaras. World History is such an interesting topic.

Such an interesting day today. I feel better than I did yesterday. HURRAY! Well, I gotta go and do Homework! XP.



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Monday, January 23, 2006

The agony.....T_____T

Time of Post: 1:04pm EST
Mood: .....ugh....
Place: School library

Rain on me! Lord take this pain away from me!

Hello all! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was alright but today is hell. I'm not feeling well and almost everytime I TRY to eat something I get nausous. That's why I didn't go to lunch today, that's one reason. Today is just a day to sit at home and relax and watch soaps. It's rainy outside too and I have to stay afterschool too. This is just not my day.

Nobody ever wants to visit me anymore! I feel so left out! T____T What's wrong? Let me stop being complaining about things. I can't help it if I feel like it. Saturday I was depressed, not really but felt like it. I was sitting there watching Anime Music Videos. How do you make those anyway? Well, nothing much to really talk about except that I was on Gaia all weekend doing nothing but fishing and glomping Edward. HEHEHEHE. Well let me go, I have to finish up my fanfic!



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