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Friday, August 11, 2006

Time of Post: 12:11am EST
Mood:...not tired.
Place: ...somewhere with Cloud...
Listening to: Tsuki no Uta: By Gackt

Hello everyone. Man, yesterday was sorta a good day for me. Late last night my sis and I were talking about stupid random things and my somewhat obession with General Hospital's Steve Burton, who happens to play the voice of Cloud Stife on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Will she forever torment me on my obessions with Cloud? She will so long as I continue to write fanfics of him.

Cloud: Why does your sister hate me?

Shadow: She doesn't hate you...it's just the fact that I obesses so much over you that she continues to aggrivate me.

Anyway, a crazy storm went by on Wednesday. My parents went to go somewhere and when they left it started to storm...there was a huge thunder and a stroke of lightning that caused me to turn off the computer. After a few minutes the Satelite went out while I was watching Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. For some odd reason, my mom, sis and I watch it like no tomorrow. And there is this one part where the guy hit the propeller...and we just laugh. I know it's plain wrong but we do.

Back to the storm, the lights flickered off and on and then the phone wasn't working neither was the internet...strange...After the storm I watched my dad play Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. He loves war games. There's this one song I can't get out of my head. It's called Blurry and it came off the game. It's sounds cool. I stayed up until 1 watching Texhnolyze on AniMidnight on E-Action.

~ Today ~

I woke up late around 10 near 11 because I stayed up until 1. I won't be doing that next week...T__T I practiced To Zanarkand again and this time it sounded much better then when I usually play it. hmm...

Then we had some people come and fix our internet and phone. While they were doing that I was playing FFX in the living room and my dad was watching me get my butt kicked in the Monster Arena. He was just acting crazy telling me to do this, when I knew it was going to get me killed. So after a few rounds he played Ace Combat again before the lights went out. We all laughed because it was a storm and we were playing it like it wasn't. After a while he played it again before he left to go to work.

I hate it when he leaves sometimes...Good thing is, I get my comfy couch again! YAY! ^^

Well, that's all for today.

Cloud: You're not going to tell them what else happened?

Shadow: What else happened?




Shadow: Well...

Cloud:...I forgot...


Here's a question I want to ask everyone...

If you were on the Titanic and you were Rose, would you have jumped back on the boat just to stay with your guy and wait till it goes down or would you have said "Sayonara!" ?

Well, I'll let you ponder on it.

Have a good day!


In Other News

WASHINGTON - Since the Sept. 11 attacks, aviation security has been tightened in many areas but not all. Before they were foiled, terrorists apparently planned to exploit some of the remaining weaknesses in aviation security by assembling improvised bombs right inside airline passenger cabins.

The 2001 hijackings led to bulletproof cockpit doors. Machines that could detect explosives in checked baggage were installed in commercial airports. Sharp objects that could be used as weapons were banned, and better-trained airport screeners were hired to look for them.

So it may have been predictable that terrorists would try something else: smuggle aboard liquids that could be turned into explosives, put them together with other bomb parts and then detonate them.

This is what causes people to not trust Arab people. Why would they want to do this to us? I mean, sure Bush sucks but I mean 'what the hell'? Do you want to kill innocent people just to give a freakin point? Sure they may not have freedom and equality over where they are, so why should they come over here and try to stop us. This is why many people will not fly the skies because of idiots who want to terrorize people just to get a point. What is your point? To kill innocent people just to get a laugh out of it? Damn....this is one reason I haven't been on a plane since 9/11.

Well...ya'll have a good day, and also....

That's right..he's not mine.

End of Post: 12:27am EST

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